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These stupid pregnancy hormones are making me crazy and mean

by Jane · 19 comments

Pregnancy hormones got the best of me today. No fun.All day long I’ve been in a great mood.  Smiling, laughing, loving the great sunny day outside.  Things were good.

Then, all of a sudden, I turned into a psycho b!tch for really no reason.  I’m in the worst mood imaginable and I was just really mean to my husband.  Of course I’m blaming this odd behavior on my whacked out crazy pregnancy hormones because “this” is just not me.

Tarzan and I were sitting at the kitchen table and he was eating dinner.  I was just there for the company because I wasn’t hungry.  He started telling me about how he heard the neighbors “next door” talking about something when they got home for work and that he was jealous of that.  I asked what neighbors and I was in a fine mood at this point. 

He clearly said “next door” which means the people that live on the left side of us or the right side of us.  Next door.  He said “You know, there are houses across the street from us and neighbors live there” like in this really annoying tone.  Across the street and next door are two completely things.  Then he told me that I should have known that since he was in his office… which is a little tidbit that he left out.  

Naturally I became pissed off.

I started telling him that I wasn’t a mind reader and that I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, blah, blah, blah.  Then he apologized for his rude/sarcastic tone and asked me to just forget about it and not be upset.  He knows about the pregnancy hormones.

Fine, I said, which in girl talk really means that it’s not fine.  Everyone knows that.

He took our dog outside and then I started crying.  For I don’t know what.  Just sitting at the kitchen table, alone, with tears streaming out of my eyes like someone just died.  It was bizarre.

He came in, saw me crying, and asked what was wrong.  I said that nothing was wrong.  Really this was the best answer I could offer because I didn’t exactly know what my problem was.  I didn’t know why I was crying and I knew that it wasn’t from the dumb neighbor comment, but I didn’t know anything else.

Of course my husband didn’t know what to do at this point.  He put his arm around me and said that he was sorry, please don’t be mad at him, he didn’t mean to say the comment in the way he did, let’s just forget about it, etc.  I just sat there.  I couldn’t even say a word.  

Finally after he asked me for the 4th time what was wrong without me answering, he said that he was going to go upstairs and did I mind if he brought his laptop downstairs and sat in the living room with me.  I told him that I didn’t care.  I kept on crying.

When my leg started to fall asleep I knew that it was time to get up from the table and come into the living room.  Tarzan was already in here and again he asked if I was okay and what was on my mind.  I told him that he obviously didn’t care because he was already sitting on the couch with his laptop so please just leave me alone.  I think I told him to shut up too.

Yeah, I know, nice wife that I am.  :(

I could totally tell that he wanted to get up and strangle me with my last comment.  But he didn’t.  Good man.  He just sat there and took what I was dishing out.  Poor thing.  

Then the phone rang and he had to take a call.  He went upstairs and is still on the phone.  I’m sitting on the couch downstairs feeling like the worst person ever.  

How could I treat someone that I love so much like that?  No idea.  How could I act so cold?  Totally not my nature.  Who am I right now? 

And most importantly, will I return back to my normal, sweet, loving self after pregnancy?  

I just really can’t handle these crazy mood swings.  I’m sick of crying about I don’t know what.  I’m tired of being really happy one minute and extremely pissed off the next.  It’s just so weird.  

Pregnancy hormones can kiss my ass.

(Now I’m waiting until I hear Tarzan say goodbye on the phone so that I can rush upstairs and apologize for being such a crazy pregnant wife.  I feel so awful and of course, I just know that I’ll start crying when I tell him that I’m sorry.  Shoot, who am I kidding… I have tears in my eyes right now because of how bad I feel.)

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1 Lauren

Heyyy. I’m almost 7 weeks into my pregnancy and I am a complete butthole right now. I was just wondering if any time throughout the pregnancy that maybe my body will get used to the pregnancy hormones and they will stop being so crazy and freaky? I know my body will eventually get used to being pregnant,but I don’t know if maybe my hormones will become a little bit..I don’t know..happier.
I’m 23 and this is my first pregnancy. I’m experiencing a lot of doubt in myself and very odd insecurities. I’ve always been a small,tiny person and I can feel myself getting fat (which I understand is normal and healthy), I just feel gross because I eat and eat and eat and eat. I’m starting to think about all the things that I have not done in my life that I wanted to do before I put focus on a child. My child was not planned, but he/she is a blessing and my boyfriend and I are thrilled. I just get scared that I will not do anything right. I may eat the wrong thing or do something around the baby that will influence it in the wrong way. I don’t want to resent my child for me not being able to finish school when I wanted or travel the world while I was young.
I tell my boyfriend every day that he doesn’t love me, that he wants to leave me, that I hate him, that he doesn’t care, and worst of all “Good luck ever seeing your child”in the future. This is not me. I love my boyfriend and he is so amazing and supportive toward me.
Anyways, I just want to know if this is like..a 1st trimester sort of deal or this will frequently throughout the whole,long,forever,ongoing pregnancy? Do you guys know? WILL IT EVER END?

