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35 weeks pregnant: My checklist of things to do before baby arrives

by Jane · 31 comments

Hooray! I'm 35 weeks pregnant!I’m 35 weeks pregnant today!  I can’t believe I’m here already.  As mentioned yesterday, it seems like my pregnancy has gone by so fast to get me to this point.

You know how you always think people who are further along than you seem so much further along and you just can’t wait until you are at that point?  

That’s how I feel with being 35 weeks pregnant.  I always thought that it seemed like near the end of pregnancy and that it would be a big milestone to be at.

35 weeks pregnant means there are only 35 more days until my due date!  Wow.

Please, please, please let the rest of my pregnancy go by quickly instead of having another day like yesterday.  

I know that the moms out there are probably having a good laugh from me saying the above.  They are probably thinking what a naive person I am to wish that the pregnancy would go by fast.  I know, I know, I’ll be wishing I took advantage of this time when my baby boy is here and I’m sleep-deprived.

But being that I don’t have a clue how tired I will be or anything else that goes along with having a baby, I’m wishing for my due date to approach rapidly so I can meet my little boy and get on with stuff.

To help with my boredom reader Liz gave me a suggestion that she did.  She felt the same way and made a list of all things that she needed to do before her baby comes.  I decided to copy this idea and I came out with my own list of to-do’s before baby arrives. 

Please feel free to tell me the things that I don’t really need before he is here and add anything to the list that I might not have thought of just yet.  I looked at a pregnancy checklist to get ideas that didn’t come to me and some of them do not seem so necessary.

Here’s my list:

1.  Give a house key to our friends to take care of our dog.

2.  Set up pack n play.

3.  Get newborn and size 1 diapers.  Strangely enough we have a ton of size 2 diapers.

4.  Thanks you notes from shower this weekend.

5.  Nursing tanks

6.  Set up car seat in car and look at car manual to see best place to put it.

7.  Pack hospital bag for me, Tarzan, and baby T.

8.  Register for CPR class.

9.  Register for breast feeding class.  (Is this necessary being that lactation consultants will be at the hospital to help?)

10.  Changing pad and cover for changing table.

11.  Pick out a middle name.

12.  Decide if Tarzan will cut umbilical cord.

13.  List of people to call after baby is born.

14.  Find a pediatrician.

15.  Add baby to insurance.

16.  Buy 2-3 more fitted crib sheets.

17.  Buy receiving blankets.

18.  Buy burp cloths.

19.  Buy video monitor.

20.  Buy nightlight.  (Is this needed?)

21.  Buy dirty clothes hamper for nursery.

22.  Buy bags to put dirty diapers in.

23.  Buy baby hairbrush.

24.  Buy bottles and nipples.

25.  Buy breast pump.

26.  Buy pacifiers.

27.  Buy nursing bra.  (I read that I only need 1 bra right now and it should be one size larger than my current bra size.  Then 2 weeks after I give birth, I’ll want to buy a couple more but they will probably be a different size after the swelling goes down.)

28.  Buy nursing pads.

29.  Buy nipple cream.  (What kind?)

30.  Buy milk storage bags.

31.  Buy baby nail clippers or file.

32.  Buy cotton balls.

33.  Buy bulb syringe.  (Don’t they give this to you at the hospital?)

34.  Buy medicine dropper.

35.  Buy petroleum jelly.

36.  Buy infant tylenol. 

37.  Buy antibiotic cream.  (Really?)

38.  Buy saline drops.

39.  Buy changing pad for my diaper bag.  (It’s not a real diaper bag.)

40.  Baby carrier/sling.  (Is this something that I would wait to purchase until baby is here so that I can decide what I like?)

41.  Pick out birth announcements.

42.  Get my hair cut.

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1 lisa

great list! I would never have thought about the poor dog, definitely on the to do list now :o )

2 jimmysid26

Get all the nursing help you can find, maybe especially at the hospital, when you can get hands-on help. If you struggle with engorgement those first few days, nurse fully one side and pump out the remainder on the second side to make sure all th milk is out. Do for every nursing, to make sure you’re emptying out. Take ibuprofen for engorgement pain, but check with the doctor. If you can make it through those first few days, you’ll be fine!. Whereas is the best place where you can got the baby related stuff at very low price.

3 lean-to shed plans

Sent this to some friends. Well stated!

4 Stevies Mom

u cant use tampons because you just gave birth. LOL

5 nadz

why cant you use tampons?

