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36 weeks pregnant: Checking things off of my “to get done before baby comes” list

by Jane · 16 comments

We need to pack the hospital bags now that I'm 36 weeks pregnant.Last week, at 35 weeks pregnant, I posted a checklist of all the things that I needed to get done before baby T makes his arrival.  Since then I have been busy putting the final touches on his nursery, putting away all the shower gifts, and most importantly, checking things off of my list left and right.

I’ve been quite productive, I must admit.

There are just a few things to get done now before he comes.  At 36 weeks pregnant, I need to buy him socks, put the car seat in the car (or have someone do that for us, thanks for that great suggestion!), cut my hair, and pack the hospital bags still.

The sock part is funny to me.  He doesn’t have any socks.  I must say that since the weather has been killer in Houston lately, I don’t quite understand why he needs socks, but I know he does.  (Right?)

Tarzan has become quite anxious about packing the hospital bags.  Every single day (sometimes a few times a day) he’ll say, “We really need to pack our bags.”  I know that we need to get it done, but nothing is packed yet.  While I’m actually ready to meet our son and ready to get on with not being pregnant anymore, there’s just something about packing the bags (and installing the car seat) that makes it so final and incredibly surreal to me.

I cannot imagine driving around these next few days/weeks having a car seat in the car.  It’s not that I’m not ready, but it’s just one of those things that is so strange to me.  Alas, I know it needs to get done though.

Same with our hospital bags.

T. even wants to start driving around with the bags in the car each time we leave the house.  No joke.  The other day we were driving around and he said, “This is the last time we are leaving the house without our bags being packed.”  Um, ok.

Yesterday we were running some errands and I told him, “We left the house and we don’t have bags with us” to which he said, “Can we please pack when we get home so that this is the last time?”  Poor guy.

He is already prepared with garbage bags in the car in case my water leaks.  (My OB told him that it might be a good idea to have garbage bags on hand.)  He doesn’t want there to be a mess.  LOL.  I did inform him that there’s only like 11% of women whose water actually breaks on its own, but still, he wants to be prepared.

Can’t blame him for that, but it’s really funny to me for some reason.  Not like I’m making fun of him, but he just seems overly anxious and I know that it stresses him out that he cannot plan this out.  I will admit, it would be a lot easier, that’s for sure!

But the reality of having a baby is that you just never know when it’s time.

Each time I go to the bathroom I look at the toilet paper to see if any of the mucus plug has come out.  There’s never anything on the toilet paper, but I do check.

How strange it is that the tables have turned.

In the beginning of pregnancy you never want to see any red on toilet paper, panties, in the bathroom, etc.  Then around 36 weeks pregnant, when you are well in your third trimester, it all changes.  It’s like I just want to see a sign that I’m progressing and that labor could happen in a few weeks.

It probably doesn’t mean anything, but it might prepare me a little more to stop making fun of my loving and worried husband and actually pack a bag so that that part is at least done.

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1 Tarzan

Hey @mamatutwo … Congrats! If you ever see a very lost and confused guy who looks like a deer blinded by headlights, wondering around Babies R Us or the baby section in Target like a lost puppy… that’s me. ;) Keep us posted on your 4th!!

2 mamatutwo

How funny! I’m sitting here in the same town as you, but a little bit behind you and a little bit ahead….this is my fourth kiddo, but i am 35 weeks on august 1. so uncomfortable and just ready to go. Except. My bags aren’t packed either! Hope that all went well for you….

3 Amie

36 weeks too, but no bags to pack as ours will be born at home. Our first was born at 37 weeks and I was at work when labor started. No time to go home and pack a bag or get a carseat. My DH just made it to the hospital in time, and everything was great. We never missed the bag or the seat. DH bought me basics (toothbrush, soap etc.) at the local drug store and we went home the next day. Really, the bag is not that necessary. Neither is the hospital in my experience though (5 births and counting the days).

4 Jane

Mrs Bagley – What great timing is right! Today is THE day that we start to tackle the car seat and even the packing.

Bessie – Great tip, thanks! I wonder if I just get the list done if that would mean that I don’t really have to pack my bag… just rely on someone else to do it for me. Just joking!

Kristin – I get emails from Babyfit, What To Expect, and Baby Gaga. Surprisingly enough I like the weekly emails from Baby Gaga the best. Check it out!

Niki – Too funny about your husband! He sounds similar to mine. ;) And I would have to agree that Tarzan is going to be the one that needs some meds once we are at the hospital before me. He is going to be a mess, I just know it!

Kara – We actually have some of those outfits, so I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

Crysi – Good thinking! I’m sure if I had an experience like your 2 week hospital stay, I would feel really different about having the bags packed. But, like I’ve mentioned, I have promised my husband that we will get everything done today. I know he’ll feel better about it!

Tracylynne – I don’t think that sounds weird at all. I like the idea actually bc I don’t want a bunch of ppl in the room either. I think it’s important to have bonding time in the new family (me, Tarzan, and baby T). I think this is the 1st time that you’ve left off “# of days and counting…” When’s your due date again?

Sarah – LOL! What a letdown! Yesterday while pulling into the parking garage at my OB’s office, I told Tarzan to guess if I had progressed. He guessed that I would be 80% effaced and 2cm dilated. I sort of got excited about that, so I was letdown to see that my cervix is still closed. It’s like a game with the internal each week, so I can only imagine if I added contractions into that mix too.

Jamie – I am pretty laid back! Even when when we go on vacation, I’m not the type to have bags packed until the night before. It’s just how I do things, I guess. If we do get to packing today, it will be the first time that I’ve been pro-active on packing. Funny, huh?

