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22 weeks pregnant: Can’t stand to eat at home, always want to eat out!

by Jane · 29 comments

I used to be such a healthy eater before getting pregnant. Now, not so much!It’s so strange.  Before getting pregnant I was a very healthy girl.  Tarzan and I cooked at home and ate healthy.  We ate tons of chicken breast, salmon, and veggies.  Lots of salad too.  It was a very rare day when we would eat fast food, cookies, cupcakes, or chips.

Being pregnant has changed me and changed my eating habits for the worst.   Pregnancy nutrition, what?!

I’m not talking about wanting donuts and fried chicken constantly, because thankfully I do not.  However, I can’t stand the thought of eating at home, unless it’s cereal, an egg sandwich, or a Fiber One pop tart.  And that’s not one word of a lie.

Like the thought of baking chicken in the oven – Ew.  Thinking about eating a salad at home – No thanks.

And I don’t have a good reason for this new way that I am.  I’m not sure if it’s the thought of preparing food at home, or just the fact that I like to be lazy right now (another thing that has changed about me).  It just seems so much easier to run out and pick something up, even when I could have been perfectly capable of making it at home.  Weird, I know.

Not that I was this huge cook before pregnancy, but I will admit that I gave it a try.  I’ve always liked the thought of cooking for a dinner party, not just for the two of us.  That being said, I used to cook about 4-5 times a week and most of those nights were meals I would try from a recipe.  And not food from a box.  I would get all the ingredients to make things from scratch.  

Oh yes, how times have changed!

Maybe deep down I just know that I should relax and take the “easy” way out now before the baby arrives since that will be a crazy time.  Maybe it’s some weird thing to do with being pregnant.  Or maybe I’m just lazy and I just don’t feel like it.  I’m not really sure, but it’s dinner time and my mind is racing on what I will pick up and from where.

Is this normal?  Did any of you go through a period like this when you were pregnant?  I’m extremely curious…

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1 Michelle

I feel so guilty, but I am feeling the exact same way. My 2.5 yr old is napping and here I am on the couch looking up why I can’t stand to be in the kitchen anymore. I don’t remember feeling this way the first time around, but do feel better that other people are experiencing the same thing. I was wondering what was happening to me.

2 Alia Eckford

I just found out I am pregnant obviously knew since conception. With my first child I could not stand eating home cook meal to the point that we ate out. In saying that I was picky with the takeaway food that we getting as well. Now we my second one I couldn’t eat home cook, I crave for spicy all the time..I thought I am the only one but glad that am not alone. By the way, I love cooking and I love the food that I made 99% of the time but on my pregnant stage, I hate the smell or the sight of it. I would barf..

3 quickeningx

I’m exactly the opposite, since being pregnant with my son, my husband has offered many times that we should do something “simple” for dinner (like lasagna from a box or something), or get something out. I just can’t do it – The thought of all the preservatives and the horror stories about the crap they add to fast food makes me literally gag every time I think about it. All I want is plain, wholesome food. Ingredients I know and nothing artificial at all. So, instead of spending extra money on going out, we’re spending a little extra money on our spice collection and at the produce section, since instead of going to the market once a week, it’s about 3 or 4 times now. I think we should all just trust our bodies to know what we need and to need and want (or “crave”) what we may be lacking as far as nutrients, fats, etc. I was the same way with my daughter as I am with my son, except I mostly lived on cereal, fresh fruit, milk, and beans, I craved other things but threw up the entire pregnancy, so that was a separate ordeal of its own, I couldn’t eat meat either, even though it sounded really good at times. But just like the thought of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients making me sick now, it did with her -and soda was the worst, couldn’t even think about those syrups that they add to the carbonated water to make “soft drinks”- ugh! LOL :) I say, eat what you can keep down and try to consciously make healthy decisions, if this is not easy then make sure to at least take your prenatals, drink plenty of water, and go for a good long walk as often as possible.

4 Gentledove

Yeah, you are right. I am 8 weeks pregg and i hate the food i cook myself. all i want to do is visit a restaurant and devour all they have there. i have never been like this though. i love cooking but recently, i cant stand the sight of any food i cook because they dont appeal to me.

I cant wait to offload this baby. lollllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5 Edith

This is so funny. I thought I was the only one going through this. I’m ten weeks and going crazy! I just crave pickles, hot cheetos, pizza, egg and random things. I feel guilty eating so bad, but I try to eat fruit and my prenatal vitamins every day. Just like everyone else, I never feel like cooking, just want something that’s already prepared for me!

