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No worries about additional baby costs during labor and delivery, pills are included!

by Jane · 6 comments

Yay! Any medicine needed in labor and delivery is covered!On Twitter the other day I asked people’s opinions about whether or not I should bring my own unopened bottle of Ibuprofen and stool softeners.  (Ibuprofen for any after birth pain and stool softeners to make things come out more easily in case there is tearing involved after labor and delivery.)

Many people told me not to worry about it.  ”That’s what insurance is for”, they said.  Oh, I only wish it were that easy!

After I explained that we are maternity insurance-less (see how much having a baby costs without it here), and the fact that I’ve heard that just one pill can cost between $25-$50, I wanted to make sure that I was prepared.  After all, who wants to spend more money than they have to, right?

I put in a call to the hospital that I will be delivering baby T. at three days ago.  You can imagine how surprised I was when they called me back today; I had totally forgotten about it.

The financial counselor, or whatever her official title is, told me that I needed not to worry because pills, food, room & board, diapers, bulb syringes, and anything else baby-related is covered in the price that we paid.  Whew.  What a relief to hear that!

She said that the only, and I made sure of this, way that we would get a bill for anything extra is if there are complications and the baby has to stay in the NICU.  (Please, please, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that when the time comes he is healthy and won’t need to stay there.)

So while this whole baby thing has come with surprises, I am pleasantly happy with the fact that something seems to go our way and that pills will be provided at no additional cost to us.

After all, we’ve already paid the $3500 for it!

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Pregnancy is expensive. I’ve to experience doctor visit after doctor visit, test after test. I’ve to pay for prenatal vitamins. I’ve to pay co-pays for office visits. I’ve to buy maternity clothes and comfortable shoes. It will seem like the expenses continue to add up. While that all can be quite expensive, it doesn’t stop there. The actual labor and delivery part can be even more expensive. This is especially true if you are uninsured or even underinsured. Even with insurance, many people find the birth expenses a difficult burden to bear. But I can be prepared for it. By knowing beforehand what may be included in my birth expenses, I can make arrangements, research payment plans, or start saving the necessary money.thanx! @LINDSEY:)

2 tjwriter

My daughter was the $35,000 baby because of her NICU trip (5 days), and she was born on her due date, Don’t let anybody fool you that it can’t happen.

What got is us was that the doctor told me to go to the hospital VERY early in labor and then recommended I get an epidural very early. Being on my back, not walking around letting gravity help my cervix open, and the epidural medicine stopping my contractions led to a 26 1/2 hour labor. My daughter was stressed out from long process and had fluid in her lungs, low blood volume and acidic blood. They put her in the NICU where she had to wear a CPAP for a few hours and then a nasal canula for awhile.

She improved immediately, and acted fine, but it takes 3 days for blood culture results to come back, and on that 3rd day, she started having brachy episodes (low heart rate) while sleeping. After two more days of monitoring, they determined that she just had a low resting heart rate during sleep. She came home then.

I totally blame my asshat doctor of the time. With my second girl, I had a much better experience with another doc. She did everything she could to give me the experience I wanted.

3 Crumbs

That’s what I was going to say, Susan.

(Thinking very healthy thoughts for you guys! Hoorah, it’s soon!)

4 Susan

Did you ever check on pediatrician cost for the pedi that will check our Baby T at the hospital?

5 Crysi

We just got the bill for my 2 week hospital stay, $37000! Luckily, we only have to pay $400 because we hit our stop loss. My delivery should be nothing out of pocket now either, but it would have been a hefty price tag. There were 2 OBs, 1 anesthesiologist, a ped, 2 NICU teams and multiple nurses all in an OR, even though it was a vaginal delivery.

6 Saffy

Hi there, I’m sure that at your late gestation there won’t be a NICU trip – but OMG I hadn’t even begun to think that if baby T had’ve needed NICU that you would’ve been up for another bill! Wowzer. Now that I’m pregnant too (32wks) I really appreciate living in New Zealand with universal healthcare. Not long to go now Ms Jane :)

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