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36 weeks pregnant: Baby clothes, do I have enough?

by Jane · 20 comments

At 36 weeks pregnant I wonder if I have enough baby clothes for my baby.All baby related things are coming together!  I couldn’t be more excited and I feel a huge relief is lifted at 36 weeks pregnant.  It’s a great feeling to have the nursery just about complete (need wall decorations) and to be constantly checking items off of my “to do before baby comes” list.

All of the baby clothes are hung up in the closet and put away neatly in his dresser drawer.  Size 1 and size 2 diapers are put away in the dresser cabinets.  The wipes, diaper cream, powder, disposable bags, and baby lotion are all nicely stored in a storage box that sits on the dresser.  Books, stuffed animals, and a few other things are on the bookshelf.  The glider is ready to be used to rock a little baby to sleep.

And so on and so on…

As I was organizing all of the clothes that are on the hangers, I started to wonder if we have enough.  Obviously I’ve never done this before so I am completely unsure how many outfits are needed, especially with a newborn.

Hanging up in the closest, I counted 15 newborn outfits and 35 0-3 outfits.  We have a lot of 3-6 and 6-9 outfits as well, but I feel like we don’t need to have so many right now since he won’t be wearing those sizes for a while.  I’m thinking that he’ll be between 6.5 – 8 pounds when born (purely a wild guess), so I feel very hesitant to buy more newborn clothes because I don’t want him to grow out of them before he gets to wear them.

Make sense?

Do you think I have enough clothes initially, or would you recommend getting a few more things?  I do have 5 newborn onesies sitting in my living room because I was going to take them back.  (I don’t like them.)  Should I keep them or take them back and get cuter ones that I like?

I’m thinking that babies spit up quite often, especially in the beginning, so I wonder if you change them every single time or if you just wipe it off and keep that particular outfit on.  If we have to change his outfits, say 3-4 times per day, we technically only have enough newborn clothes for 3 days and then I’ll have to do laundry often, which I’m not a fan of doing.

I’ll take any suggestions you have to offer!  Thanks!

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1 Julia Bastos

Sorry, girls. I just now saw your replies, asking for the recipe. It’s pretty easy. The ingredients are witch hazel (Whole Foods offers the best price) and water. You mix them together and apply the mixture on the center of the pad ( Always, Kotex, a diaper, or any brand you like). Wrap the pads in Reynolds wrap and put them in the freezer. It feels great and it helps a lot with the discomfort post-episiotomy or vaginal tear. It also works for those who had to have a C-section. The constant changing of pads can be a pain and this recipe helps keep things fresh down there. It worked better than the spray my doctor gave me. Another tip that I have for those who have had a vaginal birth and got stitches is to dry the vagina with a hair dryer afer taking a shower.

2 Mykelle

Hello, I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind passing the cold maxi pad recipe along to me as well? Thanks!!

3 Layla

Hey there, could you please send me the cold maxi pads recipe aswell? Thanks a bunch.

4 Jane

Julia – No, I haven’t heard about the cold maxi pads recipe. Please do send it to me!

Niki – Email me your email address and I will send you the recipe once I get it from Julia.

Everyone else – Thanks for your opinions, advice, and sharing your own experiences!! It’s all so helpful. :)

5 Sarah @

I think you’re fine. The kid can always wear bigger sizes if you need, and it’s only a few bucks at the local Target to pick up more onesies if it turns out that 15 or 35 isn’t enough.

6 MrsBagley

I’m one of those who thought they were having a big baby. To the point that I even took some stuff back for bigger sizes because I KNEW I wouldn’t need them. Har. Hardy Har Har. He was on track to be 9lbs, but then came 2.5 weeks early. And then lost almost a pound because of tongue tie in the first week. The nb “coming home” outfit swallowed him. He wore nb onesies and diapers for two months. (Can’t tell it now though!)

I’d say you’re probably ok with 15. Honestly, mine never had a spit up problem and in the beginning we only bathed him once a week. If you need more, Tarzan can always run out and get a cheap 5 pack of Gerber onesies. Don’t stress about ANYTHING else!!!

7 Jamie

Everyone says don’t waste your money on newborn clothes because they only fit for a week or two if they fit at all! It’s fine to keep a couple if you really want but I would get mostly 0-3 since babies can always wear something that’s too big, not too small. I also heard that first time moms are on time or late which generally means a bigger baby. I don’t know how true it is but I know I probably won’t be getting out in public too much the first 2 weeks anyway so I’m ok with my baby being in clothes that may be too big for her at first :)

8 Jessi

You sound pretty much ready! My son was born at 5lbs 10ozs and wore preemie for the first week, then grew out of most newborn stuff by 1 month old. He’s now wearing mostly 3-6′s and he JUST turned 3 months. He’s been wearing them for about 2 weeks before he turned 3 months…So, they grow VERY fast.

As for spit up, if they get it all over them, definitely change them. If not for any other reason then they’ll smell like sour milk if you don’t…But, Stetson was really good about mostly getting it on me (oh the joys of motherhood).

9 Sarcastica

I’d say you’ve got a pretty decent amount of clothes! We only had 5 newborn outfits, and we managed with that because they grow so fast! 15 is more than enough ;)

10 Kellie

It sounds like you have a pretty good mix of sizes. I have small babies (my biggest wasn’t even 7lbs!) and they wore the Newborn stuff for about 6 weeks. 0-3 stuff was HUGE on them and looked ridiculous. Trust me that you’ll want to have at least one cute newborn outfit for a few pictures that doesn’t make your baby look like he’s swimming in his clothes. And while some kids DO outgrow them clothes quickly others do not. My 20 month old son is still wearing some 6-12 month stuff for heavens sakes!

