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Secrets on how to lose weight and belly after pregnancy: Tarzan interviews Jane about weight loss after your baby

by Tarzan · 35 comments

post pregnancy belly pictureIt may seem a little funny for me (Tarzan) to be posting a blog post about how to lose weight and your belly after pregnancy, but bare with me here, I have a great reason!   You see, shortly before Monkey was born, Jane and I discussed the idea about her documenting her post-pregnancy weight loss story.

We knew it would add a little unwanted pressure on her because she’d be be taking weekly photos and sharing how she is losing weight and belly fat after pregnancy.  (And we all know the pressure we put on ourselves to lose weight sometimes is more than enough!)

After we discussed it for awhile, I told Jane to think about it and we’ll talk about it after Monkey is born and she can do whatever she wants.  Well, the other day I added a little blurb on the pregnancy week by week pictures page on the bottom that mentioned that we’ll be sharing some post pregnancy photos.  So I bet you can guess what Jane bravely decided to do!

So that leads me to why I’m the one writing the first of several posts (And don’t worry, Jane will be taking over blog posts on the pregnancy weight loss subject soon).

The reason is because Mommy Jane is working on a few blog posts and trying to write when she has time in between all the breastfeeding she’s doing.  (Breastfeeding a newborn as many of you know takes up quite a bit of her time!)  And before too much time passes she asked me to help her with the first one here, especially since Jane is breastfeeding at this very moment!

So what is Jane going to do to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy and lose the baby fat on her belly?  Well, let’s see what Jane wants me to write here…

First, Jane wants me to document her final pregnancy weight stats for you:

Total weight gain throughout her pregnancy: 37 pounds

Maternity pants size: 10

Maternity shirts: Medium

Dresses: Large

Stretch marks: None on her stomach, just a couple small ones on her hips

Belly button: It stayed in

Feet: Grew a LOT.  Went up 2 sizes and were wider = none of her shoes fit!

Hair: Got really long, past her bra strap in the back and none fell out while pregnant

Fingers: Unable to wedding ring – and still can’t :(

Now as far as Jane’s secret on how to lose weight and her belly after pregnancy, we all know there’s no big “secret” right?  I like adding it to make fun of the 1,000′s of “secret” weight loss tips out there and magic pills.  LOL  I figured the best way to do this was for me to act like a reporter and interview Jane for you.  (NOTE: Jane will be replying to any of your comments/questions below, so feel free to ask her questions!)

Tarzan: So my beautiful Mommy Jane, how much weight have you lost now that it’s been 2 weeks to the day that you’ve had our little Monkey?

Jane: I’ve lost 21 pounds.

Tarzan: You were on quite a dessert kick during the last couple of months of pregnancy, which by default made me gain weight, which is a topic for another day!  But let me ask you, do you still crave desserts like how you did at the end of your pregnancy, and what is it like now?

Jane: No, not at all!  I don’t even think about desserts any more.  I want to keep seeing those pounds go down on a scale and desserts wouldn’t help me in that department.

Tarzan: When do you plan on exercising?

Jane: I have to wait until my next doctor appointment, which is in a couple of weeks.  She has to make sure everything down there is healed correctly.

no postpartum sex for six weeksTarzan: Does that mean we could have sex after that appointment!?

Jane: Ha ha ha!  If everything is heeled, heck YES!  But we will be for sure using four or five different forms of protection!

Tarzan: Hmmm… Anyway, let’s get back to your weight loss after pregnancy questions.  What do you plan on doing to lose weight and excess belly fat?

Jane: Lots of cardio including: The elliptical machine, riding a bike, walking, and trying to master running, even though I hate running.  30 day shred, which is a work out video we have upstairs somewhere you’re going to have to help me find.  Let’s see, maybe the video game Dance Dance Revolution, and ummm, free weights of course.  Although I may skip out of free weights and just lift Monkey in his car seat.  It’s heavy!  Oh, and I may join one of the stroller mom groups, that may be fun.

