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28 weeks pregnant: Uncomfortable feeling in lower abdomen/pelvic area

by Jane · 38 comments

Is the pressure in my lower pelvic region normal for 28 weeks pregnant?Once again I’m taking faith in my readers to reassure me that this weird kind of pressure that I am feeling is completely normal.  I would call my OB, but it’s only 6 am and they are not open.  I also do not think this is an emergency for a “special” call right now.

Here’s what’s going on:

Around 9 pm last night I started feeling a little more pressure in my lower abdomen/pelvic region.  It’s a completely new feeling than ever before and I know that there will be many of these “feelings” since I’m in the third trimester.  Of course since it’s new, I tend to freak out a little bit though.

I would not say that it is painful, sometimes uncomfortable, but not painful.  My breathing has not changed.  I feel it when I’m laying down mostly.  Also when he kicks and I’m laying down, the kicks feel significantly lower than they normally are.  I feel the kicks in my lower pelvic region instead of higher on my stomach.  When I’m sitting up, it tends to go away.  When I walk the feeling comes back.

At first I thought it could be gas, but I don’t think that I would feel that in my lower pelvic region.  Then I thought that it could have been due to taking my iron supplement with a little snack instead of a meal like I usually do.  The iron package says that it can cause abdominal cramping, but I’m not exactly feeling cramping.

I googled and it seems like pressure and this feeling is normal with others who are about the same week in pregnancy that I am. There is no bleeding or weird discharge, so I feel like I’m safe.  Could it be that the baby just moved down a little or that he is pressing on some organ that is making it a wee uncomfortable for me?

Please help ease my mind about this.  I was able to sleep until 6 am and then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I started getting worried that the feeling was still here.  I fully plan to call the nurse at my OB’s office, but they don’t open for another 2.5 hours.  In the meantime, can you ease this pregnant girl’s mind… please.

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1 Lynn H

I’m 28weeks preggo also & my baby girl hangs reaaaaaaaaal low in my pelvis area I try beathing and rubbing my tummy it helps sumtimes

2 holli

i’m 28 weeks pregnant and have pelvic pressure but the baby is kicking high in the belly and its been hurting to walk for a few weeks work is giving me a vacation cause they thought they over worked me i’ll let you know if there is any changes after a few days of rest

3 Raaz

Hey bushra, do you know if you have a fiberoid on your right side? I have one on my right and has been growing throughout my pregnancy and around my 24th week my doc told me that now is the time when my fiberoid will start disintegrating and will be extremely painful. I am in my 27th week now and have been seeing spurts of extreme pain on my right side. My doc said I will have to bear the pain for the rest of my pregnancy. Hope that helps!

4 rainbowplaymate

Dang bushra I hope its not yo appendix. Have that checked

5 bushra

Hi, I am 28 wks pregnant and have been suffering pain in my right side of my belly, it’s been going on for about a week now, I went to see my gp and he teseted my urine and it wasn’t infected. He has given me some painkillers to help ease the pain.
But the pain is still there, does anyone have any ideas on what it might be?

6 marciaa

how do u no when the baby is flipping over cause i been in pains for ever lol but my doc said its just early contraction and put me on some pills but my son just keep moving all over so the more he moves the more pain i feel

7 Sarah

they just said its my bodies way of dealing with the change and that my ovaries may had a wee bit of fluid in them!! I am soo excited…i know am only early on but as soon as we seen the heartbeat we knew it was real!! Its weird!! Xx I am soo happy! xx

8 Jane

Yay!! I’m SO thrilled for you. So, what did they say about what was going on? Congrats & I wish you such a happy & healthy rest of your pregnancy!! :)

9 Sarah

Just to keep u updated like i said – me and baby are fine, had scan today and seen wee heart beat!! YAY!! xx

10 Jane

Oh yes, maybe it’s your ligaments. Try not to worry too much. I know, easier said than done, but worrying won’t do you any good. Luckily Friday is only 2 days away. Keep me posted for sure & good luck to you!

11 Sarah

i am only 7+6…not far at all…!! the pain is fine it stays away for a while then it comes back…other people i have spoken too say its just my ligaments stretching and my body getting ready for the next 9 months or so…but i cant help but worry…i really hope all will be ok…!!

I will keep you updated about friday!

Thank you

12 Jane

Jessica – I’m sorry you are having pain. If your dr. said that the pain was because the baby is sideways, that is interesting bc our little guy was sideways for a while too. This pressure actually went away after I took it easy for a few days and it never came back. I’m not sure what caused it. I hope that you feel better soon! Best Wishes.

Sarah – I have no idea if you should be worried or not, but I do hope that everything is ok. How far along are you? I would think that it’s a good sign if you aren’t bleeding. I do think that cramping in the beginning of pregnancy is normal, although I never really experienced it. I’ll keep you in my prayers that everything is okay on Friday.

13 Sarah


i am very early in pregnancy and i am getting the same sort of pain…
I have had no bleeding or discharge…should i be worried, i am getting a scan on Friday to check its not ectopic…!! :( :(

Anyone else feel cramping or a hot kind of feeling early stages?