6 MoDBev

Love the list and there are some terrific comments. One thing I didn’t see on the list was sanitary pads. You will not be able to use a tampon.

7 Lauren

Can I give you my advice on the car seats? At our birth class in Kingwood we were told to make sure to have your car seat inspected at certain locations. Here is a website I found for this here:

I hear that you should get it inspected by someone at one of these locations, or where a person has actually taken a class and put in the hours required to be a Car Seat Inspector.
Check into it. It’s on my list! :-) Good luck, I love to do lists. I just never have the time to get it all done.

8 Sarah @

For those burp cloths – look at prefold or flatfold cloth diapers, like the 6-ply from Gerber or something online. They are soooooooo much more absorbent. This is the one thing I have learned about having so many young kids in the family: normal burp cloths can be totally useless.

Also, ask around. It might be worth it to borrow slings or carriers from others or to use hand-me-downs until you know what style you like the most.

9 april

you have a great list and the only things I can suggest that I haven’t read on your list is Balmex!! I have 3 children and one on the way and Balmex for me is the best at getting rid of diaper rash. Even if you change the baby alot they can get a diaper rash.

and if you want to breast feed you will need to get something to cover you up just in case you are in public nursing. they look just like a baby blanket but go around your neck and snap or velcro (can’t remember).

congrats on the little bundle of joy :)

10 Jessi

For burp cloths, the best thing I’ve found are cloth diapers!
Nursing classes aren’t necessary, but may be helpful. I didn’t take one, but I had a great nurse at the hospital who got my son to latch on within 15-30minutes of him being born. And since then, he’s a champ at nursing.
A little advice on pacifiers, don’t buy a bunch. By like one 2-pack and TRY them. My son who is almost 3 months old will NOT take a pacifier and I bought a bunch…Waste of money. If you’re nursing, YOU will be his pacifier.
The only nursing pads I found that were comfortable are johnson and johnson’s. As for nipple cream, I never used it. I expressed a little breastmilk onto them and massaged it in. I never cracked, blistered, bruised or bled.
Buy another bulb syringe. You’ll want one in your diaper bag, at home, and an extra incase one gets lost…
I bought a sling because my son ALWAYS wanted to be held and would cry like mad if I laid him down for even a moment. I tried the sling and he’s always hated it…You can buy one, and try it, but keep your receipt.

11 Noelle

I took the breastfeeding class and had a really easy time nursing when my daughter was born. And yes, they give you a bulb syringe at the hospital, but you might want a backup in case that one gets lost/crusty.

12 Crumbs

What’s the lesson in all these comments?
Everyone does it their own way. You’ll be fine.

13 Alice Law

Hi there! I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd child, he is around 31 weeks old!

I had breastfed my daughter for 15 months (Exclusive about 4 months), and I would suggest the best nipple cream is not those with lanolin yet it’s your breast milk it self! Just rub abit on your nipple after you breast feed, it will prevent you from sore or cracks!

Enjoy your pregnancy!

14 Megan R.

I actually just attended a breastfeeding class last night. I wasn’t sure it would be “necessary”…but given this is my first baby, and I don’t know anyone who has given me much detail about breastfeeding…I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I am very glad that I chose to go. It at least provided me with the knowledge of what to expect, how things can go wrong, tips for “fixing” the things that go wrong, timelines for doing things, etc. I had no friggin’ clue before stepping foot in that room!

Oh, and the lactation consultant for the class, and the hospital where I will be delivering, both recommend all Medela products (pads, lanolin nipple cream, pumps, etc). Good thing, since this is the stuff I had already purchased! Made me feel better, anyway.

The class also caused me a ton of anxiety because I WAS planning a trip to see friends about 1 month after the baby arrives. Logistically, now, I am not sure that I should be going anywhere. It could screw up my breastfeeding schedule / milk supply…not to mention the trouble of having to pump on the road and then fly the breast milk home. Why did I not think of these things before??? First time mom delusions, I guess….

Good luck with the list!

15 MVP

A couple things I don’t see on here, but that I’ve done or am doing:
-wash all the covers for the bouncy seat, carseat, swing, etc.
-wash baby’s smaller clothes that you’re pretty sure he’ll need right away. Don’t wash them all cause you don’t know what size your baby will need right away or how long he’ll stay in that size.
-wash all the blankets, burp cloths, bibs, etc. – stuff you’re pretty sure you’ll be keeping and using.
-be sure to put together, or at least open the boxes and examine, all the bigger items you get – high chair, bouncy seat, etc. When we opened our carseat, it didn’t contain any of the paperwork or manual. We returned it and got one in its original packaging and with the paperwork. The other must’ve been a returned item. We decided to put everything else together, even if we wouldn’t need it for awhile to be sure they had all their parts and we didn’t have to make any returns.
-make some frozen meals that can be reheated in a jiffy. I don’t feel like cooking now; I can only imagine how it’s going to be after baby gets here.

