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8 weeks pregnant: First pregnancy appointment

by Jane · 7 comments

8-weeks-pregnant-appointmentWhen I made our first appointment, I thought that having to wait until I was 8 weeks pregnant seemed so far away.  3 weeks.  Who wants to wait 3 weeks?  And what about the fact that I’ve never before been pregnant and I just might need some information on what I can and cannot do and what I can and cannot eat.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I was now 8 weeks pregnant and ready for my first pregnancy appointment.  We got to the OB’s office and I just wanted to giggle.  I was the only pregnant non-showing girl there.  Everyone else had BIG bellies and you could tell that I was the fresh meat.  

After waiting for what seemed like forever, we met with a nurse and went over a bunch of information.  Some of which I couldn’t even repeat to you because I wasn’t paying attention.  There’s a lot more to having a baby than I ever thought.  

Cord blood banks.  Uh, what?  

Stem cell preservation.  

Tests for Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, and plenty of others that I can’t remember right now.  

The nurse went over medications that are deemed pretty safe to take while pregnant, what to do if I fall down, get in a car accident, or just have a question, and asked me how I had been feeling.  She gave us a folder to look over when we got home, a thick book to read, and sent me into a room to wait for the OB with about 8 different samples of prenatal vitamins.  

Can you say overload?

Once the OB came in, it was smooth sailing from that point on.  She did a pap smear and then the ultrasound.  Well, the transvaginal ultrasound, I mean to say.  I just figured that it would be like the movies and she would rub some jelly on my belly, put something on it and we would see some action on the screen.  Oh no, not the case.

She was sneaky and kept on talking to me and Tarzan, all while lubing up a device that resembled a very long dildo.  I didn’t put two and two together instead she started to walk towards my knees.  I asked her what she was planning on doing and if that thing was going in my vagina.  Yes it is, she replied.  I asked if it hurt (I told you I’m a baby) and she said that it shouldn’t.  And she was right.  It didn’t hurt and it was pretty cool what we saw on the screen.

Sure it resembled a blob, but it was our little blob.  The really amazing part was that we saw the heart beating.  It was at this point when it really seemed real:  I am pregnant and there is a living something growing in me.  Wow.  Pretty amazing stuff.

The OB printed our pictures and sent us downstairs for the blood work to be done.  All in all it was a 2.5 hour appointment and cost close to $600 that day.  Very expensive, but good day.

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1 Ericka and Matt

My husband and I are 7 weeks pregnant, and we have our first appointment May 3rd! We are both very excited, and can’t wait to hear the heartbeat! Never had I heard about the transvaginal ultrasound, so I am SO happy that I read this first. AND I have a male OB/GYN, so it will be funny to see my husbands face as he shoves what looks like a big dildo into my vagina. I am going to be following your blog, Jane, this was very helpful :)
THANKS, and best of luck, Ericka

2 Kathy aka babyWheeler

There’s the mistake right there. I told my OB that it was all coming out of our pocket and she said then we’ll only do ONE ultrasound. If there’s any complications or concerns then there will be more. But the typical 8 week ultrasound is actually not necessary unless there is a problem. So here i am at almost 18 weeks and haven’t ordered any ultrasounds yet. Still haven’t seen our Baby. =( When I am 20 weeks we will do one to see how the baby’s doing. =) It will only cost us $218. Not too bad. I thought it was going to be $400. Then that will be it unless something is wrong. Lord willing it will only be one for my husband works a $10/hr job and we have no insurance either. Thank you for your blog!

3 "little" one

hahaha I wish they had warned me about this one…. they just stuck it in with no warning… hahaha

4 Little P

I just had my 8 week apt and I am glad I saw this before I went. (although they didn’t seem to give me as much info as you got. Of course, I didn’t really have any questions either) That was pretty funny – my ob lubbed that up, put a condom over it and lubed again before putting it all in :) I was thinking of you during that time :)

5 Jane

Thanks so much Lesley! Your comment made me laugh because it’s so true. We all picture our ultrasounds like they do it in the movies and then when the ob goes towards your legs, it’s a total freak-out moment! Ha, ha! Thanks for your post! Hope you see you more on here and congrats to you! When in July are you due? Have you found out whether it’s a boy or girl?

6 Lesley

I know I’m a little late to the game to comment on this one, but my hubby and I are also expecting in July and are excited to follow your blog.

Why doesn’t ANYONE talk about the transvaginal ultrasound????? Why do we need to be surprised and a little freeked out when we go for our 1st appointment??? You are certainly doing you part to make sure all peoples know about this and I am too by telling all my female friends and family of childbearing age about this. :-)

Thank you for a fun blog!!!!!

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