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24 week ultrasound and the little boy’s looking just great!

by Jane · 7 comments

My baby is the size of a papaya right now at 24 weeks pregnant! He's growing!I posted last week about my OB wanting me to have another ultrasound to check the growth, anatomy, and “esp. cardiac”.  I told you my worries about this and how Tarzan calmed me down.  I really have a wonderful husband!  Even though I was anxious when we got to the hospital, all of those feelings went away as soon as the ultrasound started.

Our ultrasound tech. was really great and explained so much more of what we were seeing than the other tech. did.  We saw a lot more detail this time around too.  We saw all four chambers of the little papaya’s (he’s about that size) heart and his heart beat was a healthy 155 bpm.  The tech. kept telling us that he was being a show-off because he was in the perfect position for her to get the growth measurements and to look at his heart.  

While I was laying there, flat on my back with my head tilted towards the screen, I felt funny all of a sudden.  It was a mixture of feeling lightheaded combined with a little nausea.  I had the feeling of “I need to get up right now” and so I told Tarzan and the tech. and propped myself up on my arms.  

The tech. went to get me some orange juice and I turned over to my left side for a minute.  After doing both of those things I felt so much better.  It’s funny because besides seeing the baby at the ultrasound, I was looking forward to laying on my back during it.  I never realized how much I liked laying on my back since my OB told me to stop a few months ago.

The excitement of that was short-lived and it didn’t feel so good.  I guess there is some truth to the whole laying on your back thing.

After the tech. was done getting all the measurements, the radiologist came in to take a look.  She really had a good time with the ultrasound wand on my stomach and agreed that our baby was the really showing off and that this was a picture-perfect ultrasound.  Aw, we have a shining star already!

All in all it was a great ultrasound.  It calmed any fears that I had and reassured me that the baby is growing and is healthy.  He’s currently 1 lb, 10 oz and everything with my amniotic fluid, cervix, placenta, and baby is just as it should be.  The only thing that wasn’t “perfect”, but really doesn’t matter is that he was currently in the breech position.  But since there’s still time for him to move about, it’s not a worry at all. 

I’m just so thankful that he’s doing great and growing at a healthy rate!  That’s all I could ask for!!

And on a whole other note, I’m so excited to almost be graduating from second trimester and moving to the third trimester!  It’s really going by SO much faster than I ever thought it would be!

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1 Cheryl

Wonderful news! I have two young kids and healthy was all that mattered. Super congrats. Will look forward to the new bundle coming and the news to come leading up to this. Be sure to take care of mom…good protein, supplements and be sure to get Omega 3s as this will help with the baby’s brain. All the best! Thanks for sharing. Your health…my passion! Hugs, Cheryl

2 Helen

awww- I’m glad you got to see little Tarzan again. I loved having U/S done. It’s like peeking into their little world. I wish they’d had 3-D U/S when I was pregnant. I would have definitely done that just for the photos!
The dizziness and nausea while lying flat is caused by the pressure of the heavy uterus pressing onto your vena-cava and aorta (the large vessels that run down behind your abdominal organs) That pressure can slow the blood flow to your brain and make you feel terrible. Usually, the U/S techs use a small wedge-shaped pillow under one side of your body to prevent this from happening. They should know better! If you go next time, ask for a little pillow and shove it under your side to tilt you a little bit.

3 Crysi

So great that he was cooperative. My girls aren’t and Adia wasn’t either. We have an ultrasound next week to check hearts too because they weren’t in good positions. Can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown. I’m dreading laying on my back. It’s even worse if they tip you upside down. Blech. If I lay down, I feel like I can’t breathe for a couple minutes. It sucks.

Hope he moves head down in the coming weeks. Baby A’s still breech too and it’s adding extra worry to my life. Baby B’s transverse.. or at least I think so. Sometimes it’s tough to tell who’s kicking me to death.

4 Missy

That happened to me at an US too. The US tech explained all of the weight from the baby and laying flat is what did it. I went completely white, almost passed out and almost threw up at the same time. It was funny though when I told the US tech that I felt like I was going to throw up. She jumped up real fast. Both my husband and her told me I looked pretty horrible. After laying on my side for a few minutes I felt much better. I’m happy you had such a great US.

5 Jessi

Congrats on a great ultrasound! It’s the best feeling in the world, knowing they’re safe and sound in their environment. And don’t worry about him being breeched, most babies don’t flip around til you’re like 34-36 weeks. Or you could get lucky and he’ll flip around very early and cause you some pain, because his head will take up all the room in your pelvis and you can totally feel the pressure. The joys of pregnancy. Good luck!

6 Savita George

Its great that you can share such private and such emotional moments with the whole world. Just imagine, in a few years from now, your kid will be able to read this and one day he will know how much his parents love him.

I remember my ultrasound during my 5th month of pregnancy. Thats when we first got a glimpse of our baby. Here in India, ultrasounds are not done every month – They do one to confirm the pregnancy (which is usually at 6-8 weeks), and then only at the 5th month, unless the doctor feels the need to have an ultrasound done. So i was lying down and the doc kept referring to the baby as “it” as in, “it’s moving it’s hand” !! And i didnt like that. Disclosing the sex of the baby is illegal here in India, but still, that’s my baby she was talking about.

Anyway, what i really wanted to tell you, is that when i first saw my baby on ultrasound, i actually got scared, coz i saw her face, and she looked like a little alien!! :) ) Big hollow eyes and nose! It took a little getting used to, but then i saw her waving her hand, and i felt an instant connection to her.

Well, all the best to you. Sorry, this comment has become much longer than i intended.

7 Susan

Congrats! Glad to hear your papaya was cooperative and lookin’ good. My son was never cooperative for sonograms. Sorry to hear about your being sickly lately too…that will pass soon and I bet you don’t get sick at all in the third.

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