16 cortlynn949

Great list! I can’t help you with anything else besides a suggestion on burp cloths! I ran into a grandma at Target while I wondered around w/ my husband looking at all the choices for our first baby(due Nov 3rd)……slightly overwhelming!:)
She said if there is one thing I can tell you about purchasing stuff for baby is get cloth diapers for burp cloths(gerber from walmart or target)! She said if you want cute ones for when you are out and about get a few of those too but in the middle of the night you will be happy you have the cloth diaper kind……they will absorb everything! :)
With a hundred million choices for everything ” baby” my husband and I have picked a burp cloth & a name……everything else is still undecided!:) Hope this helps!

17 Jill

7. I know this is going to be gross, but here it is. In case you end up having a c-section (I had an unplanned one,) pack a bathing suit for Tarzan. By the time they told me I was allowed to shower, I was so excited, but I couldn’t do anything for myself below where my hands could reach. No bending AT ALL. My husband got into his suit (because nurses walk in and out) and helped me. I was so grateful that he was the one helping me and not a nurse, I was so glad he brought that suit.

12. My husband was not allowed to cut the cord (Even if my daughter had been born naturally.) So check.

15. We weren’t allowed to add Grace to our insurance until we had a birthdate for her. Some insurance won’t allow you to until you have an SSN, so check that too.

16. We probably have 6-7 crib sheets, and really only rotate 2. She didn’t sleep in her crib until she was almost 6 months old, and the worst night we had was just recently when she was sick. We went through 2 sheets before I put a giant waterproof pad on her bed because taking off the bumper to remove the sheet for the third time was not my idea of fun at 3am. That said, waterproof pads ROCK. We have them in several sizes – the biggest being almost the square footage of the surface of her crib mattress.

24 & 26. I would suggest buying only 2-3 bottles of the brand you’re planning on using. We stocked up on the Playtex drop ins (had 12-15) and my daughter would not latch onto them. SEVEN kinds of bottles later, we found one that worked for her with the breastfeeding. Luckily my sister-in-law had a baby a month after I did and she used our rejected bottles, because the ones she already had from her son weren’t working for her daughter. Same goes with the pacifiers.

28. Next time I think I’m going to be washable breast pads – I did laundry every day anyway and the disposables stuck to me which really hurt in the beginning when my nipples were sore.

29. I used Lansinoh. It was 10 dollars for a little tube but it was SO worth it.

40. If you know anyone that has ANY kind of baby sling, I would suggest trying it. So many people like so many different things. After using a Baby Bjorn style and a pouch sling, I finally bought something similar to a Moby Wrap when my daughter was about 6 months old. I still use it today and actually look forward to having it for the next baby. I would also suggest that if you’re going with a sling (pocket, ring, wrap, etc) that you look online for one. There are some incredibly talented people who make them from beautiful fabrics. I bought mine at (though there are a ton of small-shop sites) and if you’re going to buy one anyway, it might as well be cute! And with mine, buying a handmade one was cheaper than buying the Moby brand.

Wow, I feel like that was a lot. Sorry. Good luck!

18 ruth

why would you NOT let your husband cut the umbilical cord? i never thought of this because i just figured that he will do it. should someone else do it? for what reason? omg omg i don’t get it? the doctor should? no, no.. my husband. it makes sense. it’s a very inspirational story that he will remember forever. yes, ok i’m convinced. i think both of our husbands, and husbands everywhere should do this awesome job.

19 Leanna

I was told that going to a breastfeeding class is always a great idea, no matter what. I was also told that waiting until the baby is here to pick out a sling is a good idea, although I didn’t listen to that one, mostly because I already knew what I wanted. Hope that helps a bit!

20 Andrea

For the nursing pads a cheap alternative is to just take the thicker maxi pads and cut them in half sticking them in your bra.

21 Heather

I went a little bit expensive and bought a vera bradley baby bag…It looks like a purse (matches mine actually) can later be used as a laptop bag or overnight bag, and is machine washable. Also comes with a diaper changing pad. You can find them through her website, or get them cheaper on Ebay.

