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Unbelievable! We did it! We’re able to pay all pregnancy and baby doctor bills… and we saved our house!

by Tarzan · 22 comments

pregnancy doctor appointment and house paidA few weeks ago I imagined what it would be like to write this pregnancy blog post I’m sitting down to write right now.  Today something BIG happened and yes, some tears were shed.  That may not be a big deal with Pregnancy Jane’s hormones kicking in off the charts lately, but yeah, I’ll admit, I have some misty eyes today, too.  

Pregnant Jane and I did it.  We did it!  We made the what seemed to be nearly impossible happen.  No doubt that we had all the odds stacked against us.  We were inches away from listing our house for sale in hopes we’d be able to sell it in under a month.  We had no idea how we’d be able to come up with the money to pay for our doctor bills, and the huge bills from the hospital to bring Baby Tarzan into this world.

We were inches away from some really tough times ahead in nearly every aspect of our lives.  The stress had been taken some big tolls on us – as you know from my previous blog posts about my visits to the doctor and the hospital thanks to stress.

Pregnant Jane and I can finally sit back this evening and take a DEEP breath.  We did it.

Thanks to Jane and I working hard as a team and brainstorming some ideas and working together, we not only can afford to pay all of the hospital bills, but we do not have to worry about our house.  We don’t have to sell… We can stay!

Because of this little windfall we worked for and received, I can now start my new business and things are already looking very, very good.  Today was a magical day in so many ways.  The right contacts I needed to make things happen to get my business started all fell into place.  It was an amazing day!

It was also a very emotional day in between the 20-30 calls I was on and off.  During the little breaks in between my calls, Jane and I would realize more and more.  One big one that caused a little water fall for my beautiful pregnant wife was of the realization that we WILL have a nursery for Tarzan!

I feel soooo good knowing that we’re able to create a nursery for our little Baby Tarzan.  I know that it meant the world to Jane to have a nursery, and it killed me to think that there was a possibility that we wouldn’t because we’d be renting some small house somewhere.

It was so good today to hold Jane and be able to tell her that everything is going to be alright.  She’ll have her nursery.  We don’t have to sell our home.  We can pay all of the doctor bills.  We can start my business.  We can BREATHE again.

There’s so much I want to add here – but I’ve got a lot to do tonight and I’ll be writing more about this soon.  Jane and I want to share how we were able to make something big happen in our lives and save ourselves so we can help other couples who are going through the absolute hell we’ve been going through for way too many months to count.

I’ll be sharing more about all of this as soon as I can.

Jane and I also wanted to send everyone a BIG thank you for being there for us during this crazy time.  It’s because of all of your comments that made it a little easier to get through this.  We appreciate all of you so very much.  Thank you.

Also… something else is about to change….

Jane and I have worked hard to post a new blog everyday to share our journey with you and of course, someday Tarzan.  Since we launched this blog on December 26, 2008, we only missed one day.  However, this weekend we will not be posting at all.


Because our little pregnancy blog here is going to be getting a complete makeover.  And for those of you who are our readers and commenters, we’ll have some special things in place for you that you’ll love.  :)

So sometime next week we’ll launch the new His Boys Can Swim blog and we’re really excited about that too!  It’s actually been a little project we’ve been working on for quite some time because there’s a lot of fun things we’ve wanted to do here, but we’ve been limited by our current design.  Besides that, we want to run some more contests for you because we had so much fun and the way things are set up currently, it’s just way too much work for us.

Anyway, today is a good day.  I feel about 382 pounds lighter… like a big 4,000 pound rock has been lifted from my chest.  Well, I guess that would make me 4,000 pounds lighter, wouldn’t it?  And come to think about it, I have no craving for ice cream tonight for the first time in over three months!

P.S… A private little note to my beautiful pregnant Jane… Beautiful, I just wanted to tell you that I love you so very, very much and I am so proud of you.  We couldn’t have made this happen without each other and I’m so lucky to have such an incredible woman like you in my life.  You are my everything and it means the world to me that you not only stuck it out with me during some of the toughest and stressful periods of our lives, but the fact that we pulled together as a team and made something big happen.  You’re amazing and Baby Tarzan is going to have such an incredible mother that he’ll be so proud of.  You and I make a pretty good team, don’t we?  The fact that we did this only continue to proves that you and I can do anything we want when we set our minds to it.  I’m so proud of you – and thanks for being such a great teammate.  I love you so, so much.