2 Kayla

Im the same way except with the crying. I am 6 weeks pregnant and everything little thing gets on my nerves. On top my husband has sympothy moods and his pissed off mood is as bad as mine if not worse. Its aweful. Through this 6 weeks of pregnancy which has felt longer because of my doctor telling me my due date was dec 2 than nove 28 and finally dec. 9th so yeah being pregnant that extremly pisses you off. But back on track, i feel like ive been pissed more than ive been happy this whole pregnancy. only time i almost cried was when we heard my baby’s hear beat and saw the baby. I held it back. But yeah these hormones are rough. Now i gotta plan like a babymoon something for me and my husband to get away from the world on.

3 gia

Honestly, I’m 38 weeks and can’t handle this much longer. I don’t like people very much right now, they annoy the hell out of me, cause they will not give me a pain medication to take away the contraction pain. So I keep thinking lazy ass ignorant people, you should have never climbed down from your tree, useless. I’m dilating as we speak, then I get cravings for burgers, Diet Dr. Pepper and onion rings, but I hate driving cause I may bump into cops, and I absolutely can’t stand cops most of the time, especially not now, while I’m in early labor. Yelled at my husband yesterday for complaining about me for god knows what, I don’t really remember. But the yelling and telling people off, does make one feel better, and then bad right after. I hate this, I can’t stand this attitude, just weird. Plus I have tourettes, so that’s never good, that coprolalia just keeps acting up. I hope this is over, ouch.

4 stacie

wow…i have been thinking i was crazy for 2 weeks and couldn’t figure out why..i am only 6-7 weeks pregnant but now i know i am not alone..i literally feel like everyone is watching me to see if i am going to sprout a second head..i am so not like my normal self right now..

5 stuart

hi guys…. i think im the only guy on here haha… anyways heres my story and need to know if its normal seems to be but kinda hard to understand especially being a guy… i am 29 and engaged to a 22 year old gorgeous woman whom i love to absolute bits…. she is coming up to 5 mnths pregnant and god is she hard to deal with…. everyone says to me hormones, hormones but its so difficult…. dont know how much i can take. i live at her mams with her and her mam lives with her fella pretty close by which i so appreciate.. gave up everything to move here with her. but never can do anything right. every tiny disagreement we have she tells me to leave and go stay at my mates which is almost every day! its as if she dont care… her temper is crazy like for instance she ripped a drawer out cause she couldnt find something and totally trashed the cupboard and pulled out all the stuff. went mad at me in a shop over something so petty that i didnt agree with as didnt want to cause seen then outside shop went mad and took tantrum in street which was so embarressing. and tonight. well tonight she asked me to come through and help her with some stuff and she started getting moody with me so i walked away and said ok you do it dont want an arguement next minute i here my 150 pound hard drive getting bashed of table. i was like have a bit of respect i wasnt happy as u can imagine and again i get told get out go stay with your mate its over with us cant deal with you anymore. as if i was in the wrong she hated me wished she never met me and baby and her better on there own of course i got really tempered and annoyed and said some nasty things that i aint proud of. so she left and wants me gone by tomorrow dont know what to do as love her so much but she seems to hate me! all she does is go to her mams and makes me out to be the ass in front of her family. it annoys me as i expect her mam to realise but she gonna stick up for her daughter no matter what…. what do i do??? i dont wana loose her and wanna be around for my child all the time when does it stop?

