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Forget Victoria’s Secret, this 19 week pregnant girl is all about comfort now!

by Jane · 19 comments

My pre-pregnancy panty of choice was always Victoria's Secret.I’ve always been a huge fan of sexy panties.  My preference has involved lots of lace and thongs in the past.  It’s always made me feel sexy and that’s a good feeling.  

Well, my nice panty selection has come to a screeching halt since being pregnant and now I’m all about comfort…  which, by the way, does not include lace or anything that resembles a thong.  

For real. 

Instead, I have traded Victoria’s Secret for Target and size small for a size large.  It’s true and this is quite depressing.  


I am completely in favor of getting a larger stomach to house my growing baby boy in.  That’s fine.  In fact, I’m really excited about my ever growing belly.  But, where I draw the line is at the growing butt, arms, and thighs.  And by thighs, I mean the ones that now touch.  Never before in my life have my inner thighs touched, but pregnancy sure has changed that.

How I miss the days of wearing a small before getting pregnant.I realize that it might sound bad, but it’s a hard thing for me to swallow when I have to wear a size large in underwear and when my inner thighs rub against each other when I wear a dress.  I love dresses and that’s what I usually wear all the time in summer.  I’m not really a shorts kind of gal, so I’m sure completely sure what I will turn to this summer to stay cool.

I can only imagine how the combination of heat, humidity, touching inner thighs, and large underwear will feel… Talk about sexy.  I’m not excited one bit.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that has experienced these things…

It’s just like all of a sudden I had to go from a s/m to a large.  I decided it was time to go on a hunt for new panties when I was constantly getting wedgies.  No joke.  Ah, the glamour of being 19 weeks pregnant.  It’s SO awesome.  (I’m totally being sarcastic here.)

I decided Target would be better than Victoria’s Secret mainly because we are on the spending less money kick.  I got 5 pairs of “hipster” panties for $15.  Not bad at all.  But where it gets bad is the designs that were available for the kind of panties I was looking for.  No longer was I searching for the cutest and sexiest thong.  Oh no, that, my friends, is a thing of the past!

My pregnant panties that are a size large.Now I was looking for normal panties that you used to wear when you were 10 years old… and honestly, I think that me and a 10-year old might be wearing the same ones.  The designs were that awful.  Needless to say, thank God that my husband isn’t in to lingerie and sexiness under the clothes.  If so, I would be in tons of trouble.  

As we were picking through the very limited selection, we were cracking up.  One of the panties I got is yellow and has pink strawberries.  Yes, I said strawberries.  Lovely, right?  

Frankly, it’s embarrassing.  

What 28-year old wants to have strawberries on her panties?  Well, I guess you’re looking at the kind of pregnant girl that will be wearing them.  It’s a sad, sad day.

We were at Target, the price was good, and I was desperate.  Yes, desperate enough to buy panties with strawberries on them.  I must admit that I’m wearing some right now and they are most comfy.  No longer do I get wedgies.  These panties stay in place, nicely covering my whole butt (which is quite a change).

Wearing size large maternity panties is not fun at all.So I guess the moral of my story is that even though I might be wearing panties with strawberries and polka dots on them, I will be comfy… and really, I’d be kidding you if I said that wasn’t my #1 priority right now.  It’s really not too fun to constantly be picking your underwear out of your butt because they don’t fit right.  Just sayin’.

Oh and little Tarzan, please continue growing healthy in my belly, but no need to add anymore unnecessary fat on your mommy’s arms, butt, and thighs.  I really can’t handle it and I don’t like it one bit.  Thanks little man.

And yes, the pictures above are of my panties.  The first two were my favorites back before I was pregnant and when I was still wearing a size small.  The last two are after I got knocked up, grew a larger butt, and had to buy a size large.  Nice.

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1 Heather W


Reading your article above is like an exact match of what I’m going through. I was super-skinny & would wear an XS/S in sexy panties & am now wearing a M/L & staying avoiding thongs like the plague…Feel like I’m letting down my former self. I also have never had the thighs rubbing together problem until now! Well, the joys of pregnancy I guess :-)

2 Amy Lynn

I am 15 weeks pregnant and finally gave in to larger undies. I too was sick of the wedgies and sick of the waist band getting TIGHT. So I bought some that fit with a little bit of room to grow and some that are to big with a lot of room to grow. They are not at all sexy but everything fits into them. So I am comfy and happy again. I can’t believe that I wore lacy thongs my entire pregnancy with my son. I was young, dumb and didn’t have a c-section scar back then. LOL

3 Wendy

I’m not pregnant, but my family (regardless of size) seems to be blessed with thunder thighs. Things that help when wearing skirts: baby powder, spandex shorts, running lube (comes in deoderant shaped container). My favorite would be the spandex shorts, because they also suck in the pudge. :)

