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Pregnancy week 40: We’re back home with a new addition to the family… Baby Tarzan!

by Tarzan · 61 comments

Baby TarzanWe’re back!   Pregnancy week 40 brought Baby T into this world!  This will be a quick post – we have a lot of family and friends coming over today to see our little guy.  Everything is going great.  Baby Tarzan is great.  Jane is doing and feeling great (minus being a little sore!).  I’m doing great.  We’ve very happy!

There is SO MUCH that Jane and I want to share with you.  There’s so many stories, so many details, so many things…  We’ll get new posts out in due time, once we get things somewhat in order around here.  But more importantly, as I mentioned on Jane’s Twitter account, I promised a photo of our little Baby Tarzan.

And there he is above!

As far as the winner who won the contest about guessing the date and time Baby T would be born, please give us a few days to get a chance to go through those and see who won. :)

Jane says hello to everyone and she’ll post when she can – it may be a few days or more.  Mommy needs her sleep!

Also, a BIG BIG BIG thank you for the 1,000′s of congratulations we received on Jane’s Twitter account when Baby Tarzan was born – and the congratulations continue to come in.  Thank you guys so much – Jane and I read all of the replies and posts to us while we were hanging out with Baby T at the hospital.  We appreciate all of you so much – you have no idea how helpful everyone has been to us.  Thank you.

Oh, before I run… what did Jane do before the day she went into labor?

It was so funny… the day before she went into labor, I blogged listing 29 ways to induce labor from home.  The night before we had sex, Jane ate pineapples, pizza with hot spices on it and hot wings.  We wanted to do all we could to get things moving – so maybe those worked or maybe it was a coincidence.  We’ll have to test those again the next time around.  :)

And finally… what’s next for the His Boys Can Swim blog?  Well, A LOT.  There’s a lot that we want to talk to you guys about – but give us a week or two on that one.  Bottom line is that we will of course keep our pregnancy and now baby blog going and going.  :)  We’ll just be adding a few things that Jane and I came up with over the past 9 months.

OK, gotta get ready for fam and friends to come over.  Thanks again to ALL of you.  We appreciate you SO VERY MUCH!


P.S… Baby Tarzan was born on his due date and from what I read (which surprised me) only 5% of babies are born on their due date.  Jane also didn’t have to have a c-section, so combine those two together and Baby T is a very special baby!  He was 7 pounds, 12 oz. 20 and 1/4 inches long!  Jane’s water broke at 4 AM and was in labor for about 12 hours.  I’m so proud of her – she did good!

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1 Twisted Cinderella

Congrats on your beautiful little baby boy!

2 Christen

When you get back into the swing of blogging, I would love to see a post about what items were/were not needed in the hospital. Congrats again!

3 TheAngelForever

Jane and Tarzan, Baby Tarzan is absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to spend lots of time together with your new family and get into the groove of life with baby. Enjoy the little guy, take lots of photos for yourself because they really do grow up so quickly.

P.S. Jane, you did an amazing job! So proud that you did what you wanted and had a relatively short labor for a first baby. So many things from Tarzan reminded me of my first labor :)

4 Susan S

Congrats again! Baby T is a cutie!

5 Saffy

Well, he’s not as hairy as I was expecting for a Baby Tarzan hehehhehehehe :) Congratulations guys – it was exciting following the birth on Twitter after following your blog for so long. You did GREAT and got in and out of that hospital quick smart and c-section free… nice work on that front too! Really pleased to hear that you’re going to keep the blog going – a lucky treat for us. Congrats congrats congrats.

6 Julia Bastos

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he’s so precious! Congrats, you guys! Welcome to the club. God bless your new family.

7 Cassie

He is so beautiful. A million congratulations to all of you! Thanks so much for continuing to share your journey with us!

8 Elizabethonline

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Best wishes!

9 devaskyla

awww…newborns are so sweet. I miss my youngest being a newborn & he’s not quite 5 months. It really does go sooo fast (although while you’re in it, it feels like forever). Take time every day to just love on him. And I second taking *lots* of pictures. You won’t have time with the next baby (if you have one :) )

10 Connie

He is beautiful! Congratulations on creating this beautiful being and bringing him into the world!

