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26 week pregnant belly grows with every bite at night

by Jane · 4 comments

I'm loving my 26 weeks pregnant belly, especially at night!Every night it’s the same thing: I eat dinner, stare at my belly, and then tell Tarzan to look at my belly.

I’m in constant amazement of my 26 week pregnant belly, especially after dinner.  My stomach looks so different at night from how it does in the morning.

And I love it!

Not only is it bigger, but it’s so much harder too.  I’m actually quite mesmerized by it.  I can’t stop touching it, looking at it, and telling Tarzan to look at it and touch it.  

I cannot imagine how much different it will be in a few weeks.  I’m sure I’ll be just as interested in it, if not even more.  Just thinking back to a few weeks ago, I don’t remember it being this big.  There’s so no guessing that I’m growing a baby in my 26 weeks pregnant belly!

And on a completely different note, I just noticed how large my boobs are.  I told Tarzan to look and he said, “Fun to watch, dangerous to touch“.  We both got a good laugh out of his rhyme!

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1 Leanna

This post cracked me up! I am the exact same way. Unfortunately, I think my dear husband is not as amazed at my belly as I am. I’m constantly saying, “Look how shallow my belly button is!” and “Cup your hand right here to feel how my belly curves!” and odd demands like that. He humors me, but I think he’d rather be playing Mario Kart…

2 Haley

Haha…dangerous to touch? My honey is so fascinated by mine that he can’t seem to control himself…he actually bit my boob (in public) last night. I was mortified…I think he might have been a little embarassed when he realized what he did, too.

3 Tracylynne

I was ironing this morning-half asleep because I was fasting for my glocose test and I burnt my belly right by my belly button, I can’t even begin to tell you how much it hurts. My belly keeps getting in the way and its harder and harder to bend over and pick things up.

due July 15th first baby..

4 J.D.

Yeah my belly is the same way…that’s why when I’ve been taking my weekly belly shots I always did it 1st thing in the morning…I figured it’d be most accurate that way.

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