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20 weeks pregnant belly: The official half way point of pregnancy!

by Tarzan · 2 comments

20 weeks pregnant belly pictureJane’s 20 weeks pregnant belly picture is a milestone in a round-about-way.  20 weeks is official half way point and Jane and I are both AMAZED on how fast time is going.

And gentleman… check out the baby size guide for guys (not compared to a fruit!)  I must say, pregnancy week 20 is my favorite week as far as the size of the baby.  Baby Tarzan is the size of a “nice sized boob”… or if you prefer, about the size of a cantaloupe according to the baby size guides compared to a fruit most woman use.

Is it us… or has someone hit the fast-forward button in Pregnancy week 20?

I’m starting to wonder if pregnancy somehow speeds up the internal clock for both the pregnant soon-to-be mom and dad.  Seriously!  Jane and I cannot believe that she’s already in pregnancy week 20.  Seriously.  20 weeks of hormones, 15 or so weeks of nausea and/or morning sickness, 20 weeks of baby names, doctor appointments, X,XXX,XXX weeks of no sex, and on and on.

Can you tell from both Jane’s and my previous few blog posts that we’re getting a little overwhelmed lately by everything going on!?  It’s like EVERYTHING has been hitting us over the last week or so.  I wonder if that’s a normal part of pregnancy week 20… the mother and father begin to freak out thinking about everything that needs to be done between now and when the baby finally arrives?

It’s funny… everyone we talk to face-to-face like our friends and family tell us, “everything is about to change.”  I’m actually not a fan of that saying, and really, I have no idea why people say to us.  Obviously everything is going to change darn it!  It’s obvious!  We know this.

However… I don’t think we knew how FAST things were going to change… or how many things would be changing.  If things are this crazy is overwhelming when you’re 20 weeks pregnant, what does 30 weeks bring?

Granted, we have a lot of things on our plate right now with money, the house, business, etc. on top of baby Tarzan on the way, but still.  I swear, if things were different right now, Jane and I would be taking a week vacation on some island somewhere to relax.  Sounds so good right now.  Jane really wants to have a baby moon before little Tarzan arrives.  I hope that there is somehow/someway we can make that happen before July.  :)

P.S… I of course updated our pregnancy week by week page of pictures of Jane’s pregnant belly.

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1 Crysi

I remember the “this is taking forever” feeling too. I think the second time around it moves much much faster because Adia keeps me so busy. And if you think pregnancy goes fast, that first year with your baby is gone in a blink. I’m still in shock I have a 2 year old since it just feels like yesterday she was in the hospital.

2 Helen

It might feel like fast-forward right now, but things will slow to a C-r-a-w-l in the last weeks. I remember thinking I was going to be pregnant forever. Funny though- you kinda miss it when the little one isn’t in there anymore.
I love that you’re making records of everything. It will be very interesting to look back on this with the wisdom of parenthood:-)

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