Tarzan: Wow!  That’s a lot of activity!  That’s great Jane!  So what about food?  Are you going to change your diet at all?

Jane: Ummm. No.

Tarzan: Ahhh, so you’re going to eat anything you want?

Jane: Everything in moderation.  I’m not going to diet or count calories.  I did think about doing Weight Watchers, but that’s not really my style.  I can’t even keep track of what boob Monkey last ate off of, so there’s no way I can keep track of numbers!  LOL  But on thing I’m thinking about is going back to being 90% vegetarian again.  That helped me maintain a good and healthy weight before.

weight loss after babyTarzan: Now Jane, I know a secret about you that no one here knows about – about you and weight loss.  Do you mind talking about that for a moment?

Jane: Ah, what?  What’s your secret?  Or my secret?  LOL, huh?  What are you typing?  I haven’t even said anything?!  LOL  Are you typing every word I’m saying?  Stop it!  LOL!  So what are you talking about?

Tarzan: In the past, you lost a lot of weight and kept it off up until around the time you got pregnant with Monkey.  If I remember correctly, you lost over 60 pounds in a few months.  What was your secret then?

Jane: That was when I started being a vegetarian and got serious about developing healthy eating habits and I danced my ass off for like 2 or 3 hours a day.

how to lose weight after pregnancyTarzan: Oh yeah, you were addicted to that Dance Dance Revolution game.  For months I had those songs stuck in my head wherever I went!  So if you had a “secret”, it would be watching what you eat and doing lots of cardio?

Jane: Yeah.  Well, listening to what your body wants.  But yeah.  Because remember, I ate all the time.  Like at least six times a day!

Tarzan: Oh yeah, I forgot about that!  But you were always eating and snacking on healthy foods.  No desserts.  No fast food.  Nothing like that, right?

Jane: Yeah, that’s one thing.  I never ate fast food.  Ever.  But I would sometimes eat chips if I wanted them, remember?  But like I said before, the key is moderation.  If I wanted something I’d eat it, but stay in control.

Tarzan: Good advise for our readers there Jane!  So how much weight do you want to lose and how quickly do you want to lose it?

Jane: Well I hear that your body is different after pregnancy.  So even if you are at your pre-pregnancy weight, you may not be able to fit into your clothes.  I want to be my pre-pregnancy weight of course, but my goal is to be able to fit into all of my clothes again!  My “goal jeans” are a pair of “True Religion” are a size 27 waist.  And as far as how quickly, as soon as possible.  I have a closet of clothes just calling my name!  Oh, and shoes!  I miss all my shoes!

lose belly after pregnancyTarzan: I miss the closet space we used to have before your shoes took over! Ha ha.  Will you be able to keep everyone posted on your pregnancy weight loss progress each week on our blog?

Jane: Sure if people want to read about it!  It would keep me motivated.

Tarzan: Well Jane, it’s been an absolute pleasure interviewing you today.  I’m your # 1 fan and read each and every single blog post you write!  In fact, I’m in love with you!  LOL  Anyway, is there anything else you’d like to add before we let you get back to breastfeeding?

Jane: LOL, awe, I love you too.  Well, I just really don’t know what to expect.  I mean is it a lot harder to lose weight after you have your first child?  I’d love to hear from others who have already been though this to let me know any advice they have for me.  I mean is it going to be a lot harder than before?

Tarzan: …. anything else?

Jane: …. Ummm, no.  (doooo laaa laaaa doooo leeee daaaa) *Jane signing to Monkey while breastfeeding*

Tarzan: OK.

Jane: Oh, I am worried about finding energy and time to exercise.  Why do you keep punching my boob!?

Tarzan: Monkey is punching your boob?

Jane: Ha ha, yeah.  He’s feisty right now.

post pregnancy exerciseJane: I love you, I love you!  But you’re an eating machine!  Monkey, do you know I’m your mom yet?  Yeah?  Do you know?  Ohhh… Good boy.  Are you almost done with that?

Tarzan: Yeah

Jane: What do you want for dinner?

