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38 weeks pregnant. Third trimester. Pregnancy Nearing End. Kick Counts. I’m Losing My Mind.

by Tarzan · 16 comments

pregnancy week 38With Jane at the tail end of the third trimester and a few days into pregnancy week 38, she’s as calm as can be with each passing day somehow.  She’s laying on the couch doing kick counts, and I’m just trying to concentrate on work… or anything for that matter.

Concentrating on anything is becoming quite a task.  I swear, I’m beginning to lose my mind here!  I mean…

Pregnancy Week 38 = The End Is Near!

Seriously.  I can’t belive Jane is 38 weeks pregnant already.  Wow.  Just a note for new moms and dads-to-be, believe it or not, your pregnancy really goes go by FAST!  Try to enjoy all the little moments you can – in between those battles with pregnancy hormones of course!

Although time flew by during Pregnant Jane’s 9 months of pregnancy, but time is REALLY starting to slow down for me now.

The anticipation is driving me through the roof!  I’m all over the place.  I’ve replied to the same email twice – on two separate occasions today.  I forgot about an appointment I had this AM and was running around like my head was cut off trying to get ready.  I missed a couple of calls.  Instead of putting the milk back into the fridge, I put it in the pantry, but thankfully caught myself.  Concentrating on work is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day.  And I just can’t sit still.

Waiting for Baby Tarzan to arrive is an exciting time.  I had NO idea in the world I’d feel and be like this.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m anxious.  I’m ready to go to the hospital now and get this party started!  But I have to keep reminding myself that Baby Tarzan can come any time during pregnancy week 38, pregnancy week 39, pregnancy week 40, or even pregnancy week 41 – a week after his due date!

Jane’s doctor told her that she won’t let her go more than a week past our due date.  I just can’t imagine waiting that long.  I’m ready to meet my son.  I’m ready to dive into our new life – a life in the wonderful world of parenthood and all the wonders and joys that come along with it.

third trimester dad to beSo yeah, I’m ready.  I’m ready to become a father.  Sure, I’m nervous as hell about it.  I’ve never changed a diaper in my life.  When I swaddled a toy baby for the first time at the birthing class we went to awhile back, I had the blanket tied all around the babies head for goodness sake!  (As a side note, I know not to do that in real life and wouldn’t do that to a real baby of course!)

I’m ready to become a father.  Huh.  It’s a whole new me saying that.  Maybe it’s the class we went to and some videos we’ve watched.  Maybe it’s books we’ve read.  Maybe it’s blogging about the pregnancy journey.  Maybe it’s reading all of the comments people like you make on our posts.  Maybe it’s everything combined.  Maybe it’s watching Jane through her 9 months of pregnancy.  Whatever it is that has prepared me, I feel like I’m ready now.

Although I really don’t know what were in for, I’m ready to begin that journey.  I’m ready to begin the next chapter in Pregnant Jane’s and my life.  I’m ready to meet my son.   I’m ready to be a daddy.

So come on down Baby Tarzan – we’re ready for you whenever you’re ready to meet us!  Just don’t run late like your mom and dad always do.  Waiting until a week after your mom is due will not be fun for us – especially for your mom with this heat!  It’s over 100 degrees each and every single day!

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1 Tarzan

TechyDad – LOL, isn’t that the way things always go? I tell Jane that any time except 7 to about 9 AM on the weekdays would be a good time to go into labor to avoid the crazy rush hour…

… I bet I can guess what that we’ll be headed for the hospital!

2 TechyDad


With our second child, the doctor’s office (half jokingly) told my wife that anytime except for a Monday morning was good for her to go into labor. Monday mornings were just too busy. Care to guess which day at 5am my wife woke me up to tell me that her water broke? ;-)

3 TechyDad

@Tori M.

I’ve got to second that. Mommy/Daddy Brain is even worse than Mommy-or-Daddy-to-Be Brain. One time our little one was crying and we thought he was teething. We didn’t have anything to soothe his gums so I had to rush to the store to buy something. Once I got into the parking lot, I realized that – in my rush to get dressed – I neglected to put on a shirt. I only had an undershirt on!!! No way was I heading back without those gum soothers, so I went into a big grocery store with my undershirt on. I made sure to make some side comment to the person behind the register about how my son was teething pretty bad and this was an emergency run hoping that would explain the undershirt without actually pointing out my forgetfulness. ;-)

4 Synapticsarcasm

Take lots of naps and stay cool guys! Fingers crossed baby comes soon, and it’s a great experience.

5 Jane

Tatiana & Leanna – My dr will only let me go 1 week past my due date, which is technically 42 weeks. I’m just hoping that I don’t have to go that route. I would be very happy if he comes close to his due date and anytime after this Friday. Nothing like specifics, right?!

As far as picking 42 weeks or whatever, I’ve never really asked. I’m guessing, since she has years and years of experience, that she found that 42 weeks works best for mom & baby. I will ask more ?’s if it looks like we have to go that option. Right now, let’s just send me lots of labor dust so that things happen naturally instead of having to be induced. :)

6 Leanna

To answer a question of yours from one of the previous comments, you can actually go to 43 weeks before things get to the point of needing to induce. The due date is really just a point smack dab in the middle of a six week stretch where it’s most ideal for the baby to come. So, yes – you CAN go even longer. I hope Jane doesn’t, though!

It sounds like you feel like a kid trying to go to sleep the night before Christmas. So excited and anxious! Of course, why wouldn’t you be that way? You’re going to have a son SO SOON!

