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Prenatal Yoga: If it helps with labor and delivery, count me in!

by Jane · 10 comments

prenatal-yoga-helps-with-labor-and-deliveryI’m taking a new leap in my pregnancy during this second trimester by wanting to purchase a prenatal yoga dvd.  I’m not really sure what’s come over me, considering that I’ve hated regular yoga the handful of times I’ve tried it.  

The weirdest thing is that I truly expect to love it each time; after all, everyone that I know that does yoga loves it and swears by it.  I’m definitely the exception to the rule on this one.

However, when I think about pushing something that could weigh anywhere from 5-9 pounds out of my vag, I must admit that I warm up quickly to the idea of prenatal yoga.  After all, it claims to help with the labor and delivery process, which means to me that it will make it a little easier.  And, I want the labor and delivery process to be as easy as it can be, hence, me trying prenatal yoga.

yoga-for-pregnancyI found a dvd on called Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea and it looks good.  I’m thinking about ordering it later today and then posting a review on here for others that might be interested in doing prenatal yoga, especially if you are like me and aren’t a huge fan of yoga in the first place.  

I read some of the reviews on and I really like that some people said it was slow-paced.  This sounds perfect for me.  Besides the downward dog, I don’t know any yoga poses.  I will require something that is slow-paced since I’m a beginner, so this sounds like a good fit for me.

I guess my main problem with regular yoga was that I could never get the breathing right… and really, that’s what yoga is all about.  And, that is probably what helps with labor and delivery too.  

It’s all in the breathing.  

I need all the help I can get when it comes to preparing for breathing correctly when I’m pushing out a baby, so I’m game to try this.

Anyone else have Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea and love it?  If so, what do you find most beneficial?  Have you noticed that you are able to get your breathing under control?  

Most importantly, do you think that it will help with your labor and delivery because that’s what I REALLY want to know!

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1 stefe

I use this version of the prenatal yoga DVD and it has been working. Im just into my second trimester and dealing with the hip pains hasnt been pleasant, and the yoga does help. It helps you relax too. I have been using it because I get leg cramps and they disrupt my sleeping. I would recommend this DVD to you if you have joint and lower back pain. This is only my first pregnancy so I cant tell you if it works that good or not, but since it has only had positive results with me so far, why not?

2 Reiza

I’m 8 months pregnant and I swear by yoga. I’m not using this specific DVD, so I can’t speak to that, but I had some pelvic problems during my last delivery and yoga helps with alignment (including hips, pelvis and spine). I can feel myself crack/pop in certain moves (and dh can hear it) so I know it’s helping my alignment. My chiropractor strongly recommends yoga too.

So while I obviously can’t guarantee anything, I can tell you that it definitely helps flexibility and joint pain in pregnancy. From everything I’ve heard/read, it also helps the baby align properly and helps with labor as well.

You might try Net Flix or your local library first. I found a few great prenatal yoga DVD’s during my last pregnancy at the library. I had planned to buy a copy of my favorite, but I didn’t stick with it. I definitely recommend doing all you can to stay motivated because now I know it really does make a difference.

Reiza’s last blog post..Fear and Screaming in Parenting


Vbac = vaginal birth after c-section

Wow, walking 3-6 mi. a day is about the best thing you can do for yourself, IMO. That’ll help with toning, endurance and breathing. Add in a little light weight lifting and you’re doing great, girl!

4 Jane

Thanks for all the great comments!

MVP – I will take your advice about checking the library to see what videos I enjoy before I buy. Such a good idea and I didn’t even think about that!

A.B. English – Wow, 15 minutes is a lot better than 2 hours! That’s amazing!

Nipper News – Believe it or not, I didn’t even think about specific classes that I will take before giving birth. Great idea!

Angela – I do agree that doing any exercise is better than nothing. I’ve been walking between 3-6 miles daily, so at least I’m doing something. I just thought the yoga would be good for the breathing aspect of it. And good for you for not having drugs!

AmyAnne – Wow, thanks for sharing your story! First, what’s a VBAC? I’m so new to all of this… You gave some great advice all around and I totally appreciate it. I have tried acupuncture once before and I actually hated it, but I would be willing to give it another try if it will help. It sounds like it did wonders for you!

5 AmyAnne

Hi, got your request for opinions on Twitter. Yay Twitter!

So, I’m a mom of 3. My kids ranged from 9 lbs 12 oz to 7 lbs 12oz. My first was a c-section, my second an induced VBAC and my third a not induced VBAC.

My opinion is that if you hated yoga before, you won’t magically like it because it might make your labor better. That lack of guarantee will haunt you as you attempt to breath and relax and just ‘be’ in a pose. I would also warn that you should probably not start something new like yoga while pregnant without an instructor present. An instructor can tell you if your pose is wrong or how it is supposed to feel. Really you don’t want to pull ANYTHING while you are knocked up. That would suck. And I like yoga.

I can tell you that for my 3rd pregnancy I was freaking out because 1) they won’t induce VBACs in my area and I had never gone into labor on my own before and 2) I really, really didn’t want to get another baby stuck in my whoha again. Somehow I had stumbled across an article somewhere and started reading up on acupuncture and getting live things to come out your vagina. I had never EVER done acupuncture before and it totally weirded me out but not as much as another go with the old scalpel. So I looked for a acupuncturist that did childbirthy stuff and worked with her for 2 months before my due date.

Dude. Not only did I go into labor on my own but my labor was awesome (painful yes, but awesome in the sense that it worked right and was short) and I squirted that 3rd one out like a buttered turkey. I highly recommend acupuncture if you are willing to try that sort of thing. Email me if you want more info on questions to ask and stuff.

Good luck! I’ll stick around and see how it all pans out for you.

AmyAnne’s last blog post..On Being a Contest Slut

6 Heather

4 c-sections here! Best of luck tho with yoga.


7 Angela

I did the bradley method for labor and delivery (ie no drugs and not relying on breathing for pain relief) The one thing that sticks in my mind is that I promised myself I would keep exercising during my next pregnancy. Labor takes endurance. By the time I started pushing, I was already tired and then I had to push. It would have been much better if I was in shape. I am not sure it matters what type of exercise you do, as long as you are exercising and are in good cardio shape :)

8 Nipper News

Breathing certainly helps. But you don’t need yoga to learn how to control your breathing. Ante-natal classes should be enough to teach you that!

9 A. B. England

I didn’t do yoga, but I do know pretty much any type of exercise helps your health and the baby’s as well as helps get you ready for labor and delivery. It’s all about getting those muscles toned and accustomed to prolonged use.

I didn’t work out much with my first pregnancy, but I did as much as I was able with the second. I noticed a huge difference in how I felt during the pregnancy and how quickly everything progressed after I hit transition. Two hours of pushing vs. fifteen minutes? No comparison.

A. B. England’s last blog post..Setting the Goals

10 MVP

I wasn’t big on the Shiva Rea DVD, but it seems to be a popular one with a lot of pregnant ladies. I’d advise checking a couple out at the library or on Netflix to see if you like it first. They’re just so darn expensive to only use for a few months! And I like to have a variety around so I don’t have to do the same one over and over.

But I love yoga. I’m not sure if you’ll like it any better now that you’re preggo if you weren’t into yoga before. Also look into prenatal pilates DVDs. I really like the 10-minute solution one. It’s divided into 5 10-min segments, so it’s easy to fit into your day.

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