Tarzan: Hold on…

Jane: Little buddy, you’re acting like you’re starving.  I love you.  I loooove you!  You’re so sweet.  *end*

Whew!  My fingers are hurting after that!

Knowing Jane, she’ll do an EXCELLENT job documenting her journey showing how she lost weight and her belly after pregnancy.  She’s really excited about sharing her story with you – along with weekly photos and things she did each week to aid the post pregnancy weight loss process.

And any thoughts, wisdom, advice, comments, etc. you have to share, feel free to comment below – I know that Jane would love to read them!

P.S… The photo above is Mommy Jane’s (un)pregnant belly one week postpartum.  We took that last week and will be uploading another photo this weekend for Jane’s two weeks postpartum picture.

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1 TechyDad


I think the program you’re thinking of is EA Sports Active. I’ve tried them both and I’ve got to say that, while I liked WiiFit’s ability to keep track of and chart my BMI, the exercises just weren’t intense enough to get me sweating. EA Sports Active, however, consistently makes me burn calories. Plus, you can workout with someone else or design your own workouts to help motivate yourself.

2 Leanna

Jane’s one week belly looks incredible! Looks like she’s off to a great start!

3 Ambria

Wow. You look great! Good luck on loosing the weight. You can totally do it!!!

4 Andrea

That’s a beautiful one week PP belly! I’m jealous! I looked like a bowl of bread dough that had risen and was just punched down again. Yuck. Only now, at 6 months am I starting to feel better about my belly and weight. Two things have helped me get to and below my pre-pregnancy weight–going on a sugar/white carb strike and breastfeeding! Once I got past the initial sugar cravings, I really don’t miss it, and I’m so happy to be giving my baby better stuff in my breastmilk!

5 Tarzan

And speaking of “Blue Moon” I’m going to crack one open right now while I cook Jane and I up some pasta. It’s Friday. It’s been one long week. An ice cold beer for this Daddy who just so happens to have some Blue Moon beer in the fridge is sounding goooooooood.

6 Blue Moon Girl

Do you know something funny? I didn’t even know about the beer when I chose this name! It was even invented in the same city I used to live in! Duh me! :o )

I will agree with what some others have said about the Wii Fit. Totally a great way to get in shape!

As for remembering which side you left off on, someone told me to leave the nursing bra unclipped on the side you left off on. It worked for awhile, but then I started realizing both sides were unclipped! My husband used to laugh at me because I would feel myself and decide which side seemed fuller and go with that one! It worked though!

7 Jane

Sarah – Thanks so much & glad to have you (& your husband) as readers! While it can be terrifying, be sure to enjoy your pregnancy! It all changes once the baby arrives! LOL

Jenni – Oh, don’t say that! I have yet to try on some of my favs that didn’t fit while pregnant. Perhaps I’ll be up for that challenge later today. Keep your fingers crossed that everything fits. I will be one very sad girl if they don’t.

Jessica – Maybe you’re right! I never care about the number on the scale – I usually judge myself with how my clothes fit, etc. Maybe I need to have another goal instead. I do like your idea of celebrating my new body that gave me a healthy boy. Great thinking!

TechyDad – That seems like a fab idea, but I would be just like your wife. I had a brilliant idea to put my rubber band on the wrist that I last BF on, but then I would forget to change it and it wasn’t much of a help. I write it down now so that I know what boob to start on at the next feeding.

Laura – Thanks for the nice compliment! I feel like I have such a ways to go, but I guess it could always be worse, right?

MeMaRose – Monkey IS sweet, you are right! Thanks for reminding me about blogging about the pedi appointment yesterday. As you probably guessed, I completely forgot about it.

Audrey – Thanks & yes, it is just one step at a time!

8 Jane

Erin – Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check it out.