11 Christen

He is precious! He looks like a little baby doll=)

12 Kathy

Congrats and job well done guys! Baby T is precious. I enjoyed following the pregnancy and birth. Looking forward to hearing about parenthood…through your eyes.

13 Dallely

He is adorable… Many happy days to come for u guys… Can’t wait until I meet my boy in 3 months… N to keep reading ur post :) )

14 Helen

Baby T is absolutely beautiful. You done good Tarzan and Jane:-)
I’m SO curious about the name you chose. Of course, you may not want to share it with us, but I’d love to know. I hope you’ll tell us!! I seem to remember one of you saying that it was printed on the wall of his nursery…so maybe that’s why you haven’t shared the completed nursery pics?
Anyway, enjoy your family time. I’ll be checking back frequently.

PS- somebody messaged me today who thinks this blog is a hoax…LOL!

15 MeMa Rose

Oh my goodness….he is absolutely so handsome!! So glad to hear that everything went so well and that there were no complications for either Jane or Baby T. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us and I will be looking forward to what is going on now that you have him home :o ) Enjoy him and everyone else who is going to go crazy over him!!!

16 Josie

I second the comment above- I also went through the posts and came out with Mandi as the winner.

17 Leanna

He is absolutely precious! Jane did a good job baking that baby! Congratulations again. I am so thrilled for you two, and so excited to be joining you in parenthood in just a few short weeks!

Also, if I remember correctly, comment #8 won the “labor day” contest. I think it was Mandi? I just did a ctrl+f for “July 23″ and looked at everything that came up, and she was VERY close time-wise.


omg he is so cute… congrats again i want to blog about my pregnancy now lol but im not so good at writing and making things interesting. wish you guys the best of luck with baby tarzan…

19 Jessi

He’s beautiful, you guys! Congrats again.

And it sounds like you did a wonderful job, Jane! It’s always nice when things go the way you want them…I read on the Twitter you’re breastfeeding…How’s that going so far?

20 Jenna

Congratulations – Baby T sure is a handsome little guy!

I’m so happy to hear that you guys will be continuing your blog! I found when I first found out I was pregnant (I’m 21 weeks along, now) and I can’t imagine life without your funny and candid posts. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Baby T will take you guys through in the coming months and years. :)

21 MVP

Aww, congrats. I’m so jealous, BTW. My due date was yesterday, so we’re still patiently waiting. I’m living vicariously thru your blog at this point!

22 Abigail (HJfan twitter)

Congrats you two!!! I just found your blog within the last two weeks and have been reading past entries to catch up. You guys are hilarious and I can’t wait to keep reading now that Baby Tarzan is born. Plus the hilarious baby photos that I’m sure will come with each entry.

23 Becca/ msrib

CONGRATS! I followed everything and feel like I know you guys. I can’t wait to follow the rest of the story.

24 Liz

He is absolutely precious… Thank you for taking us with you on your special journey bringing baby T into this world.. Congrats again!!

25 rosh

Have been a lurker for quite some time …wanted to leave congrats on twitter but didnt know how to send a message…Baby T is really adorable . Many congratulations to both of you….your blog is a treat to read

26 Stacey

Congratulations! I am due August 12th and its been fun to be able to share in your journey. I’m glad to hear the blog will be continuing as well. Get some rest and enjoy Baby T!

27 Tori M.

Congrats again you guys! He’s adorable! I love how you made the little Baby Tarzan tag for his hospital crib too… hilarious :) Welcome to the Other Side of Pregnancy… Parenthood!
P.S. Jane is really a great statistic holder… only about 11% of people actually have their water break on its own too!

28 jay

Hoorayyyyy!! I’m so pleased for you all, and thank you SO MUCH for sharing it all with us in your blog and on twitter…you managed to get in more than I did!

Baby T is fab :)

29 Natalie

Congrats guys!!! So happy for you all :) Baby T is adorable!!! Thank so much for sharing your journey. Can’t wait to hear about Janes labor experience!

30 IrreverentMommy

Congrats!!! Thanks for letting all of us ride the rollercoaster with you!

You guys make lovely babies! :)

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