PLease help!!??


14 Jessica

I’m 18 yrs old && this is my 1st baby… I just hit the 26weeks mark….I go to the doctor tomorrow.. but I’m having the same pain…. my told me she is just trying to turn the right way but got stuck or something.. right now she is completely sideways && I can see her little head poking out of my left side…. it hurts so bad when i lay flat or try to stand strait && walk…. it really hurts to lift my right leg to walk… i don’t have any idea why tho….. does anyone else have this same feeling? please get back to me…. really would appreciate it…

15 Kates139

I have had the SAME pain for a week now on and off. I am currently being treated for a UTI with antibiotics. I know how you feel.

My pressure comes on after I urinate when I stand up. It usually is when I am at work sitting in a desk all day.

16 Melanie

Hi Jane,

Do not worry. I am 28 weeks and am getting the same thing. Feels like my little angel is going to fly out my genitals but after calling the doc and going for check ups its just all pressure.
I have stayed active throughout my whole pregnancy and I find that now that I am so much further along, the more active I am (longer tham 40 mins) the more pressure I get. Once i lay and relax all pressure goes and sometimes its their feet that get stuck there too just as how they get stuck in your ribs..
Hope this helps. I get weird kicks/pains/annoyances every day. Don’t fret too much!

17 DispatchNinja

I have that feeling too, I’m 35 1/2 weeks and I don’t remember when it started but it feels like my daughter is gonna fall out of my butt somedays bc the pressure is so low and uncomfortable. As long as there’s no bleeding,weird discharge or cramping you should be fine. I think they should come out with a warning pamphlet about possible symptoms you could have when you’re pregnant so you don’t get so freaked out :)

18 Lozzi84

Hey, hope you are feeling better now. I have had that feeling on and off since 28 weeks (am 34 weeks now). I have put it down to the fact the baby is starting a major growth spurt and the pressure of the extra weight on your pelvic area. Just take it easy and relax if you can. x

19 Jessi

I agree with everyone else. Kind of sounds like he flipped. Or you might be having braxton hicks contractions. They always felt like pressure to me.

20 tjwriter

The further I got in both pregnancies, the more and more it felt like my whole crotch was going to fall to the floor. Both girls were low riders anyway, and the further I got, the more the feeling increased.

21 Jane

Thanks for all the comments! It really does ease my mind to hear that this is quite normal and isn’t something serious.

Anne – Will you tell me more about what you felt? I actually feel so much better after reading your comment. Did your baby come early, or you delivered full term and just dealt with the pain that was there? I’d love to hear more… for reassurance ;)


22 Anne

I had the same pain from week 22 on…my OB kept treating me for a UTI and the pain never went away….not until I had baby….drove me nuts! Hope you get relief and an answer soon! Good luck!

23 MVP

Sorry if TMI, but is it possibly constipation? I always get crampy down there right before I have to go #2. It can get very uncomfortable.

24 Tracylynne

I was in the hospital yesturday with cramping, you may have a mild urinary tract infection-thats what mine was-the rememdy is to drink water. I know you probably think you are drinking enough but keep drinking water even if you aren’t thirsty. 8 glasses is what a normal person is supposed to drink, pregnant women need more than that especially if you are not peeing clear any yellowing and you need to drink more water-TMI I know. Also did you know that the baby is using 250mg of calcium from your body daily…drink at least 3 glasses of milk too. hope this helps…

25 Amy

I’m sure you’re just fine. If you start feeling pain or cramping or have any bleeding, I’d be concerned. Otherwise, I’m sure you’re fine, and he’s just flipped around. I’m 30 weeks and only recently started being assaulted in two places at once. I’m not carrying twins, though… apparently, just one violent (and possibly tall) little guy.

26 Susan

Sounds like he flipped to me!

27 Kristen

I agree that this is perfectly normal BUT I also agree with Kelly that you should trust your mommy instincts. If nothing else, your doctor will reassure you that everything’s ok.

28 Jill

I would say it sounds like he turned also. I don’t remember how far along I was when my daughter turned, but she nestled the back of her giant head on my spinal column. Sometimes there was so much pressure I was SURE she was coming out – but she wasn’t. I’d say call the doctor when they open if you still feel uncomfortable, they may tell you it’s nothing – but be prepared for them to also tell you to come in so they can check.

29 Kelly Brindle

I take it this is your first baby? Perfect time to start trusting those Mommy to be instincts! (mine are 7 and 4 now) . If your worried, call your Dr! Besides your Dr is used to crazy first time mamma’s, ask the question, call now! That’s his/her job! Good Luck!

30 Tori M.

It sounds like your little man flipped over. Mine has been breech since week 21 or so (I’m 34 weeks now) and I get all my kicks down low in my pelvis. It also changes the way you carry the weight, so that could be what you’re feeling as far as the pressure. Anything new is always worth a call to the doc though, because they can be the best reassurance of all.

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