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19 weeks pregnancy appointment: Big baby, movement, and pregnancy weight gain

by Jane · 22 comments

I love hearing the baby's heartbeat while pregnant.I had my 19 weeks pregnancy appointment today.  Overall it went pretty good, except the lovely pregnancy weight gain… which I’ll talk more about later.  These pregnancy appointments are the same every time, so I feel like there’s not too much to report.  

We heard his heartbeat and it was in the upper 150s.  The shocking part of our appointment is that he is measuring 22 weeks, which is 2 weeks ahead.  I guess I would rather him measure ahead than not, but I would really like to give birth vaginally.  My ob briefly talked to us about this.  

The baby might just be measuring big right now because he had a growth spurt.  By the time our next appointment comes, he could mellow out and measure closer to that week in pregnancy.  Or he’s just a big baby.  In the case that he’s a big baby, she mentioned perhaps having a c-section, but of course it’s just too early to call that.

I have mixed feelings about having a c-section.  I will admit that I haven’t thought about it too much because I don’t believe in worrying or stressing about something that’s not right now or totally in my control, but…

I would prefer to have a vaginal birth.  Not to knock anyone that has had a c-selection, either because they had to have one or because they just wanted one, but personally I don’t want to go that route.  I would like to give birth to this baby in the old-fashioned way.  Anyone else feel like that?

I also asked if my due date would move up due to measuring ahead, but she said that she doesn’t move due dates.  Of course everything will be evaluated as we get closer to July, but as it stands my due date remains the same.  I think it’s sort of odd, but I guess the due date is in place as a guideline more so than a “it’s going to happen on this exact date”.  I trust my ob, so I’ll just go with what she says.

She also asked if I had felt any movement yet.  When I told her that I hadn’t, she said that I probably will feel something within the next week or two.  I sure hope she is right!  She told me to lay on the couch after dinner, with a pillow under my right hip so that I am on my left side, and to put my hands on my lower abdomen.  She said that this will help me concentrate and be able to tune into any movement.  I’ll start it tonight and hopefully I’ll feel the little man soon enough!

Now onto the dreaded topic of pregnancy weight gain.

Eating a lot of starchy foods when pregnant.I stepped on the scale as I do every 4 weeks and you can imagine how shocked both the nurse and I were to see that the scale said I had gained 9 pounds.  

9 freakin’ pounds in 4-weeks?!  Not cool.

The nurse even checked to see if the scale was broken.  No joke.  Sure enough it wasn’t.  

Yes, I have been extra hungry lately and I have had Taco Bell a few times, but 9 pounds?  I’ve never gained 9 pounds in 1 month before.  I know that I’m growing a baby, but I gained the recommended pounds for a 2 month period and that’s sort of sad.  

I know that I can attribute it to eating lots of carbs and starchy foods because those types of food just sound really good to me all of the time.  I can also put the blame on the fact that I haven’t really been exercising.  I wish that walking to the mailbox consisted a good workout, but sadly it doesn’t.  

I will admit that I was a bit nervous to see what my ob had to say.  I’ve heard some major horror stories about ob’s telling patients that they need to go to a nutritionist, etc. and I didn’t want to hear that I gained too much weight.  I didn’t need to hear it; I already knew.

My ob was fine with it.  She said that she would never tell me that I had gained too much weight.  She said that she gained 47 pounds with her first pregnancy by eating junk food.  With her second pregnancy she gained 46.5 pounds and that was with going to a nutritionist and eating healthy.  No big difference.

She did say to try to pick lean protein over starchy kinds of food and that exercise would be good.  I don’t want to gain more weight than I need to because that will just mean that I’ll need to lose that much more after I have the baby.  I also don’t want to cause myself or the baby added stress and anything else that can follow excess weight gain.  And you know how I feel about having a c-section.  Anything I can do to help the situation I will.

She said that my next appointment would be in 4-weeks and that it would be the same as it has been.  She said that she likes to do another ultrasound around 23 weeks, but since we are paying out of pocket that she doesn’t have to have this right now.  She said that we’ll just continue to see how I measure in the future to see if an ultrasound is needed.  At 28 weeks I’ll have more blood work done to see how my blood count is and to test for gestational diabetes.  

I did have a tiny amount of blood work today, only to check and see how my thyroid is doing since I’ve been on medicine for it.  The phlebotomist only needed to take 1 vile of blood, but oh. my. gosh. did it hurt.  I have really small veins and phlebs always have a hard time finding a good one to use.  I usually point them to the crease of my elbow, on the right arm, because that’s where I’ve had the most success.

