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18 weeks pregnant: Who cares about pregnancy weight gain! Need. Taco Bell. Now.

by Jane · 14 comments

Taco Bell sounds great in 18th week of pregnancy.The more and more pregnant I become, the more and more I get hungry and need food immediately.  Being 18 weeks pregnant isn’t helping because I’m currently starving and there’s only so much snacking that a person can do!

I love that I traded nausea, migraines, and throwing up in the first trimester for hunger in the second trimester.  I really am loving food right now and I can’t get enough of it sometimes.  

You know that I haven’t dared to step on the scale because, really, that would be stupid.  I’m pregnant and supposed to gain weight.  I just don’t want to go to the OB on March 4 and have the scale move up 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  (I remember watching an episode of Tori and Dean and this happened to her at her appointment.  She blamed it on Dean bringing her rocky road ice cream every night.)

That might make me think twice about eating Taco Bell.  Until then though, I will continue to give in to my pregnancy cravings because when else do you have the “excuse” to do that?!

Tarzan just left to run an errand and then he is bringing me home Taco Bell.  I know, I know, gross… but oh how it has been sounding just lovely to me lately.  I sure hope he comes home soon.  Of course there is nothing wrong with my car or my legs, but I just don’t feel like getting dressed yet.  Even to go through the drive-thru.

Oh yes, call me lazy, but I’m in my pj’s still.  So glad that I work from home and don’t have to get dressed up daily.  Not sure that I would make it.

It’s funny how pregnancy brings out the need for certain foods that you never gave a sh!t about before.  Taco Bell was always just eh to me, but now I NEED IT.  The baby needs it. :)  Yeah, right.

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1 About-to-Pop :P

ohmuhgosh i know how the taco bell cravings go… from 10-15 weeks i absolutely needed 2 cheese quesadillas with mild sauce almost everyday or id pretty much throw a fit lol

2 sasha

I just turned 12 weeks but i feel like im not eating enough or gaining enough i used to go out to fast food places and eat a whole meal like a burger,fries,and nuggets now all i can eat is the burger and im full or fell a little sick like if i eat and more im going to vomit…..ive been trying to eat snacks and very small meals like one burger or one slice of pizza i can only eat like one thing but i wish i could eat like three.

3 tjwriter

You could count on these cravings for both pregnancies, no doubt. Taco Bell, pizza and cereal. At some point I craved all these things.

And almost every pregnant woman I’ve ever known has craved Taco Bell. It’s freaky.

I was blessed that I didn’t have to worry about weight gain. For the first, I only gained 13 and for the second, I ended at +2 after much up and down. It certainly wasn’t for the lack of eating, either!

4 Jilse

Ohh yes. The Taco Bell called out to me when I was pregnant. So much Taco Bell. Those were the days, when I was eating for two, and able to get away with the combo meal and add-ons.

As for the gaining weight thing, the check-up I had right after Thanksgiving had my OB uttering these words, “So, did you eat the whole turkey all by yourself?” Thanks Doc, I needed that. Not.

5 Jessi

I’m really lucky, I don’t gain weight easy. My doctor wanted me to gain a full 35lbs or a little more. I’ve gained a total of 15lbs, at 35 weeks. I lost weight in the beginning because I was really sick. I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight, and from the start I NEVER cared about the weight as long as my baby is healthy and I’m happy. lol. So if I want to eat a box of cookies, I will.

6 Jane

Daddy Files – Did you get your Taco Bell and pretzels? Your comment made me LOL :)

MVP – I know how you feel. Pregnancy brings on such strange cravings. I never used to eat sweets before becoming pregnant, but now I love them! Oh, and lucky for you that Taco Bell is far away. The one closest to my house is literally 5 min. Not so easy to avoid!

Cat – 2.5 pounds in 7 days? Either you were hungry or you are retaining water… Oh well though, you are so close to the end! Enjoy it!

Jessi – So you’re the type that can eat and eat and hardly gain weight? Hmph! I’m definitely not like that, but wish I was! I’m sort of worried about stepping on the scale just because I’ve never eaten like this in my life, and it’s so different for me. But I’m not worried to the point of being weird, I mean, I am pregnant!

Crysi – It’s funny how many people really crave Taco Bell when pregnant. I’ve been loving pizza lately too, but definitely not orange juice. Now grape juice is a whole other story ;)

7 Crysi

I craved Taco Bell constantly with Adia’s pregnancy. It was crazy. This time, it’s hamburgers, pizza and orange juice.

8 Jessi

Hah, in my second trimester I loved Taco Bell! I was eating it everyday, two bean burritos with extra extra hot sauce! Don’t worry about the weight gain. Some women eat healthy through their entire pregnancy and gain a BUNCH of weight. Others, like myself (yes, I’m bragging. lol), can eat so much crap food and have a hard time gaining the “recommended” weight. It really is just dependent on YOUR body.

Enjoy those cravings, and the excuse to indulge in them. :)

9 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

LOL That’s exactly how I felt from weeks 30 – 35…it was all fun and yummy then I stepped on the scale this week..I gained 2 1/2lbs in 7 days.! Gosh I hope I’m just retaining water.

Will ya tell him to bring me back some Steak Taquitos…yum!

10 MVP

LOL, before I was preggo, it was a cold day in heck when I would consume even one cookie. I’d much rather have dark chocolate or potato chips. But hubbie is currently making me his second batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies! MMMM, so good. God, I hope I don’t weigh 3,000 lbs when this baby’s born!

Luckily, we live FAR from the nearest Taco Bell ;)

11 Daddy Files

I must be pregnant too because I’m craving Taco Bell and pretzels. And I’m with you on the Thin Mints too. I could eat an entire box of those in one sitting. Enjoy it all and treasure it while it lasts!

12 Jane

Funny that y’all both were craving cereal! I gobbled Taco Bell in a matter of minutes. It was so good!

13 Strugglepants

I hear ya sistah! I am in dire need of Cocoa Pebbles right now. HAH!!

14 Jenn aka Future Mama

Don’t worry I random get cravings NOW and I’m definitely NOT pregnant. :o ) I just sent my husband out for oranges and Captain Crunch.

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