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Pregnancy old wives tale: The smell of garlic

by Jane · 12 comments

pregnancy-old-wives-tale-garlicToday I went out to lunch with one of my girl friends.  The place we happened to go has the best roasted garlic.  Of course, I load up all the time on these when I get a salad and today was no different.  

As I was chewing on my garlic, I remembered my blog post about various pregnancy old wives tales and that garlic was one of them.  

I made it a point to try to look up the information when I got home, but with this pregnancy brain going on, I forgot…  Until just a few minutes ago.

I was taking a bath and realized that I never looked at it.  I asked Tarzan if he could smell garlic coming out of my pores and he said no.  I don’t know if a person can smell garlic coming out of their own pores, but if they can, I was not able to smell anything even close to garlic coming out of mine.

The pregnancy old wives tale about garlic is that if you eat a clove of garlic and if the smell seeps out of your pores, it’s a boy.  If it doesn’t seep out and you don’t end up smelling like garlic, it’s a girl.  Hmm…

Guess I’ll find out how right or wrong this old pregnancy wives tale is on Wednesday.  Stay tuned!

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1 Stephanie

I wonder what it means if you can’t stand garlic at all while you’re pregnant? I used to LOVE garlicy foods, and even before I got a positive pregnancy test, it started turning my stomach when I smelled it.

2 Strugglepants

Well, I love garlic but it DEFINITELY seeps out of my pores after I eat it… I can smell it, the hub can smell it… pretty much the whole dang town can smell it. But we are DEFINITELY having a girl (no boy parts down there)! So, who knows!? :)

3 Helen

Oh that’s a relief!
I am glad we will get to see the baby:-)
My hubby and I attended Twestival last night which was a Twitter event to raise money for clean water wells in 3rd world countries and he was able to send Tweets to Twitter from his cell phone. I don’t know the techy stuff …but he definitely doesn’t have an Iphone. His phone is about 4 years old, so I think it’s doable from other phone plans. We are in Canada and he’s on Fido, which is under Rogers Communications.

4 Crysi

No idea that it would be twin girls. I thought twin boys or hopefully one boy, one girl. I admit, I’m off the wall happy they’re girls. Adia gets her sisters and I get to use all her clothes again, thereby saving a fortune. :)

I should have guessed it was girls though. I was so incredibly sick and, based on when we did baby dancing and when I HAD to have ovulated, it would have been incredibly unlikely to be boys. Those girly spermies last longer.

Crysi’s last blog post..We’re having…

5 Tarzan

Arrrgh… Just thought of something… And how cool would it be for Jane to Twitter within 5 minutes of us finding out next week that we’re having a baby boy or girl!?!?! OK. Some how some way I need to figure out this iPhone thing… How to get one, cover the costs, monthly bill, how to cancel my Sprint PCS ordeal, etc. Hmmmm… but knowing me right now, even if I made some magic happen, I’d put that $$ away to go towards doctor bills anyway.

6 Tarzan

Helen, oh don’t you worry! We will be sharing photos of our baby, and you may even get to see a photo of us and our smiling faces, but will of course crop the photos to cut out our faces. :) So don’t you worry!

In fact, somehow… some way my plan is to get an iPhone so I can blog and take pictures at the hospital when it’s time. The # 1 thing I want is an iPhone and the biggest reason is so we can post here when Jane and I are out and about shopping or running errands. There have been several times where we had wished we could have taken a photo of something we saw and write a quick blog post. But… my # 1 priority is our baby, Jane, and the bills associated with everything.

Anyway, turn your frown upside down Charlie Brown and know you’ll get to see photos for sure! :)

7 Helen

The old wives tales are so funny. I guess they are all at least 50% right, so that’s why they get passed down through the generations:-)

Hey- I just had a bit of a sad thought the other day. I plan to follow your blog as long as it goes on…but I realized something: since you and Tarzan never want to reveal your identities (and I totally understand why!) we are never going to get to see a picture of your smiling faces holding the baby….or even a picture of the baby, since he or she could give your identities away:-(
That just kinda makes me sad!

Helen’s last blog post..Vinyl Wall Decals = Fun!

8 Sarcastica

I think my favourite old wives tale is “if you deny a pregnant woman a craving, you’ll get a sty in your eye!” haha. I wish it was true some times…I could really go for some double stuffed oreos right now!

Sarcastica’s last blog post..Worry and Stress

9 Jane

Monkeymama – I have not tried trying my wedding ring to a string or the draino one yet. Maybe I’ll get Tarzan’s help and we’ll do the wedding ring one. I heard the draino test is dangerous, so we’ll be sitting that one out! You are right though – Some of these old wives tales are just bizarre!

Crysi – Congrats on your twin girls! Did you have any idea that it would be twin girls?

Peet – Too funny! When will you find out the sex?

10 Peet

well I must be having a girl as I cant even stomach the thought of garlic let alone eat hehehe

11 Crysi

Twin girls here! I still can’t believe it. Adia’s getting her sisters.

Crysi’s last blog post..We’re having…

12 monkeymama

There are some of the weirdest old wives’ tales out there!! Have you tried the tying your wedding ring to a string one? Or the draino in your pee? I want to know who has the time to make these up! :)

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