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21 weeks pregnant: Pregnancy hormones strike again. Location: Sephora

by Jane · 8 comments

Pregnancy hormones have made my skin so sensitive. I hate it!My pregnancy hormones have been a bit out of whack lately, as you know and as most of you can probably relate to.  I cry at anything; when I’m happy, sad, or just need a good cry (which Tarzan absolutely does not understand!).  I get pissed off at almost anything and take just about the majority of things the wrong way and completely out of context.  

On top of crying and getting mad easily, I am also equally cheesy lately.  I’m a complete sap and don’t know where that comes from either.  This pregnancy stuff really messes with my hormones and makes me someone that I completely don’t recognize.  

In addition to all of the various emotions running wild through me, I have a new “story” to share with you.

Today I was shopping for some maternity clothes and I stopped in Sephora.  I love that store and it’s so fun to play with all the many products that are there.  Well, let me rephrase… it used to be fun.

My plan was that I wanted to have a little makeover for my face.  You know, new powder, eye makeup, lip gloss, etc.  I was really excited about this… and I can’t stress that enough.  As I was wondering through Sephora, a guy asked me if I needed help.  He was awesome and we joked a lot about being pregnant and all the fun things that come with it.  

We settled on some Stila products: a primer, moisturizer, and a powder and then we went to play.  I had told him that my skin has been really sensitive and really weird since getting pregnant.  My clear skin is no longer clear (even though he laughed at me when I told him that I self-diagnosed myself with acne, told me that I don’t have anything close to acne, and told me that I have porcelain skin).  He said that I was being too harsh on myself and I quickly asked him if he wanted to be my new BFF.  


As we were chit-chatting about being pregnant and him working on runway models, he was going to town with my makeover.  Things were looking good and I was so excited about having new makeup.  But that was short-lived.  Very short-lived.

He asked if my skin was burning, to which I replied that it wasn’t.  Then he told me to look in the mirror.  

Oh holy hell, my nose and cheeks were totally red.  Like a really bad crimson color.  In patches on my cheeks.  

This made him nervous.  He told me that he has been doing this for over 10 years and that he has never had anything like this happen.  He was at a lost for words and felt awful.  Obviously, not his fault.  Oh no, blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

He called over some other Sephora people to see if they knew what would have caused this kind of a reaction and I was on display, but not the kind of display that I would have liked.  Oh no, not this time.  I felt like a science project gone really wrong, but luckily I have a great sense of humor and I’m not so completely vain that I can’t handle a little redness.  (OK, a lot of redness, but I was still a really good sport!)

From the past weeks I’ve learned that my skin has changed drastically since becoming pregnant, and sadly, not for the better.  Now it’s this extremely sensitive, do one thing wrong, touch one too many times, or try out something new that is pretty mild and I get a rash.  Or in this instance a “flare up”, as I like to call it.

Sephora sent me home with a bunch of sample products to try to help with the redness and they apologized profusely.  One lady even said that her skin was similar to mine when she was pregnant.  She had redness, some bumps, and just had to be really careful with what she put on her face.  She told me that her OB recommended going sans makeup for a while during her pregnancy and that doing so helped.

Not what I wanted to hear.

Not that I’m this person who wears makeup on a daily basis, because let’s face it, I don’t even get out of my pj’s on a daily basis.  But on the days when I’m going out in public and want to look pretty, I want to wear makeup.  I’m also not the kind of girl that wears a ton of makeup when I put it on.  

In fact, when my new BFF was showing me different products and pointed to the liquid makeup, I told him that it made me nervous.  Perhaps it was that one girl in high school who wore this kind of makeup and it was extremely caked on her face, and she had that infamous makeup line on her jaw.  

C’mon, you know just what I’m talking about!

Anyways, my shopping experience at Sephora did not end well.  I walked in hoping to walk out of the store with new makeup and a good feeling, but sadly, I left empty-handed, complete with a “flare up”.  No extra charge.

P.S. – Oh and since you are seeing this blog post, I’m sure you realize that our blog is not down and going through a change this weekend.  The change will still happen and was cancelled at the last minute, so we are here this weekend.  Happy reading!