TheAngelForever – Thanks! I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on how the weight loss journey goes. I’m quite excited about getting the “go ahead” to exercise again – I’ve really missed certain things that I couldn’t do while pregnant. I feel back to normal “down there”, but know that I need to wait 4 more weeks to hear that from my OB. I shall patiently wait…

Elizabeth – Thanks! Heidi Klum looked so perfect after having her kids… I know that I will never be (or look) quite that fabulous, so I won’t be letting myself down there. Speaking of celebrities, I just saw Jessica Alba in a bikini & she looks fab too. Oh how I wish I could afford to have a trainer, chef, and whatever else celebrities use to help them resume back to their original size & shape.

devaskyla – I think my hands are just fatter from the weight that I gained. They don’t look or feel swollen, but I’ll still try the apple cidar vinegar trick & see if it works. Oh how I miss my e-ring & wedding band. Sigh.

Ryley – Congrats on your weight loss! You certainly are not the norm with pregnancy weight loss & I wish I was as lucky!

Jessi – No plans for dieting in the traditional sense here at all! I actually don’t believe in dieting ever, as strangely as that sounds. I do like the idea of mommy & me exercises, so I’ll be sure to look those up. Thanks!

Anne – I’m worried about finding the time too. As it is, I have certain things that I do while Monkey naps & I’m not sure how exercising will exactly fit in, but I’ll find time somewhere! Thanks for the nice words on my belly, but boy is it flabby than ever. No fun there, but I guess that’s what happens after you have a little babe! Good luck to you!

Megan – I hear you on the hips. I fear mine will never be the same – LOL! Here’s to hoping they shrink down & allow me to fit inside my jeans though.

barbetti – The 1st week we were home, I had no appetite at all. It was tough to eat and to drink water. Since then though my hunger has returned, but last time I weighed myself the scale went down 1 pound. We’ll see what happens. I’m not caring too much right now since I just had the baby, but it’s always nice to see the scale go down. ;)

Lori – Thanks & good luck to you too! I’m hoping that I don’t have a problem losing the weight, but I’ve heard that your body is just never the same after having a baby. Hopefully it’s not wishful thinking on my part. I guess only time will tell, so we’ll see!

Blue Moon girl – When I was a veg last time, I got so much protein in so at least I do know how to do that! On a whole other note – every time I see your name I think of the yummy beer!

Emily – Funny how your baby likes to fist his hand on your shirt. They really do the cutest things! I’ve only bowled on the Wii & I didn’t really love it like everyone else does. I haven’t heard too much about Wii Fit though, so thanks for the recommendation! Congratulations to you & your new addition!

RSTK – Congrats on being 15 weeks pregnant! Thanks for recommending Wii Fit. You’re the 2nd person to say something about it, so I bet it is awesome!

Rosh – YES. My belly is so much more squishy than it’s ever been. I may not have a baby bump anymore, but it’s just like jello. Not that attractive :( In pregnancy I walked and did a prenatal yoga dvd… that reminds me, I need to post the link for everyone. It was a great DVD!

9 Audrey J

This is awesome! I wish I’d paid more attention to losing weight after my baby, right off, but I didn’t. Being a bigger girl already, I really need to get rid of the excess weight, so I’m starting with trying to change some eating habits first, because I have a bad knee, & have to be careful with what excersizes” I do, etc. But one step at a time.. Good luck with yours!
and LOL “I can’t even keep track of what boob Monkey last ate off of, so there’s no way I can keep track of numbers!” —I totally understand that feeling!!!!

10 MeMaRose

Jane, I don’t think that you have a whole lot to worry about. You look fabulous and didn’t gain that much weight at all. I am sure it will not be too hard for you to loose what you want and get to the goal you are wishing to get to with a taking care of a newborn. Your cravings for the desserts have subsided and that must mean that Monkey is “sweet” -) Just taking care of him and doing your dancing video; I am sure that you will be back into your True Jeans in no time!!! Good luck on your mission and please keep the posts a coming our way!!

