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Signs of labor? 39 weeks pregnant and the bloody show or mucus plug arrived today

by Jane · 33 comments

bloody show mucus plug clean up kitToday started off just like every other day.  39 weeks pregnant and still waiting… But then something strange happened that will (hopefully) make this day stand out as a little different from the others.

A couple of my girl friends were in town and they wanted to meet us for lunch.  We settled on Cafe Express at noon.  Tarzan didn’t really feel like getting dressed, but I persuaded him to go and am glad that he went.


Lunch was great!  I enjoyed my huge greek salad with chicken and Tarzan enjoyed his sandwich.  We told the Craigslist story about my pregnancy anxiety to some of the girls that hadn’t heard it yet and we were all laughing.  Good times for sure!

When it was time to leave, I had to make a stop at the bathroom.  No new news there.  But it’s what I saw in the bathroom at 39 weeks pregnant that makes this story just a little different from going to the bathroom every other time.

When I was finished peeing and about to wipe myself, it felt a little different down there.  Maybe more moist, if you will.  Usually when I wipe, it’s toilet paper to vagina.  This time it was toilet paper, a slimy feeling, then vagina.  Totally different.

Then I looked at the toilet paper to see what this slimy feeling was and the paper was full of mucus-y stuff and blood.  Naturally I glanced in the toilet, but did not see a mucus plug, and since there was more blood than mucus, I figured it was the bloody show.

(Being that I’ve never been pregnant before, I purely make guesses on these kinds of things.)

Immediately I had a huge smile on my face.  Perhaps the stripping of my membranes on Friday at my 39 weeks pregnant doctor appointment and the spicy stir-fry last night did the trick.  I washed my hands and headed out to share the good news with my husband.

Of course I got a bit distracted by the desserts though.  We talked about getting a chocolate chip cookie and then he suggested we go next door to Border’s to get a rice krispie treat.  Yum.

While we were walking I looked at him and said, “So guess what?  I think the bloody show just happened!”  (I seriously said this with excitement in my voice.)  He stopped dead in his tracks and was like, “What? Do we need to get you home now?  Do we need to call the dr.?

After I stopped laughing, I told him no.  I wanted to go to Border’s and walk around.  Plus, while I am hoping that labor and delivery starts soon (like today), I’m also well aware of the fact that it could take another week or so.  No getting my hopes up just yet.

He asked me why I thought it was the bloody show and I told him because there seemed to be more blood and a little mucus instead of a plug.  (I’ve totally googled “mucus plug” and have a good feeling that I know what to expect and that’s not what I saw on the toilet paper.)

39 weeks pregnant bloody showWe went into Border’s and started to twitter about what was going on.  It was like a natural high almost.  I feel so great and really hope that this means something.  Tarzan, on the other hand, seems a lot more nervous.  And I mean a lot.  I’m thinking it’s a typical response from a dad-to-be.

We got some goodies at Border’s and then went to walk around outside.  I wanted to keep on walking because I know that it can help to induce labor, but it was really hot, so we cut it a bit short and headed toward the car.  Tarzan kept on saying that he wanted to go closer to home (we were already close to home) to make sure that we could get the hospital bags in the car, have a plan for our dog, blah, blah, blah.  He also kept on saying that he just had a feeling that my water was “going to explode” at any minute and he wanted to be prepared.  LOL.

I gave in and we headed toward the car.  I told him that since we were going home we were going to have sex to try to induce labor.  He didn’t seem so sure about that.  He said something classic like, “If you had a penis, would you want to put it in a hole full of mucus and blood?”  Oh Tarzan.

I reminded him that we have always had sex whether on my period or not, so what was the difference?  I think his nerves were getting the best of him really.  He said that he was feeling really overwhelmed and here I was cracking up with laughter.  I’m just so calm about this whole process and he isn’t.  Poor guy.

Before he would let me get in the car, he put down a beach blanket on the seat.  I told him that it wasn’t necessary, and he responded with “at least I’m not putting down the garbage bags too“.  Okay, okay, point taken.

We drove home with me sitting on a big, comfy pink beach blanket while telling him that we were having sex and him seeming extremely nervous.  Nervous or not, I love this guy.  It’s so sweet to see him so excited about being a father, but so vulnerable and nervous at the same time.

