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11 weeks pregnant: So tired and need lots of sleep

by Jane · 5 comments

11-weeks-pregnant-fatigueThe pregnancy fatigue started around week 6 of being pregnant and is still going strong now that I’m 11 weeks pregnant.  It’s a different pregnancy fatigue than before though.  It’s really settled in to the point where I need a nap during the day now.  

The other day I went shopping with a friend, which meant that I couldn’t take a nap.  The second I got home (645 pm) I was ready for bed.  For real.  I ended up getting Tarzan to rub my back for 20 minutes and then I went to the bedroom and passed out until the next morning.

At the beginning of being pregnant, I didn’t require a nap during the day.  I felt tired, but not I-can’t-get-off-the-couch tired like I am now.  Hopefully this will slow down and I’ll regain my energy back.  I feel so completely unproductive some days just laying on the couch and reading or watching TV.  Some days I just keep my pajamas on all day without even getting properly dressed.  

I keep my fingers crossed that no one comes to the front door and sees me looking like a big mess!

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1 Karlie

I got really tired during my pregnancy also. It seemed like I could not get off my body pillow. but then when I got into my 3rd trimester I had more energy than I knew what to do with.

2 naive

i Slept about 16 hours between my nap and my night i just woke up for eat my dinner and after to bed!!!! And now i’m 11 weeks and i feel really tired, sometimes when i walk in the street i need to seat down or i feel like i’ll collapse..:( and the doctor keep said is normal.

3 "little" one

I sleep about 12+ hours between my nap and my night… lol I feel like an old lady!

4 Roxie

I had the sam problem, we later found out I was sleeping 14+ hrs a day thanks to very low iron levels that I was never told about… once tey told me iwas anemic nad started me on iron pills I started feeling pretty normal again

5 Jessi

By all means, stay in your pjs and get your rest! That fatigue is killer, I think I slept through my most of my first trimester, between holding my head over the bucket or toilet, which ever was closest.

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