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19 weeks pregnant: When will I feel the baby movement?

by Jane · 10 comments

When will I feel the baby move inside my belly?At my last appointment, when I was 15 weeks pregnant, my OB asked if I had felt the baby move yet.  This was on 02.04.09.  I have another pregnancy appointment tomorrow and I have yet to feel anything AND I’m 19 weeks pregnant.  Grrr.

I did do some research and found out that it might be a couple more weeks because I have an anterior placenta, but …

I want to feel the baby move NOW.  

I was really excited to find out the sex of the baby at 17 weeks pregnant and I feel like the next “big” milestone is being able to actually feel the growing baby inside of me… I’m hardly a very patient person, so this is tough.  Plus, I’m just about 20 weeks now, which is the second trimester.  Let it happen already!

So, I’m wondering, if you have an anterior placenta, when did you feel your baby move?  Shoot, even if you don’t have an anterior placenta, tell me when you noticed the baby moving around in there.  I’m curious.

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1 Tori M.

I have an anterior placenta too and I didn’t feel anything that I was absolutely sure of until about 21 weeks, with the exception of a couple major flips, which were WEIRD. I’m 25 weeks today and I can feel the little thumps and bumps almost all the time, some of which are painful already. My hubbs can only feel the biggest kicks though so far, so Tarzan may have to wait a bit longer. Any day now for you though I’d bet!

2 GothMum


I finally realised in week 18, that the wierd fluttering indigestion I had been feeling for a few weeks was little Miss doing somersaults. Then spend the last 10 weeks wishing she’d stay still *lol*

3 Caitlin Domanico

I have the anterior placenta and didn’t feel it until around 23 weeks. Many of my friends have felt braxton hicks by now (week 35) and I still haven’t. So though it stunk not feeling her move and hiccup until later, it’s great not feeling BH constantly:)

4 Helen

I think I was around 20 weeks when I felt the first flutters- definitely not real kicks- with the first one. At first, it feels like a gassy…so you aren’t sure. I think it was a few weeks later that it started feeling like little bumps against my skin. I loved the feeling. Used to push back just to get her to kick more sometimes just for fun:-)

5 HolyCrapImPregnant

i am 16 weeks pregnant w/ my first i have been feeling movement for a week now. i have had one good kick that scared that crap out of me the rest just feel like popcorn popping (thats the pest way i can describe it)


i JUST started feeling my little one ( and im 20 weeks today! with our 1st)
i have to be very quiet and paying attention… it feels like bubbles popping – or butterfly kisses!
drink some orange juice with ice then lay down somewhere quiet… i bet youll feel him!

7 Mama Kelly

I had an anterior placenta with my youngest and felt very little movement during the entire pregnancy unlike her older sister with whom I used to be able to see her head, elbow, or foot trying to break through my flesh to freedom.

8 Jessi

Women with an anterior placenta usually don’t feel the baby for awhile. I knew a lady who didn’t feel anything until 30+weeks and it was never regular, it was always every now and then she would feel her son move. Others feel them regularly after about 25 weeks. Hopefully you start feeling your little guy soon! It’s a very very strange feeling, and don’t be surprised if it’s an uncomfortable one at that.

I felt flutters around 14 weeks, then actual kicks at about 16 weeks, then by 18 weeks people could see my belly move when he kicked and rolled. I personally cannot stand the feeling, it absolutely creeps me out! Kind of reminds me of the movie Aliens, when the creature is trying to escape from the chests of people, but in my stomach! It’s weird.

9 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

Every baby and belly is different. Having an anterior placenta does make movement more difficult to feel, many women with this have waited well into the 25th week before feeling those first kicks. One pregnancy I felt movement at 16 weeks, another it wasn’t until 23 weeks that I felt more than flutters. Hang in there! It will happen soon and then you’ll be begging for baby to keep his foot out of your bladder. :-)

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