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18 weeks pregnant: Belly flutters, dampness, no morning sickness, and HUNGER

by Jane · 13 comments

So I know you’re probably wondering about the strange title.  While it is weird, being 18 weeks pregnant has brought on some fabulous things about pregnancy and a, uh, strange one that no one ever told me about.  Let’s get to the strange one first…

Dampness.  In-my-panties.  

My panties have been damp since being 18 weeks pregnant.For real.  I wish I was kidding, but what is going on down there?  Why are my panties damp all the time?  Well, not all the time, but more often than not.  It’s strange and a new pregnancy symptom.  I did some research and it seems like vaginal discharge (sorry guys) is quite normal during pregnancy.  

Oh, is it?  

Well I wish someone would have told me about this before.  The first time it happened, I thought some pee came out.  I ran to the bathroom, but it wasn’t urine.  Just a newfound dampness that I’m not loving.  It seems like every hole that I have will leak sometime or another within my pregnancy.  I’m not excited about this at all.

In other news, it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve been sick with morning sickness, nausea, or migraines.  It’s a miracle!!  

I feel awesome not having to worry about feeling crummy all day long.  Without jinxing myself, I really hope that having a good past 2 weeks means that the worst is behind me and I’ll only get to feeling better, well until the 3rd trimester (I hear that’s brutal at times).  You can just call me the eternal optimist!

Let’s move on to my appetite lately…  

I'm hungry all of the time since being 18 weeks pregnant.It’s significantly increased and Tarzan calls it “manly”.  

Manly.  Nice, huh?  

I feel hungry ALL of the time, not just for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It’s a little scary actually.  I know it’s a normal part of being pregnant, but it’s still weird.  

I’m not going to lie – It’s strange to eat breakfast and then be hungry 1-hour later.  Gone are the days of eating breakfast, lunch, small snack, and dinner.  Now my schedule is like: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, another snack, dinner, snack.  

Snack, snack, snack!

I met my mom out the other day and she called me while I was on my way.  She said ,”Are you hungry?  Have you eaten lunch yet?” (who is she kidding with asking if I’m hungry) and I told her, “Mom, I’m ALWAYS hungry.”  I’m just hoping that I don’t gain like 10 pounds at my next doctor appointment.  

Keeping my fingers crossed.

The best and final part of my topic is the flutter that I might have felt this past week.  All this time I’ve heard the word “flutter” to describe how it feels when the baby moves.  Without sounding dumb, I honestly don’t know what a “flutter” feels like.  Is it like butterflies in your stomach when you first fall in love?  

Feeling the baby kick at 18 weeks pregnant.Anyways, Tarzan and I were driving the other day and I felt something that can only be described as a “flutter”, or at least I think.  It feels like the closest thing to a flutter that I could imagine, but then again, it could have been gas I suppose.  I like to think that I felt my baby moving in my belly.  

I was really excited to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl and now the next big excitement will come when I feel my baby kick.  I guess only time will tell if I actually felt the baby moving, or if it was just lovely gas.  

Oh, how I’m really hoping it was the “real” deal!

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1 Mandy

Im now 19 weeks pregnant, and i thought at first the fluttering was gas until it happened a lot more and its such an amazing feeling. i understand how all you want to do is eat! its like im eating for a family of 5 im eating that much, yet i still have a very small belly! however i only felt sick once or twice so far and that was when i was around 7-8 weeks, now i just get a lot of migraines! oh the joys.


2 mommy2b

I am turning 18 weeks in 2 days and I didn’t feel baby kicks yet! I am very excited to experience it for the first time. Just like you (T_F) i didn’t have any morning sickness what so ever! i have very small bump, and wear my regular jeans and clothes, I really thought i will be huge by this time.
So other then on my OB/GYN visits there are no evidence that i am pregnant!

3 T_F

Ohh also i cant wear perfume of any kind now. i break out.. That happen to anyone??

4 T_F

So im 18 weeks today. I had an ultrasound back in Feb and my baby was very very active, It was hard to get a good picture of him/her. But still i feel no movement yet.. it worries me. I havnt had any morning sickness rarely any symptoms. i have the “dampness” and im hungry all the time, and thats really it.. sometimes i dont feel pregnant at all. has anyone else had a pregnancy like this?? No symptoms??

5 bandfsfirstpregnancy

Hey – did you ever reach the point where you ‘thought’ you were feeling it, to where you KNEW you were? Just curious when that happens to people :)

6 Aryan

Flutters feel like (to me)…….
When you go to the pet store and buy a fish, you carry this fish in this clear bag full of water home in your lap because you don’t want it rolling around in the floor or seat. The feeling of that fish rubbing around the bag or pushing trying to get out! That’s what the first few weeks of movement feel like to me! That is the only thing that I can think of that describes the movements that are going on in me right now! LOL I love my little fishy! LOL Due Feb 4, 2010

7 T.Thomas

I am feeling all of the above and this is my third child. Its been a long time though, my oldest is 13 and my youngest just turned 8. Im excited but going through some very different things. Dampness is definitely an issue and I just detest it. Pantyliners here I come! Im feeling flutters and actually I felt them quite early but Im told women who have had children usually can feel it sooner. So, with that information I dont feel as though Im from Mars.

8 19 weeks

My daughter does it on a daily basis sometimes to the point it makes me sick. But in the end we’ll get amnesia once we hold our babies and forget all about our pregnancy aggravations.

9 Helen

Sounds like you’re trading your morning sickness for some new joys:-) Actually, isn’t it awesome to be hungry rather than nauseated? I loved the second trimester. People can actually TELL you’re pregnant, rather than just chubby so it doesn’t seem strange to them when you want to eat everything in sight.
The first flutters DO feel like intestinal gas. It’s just when they start coming more often that you’ll know it’s proabably the baby. I used to love to watch my belly change shape in the later months when the baby would stretch and wiggle. It’s amazing entertainment (except they always seem to wake up when you are trying to sleep!)

10 Crysi

Oh god, the dampness with twins starts from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. It seriously sucks ass. And I’m hungry all the time too. It’s kinda nice after so many weeks of not want to eat anything.

Just wait, that little boy will be kicking the crap out of you soon enough. Adia woke me up every morning with several swift kicks to the ribs. Wait, she still does…

11 Robin

don’t you love it? I’m 25 weeks, and I don’t feel attractive AT ALL. And having all those weird bodily function occur doesn’t help much, plus add the fact that all I want to do is eat. Wait until your son kicks the crap out of you from the inside. My daughter does it on a daily basis sometimes to the point it makes me sick. But in the end we’ll get amnesia once we hold our babies and forget all about our pregnancy aggravations.

12 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

Yeah, that dampness is not fun. Unfortunately, it only gets damper, thicker, and more frequent till the end.

Those first flutters are so exciting! You’re right , it does feel like gas at first, sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. I can imagine how excited you must be.

13 Jessi

Hahaha! Panty-liners are a g0d send! It gets worse the further along you get too. I know all about leaking from everywhere. Aside from excessive discharge by 4 1/2 months, my boobs were leaking already! Just a heads up, it doesn’t happen to everyone though, but it’s totally normal if it does happen.

I remember people telling me I would feel “flutters” and I felt the same way you did, “what the heck does a flutter feel like?!” You’ll know. There was no way I could have mistaken it for gas, it felt nothing like any gas I’ve ever had! If it starts happening more often or a few times, it’s probably the baby.

Congrats on a baby boy! :)

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