When we got home I had to go to the bathroom again.  He was right there and as soon as I finished wiping myself there was a “plunk” on the toilet seat.  Yes, my friends, some kind of mucus-y bloody thing that didn’t make the toilet paper came out of my vagina and landed on the toilet seat.

The toilet paper was full of mucus and blood.  Tarzan and I examined it (I even wanted to take a picture because it fascinated me, but he said that would be disgusting) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably pieces of my mucus plug falling out at each bathroom break.  I need to google the difference between mucus plug and bloody show because I’m not completely sure of the difference.

C’mon baby T!  Let’s get things moving and me to the hospital to meet you!!  Can. Not. Wait.

And now… here’s the perspective from Tarzan:

Jane's belly @ Pregnancy week 39

My sweet little 39 weeks pregnant wonderful and beautiful wife Jane wanted me to write on this post as well, to document how the day went for me (so far – the craziness might just be getting started!)

I’m sorry if some (or a lot) of this is a repeat to the above, but this way you’re getting both sides of the story.  I didn’t read Pregnant Jane’s post above at all before writing this – so I have no idea what she wrote and she has no idea what I wrote.  So here goes…

Well, when Jane walked out of the bathroom I noticed she had a HUGE smile on her face.  I know something was going on.  When she told me that she thought she had her bloody show, I immediate thought about my recent blog post about wanting to ban that word and change it to the “stop sign” or “the show stopper”!

I then felt my stomach beginning to get tied into knots.  “How do you know?” I asked.  Jane replied and explained what had happened in the bathroom.

OH  MY  $&*@^!  GOSH!

I’m thinking we’re going to have to rush home ASAP and get our bags ready when Jane says, “Mmmmm, I want a cookie from the cafe in Borders.”

W  H  A  T ?!?!?!

“Are you serious!?” I asked.  ”What if your water breaks while we’re walking there?  What if it breaks while we’re in the bookstore?” Jane wasn’t phased a bit.  Why in the hell is she so $#&%* calm and I’m the one beginning to feel like I’m about to have an all-out panic attack and flip out!?

We walked into Borders and Jane ordered her cookie, actually, a cookie and a marshmallow square thing and a drink.  We then walked around the store a little and said it would be good for us to come home so we’re closer to the house.  Jane was fine with being out and about.  She wanted to be.  WTH!?!?

39 weeks pregnant walking and maybe labor starting?Jane then said she wanted to take the long way to the car and I was 100% positive that I was going to hear the “plock” sound and then “whoooooosh!” water was going to be spraying everywhere from Jane’s vagina like a broken fire hydrant in front of hundreds of people walking around town.

As we were walking, Jane was updating her Twitter profile with the play-by-play and we were laughing at some of the responses from people.

As we were getting closer to the car Jane said, “Oooh, I feel a lot of pressure down there.”

“WHAT!?!  Pressure?  Is it the baby? Is he coming right now?  Oh my God.  We need to get to the car.  I’m going to put garbage bags and towels on the seat.  This is crazy.  Wow.  We need to get home and be close to our bags!”

I’m flipping out, but trying to be calm and Jane is as calm as could be.  IN FACT, during this long walk Jane was walking 10 times faster than she has ever walked since getting pregnant!  I was having trouble keeping up with her!  Usually I have to walk really slow with her and take my time.

But today I felt like we just entered a speed-walking marathon and 39 week pregnant Jane was in the lead by a mile.  She was on a mission.  She was happy.  She was excited.  She was walking so damn fast!

mucus plug and bloody show blanket just in case water breaks!We finally get to the car and I quickly grabbed a beach towel and forgot the garbage bag.  ”Hurry, people are coming!”  I quickly put the towel down and Jane jumped in the car… literally.

While driving home Jane mentioned she wanted to have sex when we got home to help further bring things along.

I excitedly thought OK… but then had a mental image of the bloody show and mucus plug.  Urgh.  I was frazzled.  Jane’s water could burst any moment and now she wanted to have sex?  Huh?  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but in my frazzled state said something like, “How would you like to stick your penis into a hole filled with mucus?” Or something like that.  That cracked Jane up and that helped lighten my freaked-out frazzled-I’m-going-to-be-a-father mental state.

We made it home without any water shooting out all over the inside of our car and Jane went to the bathroom.  “Tarzan, I want you to look at it so you can see what it looks like.”

I just stood there at the door of the bathroom in shock with our house alarm still beeping from when we walked in the door, and within a few seconds the house alarm was about to go off.  ”Turn off the alarm!”  Jane shouted and I said, “Oh yeah”, put in the code, and turned it off.