11 Niki

Hi, I think you have a good mix too ! Did u ever find out what the maxi cosi thing was about? I would love to know ! Ps I’m 32 weeks pregnant – only bought 5 outfits do far! Don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, will go shopping when he/she arrives!

12 Jenny

Brands make a huge difference (like some of the other ladies mentioned). Our son (4 months and 20lbs) is wearing some 6-9 month stuff already. It might look too big, but he is longer in the torso and so while something might fit weight-wise, he needs a bigger size for the length. Plus, I don’t mind dressing him in things that are a little big because, depending on the outfit, it can be easier to get him dressed/undressed.

As for changing him 3-4 times a day. I lucked out and neither one of my kids spit up that much. And sometimes, even if they do, it is just a little and you can get away with just wiping it off their onesie. Another option, if you don’t want to change whole outfits is to get some cute bibs. They are easier to change. Plus they are something that can be used constantly and generally don’t have to fall into any particular size/stage.

13 Emily

Our little guy was swimming in the NB stuff when first born (he was 6 lbs. 11 oz.) but he’s 3 weeks now and busting out of them now! Still, some of the 0-3 months stuff still looks big right now…plus, the tag isn’t the only thing to go by, as Jill pointed out it all depends on the brand.

14 RosyRedLotus

I know my god-daughter was actually in preemie stuff when she was born, but she’s long and skinny like her daddy. I would suggest bibs, like a previous poster, to limit clothing changes caused by a messy mouth. That way you just have to change for diaper accidents. Since it’s summer, the cheapie onesies will work just fine if you find yourself running out of them too often before laundry day but don’t want to buy more in the smaller size.

15 Angel

I also have read that some women suggest not buying NB or 0-3 clothes because babies grow out of them so quickly. They suggest only buying a few, and then focusing on the 3-6 and 6-9 and just rolling up sleeves. I personally didn’t read this until AFTER I bought or rec’d a ton of clothes, and probably personally would have done like you even now because I preferred my little one to not look like she was swimming in clothes.

I think you’ll be fine!

16 Tori M.

I say you’re good to start out. You can always buy more of the size you feel you need later (or do like I am and ask for more of that size). I was like you and thought the NB size would be worthless, but my little guy came into the world super teeny tiny at 6lbs 7oz, and is really long and skinny, so the 0-3 sizes fall off of him for the most part. I really only change his outfit if he pees or poos on it somehow. I use a bib to avoid spit up, which mostly only happens during feedings for us (of course, I could just be really lucky in that sense). We only do baby laundry like once a week, because I have just enough NB sized stuff to get him by for about that long. He’s three weeks old tomorrow and just now starting to fit in some of the 0-3′s. You’ll just have to wait and see what Little T ends up size-wise.

As for the outfits you have that you don’t like, I agree with others and say exchange them for something you do. I got a buttload of hand-me-down clothes and I know I tend to gravitate towards the stuff I like (meaning, the stuff I bought myself or that others who knew us really well got for us) than a lot of the HMD’s.

17 Jill

Just goes to show you (again) that all babies are different – my daughter wore her NB stuff for almost 2 months. I had to go out and buy more because I hardly bought any, thinking we’d make do with 0-3 and she’d outgrow the NB quickly. She’s now 13 months old and not quite 20lbs, and has worn every size slightly longer than the tag suggests (grew out of 6m clothes at 8 months, and 9m clothes at around 10/11 months.) The other thing is that different brands fit differently even when they’re the same size (like adult clothes!) I found Carter’s stuff to be on the bigger side, where the Babies R Us brand Miniwear was very small after washing.

So I’d say you’re fine for now. You’ll get more gifts when the baby arrives, and you can always buy more when baby Tarzan gets here. And if you don’t like those onesies, return them and buy ones that you do like. Because chances are, you’ll avoid putting them on him in favor of something else (that you do like) so keeping them would be rather pointless. Besides that’s one of the perks of being a Mommy – dressing your child how YOU want :) .

18 J.D

I actually exchanged almost all my newborn clothes for 0-3 months (and 3-6). When I was born I was 9lbs 12oz & newborn stuff ends at 8lbs…they say your baby is about the size u were when you were born so I’m not expecting a small baby, at least not smaller than 7 or 8 lbs.

19 Laviyah

My daughter is 4 months and 20 pounds. You never can tell.

Generally they don’t wear that NB stuff for very long maybe 2 weeks and if you are breastfeeding, they can get HUGE real fast. I breastfed all of mine and that NB, 0-3 month stuff barely lasted. You may get way more use out of the 6-9 month and up stuff.

Relax and sleep. Get in as much sleep as you can. That was the best advice I ever got. and when the little one arrives, sleep when he sleeps, don’t be trying to clean the house, check e-mails and all that junk. It all can wait. Babies are exhausting and no amount of words, movies, books, tapes advice can prepare you for what is about to happen. Nothing will delight you and exhaust you more than a NB! ;-)

20 Julia Bastos


You’re doing a great jog. I think you have a pretty good mix of newborn and 0-3/3-6 sizes. You’ll notice that most babies will outgrow the newborn sizes within the first couple of weeks. My youngest didn’t fit in any of his newborn clothes. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, I strongly recommend Lansinoh. Have you heard about the cold maxi pads recipe? If not, let me know and I’ll send it to you. It helps with the constant changing and post-vaginal birth discomfort.

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