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38 weeks pregnant: OB pregnancy appointment, date night, & my labor dream

by Jane · 12 comments

My cervix is finally open at 38 weeks pregnant!I had a great appointment today at 38 weeks pregnant.  I can’t believe I’m so close!

At my appointment last week, at 37 weeks pregnant, my OB said that she would rather him come anytime after 38 weeks.  I asked her why since I thought that 37 weeks was full-term.  (Of course my preference would be for him to stay put until closer to 40 weeks.)

She said that while it is full-term, in her experience, little white babies born at 37 weeks are usually wimpy (ex, they don’t breastfeed well, they have trouble breathing at times, etc).

Of course I asked her what babies do the best and she said that African American boys do the best, then African American girls.  Clearly she’s just talking about her own experience delivering babies, but I thought that it was interesting.

Now that I’m 38 weeks pregnant the chances of our son being “wimpy” have gone down.  Yay!

Pregnancy Weight: 38 weeks of pregnancy is being kind to me!  I stayed the same weight as last week.  This actually amazes me considering how much dessert I’ve had lately.  It’s been at least daily, sometimes twice a day.  I told Tarzan that it would be so nice to be able to be skinny and have dessert daily without worrying about weight.  Too bad that I’m not that kind of girl though.

Blood Pressure: 95/58

Baby’s Heartbeat: Started off in the 130′s and then was in between the 140′s and 150′s.

Baby’s Position: Head down.  He’s not going anywhere!  Right where he needs to be at pregnancy week 38.

Weeks my belly is measuring at: 37.5 weeks.  She said that he has clearly dropped and that’s the reason for this measurement.

Internal: Just a teeny tiny bit more pressure than the last two times, but nothing to write about.  There was a little bitty spot of blood on the glove when she removed her hand, so she said not to worry if there is a little spotting in my panties.

Internal stats: 80% effaced still.  Cervix OPEN.  -1 station.  Dilated 1 cm.  (Now I know that these stats do not mean that I’m going into labor any time soon, but I still think it’s cool that my cervix is finally open.  I bet it was due to sex that we had.  I wanted to have sex and then see if my cervix would be open by the time of my appointment.  Hmm.)

Baby’s Momma: I’m doing wonderful and enjoying being 38 weeks pregnant!  I have so much energy and am still sleeping well at night.  My anxiety is dropping for the most part (thank you Benadryl) and I’m so excited to get closer and closer to my due date.  I’ve been out with friends a lot this week and have had fun, knowing that hanging out like that might not be the easiest thing to swing in the next few weeks/months.

Stretch Marks: Not a one.

Belly Button: In, but you can see the inside when you look in the hole.  Also, my belly button hole has stretched beyond belief.  It looks really funny.  Could not have imagined if I would have ever gotten a tattoo on my lower hip.  It would be HUGE by now.

Next appointment: July 17th.

Big milestones this week: Having the final dressed up date night with my husband before we are parents to a living human, which is really crazy to think about.

38 weeks pregnant and yes, the emotions still running high.  In the car last night, as we were driving to the restaurant, I was just thinking about how much life will change when our baby is here and I got tears in my eyes.  Not sad ones, but happy and excited ones.  I’ve really come a long way from when I initially found out that I was pregnant.  I’m a whole new girl now, and while I can’t wait to meet our little guy, it’s also crazy to think about our life changing so much so soon.  Nine months really isn’t a long time at all – It goes by so quickly.  I am so glad that Tarzan and I got to have a nice date last night.

We went to a great place for dinner and then saw the Phantom of the Opera.  We had a wonderful dinner, complete with a great dessert, and then sat back in our seats to watch the Opera.

Oh, and an extra plus was that people were totally smiling at me while looking at my bump.  It made me feel really good.  One lady even gushed over me and told me that I was so gorgeous over and over.  I told her to “keep on going”.  No joke.  LOL.  I did feel really pretty and it was a great compliment to get from a stranger.

(I even got 2 compliments in the waiting room at my OB’s office today.  Maybe you just have to hit the 38 weeks pregnant mark to get continuous compliments… or maybe they just felt sorry for me being so pregnant.  I’m going to go with the first option!)

My labor pregnancy dream: So last night I had a dream…  about labor.  It was my first ever dream about labor and I’m thinking that I need to pack that damn hospital bag now, just like I promised my husband.  It wasn’t a bad dream at all, perhaps just a sign letting me know that I need to get my ass in gear about the bag.

Tarzan and I were at home and my water broke.  While waiting for my OB to call us back, we packed our hospital bags and then took off to the hospital.

Then I woke up.  The bed was dry.