Having blood drawn when pregnant hurts!Well, I did that this time, but she didn’t listen.  I know it’s not my job, but after years of this I KNOW where to tell them to draw blood.  She decided to pick a vein that was closer to my elbow (such a strange place!) and I yelped a little.  IT HURT BAD.

She asked if I’d eaten that morning (of course) and said that I seem dehydrated because my blood was coming out very slowly.  It was pain, the whole damn process… and it was only 1 vile.  Geez.  I told her that I would see her in 8-weeks for more blood, but to listen to me next time on where to put the needle.  I’m going to have the biggest bruise there.

So that was my appointment.  Nothing too terribly exciting happened, but I’ll definitely take that over the alternative!

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1 angela

Hi my situation is this,I had cheated on my boyfriend for tge first time in Oct of 2011, with a guy I just met throughs a mutual friend. Had unprotected sex two times somewere in mid of Oct and then we stoped talking and I got my period Oct26, just spotting. I completly cut off all contact with him and started to see my boyfriend of 9yrs again and was with him and having sex all Nov and Dec. In Nov I remember being nauseas and vomit on Nov the night before mt cousins wedding and on Thanksgiving Nov23. I dont recall having a period in Nov. Waited out until Dec to get my period. Nothing. suddenly I took a pregnancy test in Jan and was positive. I made an Dr.appt and had an ultrsound on Monday Jan 16th and Dr dated me 6wks/6days. Est,due date of Sept 2,2012 and making my LMP Nov 26th. I had my 2nd ultrsound Feb 24 at 13weeks,doctor says I’m Right on track and giving me the same due date. Now my ultrsound I just had April 10th gave me date of 19wks/4days. baby weighs 11oz. My question I’Ver been doubting could I have got pregnant from my parter I had unprotected sex with in Oct?? Please help?? Any one is welcome to comment

2 Anonymous

Hi! Just so you know, the whole “big baby” thing is pure B.S. There is no evidence that a larger than average baby is problematic or requires a c-section, ok? In fact, there is no way to even get an accurate estimate of fetal weight, so it blows the “maybe c-section” crapola out of the water. Especially at 19 weeks! They have no business putting that fear into your head. You will have a vaginal birth if you want it.

Wishing you a wonderful second half of your pregnancy. =)

3 Natalja

Wow, 9lbs in 4 weeks…. But who cares, enjoy the food. When the next time you will have an excuse to eat everything you want :-) . But also remember that majority of weight you will gain in your 3rd trimester. During my pregnancy I’ve gained about 35lbs and 25 of which in my 3rd. So don’t be shocked. Baby gains the most weight in the last 3 months by building fat, those chubby rolls we love. And so will you. Be careful though if your baby will become too big you may end up with c-sec. I don’t want to scare you but that’s exactly what 2 of my friends went through recently. They were pushing and pushing for 24 hours and just couldn’t get the baby through the pelvic bones. So after such a long suffering they ended up with c-sec because of baby’s distress. When I found out that my boy was almost 9lbs (after their experiences), I chickened out and opted for c-sec myself. It’s not really that bad as they say. The docs will give you so many pain pills that you will be up and on the go in 3 days. At least I was. Not a big deal at all. Not delivering vaginally bothered me for about 5 days and then suddenly it was forgotten. I was a mom to my son, and how I delivered nobody cared and nobody asked. So don’t agonize over it if it happens.
Now I will run through the second portion of diabetis test, I had to go through it. The first one goes just like Jessi described. But if the results come back ubnormal, and unfortunately they often do, you will have to come back again for 3 hour test. It consists of drinking that sweet concoction which is really not too bed at all. Reminded me a sweetened Fanta, but without the gas. And then you will have to come back for the blood drawing 3 times with 1 hour in between of each. And that really sucks. All in all they will take your blood 4 times within 4 hours. I have pretty good veins and I was sore and bluish after that. Not to mention that for 4 hours I was super bored. You can’t really go anywhere too far. If there is some big store nearby that is great.

4 Jane

Oh gross! I’m not a fan of sweet stuff to drink, so this doesn’t sound fun. Thanks for explaining to me and letting me know what I’m in for :) I hope that I’m like you and won’t have to do another test!

