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17 weeks pregnant belly and guess the sex of our baby!

by Tarzan · 16 comments

17 weeks pregnant belly picture Time is going by so fast – our baby will be here before we know it!  Jane is 17 weeks pregnant today and her belly is getting more and more defined.  And according to some old wives tales, we’re going to have a baby girl.  

Although according to how Jane’s pregnant belly looks, some say we’re going to have a boy.

Jane thinks we’re going to have a girl; she says that she’s stealing all of her beauty!  I don’t think so – I think she’s getting more and more beautiful!

As for me, I’ve been going back and forth.  Some days I think our baby is a boy, some days I’m thinking a girl.

BEST of all, for the past week Jane hasn’t had any nausea or morning sickness!  So going into pregnancy week 17, all is well.  The second trimester is rolling along pretty well the past week.

What do you think?  Will we be having a boy or a girl?  We’ll be finding out on Wednesday and will of course let you know!

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1 Tammy

Im gonna guess a girl because of how low your belly sits. Good luck with your pregnance.. Oh and by the way I dont believe in that nausea or morning sickness wives tale because I am also pregnant w/ baby #2 and my frst which was a boy I was sick as a dog and this time around I felt a lil nauseated for a week or two and that was it. Thank God! So I really hope im having a girl this time. And of course I have yet to find out because Im only about 14 weeks preggers :) .. So anyway keep us posted on what ur having. :)

2 Kelly

Hey Jane your tummy looks good, im about 18 weeks as well:). I think your having a girl from your old wives tale, lol. I think I’m having a boy, partially because I think i was meant to be pregnant as a result from losing someone, my dad passed away last year and it made my family and me really sad cuz it was suicide,my dads death had put a hole in my life I couldnt replace, a hole in my body but suddenly now I’m pregnant, filling me up with happiness and wonder. Plus the wives tale tells me I’m having a boy, my bf had also lost his father somaybe im having a boy :) . Congrats and enjoy being pregnant:).

3 Jade

I just got on your website. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I’m eating everything that is placed in front of me. cant stop myself. i feel like I’m gonna blow up… anyway, I think I’m going to have a boy, cuz i keep seeing this pretty little boy in my dreams… is that weird?

4 Reina

Well im 11 weeks preggers and im not that far along but every one is tell me im going to have a girl including chinesse calender…only becuz I im soo nosuases aand with my son I was perfectly fine….

5 kim ogle

Just got on your website. Sure you are ready to or have had the baby now. Just wanted to know wht it is! I got pregnant Valentines week so I am curious! Congrats!

6 Tara

sooo… whats the news? im curious :)

i go in 2 weeks to find out what im having. everything is pointing to a girl. the chinese calendar, the heartbeat, the pee color… everything lol.

oh and congrats!

7 Jane

Thanks Jenn! I have a pretty amazing husband! :) We’ll find out on Wed if you are correct – I can’t wait!

8 Jenn

my guess is boy cause EVERYONE seems to be having boys right now! Good luck! I’m jealous that you have such an excited hubby! I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey so far!

9 Tarzan

@Ally… Jane says the baby is stealing her beauty because she has pimples pop up here and there now and she’s never had them. One of the reasons I think she thinks it’s a girl :)

@Helen… I wonder if another old wives tale is that you’ll have the opposite of you want sometimes? (Although you got what you wanted) :) But it makes you wonder. There is a couple in Houston that has been trying and trying and trying for a girl, and they have 15 or so boys now! No joke. They were on Oprah many years ago. Crazy, huh?

10 Helen

I’m going to say girl for no other reason than I wanted a girl first time out and I got her:-) Of course, I have a son too and he is also wonderful…nothing wrong with little boys- they adore mommies and it’s great:-)

Helen’s last blog post..Before She Grows Boobs!

11 Ally


I think you’re gonna have a boy.
Just something people kept telling me when I had my little girl. My belly was so round, everyone was so sure I was having a girl, and they were right. Yours look a little pointy, but it’s still early to tell.

But then Tarzan says you’re getting more and more beautiful, so it might be a girl. I wasn’t into dressing up/make-up before, but when I got pregnant, suddenly I was going for manis/pedis. I even got gel nails, and putting on make-up.

12 Jane

Why all the boy guesses? I need some explaining… Ha, ha.

13 Reiza

I’m going with boy. Lots of people around me are having boys, so I’m going to stick with that.

Reiza’s last blog post..Kids Say: Light vs. White

14 maryanne

I’m guessing boy…

15 Rosie

I think I will go with girl! Go girls!!

Rosie’s last blog post..Fruit Sponge

16 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

I’m gonna go with boy. Congrats on your little one coming!

Cat’s last blog post..Tick Tock – The countdown to Delivery

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