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29 ways to induce labor at home naturally without having to sit 9 hours in an uncomfortable Yoga position!

by Tarzan · 162 comments

how to induce labor at homeThe last couple of days have been wild to say the least!  As you can see by the past two blog posts, Jane and I have been really busy between what we thought was labor and the “real deal” to Jane becoming very emotional today.  It’s been a draining two days – especially since we’re actively trying to induce labor at home!

So for those of you pregnant ladies out there, you may want to forward this post to your husband, especially if you guys are going through a dry spell!  Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Early on in Jane’s pregnancy, I often blogged about the lack of sex.  Lack meaning NONE and I thought that it was nothing but a distant memory.  Jane was rarely in the mood and with her hormones raging at times, it was safe for me to keep a few feet from her sometimes anyway.  ha ha.

But now-a-days, LOOK OUT.  And what can I say, it’s the Doctor’s orders.  At Jane’s appointment yesterday I asked her Doctor, “how can we naturally induce labor”?

She looked over at me and said one word.  “Sex”.  She then followed that by, “lot’s of sex”.  My reply was of course, “sounds like a good plan to me!”

So Jane and I of course have to follow her Doctor’s orders, right?  Of course!  It’s time to get the whole labor and delivery stage going here.

Now Jane and I are on a mission.  We are trying to find all the ways we can naturally induce labor here at home.  Can you help us?  If there isn’t anything on the list based on some research we did, feel free to comment below.  We’re ready to get things rolling, that is of course if Baby Tarzan is ready to get things rolling with us.  In the end, it’s all up to him, but I’m sure it won’t hurt if we help move things along a little and make it easier for him!  So here’s…

29 Ways To Induce Labor At Home

1. Walking

2. Galloping (huh? See video below)

3. Acupuncture

4. Pressure points

5. Spicy foods

6. Sex and orgasms

7. Nipple stimulation

8. Pineapple

9. Dancing

10. Squatting

11. Relaxing

12. Meditation and/or visualization

13. Evening primrose oil

14. Red raspberry leaf tea

15. Castor oil

16. Herbs (such as black and blue cohosh)

17. Massage

18. Glass of wine (Consult your doctor!)

19. Stripping the membranes

20. Marching up stairs

21. Rent a sad movie and cry like crazy

22. A really bumpy car ride

23. Bouncing and stretching on a birth or exercise ball

24. Swimming

25. Mowing lawn or picking weeds

26. Jump on a swing and start swinging

27. Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now

28. Watch a really funny movie and laugh until you pee

29. Get down on all fours and shake that booty

As far as that “galloping” deal to naturally induce labor, see the video below.  All I can say is that I highly doubt any of us will see Jane galloping down the road like this.  And if I was driving down the road and saw a pregnant woman doing that, I’d pull over and ask her if she’s OK!

So how about you?  Any ideas?  Anything not listed above that
was successful in inducing labor for you?

* Disclaimer: Remember, Jane nor I are doctors. Please consult your doctor before trying any of these methods on this post, comments by others, or anything else mentioned on our blog.  Also remember that none of these methods are guaranteed to work if the baby in your body isn’t ready.

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1 Emma

I am nearly 39weeks pregnant and been having mild contractions for a week coming every 5 minutes. I lost my mucus plug almost two weeks ago so i’ve tried sex, pineapple, castor oil (not nice!) Walking, raspberry leaf tea, wine, pumping, relaxation and still nothing! Im getting very impatient now, although, with my first child, i had sex then literally 5mins later my waters broke with a gush and was gettin contractions every 2mins!

2 Stacey

39.5 weeks pregnant. Went to the docotors last thrusday and she said she wouldnt be surprized if she saw us at the hospital friday night. Its now Monday morning and NOTHING! No contractions and my cramping has even gone down. The doctor already stripped my membrane and I’ve tried walking, cleaning, crying my heart out, nipple stimulation and sex. I’m going to try the pinapple and spicy food next even though I hate both. Then its on to the red rasp. tea leaf.

3 olga

I read that pumping is good. the milk it is not good to save the milk but it works to help get the contractions going. It work for me, just have to talk to you doc. make sure that it is safe for you because every body is diffrent and even though you want your baby out you do not want to put him in danger.

4 Megs

I’m 37 weeks and going crazy!!! After being on bedrest for 5 weeks i’m more than ready to have this baby! I’ve tried sex, nipple stimulation, bouncing, cleaning, relaxing in the tub, and blue cohosh. I want to avoid medical induction… I am wondering if i’m using the blue cohosh tincture appropriately, I am fallowing the instructions.. but its been four days, and I’m still pregnant. I’m wondering if there are details such as eating habits that can affect its ability to induce labor. If anyone has info please share! ;) good luck ladies!

5 Carissa O.

Good grief im 38.5 weeks. i drank a whole bottle of castor oil and didnt even get the poops!!! Im wondering if its because i ate a alottttttta rice cakes after i was craving them like crazy hahaha. i had a few more contractions but not as bad as the ones ive had w. out doing anything. 3 1/2 cm dilated lost my mucus plug… i dont have anywhere to walk and i clean my house a million times a day lol… never lost my sex drive so i feel like sex is not working for us. Should i try the castor oil again and NOT eat anything this time?

6 Jami

So I tried the Castor Oil concoxtion that an older lady at work told me about, Oh it got me cleaned out that’s for sure, but it wasn’t till like 4 hours later after I took my first dose, but here it is k 2T of Castor Oil in 1 c – 1 1/2 c of RootBeer mix it really well and then chug chug chug!!! it taste like Chapstick, but better then the real Stuff…..And then earlier I’d eaten some hot stuff, and forgotten I did so…..oh the burnage that happend later I tell you what!!!! But did cause ALOT of contractions and I dialated more! We’d also had sex too so could have been the combo of everything, but Good Luck Everyone!!! But now that I”m to a 2 my husby doesn’t wanna have sex anymore haha.. he finds it wierd he said.. hehe…
Poor Guy not gonna get any for a while….

