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17 weeks pregnant: My dog wants to be next to my pregnant belly

by Jane · 14 comments

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and my dog senses it.The more and more pregnant I become, the more my dog becomes a leech.  In a good way, of course.  Now that I’m 17 weeks pregnant, I feel like I can’t go anywhere without her following me.  

I know that she has started to sense that something is going on.  I remember reading a forum when I first pregnant and so many girls asked about how other people’s pets had been acting towards them.  I could never relate, and quite frankly, wondered if my dog would ever get to that level of sensing that I’m pregnant.  

Well, she has gotten to that level.

It started a couple of weeks ago.  She just seemed a lot more protective of me and she wanted to be anywhere that I was.  Even when I would leave the house to go run an errand, her would put her tail down and walk away looking so sad.  It made me feel so bad for her.  

Talk about separation anxiety!

When Tarzan stayed at home while I ran errands, she wouldn’t go anywhere near him.  She would lay on the floor in our bedroom staring at the garage door, just waiting for me to come home.  As soon as I came home, she would get so excited and jump around.  She was a whole new dog.

This morning she was being really whiny, which isn’t really like her at all.  Her “spot” is on the couch, on my favorite leopard blanket.  We share it, I guess.  

My laptop was about dead, so I had to go sit at the island in the kitchen so it could charge.  She started crying (it sounds like we are talking about a baby, instead of a dog, right?), so I put her down.  She came over by me and then Tarzan took her outside.  I put her on the couch by him and she wanted off.  He put her on her regular couch and she wanted down.  

There was just no satisfying her!  

I went over to her and immediately she laid down and seemed to relax.  Then I walked back to the island and she started whining again.  Poor little girl.  I knew she just wanted to be next to me, so I put her on my lap while in the kitchen.  She slept and was totally happy.

After about an hour, my legs were falling asleep and I needed to get down.  It looked like she wanted to go outside, so I opened the back door.  She went out, but just stood right by the door.  Then I went out with her and she was fine.  

Strange dog we have, but I love her.  Tarzan and I have spoiled her over the years.  She’s just the most fantastic dog ever and we’ll be doing all we can to make the transition to having a baby easy on her.  If you know any tips to make it easier, please pass them onto us.  We could use the help!

I truly believe that our dog thinks that she is protecting my pregnant belly.  It’s so cute and I love that she’s become protective over me.  I guess now I’m a believer that dogs can and do sense pregnancy.  There’s really no other explanation for how she’s been acting lately.  At times she’ll even lay her head right by my belly. 

Has your dog/cat been acting more clingy to you?  Do you think that animals can sense pregnancy?

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1 Jo-Jo

My two dogs in the last day have started whining, whining, whining! Wow! I let them out and they sit at the door to whine. I am due January 25, 2011. I feel like they think I am getting ready to leave. Normally when we leave they whine and get nervous. Only when we leave do our two dogs whine. Prior to this I have had two quiet dogs who minded there own business.

I love my dogs but this whining is annoying.

2 Daddy Files

Let them sniff EVERYTHING as you’re setting it up, when you bring stuff home, etc. And send Tarzan home to the dogs with the baby’s cap after he/she is born, before you guys all get home from the hospital. Just give it to them and let them sniff it out so they’re used to the smell before the baby gets home. And when you do come home, don’t hold the baby. Have Tarzan hold the baby and you greet the dog. Then just carefully let the dog sniff the baby.

That’s what we did with our dogs and they were interested for about 30 seconds and then went on their merry way. Never a single big problem with either dog. I’m sure yours will be fine too.

Daddy Files’s last blog post..Why So Mad At Dad?

3 Jane

Aly – I will definitely take a look at your blog post about the transition! So glad that you wrote about it and that your dog was fine with the new addition to your family! Thanks for sharing your story!

Chase – Thanks for your piece of advice. I’ve never thought about not holding the baby, but it makes total sense. I will definitely do what you said. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah – You’re the 2nd person to say that your dog knew you were in labor before you did. That’s amazing to me. Glad to hear that he loves the kids and is attached to them.

TJ – Great advice too! I’ll add this to my collection so far! It’s so great to hear all of these stories about how awesome the dogs have been with kids. It makes me less worried because I know that we won’t forget about our first “baby”. Thanks!

4 tjwriter

My male dogs weren’t so clingy, but one of them always slept along my legs with is head on my belly.

After bringing home two babies to these dogs, my advice is to include her in all your baby preparations. When you’re bringing in all the baby gear and furniture, let your dog sniff and investigate so that she’s comfortable when it comes time to use it.

As far as bringing home the baby, let the dog give the baby a good sniff-down and check out the little one until she’s satisfied. No sense in making this huge deal about keeping them away from each because your baby will be trying to eat the dog’s food in no time!