Jane went to the bathroom, wiped, and   T H E R E   I T   W  A  S.

As far as what it was, I have no clue in the world.  It was red and chunks of stuff and snotty looking stuff that reminded me of the fat you sometimes see in a whole chicken or turkey when  you are cutting it.  It was nothing like what I expected.  The hairs on my neck and arms began to raise and I shuttered with a quick chill that overcame my body.

“What in the &%$* is that!?  Is that your mucus plug?  What is that!?  Whoooa!  Ewww.” I said.  At that moment I realized that my weak stomach is going to have one hell of a test coming up soon when we’re in the hospital.   (NOTE: We don’t think it was the actual plug, just pieces of… ummm.. it or other stuff or something.)

So here we are.  Jane wants to have sex.  My stomach is still feeling nauseous.  Seriously.  I’m not feeling too good right now.  I don’t know if it’s something I ate for lunch, or all of that excitement and my adrenaline kicking into high gear combined with being shown some bloody oozy pieces of who knows what that I have never seen before!

For the first time in Jane’s pregnancy, sex is the last thing on my mind.

Right now I need to eat some Tums and relax….

I can say that I would have never expected any of this!  From Jane becoming “Super Jane” and walking 100 miles an hour, to wanting to have sex now, and then wanting to clean the house after (WHAT!?  UH OH!), to me getting all worked up and feeling ill now.

What a day.  Once my stomach feels better a nice cold beer or wine sounds VERY good.

So stay tuned…  Jane tells me that this could be the beginning of something – or that this may be nothing and we’re still a week or two away.  Uhhhh…. I don’t know how many days like this my stomach could take!


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Your is wonderful!

2 Gwenny

So, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and feeling like I should be 34 weeks by now. I really enjoy reading pregnancy blogs and seeing what everyone else is going through! I have to say, though, this one is my favorite by far!!! It has been awhile since I’ve laughed so hard I cried, so thank you guys for that. HAHA! If only everyone could be so amusing… :-)

3 becca

hysterical! i’ve not been pregnant yet, but i sure do love reading this. hopefully i’ll be able to freak my fiance out one day soon like this :)

4 Alice

Just to share with you, I didn’t experience any mucus plug falling out or anything mucu-y and bloody chunks of don’t-know-what or any bloody show. My water bag just literally burst (I swear I heard the ‘pop’ sound!) when I was at home squatting to urinate. Immediately after the ‘pop’ sound, a gush of water came out into the toilet bowl. I myself panicked! But later I calmed down as hubby quickly rushed me to the hospital. I was wearing the menstruation pad (to absorb the amniotic fluid) the whole time during the journey to the hospital. But of course hubby put on the rubber mat layered with rags on the car seat. But funnily though, I didn’t feel any contraction pain until about 5 hours after the ‘pop’ sound. Then when it was time for labour, it was a hell long and painful time – painful as in waiting for the cervix to open up bigger, so during the waiting time, the doctor inserts the speculum and then her finger to feel the cervix (that’s the painful process!). However, the dilation remained at 4 cm for many hours (I think it remained at 4 cm for 4-5 hours long!) until finally the doctor decided to do caesarean on me becos it was already 12 hours since my water bag broke which can put the baby at risk for infection. So after signing some agreement letter, I was whisked off to the operating room and I recalled being conscious when the surgery was performed until finally I heard my baby crying and I said to myself,”Whew! It’s all over now!” I requested from the doctor to see my baby just before they take him for a quick bath becos I really, really wanted to see him covered with mucus and blood, but unfortunately the doctor didn’t entertain my request! :-( Ah…never mind…..

5 Tarzan

@teresa, oh no! Where did your plug go? That is terrible! Those damn plugs can be worse than car keys sometimes, right? Just falling out without you ever noticing. Did you look in between the couch cushions? Under the refrigerator? In your husband’s back pocket in his jeans that went through the wash?

And they’re not made too well now-a-days either. Jane’s fell out in pieces. You’d think that with quality control they’d make better plugs… especially how much pregnancy costs now-a-days, too! For the money we’ve paid, I was hoping Jane’s plug would be plated in gold so we could sell it on eBay and make up some of the costs!

