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11 weeks pregnant belly picture

by Tarzan · 1 comment

week-11-pregnant-bellyTonight Jane and I took the official 11 weeks pregnant belly pictures!  We’ll be taking a new pregnant belly picture each and every week so you can watch her belly grow!  It’ll be our little pregnancy week-by-week updates.

I think it would be cool if she’s able to wear the same pants she has on here every week so you’ll really be able to see a difference.

Wow.  I can’t believe Jane is already 11 weeks pregnant.  Time is flying by.  I’m looking forward to getting beyond 11 weeks pregnant.  Why?  

Because Jane is at the awkward phase right now.  None of her clothes fit right.  And of course I hear about it with every shirt… every bra… and every pair of pants she tries on.

“I look and feel fat!”  I’ve heard that over 1,382 times over the last 2 weeks.  I always have to remind Jane that she’s 11 weeks pregnant, and soon she won’t have to worry about her clothes because NONE of them will fit. :)  Just kidding – I of course let her know that she looks beautiful because she really does.

So are we still in the first trimester or are we in the second trimester?  Man… so much to learn!

I’m excited to see week 12, week 13, and on and on.  Stay posted next week for the next pregnancy belly photo!

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1 grandmapeg

Dear Jane,

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t even notice that your belly is growing until the baby gets quite big. I was comforted with my husband’s reassurance that he still found me beautiful. A bigger tummy doesn’t change your real beauty.

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