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Nearing Pregnancy Week 38: I’m On Pins and Needles!

by Tarzan · 4 comments

38 weeks pregnant pins and needlesPregnant Jane is rounding the corner and coming up to the big pregnancy week 38.  I’m more jumpy than I have ever been in my life!   I’m constantly thinking, “here we go – this is it!” many times throughout the day.  For example, the other day Jane said “ouch” after banging her foot or something on the coffee table.  I immediately ran in and asked, “Are you OK?” franticly.

There have been MANY times over the last couple of weeks baby Tarzan kicks pregnant Jane in the ribs or lower stomach while I’m with her.  It’s always followed by her jumping, grabbing her stomach, making a noise, or saying “whoa!” or “ouch!”.  When that happens while we’re driving I quickly look for a spot we can pull over while asking if she is OK.

Images of me having to deliver baby Tarzan on the side of a highway often fill my mind when those whoa’s and ouch’s happen in the car!

I feel like we’re getting CLOSE.  I can just feel it.

Jane is acting differently as well.  Normally I’m the one who is up late watching TV while she falls asleep on the couch.  I always have to wake her up to have her go to bed.  But lately, it’s the other way around.  For some reason she has a lot of energy at night.  And it’s VERY noticeable!  Pregnancy week 37 and the coming pregnancy week 38 is bringing out another new Pregnant Jane!

I have no idea where in the heck she is getting all of that energy from.  And I have no idea why I’m the one who is getting more tired at night.  Now thankfully Jane isn’t cleaning the floors or vacuuming at 3 AM, which I heard is a BIG sign that the baby is getting ready to celebrate his or her first birthday.

So pregnancy week 37 has been great.  Pregnant Jane has been in a great mood.  There were only 2-3 pregnancy induced hormone attacks on me, but they were short-lived and nothing… and I mean NOTHING compared to how early to mid pregnancy was.  I wouldn’t have survived nine months of that – I don’t think any man could!

And as for me, it’s a strange feeling.  I know I’m soon (very soon) going to become a father.  I guess I’m as ready as a father-to-be can be, although I’m not too sure what else I could do to prepare for fatherhood.  At least for me, it’s been more of a mental preparedness I’ve had to work on.  It’s not that I wasn’t a responsible person before, but just knowing I’m about to become a father has forever altered my decisions on all sorts of things.

From food shopping to purchasing anything.  I’m very different in that respect compared to how I was pre-pregnant Jane.  So ladies, if you are in the mood to go out to eat one night, maybe for Mexican food, and you ask your husband and he says not tonight, maybe he’s also going through this change… or maybe he’s also deathly afraid of pregnancy gas.  LOL!

But seriously, it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on my work.  For instance, right now Jane is our running a few errands and I keep wanting to call her and check up on her… again.  And when she does all me, like she did a few minutes ago to ask me a question, when I saw it was her calling, I thought to myself, “Here we go, she’s calling me from the ambulance while she is giving birth to Baby Tarzan!”

This is crazy I tell ya.  Crazy.  In some ways, the way I feel reminds me of when I was little and I learned that my family was taking me to Disney World.  I remember I learned about it a good six months in advance.  And I also remember that the last few weeks felt like they were going in slow motion.  It was almost like time stood still for years as I waited for the day to arrive when we finally left to go to Disney.

Now it doesn’t feel like time is standing still (I wish it was so I could get caught up on some work!), but it’s that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that you feel when you are anxiously excited about something that is about to happen.  It’s like being in a room, awaiting for the guest of honor to show up for their surprise birthday party… and the person running hours late.  The whole time you’re on pins and needles.

It’s a wild feeling, really.  But in the same respect, here’s a strange thing about this whole pregnancy journey we’ve been documenting on our pregnancy blog here.  In some ways while it feels like it has taken forever, pregnant Jane and I are totally amazed on how FAST time has gone.  TOTALLY AMAZED!

Nearly nine months of pregnancy – BOOM! Gone in a flash.  Where did those nine months go?  The early days of Pregnant Jane throwing up all day and feeling horrible feel like that happened years ago because everything has all just gone by so fast.  Seriously – Jane’s pregnancy has zoomed by.  Sure, we had some big issues to battle and tough times to through to get where we are now, but it has all been worth the ride.  After all, if all roads were smooth and all journeys were uneventful in life, none of us would have anything to talk about.

And when our bouncing baby Tarzan is born, Jane’s pregnancy will all be but a distant memory, thankfully documented here, for the the three of us to look back on.  (Well, minus the posts where Jane or I talk about sex of course.  We’ll skip over those when we show Baby Tarzan this blog in 18 or so years. :) )

Now I can see why people say to enjoy each and every single second with your baby because they grow up so fast.  I can see why.  These nine months have flew by.  Another nine months from now Baby Tarzan could be walking around the house a little if he takes after me!  (I started walking really early!)

So the bottom line is this: do what you can to enjoy the months of pregnancy together.  They go by very, very fast.  Pregnant Jane and I thankfully took a lot of time out to spend a lot of time with each other – just the two of us thanks to comments on our blog from people like you.  In fact, if it wasn’t for all the feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, and stories so many of you have provided us over the last nine months, I don’t know where we’d be…. I’d probably be in a small white room with padded walls and Jane would be sitting on the roof!

But seriously, thank you.  Thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this journey with us.

HOWEVER…. there’s still more to go – so the show isn’t over yet!

Now when the BIG day does come, I told Jane that she should post on her Twitter page with status updates.  We haven’t decided yet, but thought that would be cool to do.  Maybe I could bring my laptop and document play-by-play on mini blog posts and take pictures while we’re in the room (of course keeping Jane’s and my identity secret!).  And of course not taking pictures of the actual birth!! LOL  I know we always said we’d share everything about our pregnancy journey, but that one minor detail we may have to keep photo- free. :)

Oh, before I run, I almost forgot….

New His Boys Can Swim Mini-Blog Contest Launching Soon!

This contest will not be as big as our last contest that had over $1,600 in prizes and took nearly a week for Jane and I to put all together for everyone.  These will be a series of mini contests to make it fun and easier on everyone.

We have several GREAT prizes to give away that a few people have sent us to give away to you guys.  Stay tuned – we’re going to be launching a few contests within the next few days where you can win some really cool (and valuable) stuff!

One of them has to do with sex.  HUH!?!?  That’s all I can disclose right now!  And hey, don’t get all bashful… if it wasn’t for that, none of us would be here right now – literally!  LOL


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1 Jaci

I just couldn’t resist throwing out the Chicken comment… as it is every time I see the word Chic I bust into giggles… and I live in a french speaking community so I see it often… People think I am a cracked egg! LOL

2 Jamie

i always love reading from the male perspective :) since jane is about 10 weeks ahead of me it makes me a little anxious to read the posts because i always want to rush along the pregnancy so we can meet our little one, but i guess you’re right & it is flying by so we should make sure to enjoy the time as well!

3 Tarzan

LOLOLOLOL! Chicken Cozy! That is so funny!

4 Jaci

OMG, so crazy to think that Jane is about to pop! I remember those days, 2x LOL, and 2 was enough! can’t wait for your next contest… and Tarzan…. “CHICKEN!”

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