Lori – Bummer about your baby shower, but what a great time to go into labor while you were already at the hospital! I will take your advice (and everyone else’s) and complete the packing process today.

Melissa – I like how you started to pack. Since we’ll be bringing our laptops and stuff, a list is such a great idea! And I think it’s cute about T. too!

Helen – No, you haven’t missed a post from T. about that. He is still hoping to get a post in about it, but he’s been so busy lately, if you haven’t noticed from his lack of daily posts. ;) Good idea about the meals. That’s something that I haven’t really thought of since I don’t really cook. Maybe it’s time that I should start. My mom will be staying with us for however long I feel like I need her, so she’ll take care of that stuff initially, at least. (Thank God for moms!) I might want to start making and freezing some items – Good call! Thanks & it’s good to see you. Hope you’ve been doing great!!

5 Helen

How exciting! It’s almost time:-) It’s been fun being ‘part’ of your journey. Did I miss any Tarzan posts about how you guys rescued your financial situation? Would love to hear the story someday. Something I thought of that you might want to add to your list: Preparing for easy meals for the first couple of weeks. It’s so exhausting caing for a newborn. The last thing either of you will feel like doing is cooking. Jane will need good nutritious meals to keep up her strength and breastfeed. You might want to cook ahead and freeze things. Even if it’s not complete meals- cooked chicken breast strips or prepared meat balls and things like that can really make things simple for throwing together a quick meal.

6 Melissa, the blogger

That’s kinda cute that Tarzan is so worried about the bag. I packed mine recently but made a list for on top of the suitcase of the items that need to be thrown in right before, like our computers and camera, etc. The good news is that it usually takes a while for things to progress once contractions start so there is probably plenty of time to get it done even after you start early later. I’m obsessive about pre-preparing too though, so I can relate to Tarzan.

7 Lori

I had my baby boy at 35 weeks and didn’t have A LOT of stuff done–no bag packed, barely any baby clothes, we didn’t even have our baby shower yet (and we never did get to have it, bummer.) So anything you can get done now, do it! You never know when your time will come (my came during my tour of labor and delivery at the hospital with our childbirth class!)
Best of luck
Lori at I Can Grow People

8 Jamie

Wow, you are so laid back, even while you’re pregnant lol! I am sure I will have my bags packed by 32 weeks because I’m so paranoid. I’m more like Tarzan I guess in that it’s frustrating not being able to have everything planned out.

9 Sarah @

I know how you feel. I started contracting a couple weeks ago and here I am at 38 weeks STILL with nothing to show for it. Yesterday we went to the doctor and I had a contraction on the table and he was all “huh, you’re contracting,” and I said YES, STILL, SO CAN I HAVE A BABY NOW, PLEASE?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?! And he said “oh, no, those have to get a lot stronger. You’ve got a little ways to go, I think.”

Then I wanted to punch him. I want GOOD news, not “a little ways to go” news. Sheesh.

10 Tracylynne

I have a suitcase but I haven’t packed it. Dr said yest that I could go anytime but when he checked me there was nothing. Hoping to get everything done this wkd, last wkd was too hot in OK to even move and I was so exausted. Dr says after my next check up on the 7th he will talk about induction-we have decided to hold off as long as we can but IF I have to be induced we decided that we wouldn’t tell anyone the day so that the baby’s birth would be a surprize for our family and friends.
Hopefully that doesn’t sound too wierd. If everyone knows then everyone will show-I want it to be just hubby and I in the delivery room.

11 Crysi

My hospital bag lives by the door and it goes with me when I leave the house. I also have my medical records in it. After being stuck in the hospital for 2 weeks and not being prepared, I’m not having it happen again.

12 Kara

Re: socks – My son was born in Minnesota in February, so a slightly different situation from you…however, I found that one-piece outfits with built-in feet/socks were much better. It’s really hard to keep socks on those tiny feet. All the better if they have the little flaps to fold over his fingers like mittens, so he won’t scratch his face.

13 Niki

I am laughing so hard about the bags. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I packed my bag, the diaper bag and my husband packed his last week. He has been kind of freaking out and actually thinks we should pack bags for each of us in each of our cars. I told him that one bag per each of us is sufficient and we can just leave them at home and grab them when we go to the hospital. I told him that hopefully he will calm down or he will be more hyper during labor than me.

Have been driving around with the car seats in. Our local police station does free safety checks so we even brought them over there and they would install them or check them out.

14 Kristin

What daily email service do you subscribe to to show you how your baby is growing? I can’t find any that aren’t scary!

15 bessie.viola

Oh, how exciting! I cannot WAIT to see this baby (wait… do we get to see the baby? LOL)

Have fun packing your bag. A hint from my experience: make a list for on top of/inside of the bag in case you need someone else to finish packing it for you. Like Tarzan, I was worried I’d go into labor away from home, and so I packed everything but the things I needed everyday (glasses, cell charger, etc) and then made a list of everything else I’d need and put it with the bag. The list had locations for each item so that literally anyone could have packed the rest of the bag for me.

Which was handy, since my water broke at home and I locked myself into the bathroom to have a little panic while my husband finished packing. Hee. :)

16 MrsBagley

Yes, definetly pack the bags. At least figure out which bag you’re going to take and throw some basics in. I didn’t have anything packed when my water broke with a breech baby- so it was a quick pack to say the least. None of the good stuff I was planning on having!

And for what it’s worth, my water broke the day after my husband installed the carseat! Talk about timing!

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