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It’s 4:46 AM. Jane’s water broke at 4 AM CST. Called Doctor. She said head to the hospital NOW!!!

by Tarzan · 30 comments

Hey everyone!

REAL FAST.  Jane’s water broke a little.  She’s 39 weeks pregnant.  Leaking.  We are headed to the hospital now.  Please follow us on Twitter – we will be updating everyone there and will not be able to post on the blog for awhile.  Go to:

Wish us luck!  Whoooo Hooooo!  We are nervous!   Running around!  Jane is saying, “Tarzan, LET’S GO!”  OK, talk to you soon on Twitter!!!!!!  Jane is also having contractions right now…


Jane and Tarzan

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1 Catherine

Congratulations!!!!!!! So glad to hear that you didn’t have to be one of the many women who goes past her due date!!! And most importantly, glad to hear that everyone is healthy and happy. Enjoy your precious new addition!!!! Can’t wait to see a pic!



3 Nicole

Congratulations again on the birth of Baby Tarzan. It may just be the preggo hormones, but I was tearing up reading the Twitter updates from Tarzan- I’m so glad everything went smoothly and you have your baby boy here now!

4 Julia Bastos

Yay!! Baby T is finally out. Congrats, you guys. Jane, you’re such a pro! God bless your family.

5 Gilz

So Exciting. See you on Twitter.

6 Amanda

Congratulations to you both & to baby! I am happy to hear that all went well.
I think I posted here before (pregnancy brain?) but we also conceived on Halloween night and I am due the 25th. I’m having contractions tonight but nothing consistent, trying to keep my mind off of it. I thought I’d stop by your site and I was happily surprised to see the news. It’s a great thing to hear, hopefully mine will be smooth also!

7 Becca

MVP — I’m sure Tarzan will update tomorrow, and you can access twitter even if you don’t have an account.

Mom and Baby T are both doing great, resting now.

8 Jessie

CONGRATS!!!!!!! *Doing the happy dance!!!!


Help! I don’t twitter, can someone who does please post an update?

10 Olivia

Wow! So exciting!!!

11 Elizabeth

Congratulations! It has been so exciting following your pregnancy! Now just enjoy your precious baby boy and update us when you can!! :)

12 Natalie

CONGRATS!!!!! I am soooo happy for you guys. I just read on Twitter that Baby T is here and doing well :) I don’t have a Twitter account so can not respond to your posts on there.

I can’t wait for my little girl to make her debut, and I can only imagine how you guys must feel right now.

Sending you and your new precious baby lots of happy thoughts. Enjoy every minute guys.

Thanks for sharing everything. It has been a pleasure to read your blog, and I can’t wait to see how everything goes with Baby T here! I am counting on you guys keeping me sane since you are just a few weeks ahead of me.

13 devaskyla

Congratulations guys!!! Having a little boy is awesome (all 3 of mine are boys). I sent a couple tweets, but thought they might be lost in the crowd, so I figured I’d come post here too. Jane, you are a birthing goddess. Full house of interventions & you delivered in 14 hours AND avoided the knife.

If you have any problems/questions about nursing & can’t see a board certified LC, please feel free to contact me.

14 Tracey

Congratulations to you both! Relax and enjoy your new little guy.

15 Jennifer

Congrats to you both!! Enjoy that precious baby!!

16 Sarah

Congratulations you two! It has been so exciting reading your blog watching your twitter updates, and now he’s here! Well done Jane! And Tarzan of course, can’t believe you managed twitter the whole way through!

17 Jessi

I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!
I don’t have a Twitter account, but I read all the updates!

18 peta

just read on twitter that baby tarzan was born congrats tarzan and jane cant wait for all the details

19 Josie



20 Saffa Chick

Thinking of you guys! Hope it’s all going well ;-)

21 Kandace

Congrats and good luck! Hurry up Baby T and come meet your parents!!!

22 Helen

Wish I had been awake to tell you not to rush….but then everyone rushes with the first one:-) I’m watching on Twitter and SO excited for you both and your families. What a great day for a BIRTH day!!

23 devaskyla

Wish I’d been awake to tell you guys to stay home. I’m having bad flashbacks to my oldest’s birth. Hope you have a great birth anyway & congratulations!

24 TheAngelForever

I guess this means that the lack of power and things worked for you guy :) Love all of the Tweets and wish you both well as you enter the wonderful and wacky world of parenting.

25 Leanna

OMG!!! You’re going to have a due date baby?! Luck and prayers for all three of you! I AM SO EXCITED!

26 Jenny

Good luck! Both my kids were born on their due date, but I was induced. How exciting to have it all happen naturally. We’re all thinking of you.

27 Nicole

Yay Yay Yay! I’m so so stinkin excited for you guys!

Wow- water breaking naturally (happens in fewer than 15% of pregnancies) AND being born on his due date (I think around 5%)… this kid is going to be one very very special little boy- and don’t expect him to ever be in the “majority” of anything! :-)

I can’t wait to hear all about his birth, and see pictures, of course! This is it! You guys are going to be parents!!!

28 peta

Congrats Guys

keep us posted we are thinking of you :)

look forward to hearing more details as they unfold

29 Laura

The best of luck to you all! I am so excited to hear about the baby. Will follow on twitter now… hang in there!

30 10 Weeks Pregnant

How exciting, man its almost going to happen Jane and Tarzan will be parents soon, how nervous you must be. Keep us informed.

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