6 Krys

Same here! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and since getting pregnant, cooking is the last thing I want to do. It’s not because I’m being lazy either. I just have NO desire for the foods I usually love to cook. I’m spending sooooooooo much money on take-out food, it’s crazy! Like you, I am a very healthy eater. I still keep it somewhat healthy when I order out but there are times when NOTHING appeals to me. On those nights I pour a bowl of cereal. I hope that feeling goes away once the baby is born because it’s very frustrating to feel hungry and yet have this daunting feeling of not knowing what you want to eat because nothing appeals to you. =(

7 massie

It was the same way for my older sister. I would hang out at her place a lot and she would NEVER want anything I suggested to make, even her favorite foods. I got her a lot of Mc Donald’s gift cards as a gift. She wouldn’t touch the salads or anything and thats all she would eat before. Her husband would suggest making something but she would rather go out. She ate a lot of pasta, chocolate and pizza. Those are all things she hardly ate because she didn’t like them, don’t ask me why. I’m glad to see that she wasn’t going crazy because so many other people are going through the same thing.

8 Jane

Oooh, I went through the whole ramen noodle phase in the 1st trimester for a few weeks too! I would add parmesan cheese to it and it was so, so good. Just for the record, I’m so glad that it stopped after a couple of weeks bc the amount of sodium in there freaked me out.

Yum, smoothies sound great! We used to do smoothies daily for lunch but then our blender broke. That reminds me, I should go out and buy another one!

9 Kelly

I’m not quite as bad now (16 weeks ) as I was from about 7 weeks to around 14 weeks. At that time, none of the foods that I used to eat tasted good to me. I used to make a whole-fruit smoothie every morning and along with my dinner I’d eat a huge salad (the salad was more like the main course, and the main course (always vegetarian) was more like a side dish). When I hit 7 weeks, I didn’t like salad or fruit anymore. I didn’t really have the urge to eat out, but I just didn’t feel like eating, even though my stomach was *screaming* to be fed! I thought “Oh my goodness, this is the time when I should be eating my normal healthy diet and all I want are ramen noodles and chocolate!!!” Not kidding about the ramen noodles, either. I allowed myself to eat ONE package a day, but I could have eaten a lot more. Now at 16 weeks I’m a little better–at least I’ve been able to drink my smoothies for the last couple weeks.

10 Tina

You’re not alone! My other half does a lot of the cooking, but I’d rather just pick from the menu. On nights he’s not home, I buy the delicious salmon pie from the French bakery and eat 3/4 of that. Sincerely. I think it’s all the food preparation I can’t stand. Just gimme the finished goods.

11 Saffa Chick

I think it’s the energy thing… I am so tired by the end of the day that I can’t face the grocery store, or prepping dinner, or waiting for it to cook!

However, I also don’t fancy eating out or takeaway! And my husband struggles with his weight so that’s my motivation for cooking for us… otherwise I’d probably live on toast and fruit salad.

12 Tiffany

When I was pregnant with my second child, I never ever wanted to cook. Every resturaunt and fast food place sounded so good. We spent a lot of money eating out when I was pregnant.

Like you before I was pregnant I made a lot of chicken breasts and when I got pregnant, I couldn’t even look at raw chicken. The only type of chicken I wanted was fried chicken (and not made at home). I thought this was just me. Weird that others experience this also!

13 Kate

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read this: I am going through the exact same thing right now (12 weeks along)! Not only can I not STAND to cook, I also cannot STAND to enter the grocery store. Soo with limited amounts of food in the house, I’m frequenting Qdoba, Sunshine Market, Panera Bread, any/all pizza slice joints, and the mall.
Sad, isn’t it? But oh-so-yummy!!!

You are not alone, girl!

14 Megan R.

Wow…and I thought that I was the only one!!! Prior to becoming pregnant I cooked at home all the time. I rarely ate anything take out, and if I did…it was always a “good choice”. I didn’t deprive myself of a treat here and there, but I generally didn’t want anything “naughty”. Well, toss all of that right on out of the window! I am currently just shy of being 19 weeks pregnant, and I want to get take out (or I want to eat out) pretty much all of the time! I force myself to buy food at the grocery store that I can prepare for my husband and myself, but I still end up wanting something from outside the home several times a week. And, I have eaten donuts the past two days…and that never happened prior to pregnancy. I didn’t even like them…they were too rich and made me feel sick. Not now…bring on the donuts!!! Why can’t I just crave fruit all the time???? Oh well….

