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21 weeks pregnant belly picture: Our baby is kicking Jane’s butt! I mean belly…

by Tarzan · 4 comments

21 weeks pregnant belly picturesJane is now 21 weeks pregnant and over the last few days she’s been getting those “flutters” in her pregnant belly everyone has told her about.  She was starting to get jealous of others feeling their baby kick at 18 weeks pregnant, and some even earlier!  But pregnancy week 21 has brought many baby kicks and flutters!

Also, baby Tarzan is about the size of a beer bottle according to my handy Baby Size Guide For Father’s-To-Be.

In fact, this morning Pregnant Jane told me that when she went to bed last night baby Tarzan was kicking a lot – the most EVER!  She wanted to see if she could feel it when she put her hand on his belly so she could yell up to me (I was hard at work in my office) and ask me to put my hand on her belly.

But every time she put her hand on her belly, he’d stop kicking.  That’s my boy!  He’s taking after me already.  He’s active at night and already showing signs of being stubborn!

All in all, pregnant week 20 and pregnant week 21 has been a breeze.  Morning sickness, nausea, and headaches are a thing of the past… everything has been smooth sailing over the last few weeks.  Well… except for one thing, which I will talk about in a moment…

Now I know every pregnancy is different.  Some woman have nausea and morning sickness ALL throughout their pregnancy while others have none.  And then I’ve heard about pregnant woman who have nausea and morning sickness during their first trimester, they’re fine during their second trimester, and then the third trimester brings all of the nausea and morning sickness back.

(KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK)  That’s me knocking on some wood that Pregnant Jane stays in the clear throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

However… there is one little thing that has kicked into VERY, VERY high gear over the last few weeks in pregnancy week 20 and of course in pregnancy week 21.  And I bet you know what that is… yes, hormones!

We’ve gone from the fire-breathing dragon who wanted to kill me and fight with me at the drop of a dime to a Pregnant Jane who is now very, very emotional and cries very easily.  Pregnant Jane has become a very sensitive girl.  Very sensitive.  I have to watch what I say or how I say it sometimes because of how easy things can be taken the wrong way.

I’d take this during and after pregnancy week 21 over that fire-breathing dragon hormone flare-up any day!  At least with these types of hormone flare-ups, I get to hug her more and comfort her more.  :)

In other news, pregnancy week 21 has also started what I think to be one of the best pregnancy hormones ever created… the enhanced sexual drive hormones.  I’m starting to see the beginning of these wonderful, wonderful hormones kick in Pregnancy Jane.  Man, I was REALLY starting to think that the next time we’d have sex would be when we’re trying for baby # 2 a year or two down the road!

Let’s just say that I have a feeling that within the next few weeks I’m going to be in TROUBLE!  Something tells me that these new wonderful hyper-drive sex drive hormones that Jane is starting to get will be kicking into high gear very soon.  I’m of course very excited about this new phase of pregnancy.  It’s been so long that I was starting to think that I was going to have to buy the “Sex for Dummies” book to learn how to do everything again!

Now what will make all of this interesting is that I’m working like CRAZY right now on a new business I’ve started.  I’m working a LOT right now – usual cut-off time has been 3 AM.  I’ve got a million things to do and very little time to make it all happen as I have a small window of opportunity.  With that said, I’m on the phone all day, on the computer all day, working like crazy, and I have a feeling that Jane will be coming up to my office many times over the next several weeks to attack me while I’m in the middle of working!

However, I have a feeling that I’ll be OK with those kind of attacks a few times a week… or who knows… maybe a DAY!!!  :)

Well, I got to get back to work – I’m so, so, so thankful that Pregnant Jane is feeling good.  I would have NO idea what I’d do if she was sick with headaches, nausea, morning sickness, etc. and stuck in bed all day.  Taking care of her when she was like that during the first trimester was a full-time job at times and I felt so bad for her all the time – it was so hard to concentrate on anything because I was so worried about my beautiful wife.

She’s feeling great – and being the BEST and most supportive wife EVER as I work my tail off to get something good going for our family before baby Tarzan is born.  She’s making sure I’m fed, she’s my business consultant at times when I run ideas by her and ask her opinions on things, and she’s just the best wife ever.  I love her more and more every single day.

By the way… this is something that I’ll talk more about sometime… but pregnancy has brought Jane and I closer and has added many wonderful feelings and emotions to our relationship.  We’re falling deeper and deeper in love with each passing day.  We actually talked about this the other day briefly.  I’ve been thinking a lot about it and will be sharing my “pregnant thoughts from a dad-to-be” on a new blog post soon.  It’s really interesting stuff!

So yes, pregnancy week 21 is going good all around for Pregnant Jane, me, and baby Tarzan – who has become an active little bugger at night!  :)

Oh, also check out Jane’s Pregnant Belly Week By Week belly picture page we have going – it’s been updated with Jane’s pregnancy week 21 belly picture.

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1 layla matthews

I’m 21 weeks not taking prenatal vitamins is that bad

2 Shawna

Morning Sickness!! UGH! I know the not so wonderful feeling… I’m 17 weeks today and sick! As for the sex of your baby…I think it’s a boy!!!

3 ramona

I,m pregnand. And i,m 23 weeks. I am really happy to read your story. They kick realy hard. I am happy for u. Welcome to the kicking worl.

4 Jessi

Yay! I’m so happy she’s feeling the baby now and feeling good! The little flutters are so cute, wait til he really starts wailing on her. lol…And my little guy did the exact same thing, if anyone touched my belly to feel him move, he’d stop! Especially when the boyfriend would try. My mom felt him move before my boyfriend did. Now I can’t get the little guy to stop kicking me, especially at night. It seems they’re purposefully on the wrong sleep schedule. Getting us prepared, maybe.

Congrats again. :)

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