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1 Debbie

OMG! I feel for you. I found you because I googled pregnancy hormones. I’ve never cried like I have during this pregnancy! And my skin?! Completely alien! Even Cetaphil burns my face. I see this is from 5 months ago…tell me everything went well for you! lol

2 MoDLin

Yup, sticking to the tried and true probably is your best bet for now. But I really understand the wanting to do something different, get a lift. If you try it again, test a spot of the new stuff on your neck before you put it all over your face. Might save you some aggrevation. And remember that anything scented can be quite irritating right now. Good luck!

3 Jessi

Honestly, from what I’ve learned…Variety and NEW is not your friend during pregnancy. If your current make-up isn’t bothering your skin, just stick to it until you’re no longer pregnant or you’re going to be hurting, with more flare ups. Same goes for hair dye! Ugh, I tried to dye my hair this awesome dark purple color, which should have worked awesome, and it turned like grape red…Not so pretty. Also, my old hair dyes made my scalp itch something fierce.

4 Jane

Stephanie – That’s such a funny story, although I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time! It is crazy how our bodies react to various stuff when we are pregnant.

MVP – Thanks for the Lancome rec. I actually used to wear their powder years ago and then I switched for some reason. I guess I was bored and wanted to try something new. I plan on going to the makeup counter at Macy’s next week to try out some different brands. I’ll add Lancome to my list. Good luck with the moisturizer, I’m in the same boat so I don’t have any suggestions for you. :(

Ninja – I think the mineral makeup is the problem. Yes, I’ve tried Bare Minerals and it made me have bumps all over. Stila is a mineral-based product, so perhaps that is what caused my redness. The Sephora lady said that mineral based makeup is not as refined, so while it can be good for sensitive skin, it’s not always the best bet. Blah. My search continues, but thanks for your suggestion!

Peta – Sounds like you and I are kind of in the same boat. You have acne and I just have crazy skin right now. I think that staying away from makeup might be my best bet, but of course I’m going to continue looking around and trying things. I just can’t bare to go the rest of my pregnancy without anything. Good luck to you and your face!

5 Peta

Jane, I can totally relate, I’m sorry your didnt go to plan but i hope my story makes you feel a little better

I have had to give up on makeup completely, and I work for a major bank in Sydney where this is generally not accepted but what is a girl to do. My face became so so infested with pimples and so swollen that I looked like I had been in a punch up and I coulnt speak because it was just to painful. I ended up on antibiotics to clear the infection and of course then ended up with thrush sorry for the details but it has just been hell for me.
My face is still covered in pimples but at least I can speak again and the swelling and redness is now where near as bad, I wish I could post a pic of it to better explain. I have given up on getting a pregnancy glow, Thankfully I have a great partner who said he still finds me attractive and actually proposed to me over the weekend.
My doctor has told me to stay away from make up completely and said the pimples will probably continue all the way through this pregnancy he actually said i have this cebatious acne sorry i know i I havent spelled it correctly but it will take a long time to clear up as being pregant there is not much i can use on it

I hope your face is better


6 DispatchNinja

I’m sorry :( I know how badly you want to feel pretty when you’re preggers, I fell the same way, I just started my 3rd trimester and feel anything but pretty. Have you tried the mineral make up? Like Bare Minerals or Young Blood? I normally have freakshow sensitive skin and the powder mineral make up has never bothered me. I guess different things work differently on everyone. Hope you’re feeling better :)


I’ve had some weird skin things too, but mostly just an increase in oil and pimples.

Have you tried Lancome foundation? I love it and have had no problems with it ever, before or after becoming preggo. I love it cause it matches perfectly to my skin tone and blends right in (I swear I don’t work for them ;) and covers my reddish patches.

Now, moisturizer, on the other hand…I haven’t really ever been able to find the right one, especially now. The Clinique one seems to give me little clogged pores. The oil free Neutrogena one isn’t moisturizing enough. The Oil of Olay just isn’t right either. Ugh. I hate to spend a bazillion $$ just to find sthg doesn’t work for me.

8 Stephanie E.

oh my Jane! I can totally relate. I am very fair and regularly get my eyebrows dyed a dark blond, or light brown, so that people can see them. When I was first pregnant (but didn’t know it yet), I went for my usual appt. Again, I am very fair, so they don’t leave the dye on the brows for very long.

My eyebrows turned BLACK! I looked like Groucho Marx. The poor esthetician thought she had put the wrong stuff on, but it wasn’t. I didn’t know what had happened until a few weeks later when I discovered I was pregnant. From then on, every time I was pregnant, I could only have the dye on my brows for about 10 secs. It is very weird what happens to a human body when it is carrying another human body!

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