P.S. Curious as to how Monkey’s first pediatrician visit went when you get a few moments. I know how hard it is just to shower let alone write posts; was just curious :o )

11 Laura

Wow, you are such in inspiration, and you look fabulous for just having a baby. After both my kids, 6wk pospartum, I still looked 6 months preggers. (I had pre-exlamcia where I ganed over 65lbs with both) but you are looking great. Breast feeding too will help get rid of some of that weight because you burn a lot of calories each time they eat. :) Good luck, and keep the posts coming!

12 TechyDad

I was laughing at the “couldn’t remember which boob” comment also. It reminded me of something that TheAngelForever got when JSL was born. It’s called a MilkBand ( ). It’s a rubber bracelet that you flip inside out to tell you whether you fed last on the right side or left side. Of course, TheAngelForever would forget to flip it or would take it off and forget to put it back on again. But maybe it will help you out.

13 Jessica

Don’t forget that your post-pregnancy body may not be exactly the same proportions as your pre-pregnancy body. You might get to the same number on the scale, but find that those old “goal clothes” just don’t fit right anymore. Might be better to shoot for a healthy number on the scale, but buy new clothes to celebrate your fantastic body that gave you your healthy baby! As you probably already know, lots of things are different now than they were pre-Monkey. :-)

14 Jenni

Be prepared your shoes may never fit again. Even when you lose all the weight your feet might still be bigger! At least mine were!

15 Sarah

I stumbled across this blog as I was researching what to expect at 12 weeks pregnant. I am so glad I did! I am now 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant with mine and my husband’s first baby! I think we will read this blog together as he is terrified about becoming a father…excited but nervous about what to expect (I am too). I think this blog would be great for us to see pregnancy from the man and woman’s POV. I printed off the baby size list for him yesterday and he loved it! We will start from the very beginning and read our way thorough…congrats on baby monkey and the weight loss!

16 rosh

jane looks really good for 2 weeks postpartum. Had a question for jane …do u feel u have more belly fat now then u had before having monkey…am asking coz i was thinking if that happens with everyone. what kind of exercises did you do in your pregnancy ?


I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my first and while I don’t yet know a thing about post-pregnancy weight loss, I echo the Wii Fit recommendations – it’s a great program, and the new game with the leg band that’s available is an even harder version if you’re finding Wii Fit too easy. Wii Fit has wonderful yoga exercises on it, too…

18 Emily

First of all, I couldn’t stop laughing about remembering which boob Monkey last ate from- I’m the same way, and very quickly gave up the notion of a nice neat every other boob, 10 minutes on each side la ti da method, instead I feed him when he’s hungry, as much as he wants, and I start with whichever boob feels like it needs it the most! Lol.

I’m a few weeks ahead of you (my little man was born June 6th) and I’m following the same kind of ideas as you- everything in moderation (I’m trying to be particularly watchful of not drinking much besides water…that’s often a sneaky source of extra calories), I am mostly vegetarian (I don’t like beef at all), and get moving!! I too love DDR for fun & exercise, and I would recommend the Wii Fit as well. My husband got me one for post-pregnancy and I love that it keeps track of my weight & BMI because it really keeps me motivated, I want to see the little graph have a nice downward slope!!

Good luck, and keep enjoying all those fun little Monkey moments, like punching you in the boob! (Mine likes to fist his little hand on my shirt)

19 Blue Moon Girl

I will second what Jessi said! Remember that breastfeeding requires extra calories! If you go vegetarian, make sure you get other forms of protein because that really helps keep your milk supply up. Drink lots of water too! From the looks of your 1 week post-partum belly pic, you already look great! I’m almost a year post-partum and I was very lucky in that I lost the majority of my baby weight when the baby was born, then I’ve barely managed to keep up with breastfeeding and chasing a baby around! I’m back down to pre-pregnancy weight now. I think clothes fit differently now though! Good luck and take it slow! You an Monkey need the extra calories to keep up your energy!

20 Lori @ I Can Grow People

I was about the same size as you during my pregnancy. I was totally bummed to find that now–almost 4 months after his birth–I am a 14 instead of a 10 and though I have lost most of the weight, I can’t fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants/jeans because of my shape. I am over 30 and I just can’t lose weight as quickly as I use to–but I am trying!