7 MeMaRose

Waiting is the worst. Baby T will arrive when he is ready and usually it is when you least expect it to happen that they make their big debut!!! I feel for Jane being pregnant with that kind of heat; has to be so annoying . Doesn’t sound like she has hit that uncomfortable stage yet; which is awesome. That is horrible to go through….can’t sit, stand, or lay without being so uncomfortable. Sounds like you are all set for your hospital stay and are ready to become the most important people in Baby T’s life. Being a parent is the most unbelievable gift in the world. Your baby is your whole life and you are going to be so nervous and protective of him. They just have that way of taking right over and words can’t explain your love for them. Enjoy every minute of him and I will be praying that Jane has an easy quick delivery. I think at this stage in my pregnancy the one thing that I worried about other than hoping my delivery went well and the baby was fine; was that I was going to be a good parent because as we all know…children do NOT come with a handbook :o ) Best wishes and good luck. Will be looking forward to pictures and posts!!!!

8 Tori M.

If you think you’re going crazy now, wait until little T arrives. Milk in the pantry? Sure! Cat food to the dog, or even better, the pan on the stove you were cooking for dinner? You betcha. Forgetting the last time you ate or showered? Standard! I think it’s called “New Parent Syndrome” :) Maybe you’re just getting it early!

9 Jamie

it’s getting so close, i’m getting so excited for you guys but all these posts make me even more anxious for my own little one and i’ve still got a good 10 weeks to go! lol

10 Tarzan

@TechyDad, that’s what I’ve heard. It’ll seem like one moment your baby is tiny, sleeping in a crib, and the next moment you’re giving them a hug as they head to school. Kids grow up fast coupled with the fact that times goes by faster and faster the older we get means we really have to cherish all the moments we can.

However, I have a feeling that you’ll have to remind me about enjoying those seconds during the 3 AM wake up cries! LOL

Jane put the charger to the camera right by the camera, which is right by my bag, which is by our suitcase, which is by the three pillows Jane picked up yesterday (which all have blue pillow cases), which is by our bed. So hopefully, nothing is forgotten or left behind in the mad rush to the hospital. :)

And yes, Baby Tarzan will have his big photo debut on here when he is born. Maybe he’ll be famous!! LOL! Sadly, I don’t think the paparazzi will be willing to pay us $1,000,000.00… or even $1.00 for access to a sneak-peak photo like they do with celebrity babies. Would have been nice to be able to cover all these bills! LOL

@aussiechic … You know, I have been thinking a lot about that… really. I wonder when this new love that neither I or Jane has ever felt before is really going to smack us right in the face. And I wonder what it’s going to feel like. All I’ve heard is that there’s nothing like it in the world, it’s different, unique, and life-consuming. I’m excited to experience it!

So come on Baby Tarzan – come on down! Now would be good, we’d miss the AM rush hour. LOL

11 aussiechic

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will prepare you for how much you are going to be hit in the stomach with the love you feel for this little person when they finally arrive in the world… think you have an idea, and then you get smacked in the face with it……my Mr USA, could not believe it when our little vegemite finally entered the world and let out an almighty cry… IMMEDIATELY makes you cry……you turn into a lion and lioness ready to protect your cub…..every day they break your heart with the smallest of gestures, the little yawns, the teeny tiny toes, the little hands clamped around your finger….This is the most amazing journey you are on…………

12 TechyDad

I remember those final anxious weeks/days even though they seem like decades ago. My biggest is going to be six and starting the first grade soon. My youngest turned two and is starting to act “big kid” and is losing the last remnants of his baby appearance. Enjoy every second of your little one when they arrive (even the 3am wakeup cries) because they grow up so quickly!

Oh, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we want to see lots of photos as soon as Baby Tarzan is born! ;-) Don’t forget to charge those Digital Camera batteries!!!

13 Tarzan

Hi Tatiana, good question! I’ll ask Jane to comment on this one to be sure, but I think I remember the answer. I believe it’s because Jane’s doctor doesn’t like to go any further than one week past a due date. As far as why, I have no clue. I didn’t know 2 weeks was standard. :) We’ll see what Jane has to say – I’m curious now, I didn’t know you could go as far as 42 weeks of pregnancy. Wow. Could you go even longer I wonder? I would imagine too much longer and the baby would be too big to push out!

14 Tatiana @

I’m curious as to why your doctor will induce at 41 weeks as opposed to 42, which I thought was the standard? I’m not trying to be snarky at all, I’m just curious. I know what it feels like to be in those last weeks of pregnancy and just want the baby to get here already :)

15 Tarzan

Hey Peta! Is this your first? If so I wouldn’t be too worried if you go into labor and call your husband to rush home. I’m told you have several hours – or longer, especially for your first. It’s still hard for me to accept that one – and God knows I’ll be rushing around like I’m competing for some marathon when Jane goes into labor. :)

The hospital is also about an hour away from us. If Jane goes into labor between 7 and 9 AM, the drive to the hospital could double with rush hour traffic. I’m always telling Jane that it would be ideal if she goes into labor around 11 AM. That way we miss both the morning rush hour and the lunch traffic. Wishful thinking!

And speaking of wishful thinking, I’m sure Jane wishes she was somewhere where it was winter right now. It’s so hot here that you sweat just walking to the end of the driveway to pick up a newspaper! I think Jane starts sweating just thinking about having to go outside. lol

16 peta

Although I am a week and a few days behind Jane, I can totally understand where you are coming from it feels like it is time to meet our baby and start the new stage of our life, I have just started my maternity leave and now can relax a little waiting for the day for our baby to arrive. However I must admit that I am a little jealous that Jane has you at home in the last few weeks, it makes me so sad when my fiance has to leave to go work in the morning and makes me even more nervous that I might go into labor while he is working. We are an hour from the hospital and myfiance and is even further away for work arghhh however I am sure it will all work out ok

Best of luck waiting for Baby T’s Arrival

P.S I am now so happy it is winter here in Australia as being this pregnant in the heat does not sounds like much fun at all,I am feeling for Jane right now

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