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32 weeks pregnant: The baby’s nursery so far

by Jane · 22 comments

We finished painting the nursery at 32 weeks pregnant.Even though I wanted to post these pictures yesterday, as you see, I did not get around to doing so.  I wonder if the next few weeks will continue on at this pace.  

It’s just been really busy lately.  I’ve been thinking of stuff that we need to do now and probably driving my husband crazy.

I think this is what is meant by “nesting”. 

Last night I decided that we needed to get wall letters stat.  And paint.  

Why paint?  Well that’s because this is just another project that I want to do myself.  

Quite funny really.  Never in my life have I been a crafty person.  Shoot, who am I kidding?  I’ve never even been the kind of girl that acts interested in doing something myself.  No way.  

I’m the kind of girl that buys something already made how I like it.  It’s easy and complete at the moment of purchase.  No waiting or the potential screw-up.  It’s done and I have a big smile on my face after my purchase.

Well, this nursery is quite different from that.  Not really with huge things, but little things that are definitely not my character.  

A while back on twitter I told you that I wanted to paint the nursery myself and that my husband just wanted to hire someone.  So many of you took my husband’s side and told me to take it easy and just have someone else do it.  Well, I’m quite stubborn and when I want to do something I do it.  

So naturally I “won” that argument and Tarzan and I spent this past Sunday painting.  Sure my hands were sore and bending down wasn’t the easiest or most fun thing, but I still enjoyed it.  When I did make comments about certain things Tarzan would say, “Are you still happy that we are painting ourselves?”  

The first time he said this it was no big deal.  I just told him yes and kept on painting.  After about the 3rd or 4th time he asked me that question I started to get annoyed and yelled at him.  ”Yes, my back is sore.  My hands hurt and my knees have rug-burn.  But yes I am still happy that I am painting our son’s room!”

Let me backup a minute…

We had some friends come in town this past weekend.  I was set on figuring out the crib situation.  I’d been spending all day looking around and trying to figure out just what I wanted and it had to have a good price tag on it.  The one that we originally picked out would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  That was not going to work for me, although I will admit that my husband thought it was great timing.  Ugh, husbands.

I found one at Babies R Us that was going to cost around $1300 with shipping and tax.  I didn’t want to pay that much, especially the shipping part.  I searched around and found a couple different locations that had the furniture in the store, available for pickup.  And did I mention that we had two 15% off coupons?!

Oh, but we don’t have big cars.  But luckily our friends that were in town have a Range Rover!  

When I decided that we were going to get a crib and dresser on Saturday, Tarzan didn’t really understand the urgency of the situation.  He figured that the last thing my friend would want to do is to pick up a crib and dresser.  Well, he was wrong.  

While the husbands went about and did their thing, we got a pedicure and then set out to Babies R Us.

Luckily we picked up the dresser/changing table combo first.  It was a very big box because no assembly was required and it fit perfectly in the back of the Range Rover.  I was so excited!  

Our next stop was to get the crib.  Once they wheeled the crib out, my heart sank.  I had a feeling that it was not going to fit on top of the dresser  at all.  And I was right.  The box was just too big, even if the dresser wasn’t in the back.  

My friend suggested taking the pieces out of the box and laying them on top of the dresser box.  It was a very, very snug fit, but it worked and we set home with the dresser and crib in hand.

The best part is the great deal we got!  Instead of paying $1300, we only paid $829. total, including tax.  Isn’t that amazing?!

We didn’t touch the furniture until our friends left, even though I was dying to put the crib together.  

Tarzan and I went and bought some paint, came home, changed, and went upstairs to start taping the room.  Tarzan decided to paint in a little area behind the door so we could make sure that we liked the color.

Good thing my husband is smart and thinks like this because I wouldn’t have.  The color was even lighter than the wall color already.  It wasn’t going to work.  We changed back into regular looking clothes, went back to the paint store and had them make the color darker.  The color turned out perfect!

After we painted, we put the dresser in the room and put the crib together too.  While there’s still a lot to be done, it’s a good start and I’m happy with it!  I’m not quite sure where I want the dresser and crib to go, so right now those items are just in a random spot.

I can’t wait for it all to come together!  Yesterday I ordered the crib mattress and the valance and mobile.  The waiting part is the worst.  I want to have all items here NOW.  I guess I will need to learn how to be more patient.

Until I master patience, I will continue to do the little things that I can.  For example, today I will paint the wall letters and that will be just one more thing to check off of our list!

Nursery before:

The nursery before









Nursery after paint:

The nursery after we painted the walls.









Nursery with furniture:

The nursery with the crib and changing table in it.

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1 Jane

Jessica – We used Olympic paint from Lowe’s. It is odorless and we only had to use 1 coat. It was the first time that we used that brand and I would recommend it for sure! I didn’t ask my doctor if I could paint. I figured that the big deal would be the fumes, so going odorless seemed to be enough. My husband didn’t want me to get on the ladder to tape or paint high up, so I left that part to him.

Congrats on your condo! That’s so exciting!! As fun as painting can be, I think you should take advantage of your sweet aunt and uncle for painting for you. I can tell you that if I had more than the nursery to paint, I would have hired someone. I got tired FAST.

I hope you have fun setting up the nursery! Sounds like you got an amazing deal on all of your furniture!! Yay!

Mommy Michelle – Picking out new floor must have been so much fun! I hope that everything gets finished in time for your baby. Have fun shopping!

Jamie – Thanks so much!