5 Jessi

Oh the test isn’t anything to worry about it’s easy, just ick! You go into the lab, they’ll have you drink this syrupy/sweet flavored drink thing and then tell you to come back in exactly an hour to have your blood draw. That’s it. However, some places make you fast for at least 8 hours before you come in, and that is MISERABLE! Especially if you’re still suffering from any morning sickness. And if you throw up the syrup stuff, you’ll probably have to redo the test…But if that one comes back good then you don’t have to worry about anymore tests…If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to take a 3 hour test, which I’m not 100% what that entails, I didn’t have to take it.

6 Jane

Kellie – I’m right there with you, girl! It’s hard to look at the scale and think “I’ve NEVER weighed this much in my life!” I’ve been trying not to think about it, but I will admit that seeing an extra 9 lbs has pushed my butt to do a little more exercise. Anything to help, right? It’s good to hear that you gained just about the same amount in the same period of time. Whew. I just hope you are right – next time I go, I don’t want to see that scale move at all! Ha, ha.

Crysi – Funny you mention being addicted to fruit salad. I’m the SAME way now. I ate so much fruit yesterday and I could have had even more. Yum! It sounds like we have the same kind of veins, oh how that does suck! I’m hoping that you are able to deliver the twins vaginally too! I couldn’t imagine recovering from surgery and having a new little baby. Seems like a lot!

Jessi – Just what happens for the gestational diabetes test? Of course I haven’t looked it up yet, but please explain… and don’t scare me! Just kidding :)

Jenny – Weight gain is lovely, isn’t it? I’m with you, hoping that breast feeding really knocks off up to 500 calories per day. I hope I’m one of those that can say, “I lost 30 pounds in a week.” Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Caitlin – Your doctor would have freaked out over my 9 pounds if she did over your 6 pounds! Geez, especially with all the goodies for the holidays.

Bessie – Good to hear about the pain and c-section. I think I’ve just heard so many horror stories regarding the recovery time for a c-section and that is what scares me. I’ve also heard people talking and saying that they feel like they didn’t give birth the “proper” way and feel a little bit less of a mom. Sounds really strange, and glad that it’s not that way!

Josie – The message boards are gone for the time being. We are in the plans to give our site a makeover, so stay tuned for that. To answer your question, I didn’t take my pill on Halloween (when lil Tarzan was made) because I had forgot, Tarzan forgot to remind me, and then we went out and had too many drinks. I think that I forget the next day too, and then when I remembered, I took one. I have always been really bad about taking my pill and strangely have never gotten pregnant sooner. I’ll pulled many nights like the one you talked about and I was fine. It doesn’t sound like you’re too worried, but definitely keep me posted. Did you take your pill the next day? It’s shocking what missing just 1 can do!

Michele – Thanks for all the great advice. I think that I will really push what I want and hopefully it will happen. I want the baby to come out when he is ready, not on the dr.’s schedule!

Maryanne – Congrats on your pregnancy! I wish that we only got weighed here at the beginning and end. That would be awesome.. but no, we get weighed every single time. Oy! I keep hoping that my nurse will “forget” one time, but it hasn’t happened yet. Good luck to you!

Hi Helen – Yikes is right! That’s exactly what I’m afraid will happen, but I’ll just let everything happen as it should. If I gain 35 pounds, so be it! I do like how you lost so much in just 2 months – again breast feeding is the way to go for sure! And sadly, no movements just yet. My dr. said they should come soon enough – this week or next. I’m def. keeping my fingers crossed!

7 Helen

oops, it was this post that mentioned movements…I got all excited there for you:-)
Don’t worry- it will happen soon and wake you up at night later on!

8 Helen

Hi Jane!
Trying to catch up on your blog this morning- lots to read!
Try not to stress too much about your weight gain. It will fluctuate and in my experience, the guidelines for the flow of the weight gain are never very accurate. You’ll likely have some months where you don’t gain much, and others where you gain more. It balances out. Just to maybe ease your mind: I gained around 40 pounds with my first pregnancy. (I weighed 178 pounds on the day of the delivery– yikes, I still remember that 19 years later!) and 2 months later, I weighed 135 pounds. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing:-) Not to mention forgetting to eat half the time because you are so focused on the baby…not that great, but it happens.
I agree with you about wanting a vaginal delivery too. It’s very difficult to estimate a baby’s size, so don’t let them scare you saying he is big. I say as long as the baby is in good position at the time of labour, trying vaginally is the way to go. I’ve never understood why some women would actually CHOOSE major abdominal surgery over a natural body process (labour and delivery) I had both of my children vaginally, and it was so lovely to be able to be up and around right afterwards. Sure, there’s some soreness and afterpains, but nothing like post-operative pain!
You’re doing great…and I’m excited to read the next post about feeling the movements:-)

9 maryanne

My first child was born in the UK and they only weigh you at the start and end of your pregnancy over there – so much less stressful! I hate the monthly weigh-ins in the US. Seems like it would be obvious if you were gaining WAY too much or too little without having to step on a scale every visit.

