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Blog Contest Update: We will host a LIVE show to broadcast the winners!

by Tarzan · 3 comments

blog contest live video winners drawingFirst, we’d like to send another BIG thank you to everyone who donated all of the incredible prizes for the His Boys Can Swim Pregnancy Blog Contest.  And of course, we’d like to thank all of you – those of you who took the time to submit your entries into our blog contest.

Very Important Blog Contest Information:

As a reminder, the contest will end at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time on Saturday, February 28th.  Any entries received past 3:00 PM will not be accepted.

We will be hosting a live video broadcast to choose the winners at 6:00 PM CST Saturday night. (February 28th)

To watch the live video broadcast, go to:

OR… You can just come right to our blog!  We will actually be broadcasting and chatting LIVE right from the home page of our blog.  How cool is that?  I just figured out how to do that.  COOL!  So just come here at 6:00 PM CST Saturday, refresh the page, and you’ll see a new blog post with a screen and a chat box below it.  Once the clock strikes 6:00 PM, we’ll begin the live show!

How the blog contest winners will be chosen:

We will be using a website called, which chooses random numbers.  We’ll simply enter in the number of entires received and click on the button and watch it spit out the winning number.  We’ll be giving away prizes in order starting from 1 all the way down to number 31.

Within a couple of hours after the broadcast, we will post a new blog post listing the winners.  Winners will have 48 hours to contact us (As Per The Instructions On The Blog Post) with the information we need to forward to the individual/company who will be sending you the item you won.

As per the rules, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will do another drawing and select another winner.  Only one prize per person/household.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

How in the heck are we going to do a live video broadcast since Pregnant Jane and I are hiding our identities?

Well, Jane and I will have three computers running and will most likely have the webcam on one of the computers showing the website, so you can see (and hear) us do the drawing live.  Sorry, you won’t be able to see us… but you’ll be able to hear us and talk to us.  (There is text chat, so we’ll be able to respond vocally to your text comments.)

We have no idea how long the live video broadcast of the contest winners will be, I’m going to guess around 35-45 minutes.

Wish us luck.  We’ve never done anything like this before.  I’m sure it’ll be interesting, that’s for sure!

Good luck with the contest everyone!

We’ll see you Saturday night!

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1 Jane

I am working on the winner’s list right now for everyone who wasn’t able to tune in to the broadcast. Hopefully y’all are both winners! Thanks for entering!

2 J.D.

This is killing me! I just got home from work & wanna know if I won (which I’m sure I didn’t but it’s all fun!). Now I gotta go to bed & work another 13 hours tomorrow :(
Oh well!

3 shaka

This is so exciting! I’m supposed to meet my sister for dinner hopefully I will be back in time to see this. Good luck!!! :)

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