2 Jamie

Beautiful furniture and beautiful room! I hope mine turns out that well :)

3 mommymichelle6

Thanks for sharing your nursery pictures.

I am 28 weeks along…we just picked out flooring for the room(new construction as we had to add on to the house). I’m getting a little worried we finish in time for the baby.

BTW, I love the color and the furniture choices. You’ve inspired me to go shopping!

4 Jessica

I love the color and the set! I wanted to ask what paint you used? I just closed on my condo the other day and my aunt and uncle are painting every room for me. Everyone says I cant help because Im preggo. Did you ask your doctor if you could? Or did you just buy a special paint? I would really like to help paint my own house… For my baby furniture I went to a local consignment shop and got the crib, dresser and changing combo for $500. I cant wait to get the baby room painted and put the furniture and bedding in there!


Yes, I’ve heard (after the fact) you’re supposed to take the tape off while the paint’s still wet. After we had such a bad experience with it the last time, I just gave up on tape altogether and just go slow on the trim and have wet rag handy nearby for screw ups. Saves the extra hour or two it takes to tape everything off too. But glad it worked for you. The absolute worst is getting it on the carpet! You’re so lucky you were able to get it off after your dog walked on it. That stuff seems to never come out!

6 Jane

MVP – Thanks! I wanted to do it myself all along, but my husband is all for calling someone. I won that conversation :) We’ve only painted one other time and it was in a previous house. We had an awful experience with the blue tape, so naturally I was leery about using it this time around, but turned out pleasantly surprised. Not sure if it was luck or what, but we took the tape off right away (when we were finished with painting the whole thing) and it turned out perfectly. Maybe that’s the trick? Or maybe we just got lucky. LOL!

Thanks Sarah! I was totally worried about the color, but I really like it a lot too. The paint shop did do a great job!

7 Sarah @

It’s looking good! I love the color of the walls, so I guess the paint guys at the shop did a wonderful job =)


Good for you doing it y ourself. I’d never hire someone to paint a small interior room. Waste of money, IMO. Then again, I enjoy the whole process of painting. DH isn’t wild about it, but he’d still never hire someone – he’s too cheap, lol. And we learned long ago not to bother taping things off. Too much extra work, and on our textured walls, the paint just seeps underneath anyway. We just go carefully along the ceiling, windows and baseboards. Looks cute!

9 Jane

Thanks Megan!

Peta – You are right – In the end, it’s really the fact that the baby has a crib to sleep in. I’m sure your furniture is beautiful too!

I have to say that Tarzan and I had a good laugh the other day about you dreaming about us. I love that you have names attached to us, Donna and Andrew, huh? Too funny. And in real life, those aren’t our names either :) It would have been cool if you would have dreamt our real names though!

10 Peta

I am so jealous of the furniture, Baby Tarzan is going to have a great room
we have had to buy our crib second hand and because we are renting we can not paint the roon the baby will be in. :( at the end of the day as long as baby has a crib, lots of love clothes on it’s back that is the main thing

11 megan

i love it! thats the same color our whole house is done in!

12 Jane

Jenn – The crib will turn into a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full size bed in the end. I’m not sure if we’ll use it for all of that, but it’s good to have just in case :)

Emily – We decided on another room upstairs, not the workout room. I did make Tarzan clean out the workout room and move it to another room, but then changed my mind. Oops. The room we chose is smaller, but I think it’s the perfect nursery room with the slanted ceiling. It will be cozy :)

Shannon – We bought this bedding:
I’m waiting for the mattress to come in so that I can make the crib up!

Tracylynne – No idea where energy comes from. It only comes in spurts though. Some days I feel like doing nothing and I take a nap on the couch. Other days I get so excited to get the room finished, so that motivates me. Right now I’m deciding whether to eat more cherries and then take a nap, or go outside in the hot, humid weather that is Houston and paint the wall letters. Not sure which one will win :) Hope your appt went well this afternoon!

Everyone else – Thanks so much for your comments!!

13 Tracylynne

At least your crib is put together, mine is still leaning up against the wall. I am waiting for hubby to finish the touch ups to the paint, I was going to do it myself but I don’t know how to use a caulking gun to fill some of the gaps around the trim. Your furniture is lovely-exactly what I would have purchased. I have a whole bunch of crafty projects that I would like to tackle but I haven’t found the energy. Where are you getting yours from??? 34 wk appointment this afternoon.

14 Shannon

love it! what bedding did you choose???

15 Sara

Looks great! Love the dark wood furniture!

16 Susan

The room does look great. And don’t worry about not having any patience because it will come…when your three week old is crying/screaming because you just aren’t moving fast enough for him. That is how I learned to be a more patient person. :)

17 Emily

So, which room is this? I’m curious what you decided about the rooming situation. Is this the one upstairs or downstairs?

18 dreamer

Oh yeah…the color is great! Good job!

19 Jenn aka Future Mama

How stinkin’ cute!!! LOVE it!! Ok… I’m wondering, does that crib grow with the kid? The little boy I babysit has a crib like that and it eventually turns into a queen bed! Cool huh?!

20 Jane

Lainie – No, it’s not the one that I tweeted about. I think you are talking about the one that my mom said looked cheap, right? This is a different one. I liked it better and thought the quality looked a lot nicer too!

Punkin – Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get it all done!

21 punkinmama

It looks fabulous! Love the color! And the furniture is beautiful!

22 Lainie (Fitfigmom on Twitter)

Is that the changing table you tweeted about recently–it looks really good!

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