I second the red cross kit recommended earlier, I got 2 at my baby shower and we’re keeping them both, splitting the stuff between our house and the baby bag.

22 Elizabeth

OH- this got left off…
12- this wasn’t decided for us until after my daughter came out and the dr handed my hubby the scissors- so don’t worry about deciding that now :) and I think for the nursing tanks, it’s just one’s personal preferences. For me I have to have a nursing bra, my sister loved those tanks that had a shelf bra and my friend used her regular bras, so everyone is different. Although in the beginning it’s nice to have something that has easy access and you are comfortable in. and yes, your size will change, most likely more than one time throughout your nursing “career.” I think the classes are a good idea if you don’t have someone close to you that can helpyou with that. I’m real close with my sister who nursed 3, so she served as my teacher/consultant. But most definitely have some help!
And I think most important- find what works for you and Tarzan and stick to it! What works for someone else may not fit y’all! and like Susan said: relax, it’s ok if something doesn’t get done until after baby T is born :)

23 Sara

3. Don’t buy more than 1-2 packs of each to start- they grow FAST!

6. and 7. Do these SOON! Both my kids came 2 weeks early. We had the carseat in, but hadn’t packed yet. Oops.

9. I didn’t find the class to be helpful. The lactation consultants should be very helpful.

15. You have 30 days after the baby is born to do this, so don’t worry about it too much. Not sure if they would even let you until he’s here.

19. We used these instead of video monitors:

Much cheaper, it’s password protected so no weirdos walking around the neighborhood can see your baby, and you can view it from your computer.

20. We found it helpful because you won’t want to turn all the lights on when changing his diaper in the middle of the night.

26. I would wait on pacifiers. They will give you at least one at the hospital and you don’t know if Baby T will even like them.

28. and 29. Lasinoh disposable nursing pads and nipple cream (generic is the same).

33. Yes.

Make sure you have q-tips and rubbing alcohol for cleaning around the umbilical cord. If you’re circumcising him, you’ll need gauze pads to protect him for the first week or so after applying petroleum jelly (the hospital will probably give you some of each of these, but it’s good to have backups).

Definitely relax and go to as many movies as you can in these last few weeks! It will be a while before you go to the theater again. :)

24 Becky

What did you buy to use as a diaper bag (and where did you get it)? My sister is having her little one in November and can’t find anything she likes!

25 Elizabeth

These are some great ideas! Here’s my two cents: At target they have this kit of items that includes: hairbrush, bulb syringe, hair comb, thermometer, nail clippers, medicine dropper, etc. I think there’s like 15 items in there for about $15-$20. It is a great buy! We did get a bulb syringe at the hospital, but I find this one MUCH easier to use, as well as many of the other items. One thing I bought separate was nail scissors- I find those much easier to use than clippers.
Also, the hospital gave me a sample of nipple cream (I can’t remember which one, the tube was yellow) It lasted me long enough until I didn’t use it anymore. They also told me in the hospital that you could express some extra milk and that would moisterize them as well.
I think you have a couple weeks after the birth to add baby T to the insurance, but I would notify your provider of the due date anyways..just to be safe. Our daughter wasn’t added until her first check at 5 days old.
also I would recommend to check out different brands and types of carriers to see what would work best for you. I have used the Moby, the Peanut Shell, and currently the Beco (for my 8 mo) and love them all!
Congrats on the final 5 weeks- They do go by SUPER fast!!