@Helen… oh yes, we do tell ALL. :) This post is yet another great example as to why we keep this blog a secret from all friends and family! LOL

6 teresa

i will be 39 weeks on Thursday but i had a doctor app’t today. I am now about 3cm dilated and about 50% effaced. I asked about my mucous plug because i haven’t seen it and she said she just feels the baby’s head so it isn’t up there anymore! damn sneaky plug!

She said maybe next week they would strip the membranes.

7 Leanna

I was just researching the stripping of the membranes, and came across this forum post. I thought it was really interesting, and guessed that it might be interesting to you, too!

“With my first pregnancy, my doctor stripped my membranes, because I had been 1 cm for a month. Well it hurt a little. A few hours later I had the worse irregular contractions. I finally knew what contractions felt like that day! The next day, I walked and walked and walked around the mall. When I got home my mucus plug had came out. The day after that, my water broke. So off to the hospital I went. And I was still 1 cm! Now I don’t know if stripping my membranes had any affect on my mucus plug coming out or my water breaking, but everything just happen days apart from each other.”

There’s a wee bit more, too…You can read on here:

8 NikkiD13

Love this story – or stories – I should say! Sorry I just found you guys at the end of your pregnancy – I am 16 weeks preggo myself. I will be following along and hope you both continue to share after the baby comes home! :)

9 Gilz

I predicted it would be tonight.

10 Helen

Very excited for you guys! What a funny post- you guys tell it ALL, don’t you? :-)
It certainly sounds like something is happening. I think my guess for the birthday is going to be WAY off (July 30)

11 Leanna

This post made me “Disneyland excited” for you AND me! Baby T will be here so freaking soon. I never thought a post about blood and mucus would leave me feeling lightheaded from elation, but this one did the trick!

12 Elizabeth

Because this is too long to twitter to you:
My water *almost* broke in bed. I was laying down, ready to go to sleep, but decided to go pee for one last time- my water broke as soon as I stepped off the carpet onto the tile floor of my bathroom. And I definitely knew it was my water breaking! There was no doubt. Also, such a small percantage of water breaks on it’s own because most people have their doctor do it early “to get things moving along.” When people wait, like you’re doing, it is more likely do happen.
Best of luck! And it’s good you’re so calm! When my water broke I got so excited (not nervous, just ready to see my baby) I was shaking!

13 Kelly

Wow, looks like you guys are going to need this soon! Congrats on your Itzbeen win! Just reply back to this email address!

14 Tarzan

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Jane and I had an interesting night for awhile before Jane went to bed. She was getting up to pee nearly every 5 minutes for awhile there. We were doing kick counts and Baby Tarzan was being stubborn at first – and of course Jane got worried. She drank more apple and orange juice and we started feeling him moving around A LOT. Several big kicks made Jane say OOOOUCH! and have pain you know where.

We even went as far as thinking they were contractions – or those tony braxton things. I was thinking last night Jane’s water was going to break. It didn’t and we’re back in the waiting game today. :)

P.S… I do know when the water breaks it will more than likely be a trickle or even a leak… but I know it’s possible for the big gush – and whenever I think of water breaking, I think of the BIG gush with water squirting everywhere – thanks to the movies, I’m sure! LOL

15 teresa

everytime i go to the bathroom I wipe and hope to see some slimy mucousy bloody discharge. nothing. zilch. squat so far.

i lost my mucous plug 4 days before I had my second. Three days later my water broke. Unlike some it was no mere drizzle. I had just got up to go to the bathroom and was getting back into bed and I thought I was peeing all over until I realized what it was. I lost my plug about a day before I had my first.

good luck on all your other actions you are taking to bring on labor. Tarzan you are going to have to take one for the team on this one. Stand tall and venture bravely out there.

My husband just started his two weeks vacation so we also will be taking on full attack on Operation Make Una Come Out–sex, long walks, and I have heard that pedicures work(?). I won’t make my husband give me the pedicures though.

16 Emily

Oh my goodness this post has me literally laughing out loud…you guys are so funny and I’m so glad you’re doing this blog to keep all of us so entertained!

I never lost my plug, so I am loving your descriptions of the experience. And I have to mention, regarding the sex thing- I totally understand being a bit grossed out by the prospect, but just remember it might be a while until you get the chance after Baby T is born. Our son is 6 weeks and I’m still not remotely interested in it, much to my husband’s disappointment!

