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19 weeks into Jane’s pregnancy: Tarzan’s pregnant thoughts…

by Tarzan · 6 comments

Feet grow while pregnant. Best to get comfortable shoes now!Pregnant Jane’s feet are growing.  She’s been complaining about her feet hurting and how all of her shoes and sandals are too tight.  So what is a good husband to do?  Well, yesterday, at the start of pregnancy week 19, I broke down and took Jane shoe shopping.  

And somehow, some way, I survived going into several shoe stores and lived through going into the place…. the dreaded four-letter word that sends chills up any guy’s spine… the MALL.

Pregnancy week 19 has brought with it larger feet for Jane.  And actually, I’ve been talking about Jane’s feet to her for the past couple of months.  She’s always been a heel girl, but we both knew those days were over shortly after we learned my boys could swim.

I’ve been telling her that she would soon need comfortable shoes and that she needed to make the transition from style to comfort.  Huh.  Wishful thinking trying to get a girl to change her ways with shoes, but I did make the effort!

After all, a big pregnant belly adds weight and of course will create some balance issues.  Finally, believe it or not, Pregnant Jane gave in and we got her a pair of nice cushy sandals, a pair of sneakers that she can work out in, and a pair of some pink Puma sneaker-type things she’d wear most of the time.

I’ve always believed a wife with comfy shoes makes for a happy couple.  So spending a little now on some shoes for Pregnant Jane, I believe it was a great investment into our pregnancy journey together.  And thankfully we got some great deals on all of the shoes by shopping around several different stores since we’re pinching pennies right now.

You know… it’s funny how things work…

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m out about about, I pay attention to all of the pregnant woman and children around me now.  I never knew how many woman are pregnant and how many children there are out there!

What’s happening to this world!?  Everyone is pregnant!

But more importantly, I’m paying attention to how young children, especially boys behave out in the public.  I’ve noticed Jane is doing the same thing, as she has mentioned things to me on more than one occasion about how a child is acting, what they are wearing, or something else.

Yesterday while we were in one of the shoe stores, I noticed three young boys horsing around on one of the benches you sit on to try on shoes.  They were being fairly loud and wrestling.  As they jumped on top of each other and wrestled (and ignored their mother’s constant pleas to stop) the thoughts of Tarzan Junior danced around in my head and I said to myself, “my son won’t ever misbehave like that.”

As soon as that thought popped into my mind, Jane walked up to me and said, “I have no idea what I’m in for.  Is that how little boys act?  Uh oh.”

I immediately thought about Pregnant Jane and little Tarzan Junior running errands when he’s old enough to run around.  Images of Jane chasing him around the shoes store while he knocks over boxes and terrorizes the place danced in my imagination.

“Oh no, you’ll never have to worry about that.  Little Tarzan will be a very well behaved little boy”, I told Jane.  But I swallowed hard and said a little prayer knowing that I was a handful at that age, too.  Maybe all little boys are.

As the day went on and we went into other stores, I noticed everywhere that little boys were running around like crazy and the little girls were just staying by their mom’s side.  Some little girls were sitting in chairs playing their little hand-held video games and behaving like little angels, while their brothers were raising hell next to them and doing all they can to annoy their sister.

Oh boy.  My Pregnant Jane will have her hands full at times.  No doubt I will too.  But, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I remember my younger days very, very well.  And I remember all the trouble I got into… oh boy, poor Pregnant Jane has no idea what she’s in for with a mini Tarzan running around!

But I’m not that worried, I know that I’ll be able to help Pregnant Jane out a lot and of course, help baby Tarzan become a nice well-behaved little boy… or else!  LOL

It’s just funny what you find yourself thinking about and paying attention to when you’re out and about… knowing you have a son on the way in a few months.

Everyone is right… EVERYTHING changes.  Even the way you think!

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1 Tarzan

I have flashbacks of my parents and grandparents saying that line, “just wait until you have children” or the “I hope your kids act up the way you do so you’ll see what it’s like!” Oh boy. What did we get ourselves into!?

The good thing is that *hopefully* Jane and I will be able to continue to work from home. And absolute worst case, I’ll make sure that Jane works from home so that our son never has to go to daycare. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but as my own personal observation, the best behaved boys and girls I’ve ever seen in my life were home schooled. Now I have no clue if we’d go that route, I doubt it, but I think having a parent or two always home to raise a child helps a little. But on the other hand… I was always raised by family because I ran out every baby sitter in town! Eeks!

Only time will tell – but I can assure you, all this stuff is going to be at the forefront of my mind…. all… the… time!

2 Ally/Miss-Mae

Haha, well, it’s true that little boys are often more noisy… But there is ONE thing that I have to say to you about that. Boys may be more noisy and a bigger handful when they are younger, but they are also a lot less of a handful when they are teenagers. From what I’ve noticed, girls are WAYYYYY harder to deal with as teenagers, despite how easy they are as children. So, at least that’s something, right? :)

3 momof3girls

Well as a mom of three girls I will tell you I agree with Jesse. It really does have to do with parenting. With that said I have seen some kids that break that to pieces. My sisters son was crazy. I kept looking at him like something must be wrong with him. It’s a good thing my husband is the middle child of 7boys. He keeps reminding me that it’s normal. The only thing I can say is I was totally happy to see no little penis on the ultrasound last year. But get back to me in a few years when my 11 year old hits her teens I may be screaming a different tune :)
ps please don’t be one of those “don’t make me count to three…one..I mean it…two..your making mommy mad…three….I’m serious” parents that do nothing after three. The only thing you are doing is teaching your kid to count to three. If you start counting than at least be willing to back it up!
good luck!!

4 Mama Kelly

I am a mom to 2 girls. My eldest was one of those kids who ran around the store, kid in the clothing racks and gave me more heart attacks than I can count. Her younger sister was the proverbial “angel” and frankly those personalities haven’t really changed.

Your son could be an perfect angel or a little devil – only time will tell. LOL

5 Jane

Just for the record, I still wear heels, but they are not comfortable. My husband is trying to rid me of that, but who is he kidding to think that I won’t still love heels? I’m sure the day will come when the thought of wearing heels sounds awful, but I still like to do it now… while I still can.

As far as the boys acting up in public thing, God help me. I hope that I have tons of patience because I wanted to to yell at the boys who were wrestling yesterday. I did give them the evil eye, but I doubt that they even noticed. Oh boys!

6 Jessi

My mom always used to tell me that payback for what we did to them was what our kids are going to do to us. She would say, “just wait til you have kids, they’re going to be act up like you did, time 10″. Scares the living hell out of me!!! I know I put my mom through some nasty times.

I really do believe it has a lot to do with parenting. Boys are known to be a little more rambunctious, but seriously, everywhere I go and see them misbehaving, the parents are NO where to be found. Or they’re totally ignoring their behavior. I work in a clothing store where a lot of women with kids shop and it absolutely angers me when they let their kids terrorize the store, or they expect the associates to babysit THEIR child/ren. I can truly say, MY KID WILL NOT EVER pull some of the things I’ve see parents let them get away with. And if he does, he’ll do it once, and the repercussions of his actions will be clear that he won’t want to do it again.
Or the whole squalling baby thing…Who just LETS the baby scream in a store? It’s annoying, and the polite thing to do is leave until your child has calmed down.

Anyways, I’m sure you and Jane will do just fine. And I wish my boyfriend took me shoe shopping! I’m jealous! lol

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