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1 Christina Sanchez

So it’s like 5 years later and I just found your blog. I’ve been searching the internet for a pregnancy blog since my Husband and I are first timers and your is PERFECT!! I am 16 weeks now, having a boy, stressing about moving and bills and your blog seems to calm my nerves! I love it. I’ve only just started reading but you guys have already made me laugh cry and want to go paint the nursery!

2 Melani

Hi Jane – No I’m not pregnant, but my partners cousin’s wife (phew that was a mouthful!) is 23 weeks pregnant and in her first week of maternity leave I’ll be looking after her as she lives in a 2 storey house and she didn’t feel 100% sure of being there alone while her hubby is at work :)

So thank you for bringing me this awesome blog to read and learn from!

As for having a lot to read – it’s taken me about 3 days to get to the birth of your little monkey :) I’m at theblog where your waters broke :)

Looking forward to reading more!

3 Jane

Melani – Welcome to our blog! You have a lot of reading to catch up on! Are you pregnant? If so, congrats!! Happy Reading!

4 Melani

Ok, so to explain why I’m commenting on such an old blog – I was sent the link to the pregnancy gas blog and fell in love with the way you guys wrote your blogs and some force of nature made me go back to the VERY FIRST BLOG to read your story from the first jello shot!

Congratulations on being so courageous and sharing your story – and congratulations on saving your house!

I can’t imagine how amazing a feeling it was to realize you would be able to bring up your new baby in the house you own!


Now off to read up to August!

5 Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

I am SO happy to hear the great news, enjoy the weekend off! Can’t wait to see the new design!!

6 Julie

Glad to hear the good news, congrats, must feel nice to both have that kind of relief!

7 MoDLin

This is fabulous news. I’m so happy for all of you. I can only imagine the stress this has taken off you both – which should relieve little Tarzan, too, and let him get back to growing big muscles!


That’s such good news. I can’t imagine the stress of being pregnant AND worrying about losing your home. What a relief you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

9 Helen

Wish we could still edit posts- I’m always thinking of something more to say right after I click sumbit- LOL! Maybe in the new blog? :-) Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

So, what do you all think they came up with? I’m thinking reality show…*giggle* but then how would you stay secret…?

10 Helen

So thrilled for you!
I’m excited to hear more about it. You two sure sound like a great team. Perfect for raising great kids together:-)

11 Lanea

I am so happy for both of you!

12 Stephanie E.

A very large CONGRATS to you both…..looking forward to the new blog. Good for you for not giving up!

13 Jane

Thanks Amy! I know that Tarzan will be sharing the story with all of you… and in detail, true Tarzan style of course!

Amanda – It is such a relief and yes, we are planning a little dinner celebration probably this weekend! It’s well-worth it for sure! Thanks for your comment!

14 Jane

Thanks Techy Dad, Tracey and Stephanie! We appreciate all of your comments and thanks for wishing us the best! Of course we’ll keep on blogging about our successes and hopefully there are very few of the other kind. Promise it won’t get boring! ;)

And I meant to say this earlier, but I have to admit that I feel funny leaving my husband a comment on our blog when he is literally sitting at the kitchen table right now and I’m at the island. Oh, about 10 feet away AT THE MOST, but whatever. He does it, so I’ll do it too, but I just have to brag on my husband for a minute here.

Do I not have the greatest one in the world (well, I know that he isn’t the greatest to you all, but you know what I mean)?! He kept on telling me yesterday that he was so proud of me and that it was because of me that things are turning around. Long story, I’m sure he’ll go into it once our site comes back after disappearing this weekend.

The thing is, yes, it was some work that I did that is getting us out of this situation, BUT I quickly reminded him that it took us both to complete that project. Yes, I did the majority of what people saw out there, but he was the one behind the scenes. Basically if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t have had this huge check… but in the same respect, if he didn’t do the background stuff, we wouldn’t have the huge check either. It honestly took both of our strengths to make this happen. Thank God that we compliment each other and are able to work together, live together, and all of that other stuff 24/7 a day!

(Total side note: I’ve never, ever, ever been able to hang out with the same person daily and nightly in my life. I’ve always gotten so sick of the person in the past. I guess it just takes someone special because I never get sick of my husband. I never want to be away from him (well, I enjoy my girl time with my friends, but you know what I mean) and about 6 years later, we are still going strong and more in love than ever. How amazing is that?!)