17 TheAngelForever

Ah, the joys of a mucus plug tease session! The good thing is that the pressure that Jane is feeling is likely the baby engaging. Can’t wait to read more updates on Twitter.

18 Jessica in Florida

lol that all sounds really disgusting, no offense but im 31 weeks and so not looking forward to any of the above mentioned images. I think my Fiance will appreciate me keeping him from seeing any of that. I hope labor isnt far from you :) Good luck, c’mon Baby Tarzan!!

19 Andrea

Omg I am totally excited for you!!! I still have 6 weeks and 5 days until my due date so I am beyond jealous!!! Good luck!!!!

20 ashley rn

My mother sent me your blog last week at work and I have been reading it ever since. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and have enjoyed reading all your posts and I really mean I have read every single one of them. There are 6 of us at my office following your journey including my boss who caught me reading on your blog during work! I wish you both the best and keep us posted on everything. I’m going to sign up for twitter so I can follow you if you post while at the hospital which I hope you do. Oh, and I am one who actually pee in my pants a little from loling so hard reading some of your posts. he he

21 Tori M.

I lost mine 3 weeks before my son was born, and never actually went into labor (had a scheduled c-section thanks to his being breech). Unfortunately, most of those “preliminary labor” signs don’t mean squat, even when combined. For Jane’s sake, I hope it *does* mean Little T is coming soon. Jane–you totally have my full empathy with being pregnant in extreme heat! :)

22 tjwriter

Poor Tarzan, you do realize that if her water breaks, it might not be a huge gush exploding everywhere, right? If Baby Tarzan’s head is really down low, it can act as a plug and there will only be a slow leak.

With my second, it seems I had a very tough bag of waters. It took the doctor two tries to break that thing!

I’d you are starting to experience some dilation, Jane. It only seems logical that your plug would fall out when your cervix really starts to open. Now go have sex and be sure to have an orgasm, Jane! That will cause some contractions for sure. It was what started my first labor, lol. The prostaglandins in semen ripen the cervix and the orgasms get the uterus to moving.

I never did notice my mucus plug with either pregnancy.

23 Kayce

My mom lost her mucus plug when she was pregnant with me 3 days before her labor. I never went into actual labor with my daughter, so I am not sure what to look for.

But, I do know that if you had your membranes stripped, it might just be an effect of that and not actual labor preparation. Even with stripped membranes, your body won’t go into labor until it is supposed to. Membranes being stripped is only successful at starting labor about 35% of the time within 24-75 hrs after it is done.

Good luck, and hope your labor and delivery are beautiful and everything you want!

24 Julia Bastos

LOL This is soooo cool! I didn’t get to see my mucus plug. I might have lost it both times and didn’t even realize it. It looks like it’s getting close. I did feel the pressure though. LMAO reading your blog. Can’t wait for the updates onde Baby T is here. I’ll have a blast reading posts on how the poop changes color Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

25 Lainie (Fitfigmom on Twitter)

Good luck. By the way, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I still think I’ll be thinking “so what the heck is that?” when those late pregnancy things happen. Of course, my other pregnancies were 4 and 7 years ago, so I’ve forgotten a lot.

26 Tarzan

I just read that when a pregnant woman loses her mucus plug (AKA “internal cork” in my book) it can still be DAYS or even WEEKS before actual labor begins.

Good grief. Just wanted I wanted to hear!

Jane and I have come to the conclusion that today BOTH the “internal cork” and the “show stopper” happened together. Maybe that means we won’t have to wait DAYS or WEEKS?

Another sign… our dog is acting very strange and nervous – she’s acting like me! Except she is laying on Jane’s belly – seriously!

27 Tarzan

UPDATE: Jane just walked out of the bathroom two seconds ago and updated me…

She said more pieces fell out – a lot larger pieces. They were quarter size at least.

Oh boy…

I don’t know what to do with myself right now!

EEEEeeeeeks! Gotta make sure video camera is charged. Need to make sure camera is charged. Need to make sure everything is packed. Need to make sure we have everything. Need to relax. Deep breaths… Deep breaths… Deep breaths…

Baby Tarzan, don’t make me go through days… or more than a week of this, my stomach and nerves will not be able to take it!

28 Tarzan

And I’m still freaking out here. LOL!

29 Jane

Oh yeah, the alarm. LOL, I totally forgot about that part of the story. I’m cracking up here…

30 Erin

Good luck!! Definitely relax, eat a good meal, drink lots of water… just in case!

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