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1 Khrystall

Your OB wasn’t just speaking on her own personal experience! I’ve had several OBs and NICU nurses say that AA babies tend to fair better preterm than Caucasian babies. Weird to me too, but seems to be true. Both of my daughters were preterm (one 34 weeks and one 32 weeks) and neither one had a single problem (except a touch of jaundice) Go figure!

2 Lori @ I Can Grow People

Brittany, have you talked your doctor? I had my baby at 35 weeks last year. Preterm birth is serious. Talk to your OB, ask for help. If you are really worried, go to the hospital. Do you have a partner or family around who can come and be with you?

3 Brittany

I’m 35 weeks, and all I want is to get this baby out of me. I’m in so much pain. He is so big and my tummy hurts so much. I have the Braxton Hixs at night with back pain. I have all the signs of pre term pregnancy, but the baby is still not hear. This is my first child. I’m scared. I’m not prepared mentally.

4 Ashli

Good luck!

I am also 38 weeks! :)

good luck!

5 Nikky

I am 34 weeks and just saw the doc today he said I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced, I go home and what happens I loose my mucuse plug! The doc said I would be having the baby eairly but am I going to have it very soon? I don’t know if loosing my mucus plug at this stage is a big deal or not?I do know that last wendsday I had to go to the hospital I was having contractions every 2 to 3 min the nurse checked me and said I was 1 cm dialated and very thick not effaced at all!! That was only 6 days ago!!! They had to give me a shot to stop the labor! So should I be expecting a baby any time now?? Sombody please help I am freaking out!!!!!!!

6 Kelly

Oops, sorry if my thoughts are rambling. I go from one subject to another. Sorry if I’m confusing.

7 Kelly

Ha ha, I had no whimpy white boy (or in my case girl) syndrome. She was born 37 weeks and was super healthy and strong. Ha ha, we’re having a boy and again looking at 37 weeks. We’ll see how whimpy he is. That is funny though. They’re inducing me at 38 weeks because of gestational diabetes and a few other complications. Love your blogs. First check today so I’ll see if I’m dialated, but I’ll probably be at this point 50 percent effaced dialated to a 2-3 and I stayed at 4 for about 5 days until my water broke. I didn’t feel contractions (I thought I was having braxton hicks up until I was dialated to a 7. My water broke at a 4-5 and I had her about 7 hours later. Feeling the same with this baby. Only time (and a check) will tell though. Not long now and your baby will be here. Ha ha, but her daddy is the most impatient man I know so if our son is anything like our daughter, he’s not waiting. My daughter looks everything like me, but has her daddies impatience, attitude and the biggest appetite I have seen for a 23 pound 2 year old. She’s so much her own self though. If this boy is the same I’m in for a hand full. I’m so excited for you two though. Hope to see pics. I love your blogs.

8 mommymichelle6

Yeah! You made it to 38 weeks.

I laughed about the “wimpy white boy” syndrome. My son was born at 37 weeks and I have to say he is anything but a wimp. Had no problems with the nursing either. Then again, as my DH says, “he’s ITALIAN.” Maybe that’s it? :)

I am a few weeks behind you in the journey. Our son is due in August. Wishing you the best.

9 Lori at I Can Grow People

My white little boy was born at 35 weeks. I was 70% effaced, 1cm dilated on a Monday and just after midnight on Wednesday I was a mom–it was nuts. Even my OB was shocked. Our son did indeed have jaundice, trouble feeding and weight gain issues in the beginning, but he is now 12 weeks old and 13 lbs! You just never know!

I applaud you for having sex this far along! I made it to about 25 weeks and haven’t done it since *sigh*. Someday, though, I will have energy again!

So excited for you both!

10 Virginia

Just a quick note about what your doctor said. I had a personal experience with it. I went into labor on my own with my little boy at 36 weeks and he had the wimpy symptoms and ended up in the NICU for a week. It was a stressful time for us and I am very glad that you have made it to 38 weeks so the risk of that happening goes down significantly!

Oh and my sons diagnosis was failure to thrive which I found out later he was more classified as having “wimpy white boy syndrome”! I had to laugh at the name!

11 Claire

I have a tattoo of wings that goes across my lower belly/hips. I was suprised that it didn’t stretch at all during my pregnancy. Seriously, it looks the exact same (minus the fact that it’s on a slightly pudgy postpartum tummy).
Also, be careful with benadryl after you deliver. It can cause letdown problems with your milk.

12 Leanna

Even though I knew you were just describing your dream, reading those words made my stomach leap into my throat. This is just too exciting!

So glad you guys got to enjoy a romantic date night before baby Tarzan arrives!

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