15 Melissa Parlaman (Graco Contributor)

I have never cooked (and probably will never cook). but i do have the same problem with eating at home vs. out at a restaurant (i am also 23 weeks pregnant). I used to love my husband’s home cooking/grilling but now i would rather head out to the restaurant. unfortunately my cravings have been pretty fatty but fortunately for me, i have my 3 year old to keep me on my toes & keep the calories burning. My opinion–conserve your energy–go out to eat!

16 Jessi

I think we cooked maybe a handful of times the entire time I was pregnant. I hated the thought of food in the house. So we ate out almost everyday. How we managed to afford that, I will never know, but we did. It was a combination of being lazy, nothing sounded good, or just craving something we didn’t have.

17 Paige

I am 17 weeks now and have been so lazy through the whole pregnancy. All I want is take out Middle Eastern food. I still cook sometimes, but my husband is being forced to cook a lot! However, we are having a dinner party tonight so I am cooking. I just hope my guests know they will need to leave by like 9:30!!

18 Tracey

I’m with you. We are a little over crazy in our healthy eating habits here, we make our own yogurt, bread, and soup and almost never eat anything prepared. Before I got pregnant we ate at home almost every night, maybe 1 or 2 meals out a month. Now I can barely muster the will to cook and when I do, I don’t want to eat it. But if we go out, I don’t like the food there either. So what I would like to know is how I’ve gained as much in the last 6 months as I did in my entire last pregnancy?

19 HDL

I’m only 6 weeks and I feel the same way. Only last week I was bringing my lunch to work every day – usually a salad, yogurt, and crackers. Now I am craving something from the local Burger House every day! And last night instead of cooking the chicken breasts I had thawing, I just had to go out for barbeque brisket. This could be an expensive year in food purchases alone.

20 MVP

I wonder if it’s something subconscious. You know after the baby you won’t be able to go out of the house anytime you want to pick up a sandwich or whatever. So, you’re taking advantage of your time to get outta the house!

21 Sabra

I’m 22 weeks right now and I hate eating at home too! Although I don’t mind baking yummy cupcakes and cookies. I’m also usually very healthy and enjoy cooking but not now. I’m always making excuses to eat out…almost every meal.

22 Elisa

I used to cook healthy food all the time. Now all I want is order in food. Pizza, Indian… doesn’t matter as long as I don’t have to cook it. I don’t know where this is coming from. It’s so not me!

23 DispatchNinja

I’m totally in the same boat, I wasn’t the best cook by any means before I was pregnant but I atleast gave it a try. I don’t know if I’ve even cooked 1 meal since I’ve become pregnant. I just think that being with child takes all the energy out of us, and the very thought of having to prepare a meal, never mind cook it, is exhausting!

24 Peta

Yep Jane we have been the same, i have never seen so many pizza boxes in my house before i think we order in at least 3 times a week, now I’m not sure if this is because we have moved house and it now takes us over an hour to get home from work in stead of 15 minutes work and im just too tired to cook or its because i am pregnant but i use to cook every night without fail

my partner discovered this great pizza shop that actually makes healthy pizza’s so we have been eating a lot of that, seems cooking has just gone out the door

25 Crysi

I’m always like that during my first trimester because nothing sounds good, especially if I have to cook it. Now I’d rather eat at home and out because the portions are ridiculous. I just don’t have room for much anymore. I’d live on fruit salad if I can and right now I’m craving watermelon.

26 John

Haha my wife is the same way. She bypassed our normal home made dinner for a pair of QuickCheck buttered rolls! I have noticed we have been eating out a lot more over the past couple of weeks.

27 Samantha

I think this is TOTALLY normal. I felt the same way when I was pregnant with both of my kids. I hated normal made at home food. Whenever my husband suggested it, I would always try to convince him of someplace to go! Thought I was the only one. :)

28 Kristen

Oh my gosh! Absolutely! I’m 20 weeks and I am the very same way!!! I don’t know what has happened to my healthy habits! I’ve been able to cook here and there, but I would so much rather either someone cook it for me or pick it up elsewhere! And now I get to the point where if I eat another piece of fast food I’m going to puke, but who can afford a $40 meal everynight at a nice place!!! I feel ya girl!!!

29 Angela

I’ve never been pregnant but I can only imagine what the cravings must be like!

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