26 vetmomof2

LOL- my response to your list. Sis, much of this is unnecessary and and will only be in your way:
1 – 2, 4, 10, 15, 21 – 27, 28, 30-32, 37, 41-42 all good wonderful things except the hamper, girl you are only going to use it for a few months then everything will go everywhere.
3 – only buy 1 pack each at best; unless baby T is small he/she will outgrow them before you hit your front door
5 – nursing tank! Girl trust me they may be “fashionable” but by month 4 you will be so tired & such a pro at nursing you will be able to flip up your shirt, pop the baby on and keep carrying on your conversation without missing a beat.
6-put it on the opposite side of where you will be if you will be sitting always! No matter how much Tarzan will help, you will ALWAYS believe you can do it better. LOL
7- uhm he doesn’t need one. You WILL not want to see him after you are finished pushing out the Baby (well, unless you get drugs then you might be happy to see him)
8-very good, over looked by many.
9 – are you paying for this coach? OMG, either you and the baby will get it or you won’t. Ain’t nothing a coach can teach you that Mother Nature won’t kick in and give you once the baby is here.
11 – wait a day or two to decide. You will be surprised by the baby’s face, gestures etc. Give a name that fits.
12 – LOL Decide if Tarzan is ready to see that part of you in that way—no really
13 – List of people for Tarzan to call after baby is born – YOU NEED TO SLEEP! It is the last time you will forever!
14- find a few pediatricians – you may get lucky and like the first one but do not be afraid to change if you need to
16-18 – your friends suck. Everybody gets receiving blankets and sheets? If you are buying more STOP! That is just too much stuff to wash.
20 – yes, you will be half sleep most of the time when you check on the baby.
29-the regular lotion kind, don’t spend money on unnecessary products. You got Vaseline? There you go.
33-yes but it is long, ugly and it looks like it really hurts? You could do it the old fashioned way with your mouth but eeck! So pick one up at the store.
35- see #29
36-stock up on this (and some for you too)
39 – get one cause those things are nasty. Also, carry plenty of baby wipes and take a towel with you always. Oh and get a diaper bag that can double as a purse.
40 – get it you will want it because that little 8 lb baby gets heavy after ½ hour or so.
Have fun! LOL

27 Donielle@Raising Penauts

#9- not necessary, but can help you know what to expect, etc. And it can help w/ nursing success. I didn’t bother though. And if you don’t, at least read a couple good books about it or check out

#20- not needed for baby, but it’s nice to have a low light in whatever room you’ll be nursing in at night. So you can see and the baby doesn’t think it’s time to wake up for the day.

#27- a good one to start with is a sleeping bra- no real structure or wires and super easy to nurse in. Then wait at least 4 weeks to buy another. I’ve tried a few and LOVE the bravado non wire one! It’s awesome! A bit pricey at 50$, but soooo worth it.

#29- any kind made for nipples while nursing will work, but even better is to just express a small amount of breastmilk out when baby is done, rub on nipple and let air dry for a minute.

#33- both hospitals we’ve been to have given us one.

#37- can’t figure why you’d need it. I’ve never used it on my babies.

#40- if you have a store around that sells ‘real’ slings/carriers (not the snugli/baby bjiorn things) wait. If not, go online and order one. I recently did a week of reviews on 6 different types of carriers.

The one thing I did this time around that really helped out was to prepare a few meals and quick things like muffins, breads, granola bars, and pancakes. SO nice to not have to worry about food!

28 Susan

3. You won’t need many newborn size, maybe 3-4 packs. You will need many packs of size 1.
8. I didn’t do this, I wish I had taken a First Aid/CPR class.
9. I took the class, the lacation consultant I had at the hospital basically helped with latching, but she wasn’t readily there. And she preferred to use one hold and another hold worked better for my son & I. A lacation consultant can also advise you on helping sore nipples, like using a cooling gel pad.
14. Watch the fees. The pediatrician who sees your baby each morning at the hospital will charge, this is typically not included in the hospital fee.
15. Can’t be done until the baby is born and you have 30 days in TX to get this done.

And I would wait to buy all that stuff until after your shower because chances are people didn’t only shop from your registry. And you are very likely to wind up with two blub syringes (aspirators) at your shower. I would buy a changing pad for the diaper bag, because unless someone knew you needed one, they aren’t likely to buy one. If you can’t find one, let me know and I can mail the extra one I never used to you.

You should put RELAX as number one, number 15 and number 48. :)

29 Crysi

We got a bulb syringe and thermometer at the hospital. Once they’ve been used on your baby, they can’t be used on any other so we got to take them with us. That hospital bag is a necessity. When I got admitted 2 weeks ago, I felt like an idiot for not being packed. Over the next couple days, my mom and hubby had to bring me the stuff I needed. I’d also get that car seat installed. I’m a little panicked because ours aren’t in the van right now and at this point, I can’t do it myself. I’m hoping when my mom comes back, she’ll do it for me.

30 Sarah @ Small Slice

9. I didn’t take classes but my sister had breastfed her kids and she helped me a lot! They will come around and ask you if you need help in the hospital, it’s not too bad.
20. I found a nightlight is very helpful!
25. You could either buy or rent a breast pump. We rented one and it worked out great!
28. I liked the Lansinoh brand breast pads.
29. Lansinoh brand is great for this too!
30. The Lansinoh breast pads come with a few free breast milk storage bags.
33. We didn’t get one at the hospital.
37. Antibiotic cream is good to have on hand.

Make sure you have comfy pants too!

Looks like you have it all together!

Good luck!

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