7 Carissa

hhhmmppff! I’m 37 weeks and 5 days. My son is moving tons and the cramps and back aches have me awake all night! not to mention until a week ago i working full time! I’ve tried the breast pump action, which by the way did provide a few hours of cramping, but no full on labor worries. I’m also trying the pineapple, good but no results. any other ideas, besides the Castor oil? lol

8 Amanda

35 weeks is too early to induce labor. I am a NICU nurse and we have 35 week gestation babies who need oxygen because they are too early.

9 Chanty

You shouldn’t really be trying to induce labour at 35 weeks, although I do understand the impatientness. I am almost 38 weeks and I have been trying for a while too and nothing seems to be working. I have been getting cramping but nothing other than that :( … I’m just gonna keep doing the walking and sex and hopfully that will work! Good luck to all of you other pregnant women :)

10 lady D

I am 35 weeks pregnant I tried everything from castor oil to walkin to havin sex even makin myself have a orgasm nothing has workd. Maybe I should try gaLloping maybe it will work for me lol

11 britt

well lets see ive tried sex spicy food vaccuming the whole house including 2 sets of stairs mopping on my hands and knees re-arranging the living room squatting walking bouncing on the bed using an exercise ball and NOTHING has worked!!! ive almost given up!! who knos maybe the galloping will work for me lol

12 Nina

Well I know its a bit late but…
Prego pizza =D
originally created in 1980s This masterpiece had six types of meat and was loaded with fresh vegetables && extra onions && extra garlic.
Also Pineapple, papaya, && mango is said to induce labor as well.

13 swingshinemum

Another way to induce labor – vacuuming. And lots of it.

14 Leanna

I know you’re a bit busy right now, but when you guys are back and settled – which of these did Jane try last night?? I want to know what worked!

15 Matt

I know it’s too late since she’s in labor now, but I’ve heard black licorice will do the job.

I like the idea of lots of sex though! Thankfully, my wife never really lost her sex drive in pregnancy.

16 Jamie

looks like the longest list i’ve ever seen but i guess sex is the best and most proven :)

17 Brittany

It’s a little late now seeing that you’re already in labor, but I’ve heard eating eggplant Parmesan has induced labor in some women!

18 justbarefoot

I just saw that you’re on your way to the hospital (yea! good luck!), but maybe this will help next time…. with my first I was walking around the farmers’ market, 7 days late (and enormous), and the lady at the vinegar stand came running out, grabbed me, and dragged me back to her booth. She talked a good 5 minutes on the benefits of vinegar to induce labor, gave me several selections, then poured me a dixie cup of raspberry vinegar and insisted I drank it. The baby came 3 days later, so I’m not sure it was the vinegar, but it’s certainly one to add to the list! :)

Congratulations on Baby T, and here’s to a healthy delivery!

19 Tanya

Based on my experience w my 42 week pregnancy 2 yrs ago, if baby’s not ready, none of it works! But he was worth the wait!

20 Alice Law

Personal opinion, let the baby comes to the world naturally without any induction. He knows his best time to arrive in this world… just a few days, or perhaps a few hours more… try to wait patiently! Good luck!

21 Cindy

A fellow pregnant woman I was speaking with today said that she has induced her last 3 pregnancies using her breast pump. She said that the stimulation causes the uterus to contract and gets things moving. Don’t know the accuracy of this, nor do I know the safety…but thought I would share.

22 Kristen

Not too mention that my baby is teasing me too!!! 1-2 cent dilated and 70% effaced. I’m following your #twitterbirth :-) Good luck!

23 Kristen

I’m only 37 weeks 3 days and I am already impatient!!! I’m thinking of starting on this list tomorrow LOL

24 devaskyla

Getting the baby in a good position (anterior, see can help get labour started if a bad position is what’s holding things up. Spending lots of time on hands & knees (chest & knees if baby has engaged) & avoiding reclining positions are easy ones. Chiropractic adjustment & moxibustion help some women get babies into a better position, too. The galloping…weird but could also help positioning. Going upstairs sideways might be less embarrassing, though.

25 teresa

i will be 39 weeks tomorrow.

I have been fitting in hikes/walks since Sunday. Now that my husband is on vacation we have had the “you put her in there and now it is your job to get her out of there” sex everyday.

Also today I had a pedicure (foot massage) and drank some licorice root tea (aveda comfort tea has licorice root which stimulates the uterus) .

my husband is a doctor, although not an ob/gyn, and i have been trying to convince him to strip my membranes but he refuses……………..

26 Alicia A

Evening primrose oil put me into labor!

27 Lee

Okay….now this is what I have heard…I never did it myself, but my doc told me it could help…enema. Yup….gross, but something about the bowel movement and labor…don’t know if you want to try….like I said, I didn’t do it….’k…nuthin else to add here!!

28 Christen

OMG, that galloping video is so funny! You never know, baby T might just be waiting for Jane to start galloping around to make his appearance.

29 Tarzan

Oh no you didn’t! Mention the word “cookies” to pregnant Jane leads me to leaving the house late at night for a cookie run! Mmmmm…. cookies sound good though. :)

30 Tatiana @

I saw this recipe for “labour cookies” recently… they look like they’d taste damn good!

(it’s sort of your #5, “spicy foods”)

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