6 Susan

Wow. I just typed into my search engine “I feel like my pregnancy hormones are making me crazy” and I got here to read all your posts and I finally feel so relieved that I am not the only one out there! I have an almost 9 month old, and am about 6 months pregnant with #2….I know it’s crazy, but well, it just happened that way. Anyway, my husband and I normally get along reasonably well, and while I admit to being somewhat sensitive usually, since I have been preggo with #1, I feel like I have gone completely mental. EVERYTHING is a huge deal, I freak out over nothing, I want to commit unspeakable acts of violence against my husband, and I even got hysterical at my hairdresser, AND the parking lot attendant. And I mean hysterical. Good god people, I feel not only like I have been pregnant forever, but also that I am getting more unreasonable and psycho by the day. And this doesn’t even include the crying bouts….aye yiy yiy……

7 joanie

omg..this was like reading something that i wrote down myself..only about 3-4 months into my 3rd pregnancy..the first two, were very easy, both sickness, no crazy hormones..i used to think that it was an easy excuse when women would talk about hormones making them act crazy.. but, i am getting first hand experience on how true that is, so is my poor husband. i cry at nothing, i freak out and get pissy and want to be left alone because everyone thinks im a witch and im like, well fine! ill just leave and make everyone happy that they dont have to be near me! its like a temper tantrum for a woman in her late 20′s..i want to sleep all the time. and im hoping this will pass soon, thinking maybe its a girl this time and that the extra estrogen hormones are what is causing me to be so insane..its like pms on steroids

8 Stephanie

Ha! My pregnancy hormones must be trying to kick in. I haven’t noticed any big changes yet, but while I was reading about you crying a the table, I noticed that I had tears streaming down my own face!


9 Sarah

I am right there with you. I feel like I can’t even function in my daily life the hormones are so bad. I literally feel like a physco-path. I will be totally fine in a good mood and then one little thing happens and I am screaming and swearing and throwing things and then bursting into tears and then just wanting to crawl into my bed and sleep. My poor boyfriend gets screamed at literally every day for being late or for going out with some of his friends or for forgetting my sprite at the grocery store! Literally screamed at and I will tell him I am leaving him and I will raise this baby by myself and then he will walk away from me and I break down crying and tell him im sorry. At work I can snap at my co-workers at the drop of a hat. God forbid anything goes wrong or im in a bad mood already and some one jokes with me or something. I flip out and slam doors and walk out on people. Ive made my sister cry at least four times telling her she is selfish and its all about her just because she tells me shes busy when I need something or she is late meeting me somewhere. I can’t take this anymore. It has to get better or go away or I need some way to deal with it because it is making me insane.

10 Hollyann

OMG, you just described my entire day/night today and every few days a week now, It is actually good to know I am not alone. I keep feeling like WHATS WRONG WITH ME? I want this part of the pregnancy to go away!

11 used stair lift

please only take such med with the advice of your doctors.

12 Sabra

Well, this sounds very similar to what happened to me this week. Different scenario but I just can’t control my crying. Mind you I never cry in my normal state. It will pass…

13 Kristen

Ugghhh!! 23 weeks here and I know exactly where you are coming from. It just seems like an out of body experience when I’m this way. Hang in there!! and keep me posted on what to expect in the coming weeks!! Your 3 weeks ahead of me :)

14 Tracylynne

I’ll admit at 26 wks I could cry at nothing and for no reason. Hubby really needed to vent last night so I let him and just stayed calm. I felt soo bad-he seems to be stressed out and I hate seeing him that way I cried. He is the bestest in the land. Its all going to be okay.

15 Daddy Files

Yikes, I remember those days and being in Tarzan’s shoes. Unfortunately, that kind of thing only gets worse after the baby is born. The first couple of months are the absolute worst as you struggle to find a routine and figure out how the hell to take care of a baby. But eventually it gets better.

Hang in there.

16 Virginia

I agree with the previous comments. Everything seems crazy right now and for me it calmed down a little in the 3rd trimester then after the baby was here the hormones were right back at it for a few weeks. I’d say around 3 to 4 weeks post is when things settled down and I felt more normal.

17 Tracey

After you get past the “in the trenches” part (about the first month after baby arrives) you will get back to your old self, maybe better because you appreciate how awesome your husband is in a totally new way.

Now go give your husband a kiss that will knock his socks off.

18 Molly

Hugs to you! I felt like I was reading a story from one of my pregnancies! You will return to “normal “and you will love your husband even more for putting up with your out of control behaviors (because they really ARE out of your control) and for being part of life’s greatest miracles – a baby :) Hang in there…. cry when you need to and let it go… you’re human and MAKING A BABY! WOW!! Like I said – Hugs!

19 Crysi

you will eventually, but you’ll be worse for a bit. your hormones really go nuts for a few weeks after the baby’s born, not to mention you’re both sleep deprived and that’s never good.

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