I’m totally with you on avoiding a C-section if at all possible, recovery just takes so much longer after C-sections.

Loving your blog. I’m about a week behind you, so it’s fun to hear what I’ve got coming up in the next week :)

10 Michele

I forgot to add that providers measure bellies differently. With my 2nd baby, the baby was in a position very deep towards my back. I measured extremely small. One provider wanted to give me an u/s at 38 weeks. What was the point? The provider who knew me best and had the most expereince knew about the baby’s position (the only one to lay her hands on my belly to feel position). He was born 8 pounds. So on the other hand, providers worry when there is little weight gain and a small belly too……all for naught.

11 Michele

Hi there,
Stay true to yourself about wanting a V-delivery. Some docs like to start early talking about a big baby. OBs are surgeons so it is pretty normal for them to talk about surgeries. If 30% of women had babies that are too big, your generation line would not be where it is. Keep in mind that an u/s can be 20% off either way on the weight. And an u/s considers the average baby to be 7.8 lbs. I know you did not have an u/s with this visit, but just sayin as you are paying for this out of pocket. You may want to find out the stats on your OBs deliveries on the c-section %. If your body is amazing enough to grow a perfect human it is amazing enough to go into labor and birth your baby. The extras like many u/s, inducing, etc. get in the way. Yours could be the perfect story to many on how all the extras cost too much $$ and are not necessary.

12 Josie

Jane, I can’t find the message boards anymore!
So, I’m going to ask you a question here…
Did you only miss ONE pill when you became pregnant with mini-Tarzan?
Did you skip it altogether? Or take it when you remembered?
I was thinking about this last night after I fell asleep on the couch at 8, crawled in to bed at 1, and decided, “eh, the pills are in the other room. I’ll take it in the morning. zzzz.”
Haha. Not that I’d mind whatever outcome.
Hope you’re having a pleasant day :D

13 bessie.viola

Oh, pregnancy weight gain. NO fun. I remember in my 30th week or so I went to the doctor and I’d gained 10lbs in a week. A WEEK. It was mostly water weight, however; I was so swollen. Was still no fun to see that number on the scale.

I know I keep telling you this, but please don’t stress about the c-section. Everything’s going to happen exactly as it needs to. I really wish women wouldn’t scare each other – my c-section was unexpected, but quite an easy recovery. The pain was never anything that Motrin couldn’t take care of. Within a week I felt fine – a little tender, but I think that would be the case in either situation.

So glad that you & baby are doing well!

14 Caitlin Domanico

You are lucky you did not get talked to! Around the same time I got talked to for gaining SIX lbs in 4 weeks. That was the week before Thanksgiving. At my next appointment (just after Christmas and Thanksgiving) I only gained 2 and she was extremely impressed. Duh.

Around the 3rd trimester I got into a major healthy mood and started to want (I wouldn’t say crave, but want) veggies and fruit all the time. I’ve fallen off that tiny bit, but as I have 5 weeks to go and have gained 26lbs, I really want to try not to gain 20 lbs or something crazy at the end:) It will all even out, don’t worry!

15 Jenny

Hi Jane – I’ve been reading you guys for a few weeks now but only just decided to comment today. Love the blog – the husband does too, its so nice to have a guys perspective on stuff.
I have been measuring ahead of dates for my pregnancy too, but just like your doc said, apparently its no big deal. It does mean I get asked lots if I’m having twins, when I tell people my due date!
I’m worried about weight gain too. I was a little (not much) overweight to begin with, so was hoping to only gain 10-12kgs. Um – not going to happen – I’ve hit 9kgs already and I’m only 29 weeks. Sigh. Guess we just gotta hope that its true what they say, that breastfeeding melts those kilo’s away!