He is right – We are a team in everything we do. I feel so proud and honored to be his wife and to have found a best friend that has my whole heart. Yes, I know I’m getting all cheesy here, but it’s true. Everyone should be blessed (there’s that word again :) ) to be in a relationship/marriage like ours. It’s something really special and my love for him continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

I love you, T. (Really, who could tell his wife how beautiful she is day in and day out, when she is sporting some kind of bump/rash on her right cheek? Really, y’all, that’s some love right there! ;) Ha, ha.)

15 Amanda

Congrats! That is such wonderful news. It must be such a relief to know that things will be ok and that you don’t have to go thru the stress of moving. I think you both deserve a mini celebration. Maybe a nice dinner out so you can relax for once and just enjoy this place you are at now. You definitely deserve it. Good job! Can’t wait to see the changes here.

16 Amy (from Gracobaby)

Wow! What great news! Congrats on everything! Definitely shows the power of working together. You guys really seem to have a great relationship — that will only build as Tarzan enters this world. I can’t wait to hear more of the backstory details.

17 Stephanie

It’s so great that things have worked out for you. Now you can sit back and breathe and really enjoy the last half of your pregnancy. Take time everyday to enjoy the little things because they go by so quickly! You both are in my thoughts and I wish you the best! Good Luck and congratulations!

18 Tracey

I am so happy for you guys! It’s amazing how happy I feel for two people I’ve never met and don’t even know your names. You guys have been working so hard and you really deserve this. I hope whatever you’re doing leads you to more success.

19 TechyDad

It’s great to hear about your positive financial turn of events. Hopefully this means that things will run smoothly for the remainder of the pregnancy. Smoothly, but not boring… because then what would you blog about? ;-) I look forward to seeing your redesign. (As a web developer by trade, I’m always interested in these sort of things.)

20 Jane

Hey Young Momma! Thanks so much for your kind words! We are on Cloud 9 right now. It seemed like it was a struggle for so long, so we are definitely looking forward to everything turning around!

I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job too. It can be so hard, but at least your hospital bills are covered. That was such a huge expense for us. I hope that things start turning around for you guys too. You’ll be in my thoughts!

Of course you will be able to see the nursery pictures! How exciting is that?! I was trying not to let it get me down that the whole nursery thing was up in the air, so you can imagine how excited and happy I am! Everything is seeming real and coming along and I feel so blessed (totally not a word that I used a lot).

Check back to our site this weekend, perhaps Sunday, to see if we are back up and running yet. I’m excited for the new stuff and I know that you will like it too! Thanks again for your great comment!

Hi Chanda – Coming out of hiding, are you? Ha, ha. I feel special that you decided to post a comment, so thanks!

I hear you on the baby coming out. On one hand I feel like it’s going by so quickly, but on the other, it seems like “I’m ONLY halfway there?!” Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way.

You have a great outlook on how life works out. Thanks for sharing your words of advice with me! I wish the best for you and the new addition to your family! And, I hope to see you on here again :)

21 Chanda

Tarzan and Jane,
I rarely post anywhere but wanted to say that it’ll suck not having you guys this weekend. Jane…you’re 3 weeks ahead of me. When I feel that this much anticipated baby is going to take FOREVER to get out of my belly!!!!… I come here and realize how very much is going on in each and every one of our pregnant lives.
I actually have a 13 (almost 14) year old son and have loved every minute of him. If I’ve learned nothing else in my life thus far, it’s that those of us that enjoy and love our lives Most of the time…well, somehow things always work out for us. I’m so happy to see that things are going well for each of you.

22 Young Momma

I’m SO super excited for you guys!!!!! I can’t imagine what you were going through. My hubs lost his job in Sept (only to get hired in Jan to get laid off again in Feb) and we’ve been so tight for so long. But we’ve got two kids here already. Most of the hospital bills are taken care of, the rest is just living month to month. I hope everything works out for the best. I’m so happy, I can’t wait to read about how the nursery is coming along. Hopefully we’ll get to see some pictures??? ;)

I’m excited about seeing some updates!!! Even though the site is completely adorable already – I can see how it’d be limited. Looking forward to it! ;)

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