Good luck!

21 barbetti

Good luck! I had my son 11 weeks ago and within one week I lost 25 pounds….I got so busy being a mom I was forgetting to eat! Go figure, as soon as I remembered to eat meals, I gained five back and am still working on the rest of it (I only gained 25 during pregnancy, but I was heavier to begin with). My hips expanded to epic proportions; I can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants, even though I weigh the same as I did when I first got pregnant.

22 Megan

Just remember! It took nine months to gain the weight, so be gentle on yourself as you try to lose it.
With my first son, I gained 75 horrific pounds. With my second, only 25. My baby just turned a year, and I’m finally back to my PrePREpregnancy size, from before my first baby. My clothes are slowly all starting to fit again, but yes, they do tend to fit differently, ’cause of your hips!
Anyway, looking great, Jane. Truly.

23 Anne

Only week postnatal! I stand corrected. Gosh I think you have nothing to worry about, you look great! (-;

24 Anne

I’m 27 weeks preg and fascinated to see how you do. I have worked out throuhout my pregnancy but am still piling on the pounds. Not that I care now, I just want a healthy baby, but I will care afterwards! I’m worried about how I’ll find the time to work out once I have the baby. Can’t wait to see how you do — good luck from London! PS I think your belly looks absolutely FAB for 2 weeks postnatal.

25 Jessi

Just take your time with weight loss. Do not diet, eat healthy but do not diet unless you intend to keep your caloric intake up. You need at least an extra 500 calories a day to promote breastfeeding. Otherwise, do light exercises when you have the energy. Go for walks with Monkey, lay Monkey on the floor and do push ups over him, look up “mommy and me exercises” and they have some nice ideas to entertain him while you get some exercise!

26 Ryley

I am one of the VERY lucky few. I gained around 35 pounds. The day I came home from the hospital I (VERY STUPIDLY.. DONT EVER DO THIS!) stepped on the scale. I couldn’t beleive I lost all but 10 lbs of that! (baby was 9lbs..) I ate like a pig.. ate everything is site. I was starving. (once I got past the first 2 weeks) I still eat like a pig and I am offically 5 lbs below my prepregnacy weight and fit into all my clothes. Its breastfeeding. It takes a lot out of you!!

27 devaskyla

If Jane is still swollen (guessing that’s why you can’t get rings on?) from all the extra fluid they pumped into her during labour, apple cider vinegar can really help with clearing out the excess. You can take tablets or liquid. Oh & unless your feet got bigger due to swelling…they probably won’t go back down in size, sorry to say.

28 Elizabeth

Yea! I know losing that weight is always on the mind, but don’t let it be a burden! You’re not letting us down if you don’t lose it as fast as Heidi Klum! (I just picked a name…I hear she modeled soon after a baby..or something) it’s good to hear you saying you’re doing it the right way because Monkey still needs your nutrients! And by the way- breastfeeding will take those pounds right off! I start my exercise until about 7 or 8 months but by then I was at pre pregnant weight and clothes.
Best of luck to you!

29 TheAngelForever

Best of luck to Jane on your weight loss journey. I started both of my pregnancies overweight. I gained less than 10 pounds w/#1 and about 15 pounds w/#2. Of course after their births I was 15-20 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. I was not overly hungry while pregnant. Nursing was my down fall. I quickly packed on the pounds when hungry and eating quick healthy, yet high calorie items with my newborns (darn peanut butter). I look forward to see what you do for activity because I am still on my weight loss journey. After my first I lost over 60 pounds and want to finish that and keep it off again (part way there now).

30 Erin

I just had a baby two and a half weeks ago, and I’ve been doing Lindsey Brin’s postnatal workout DVD. (I had the go ahead from my midwife to start before six weeks since I worked out through my entire pregnancy.) I would recommend it to any new mom, especially nursing ones because the workouts are all ten minutes or less!
Good luck with your weight loss! Losing that baby weight is a great feeling.

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