My littlest one smiles and laughs at the dogs already, and my pit is what I call the Nanny Dog. He’s always seeing what’s going on with the kids. All up in the middle of it. But he plays gently with my oldest and is darn sweet to them

5 Sarah

My dog is like that any time I am sick in any way but he was particularly crazy during the pregnancies. He knew I was in labor with the last two before I actually realized it. The good news is that he has been incredibly attached to the children too.

6 Chase

My English Mastiff was like that with both of my pregnancies. She would lie in bed next to me at night with her head on my stomach…once I got to the point of only sleeping on my side, she would cozy up so that her head was against my stomach. She is like that with the girls too…always needs to know where they are and what they are doing.

She was and is my baby first. Yes, there are times where she suffers now because my daughters take up all of my time and energy but her suffering is things like a shorter walk or an occasional missed day of walks, she is still under my feet when I am working at my desk, she still gets in bed with me at night.

The only “big advice” I have is for when the baby actually comes home from the hospital (if you are going that route)…don’t be the one holding the baby when you come in and go right to the dog to greet her. THEN introduce the baby to her. I read that, it made sense and it worked out well for us. Good luck!

7 Aly @ Lip Zip

My dog definitely sensed my pregnancy. Even my husband, who usually gets all the lovin’ from the dog, noticed. Our dog wanted to curl up with me, follow me, anything to be close. I think animals have that sixth sense and are highly sensitive. He really just wanted to be near me and now I’ve moved back into second place since the baby (now 2 years old!) is on the outs.

Also, our dog was also like our baby, just like yours. He adapted beautifully. We never expected it to be so smooth. I wrote a post recently called Our Dog, the Teacher on my blog if you want to see how well he’s adapted. He had us all to himself for 5 years but he’s done wonderfully with his big brother status over the past 2 years.

8 Tarzan

One thing I want to add to Jane’s post is that our dog has been our “baby” since we got her. She’s a special girl that’s for sure – and she gets a TON of love from us, especially knowing she was abused for years before we rescued her.

I admit I’m worried about how she’ll be once our baby is born. I really have a feeling that Jane will have our baby in one arm and our dog in the other! I’m hoping that once our dog gets used to the baby and sees we’re not ‘replacing’ her and that we’re all still a nice happy family and love her as much as we did before, that she’ll go back to being her normal self.

We think she was used as a breeding dog, so I bet she has some of her own mother instincts kicking in now – and will once our baby is born… if that’s even possible!?

Like Jane said, any advice would be much appreciated. :)

9 Jane

Lymari – Aw, that so sweet about your dog licking your ankle! I agree that dogs are pretty fantastic animals. I love my dog so much and I’m finding it really so cute that she can sense something is up.

Heather – Our dog is a shih-tzu mix. She’s little and adorable! I’ll definitely blog more about our dog and the transition. Stay tuned!

J.D. – Maybe your dogs will come around soon. Mine just started acting more “tuned” in a couple of weeks ago, so maybe your time will come soon!

Daddy Files – I had a feeling it was going to get more intense the further along I get. Good to know! That’s crazy about Fenway (which my husband prob. loves since he loves his Red Sox) and needing to be on her belly. How cute! And I can’t believe that they sensed your wife’s labor. That’s pretty crazy!!

Scott – Wow, that sounds just like my dog too! Dogs are so smart!

10 Scott

Our dog has been following my wife around like a shadow for the past few weeks. She has a concerned look on her face and will lay right in front of the bathroom door when my wife is in there. It is crazy.

11 Daddy Files

It gets way more intense as the pregnancy wears on. We have two dogs and they became my wife’s blankets. Any time she sat down they both had to be touching her. Fenway, our dalmatian, was even worse. She had to be ON her. Covering her belly. It was ridiculous.

Dogs really do know when something is up and they are so loyal. They started freaking out the day before Will was born and they knew my wife was in labor before she did. And they stayed right by her side while she was having the early contractions. It was sweet.

12 J.D.

I’ve heard this too but my dogs haven’t changed at all yet. My little one is ALWAYS around me & follows me everywhere I go anyway so it’s gonna be hard to tell if she is acting any different. I’m sure one of these days they will “wake up”.

J.D.’s last blog post..Monthly appt- 4th month

13 Heather

Thank you so much for posting this, and I hope you continue to keep us updated on how your pooch handles the transition. I absolutely believe that pets can sense pregnancy, your hormones are changing and they are aware of all that. What kind of dog do you have, may I ask?

Heather’s last blog post..Feeling Very Loved on Valentine’s Day

14 Lymari

My only advise is to enjoy it and to take it into consideration on your daily routine. Company and protection (even if it’s just barking) are some of the reasons we bring a pooch home. It seems yours in doing an amazing job! I twisted my ankle two days ago and my Lab has been by my side ever since. My husband has to pull her out of my side so that she can go potty. She even licks my ankle so tenderly when I sit by the edge of the bed. I think it’s amazing they can sense this sort of thing. We have so much to learn from them!

Lymari’s last blog post..lymari: @ShriNagesh looks like we’ll have the boy version of dooce. Poor guy, hope it works out as a blessing in disguise.

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