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New Baby Monkey Photos! OK guys, I was able to get Jane to give me the OK to share some baby pictures with you!

by Tarzan · 45 comments

baby blog photosThis will be a very quick post…  While Jane is going through all of the answers to the questions to the baby and breastfeeding post I wrote last night, I decided to play around with some photos I recently took of Monkey in Photoshop while we’ve been discussing everything.  I’m brand new to Photoshop, so bare with my photo editing abilities.  I will get better! :)

So yes, I was able to convince Jane to allow me to upload a few of our baby Monkey photos since they don’t show his entire face.  I was really happy that she let me upload my favorite photo I’ve taken so far.  I won’t tell you which one it is, I’ll let you guys decide your favorite!  :)

I’ll be posting later with a follow-up to yesterday’s post but wanted to get more baby photos up for you guys right now.  Also, Jane and I did get some sleep early AM.  We’re doing OK today!  Jane is actually working on a blog post for you guys right now about her labor and delivery.  It will be ready anywhere between today and the next day or two.  It’s up to Monkey and how busy he keeps her with breastfeeding. :)

Anyway, here are some photos of our little Monkey!

baby blog monkey hand and face with blanket

baby blog monkey hand and face colored

baby monkey and mommy photo

our baby monkey hand and blanket

Hope you like them!  Which one do you like the most?


P.S… We had a little issue with someone taking images from our blog this AM.  Grrrr…. Just a friendly reminder, please don’t take photos or images from our blog.  However, you are always more than welcome to link to this page or any page on our pregnancy/baby blog from your blog or website!  :)

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Facebook comments:

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1 Greetings that Grow™

I really love all the pics, but have to agree that the nursing one is my fave too! I just love the emotion and the beautiful blue eye of Baby T! I breastfed all my 3 girls, so this brings back great memories of infancy for me too. Your blog and twitter posts have been wonderfully enchanting and humorous. I can’t wait to read about life with Baby T–post pregnancy

aka GreetingsthatGro via Twitter

2 Natalie

Those are great!!!! I love them all, but the breastfeeding photo is certainly the best. What a beautiful moment :)

3 Katelyn Segnere

I love love love the one of baby T breastfeeding. Its so ADORABLE! The hands are cute but the eye really stands out in the breastfeeding picture. Great shots! Keep it coming!

4 Lauren

Oh I love the pics of your baby boy. I love how you made his little eye sparkle in the breastfeeding photo. I can’t wait to breastfeed our little one when she comes. It looks so peaceful and sweet. But I know it’s a tough job! Tell Jane to keep up the good work and thanks for sharing these sweet photos.

5 Tori M.

You’ve got yourself a little Monkey angel there guys! :) Great photog work there New Papa! Just a little funny aside, before I scrolled down to the pictures, when I read the “since they don’t show his entire face” part, I pictured a sort of Home Improvement “Neighbor Wilson” sort of thing LOL. Like Monkey would always be hiding his mouth behind a blanket or some random toy!

6 Dallely

I love the nursing pic… Monkey looks just perfect… Love the way you capture his eye!

7 TheAngelForever

All of the photos are beautiful and I love what you have done with them. I agree with everyone else that the photo of Jane nursing Monkey is by far the sweetest. It definitely captures the moment and will be with you forever. TechyDad is right, we have a no nursing photo policy at our house. Of course this was mostly put into practice when our then 4 year old received a digital camera when I had our new little guy. I was not in the mood to deal with that and it was a rule he could understand. Enjoy taking lots of photos and playing with Photo Shop.

8 Jessi

I love the nursing photo. It’s beautiful.:)

9 Jessica

I saw the breastfeeding one and was like wow, thats the fav, I KNOW IT! then I read the comments and clearly im not the only genius lol. ITs a touching shot, definitely the favorite, great job :)

10 Kim

Without a doubt the breastfeeding closeup! What gorgeous eyes he has! Thank you for posting these. Plus, let Jane know, even though Monkey is assuredly a very cute baby, at that age, they really are hard to distinguish. I bet no one would be able to recognize Monkey on the street from photos at this age! That probably won’t be true for long, though, as he grows into his own features and personality.

11 Laura

I have to agree, the one with breast feeding and hes looking up at her. Those are the moments that make it all worth while. A mom, gazing down in to her childs eyes as she feeds them. So precious. Congrats on the beautiful baby.
As for people stealing your pictures, way wrong!

12 Ryles

I dont know if anyone has posted this link.
But it is GREAT information to learn how to pump correctly. (If you go down that road.. or maybe someone reading this could use it.)
It was done by Stanford University. It’s fabulous! :)

13 TechyDad


About the people who take photos from your blog. I’ve taken to watermarking my photos. I’ve noticed that your watermarks are on the bottoms of the photos. That’s good, but they can be trimmed off in most cases. I made a semi-transparent “stamp” which gets affixed to the images via a script that I wrote. Check out some of the photos on my blog. If you like how that watermark is done, I’d be more than happy to send you the script and help you get set up using it.

14 Tina

The breastfeeding picture is my favorite, as well. That’s one thing I really miss, and wish I could have breastfed my daughter longer. *sigh*

15 TechyDad

@devaskyla, I don’t have any nursing shots either. I don’t think TheAngelForever would let me take any. And if I posted any online… well, I wouldn’t be typing this today! ;-)

16 Nisha

LOVE the nursing one! So beautiful!

17 Judy @ MommyNewsBlog

How beautiful!! I love the nursing photo – take lots of those – it is something that I wish I had done with my son!

18 Angel

I’m guessing the breastfeeding one. It brought tears to my eyes. (I’m 15 weeks pregnant and hormonal too!!)

It is a beautiful picture. I am glad you shared it with us.

19 Cyrena

I LOVE the one of Jane breastfeeding Baby T! Its so beautiful!

20 devaskyla

Love the nursing shot! 3 kids & I don’t have any close up nursing shots like that. It’s wonderful.

21 TechyDad

I’ll agree with others on the breastfeeding photo being my favorite. Not just because it captured a beautiful mother-baby moment, though. I love how you made it black & white but kept the color in Monkey’s eyes. Very cool effect. (One that I’ve used also from time to time.)

22 Jamie

what a great breastfeeding picture!

23 MeMaRose

I would dare guess the picture of him eating will be the favorite. He is very alert and has gorgeous blue eyes :-) Thanks for sharing these with us and looking for more in the future. Please enjoy him and try to relax with everything that is going on!! You guys sound very normal and right on track as far as I can tell. Looking forward to reading about Jane’s beautiful birthing experience. Best of luck to you guys!!!!!

24 JoAnn

Gorgeous. Of course, I’m partially to the breastfeeding photo. My own baby’s photo is on my blog. She’s just a couple days younger than yours.

25 Chrystal

The breastfeeding photo makes me smile. It is WONDERFUL.

26 madge

I love the one with Jane breastfeeding. There was a cat hair on my computer screen, and for a second, I thought this long black hair was coming from Jane’s breast=) He has beautiful eyes.

27 Holly @ Domestic Dork

No contest! I like the nursing photo best! Beautiful!

28 Leanna

What fantastic photos. I have a feeling that your favorite is Monkey having a meal! It’s such a precious picture. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to read all about labor and delivery. :D

29 Machelle

Okay not to be a freak or anything but my fav would be the one where Jane is breastfeeding lil Monkey! That is so beautiful!!! You really captured the moment that moms share with their little ones while feeding them. There is nothing more precious then that special look that only your baby can give you! If only only for a moment it makes you forget how tired you are and how much pain you may be in. LOVE IT!!!

30 IrreverentMommy


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