4 Lauren

I can’t even wear boy shorts or hipsters. They just curl right up and fall off. But I always wore a Large panty, just now I have to wear the granny panties. All the way up to my belly button. Just more comfortable. The only problem is I don’t have enough granny panties to last me through the week…must buy more big ol’ undies! hehe…

5 Cinnie

Hey Jane!
I cant exactly say I feel your pain. What with not nor ever being pregnant so far.
But I enjoy reading your and Tarzan’s blogs. It gives me some insight, anyways..
I love your little rant about panties. Truth be told I don’t even wear sexy panties NOW, lol. I actually do wear target panties. Cant say they have strawberries, (just plain colored) but man they are comfy! Yours are actually really cute. I like the blue and white ones. Plus, my thighs touch too. Haver ever sense I was a teen. But I’m not fat. I’m really quite small, but my thighs have always been on the rather “Large” side, you should be happy your thighs didn’t touch at one time at all!
Don’t feel so bad..I will wish for all changes to be in your belly!
lol, Good luck to ya both.

6 Crysi

My mom bought me some maternity underwear from Motherhood Maternity. We thought, hey why not. They rock! They don’t dig in at all and are super stretchy and they go beneath the belly which is key for me. They were a little spendy, but only because I wanted the ones that said “BABY.” Adia calls them my “Baby panties.” I think I need to go back and buy more.

7 Diana

Good thing I never had to worry about Vicki Sec. Never fit into them in the first place. I love my hipsters.

8 Jane


You are so right! I’ll be back in my “regular” panties in no time (doesn’t really feel like that) and our little baby will be very worth a much larger butt. Ha, ha. Thanks for your comment!!

9 Jane

Thanks for all the great comments and the links that were provided. I’ll definitely check into all of those links bc I want some cute panties without having to look like a 10-year old. Strawberries, what?!

It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one going through all of this and I do appreciate your comments of support. I honestly never thought that I’d have to worry about buying bigger panties and having my thighs touch. Why don’t people tell you this? Those 2 things alone might prove to be good birth control for those that aren’t yet ready. Ha, ha.

Oh and the bleach thing, that’s just another thing that I never thought of. Wow. That does not excite me in the least. Again, just have to say it… ah, the joys of pregnancy :)

10 Ally/Miss-Mae

Strawberries, huh? Lol, aw, not to worry Miss Jane! Once your baby is born, you will be able to get back to your sexy undies. ;D And you’ll get a beautiful baby out of it, so it’ll be worth it in the end. :)

11 J.D.

Girl, I feel you! I went to AJ Wright & bought 2 packages (with 3 pairs in a pack) of white Fruit of the Loom (irregular) bikini underware for $2.99. I’m really liking them tho!

12 Susan

When I was pregnant, I bought some cute, non-granny but butt covering, black ones (with no strawberry to be found) that are soooo comfie. . I still wear them all the time. I’ll have to look at the brand later and post it for you.

13 Reiza

I’ve never read a blog post on this topic and I completely understand. I’m 9 months pregnant and had to buy these horrid things a few months ago. I was not amused. I am, however, comfortable and I’ll take comfort over amusement when my belly is this big. :-)

Thanks so much for putting this out there. I can’t imagine how many pregnant women are unprepared for this right of passage. Misery (and the ugly panty brigade) loves company. :-)

14 Caitlin Domanico

haha I’m 35 weeks this week and have resorted to target undies too. They don’t have to be ugly though! I upgraded (M to L) to Gilligan and O’Malley boy shorts and thongs. Totally comfy and still flattering and cute!

15 Audrey J

LOL this is soo true! And hey, I’m almost 26weeks–and it doesn’t get any better, trust me!!

16 Josie

Hahahahahahaha! Jane! I think the strawberries are cute.
I wear those 10 year old-ish Target underpants and I’m 20 something and not pregnant.

Comfort is ALWAYS important :D

17 Marianne

HONEY. Get yourself some of these:

They are cheap, they are adorable, and they stay put. Plus they don’t show lines under your clothes. I’m 28 weeks along and these panties are a godsend. They also seem to be more forgiving, size-wise, as I haven’t really had to go up a size. Get some!

18 Heather

Haha! Just wait til the end of your pregnancy. My best friend wore the same green velour jumpsuit for like three weeks in a row. She said it was the only comfy thing she owned. I was ready to burn it. :D

19 Whitney

aww, I totally understand. I had to go out and buy every size from M to XL when I was pregnant. I usually wear a small, but when I couldn’t even pull them up my leg, I knew things were different. I ended up liking the plain white hipsters. They were easy to bleach (ahem) and could be hidden until lighter clothes (it was summer). They have maternity underwear, but these were cheaper and pretty comfy. When he was born, I was able to pack away one size at a time into the maternity clothes bin. You’ll get there. :)

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