16 Jessi

Jane, I wouldn’t worry to much about the baby being big, not yet anyways. Like someone else had said, measuring from the outside isn’t always accurate, and like your doctor said you guys could have caught him in a growth spurt! Since day one I’ve measured either two weeks behind or right on. If he continues to measure large, another ultrasound wouldn’t be a bad idea just to see if it’s actually the baby or if you just carry a lot of fluid (which happens often).

And I totally understand your feelings on c-sections. I absolutely refuse to have one unless it is a life or death situation, and all other options have been exhausted. It’s not because I’m scared of a c-section, it’s because I don’t believe they should be preformed unless it is seriously the last option. After doing a lot of researched 30% of all pregnancies are delivered via c-section. What’s even worse is only about 10% are actually necessary. I’m all about doing things the natural way, with no medications, just my body doing what it’s supposed to do.

Just a warning, the gestational diabetes tests sucks!! It’s so gross.

17 Crysi

Oh and vaginal v c-section. I have my fingers crossed that Baby A decides to remain head down for the rest of the pregnancy. I DO NOT want a c-section. Yes, labor sucks, but once baby is out, it doesn’t hurt anymore. C-section, not so much. The high risk doctor also let me know that twin labor and deliveries are much faster then singletons. I’m thinking, oh crap, will I make it to the hospital fast enough if labor starts at home? Adia was born in 6 hours.

18 Crysi

Measuring ahead, be a little happy. I measured on track with Adia until 19 weeks, from then on, I was up to 2 weeks behind. Not good. Constant ultrasounds to check growth, make sure I had enough fluid… lots and lots of stress. She grew in spurts too (still does!) and was perfectly fine. You little man could be making lots and lots of fluid and it could be one of the reasons you’re measuring ahead. Also depends on how they’re positioned.

I did 8lbs in 3 weeks with Adia around Christmas and my doctor gave me all sorts of crap about it. I only gained 4 or 5 lbs the entire end of my pregnancy (i.e. the entire 3rd trimester) and then she complained I wasn’t eating enough. So glad she’s not my doctor anymore. I’m a little worried about stepping on the scale next week too, but I’ve been addicted to fruit salad lately so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Ugh, and blood draws! Ack! I hate them too. My veins all run and hide when they enter the lab. Luckily, the last tech was awesome. I told her which arm and where they usually have the best luck and she got it on the first try. I was so relieved. Hopefully it will be the same for the next blood draw.

19 Kellie

I gained 10lbs in one 4 week period when I was pregnant with my daughter as well. From talking with other moms I think it’s pretty normal to have a big growth spurt in the second trimester. You probably won’t see the scale move so much again which I’m sure you’ll appreciate. The only other advice I have is to quit looking at the numbers and tell your doctor you don’t want to know about your weight unless there’s a problem. I made the mistake of looking towards the end of my second pregnancy and the numbers about made me faint. I never in my life thought I’d weigh that much!

20 Jane

Hey Ashley!

Congrats on your pregnancy and on having a baby boy too! Thanks for your comments about measuring ahead and on the due date. My ob was just measuring from the outside, but she still seems to think he will be a big baby. It can really be so confusing at times! Like you said though, we will stick with my last missed period and go with that date. She too said that it was the best thing to do!

As far as my due date, she won’t let me go past 41 weeks, so that’s good to know!

Also, I’m so jealous that you and your husband have felt your baby. I cannot wait until we get to feel that too! Congrats again!

21 Ashley

I’ve been reading your blog a few weeks now–I’m 2 weeks ahead of you in my pregnancy and I’m going to have a boy also! I also happen to be a med student about to graduate and so I was going to comment on the measuring ahead– if they were just measuring your belly from the outside, that measurement is helpful, but not really that accurate and certainly shouldn’t be used to give a gestational age of a fetus–the best markers are last menstrual period and the ultrasounds…that said, if they measured him on ultrasound and he was measuring 22 weeks, then you might have some issues! Guess you’ll have to just wait it out another 20 weeks or so to find out ;) Also, you were correct– the due date isn’t a “things will happen on this day” –it’s more of a +/- of a 2 week window–with the due date sitting in the middle of that total 4 weeks. In other words, if you go into labor at 38 weeks, they won’t try to stop you…and if you happen to go late, usually doctors will let you go to 41 weeks (and some go to 42!–not that common though) before they intervene in trying to get the little fellow to come on out. Feeling your baby move is so cool– my little guy makes it almos feel like I have funny gas movement or flutters or muscle twitches…but the best is when daddy gets to feel him move from the outside!

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