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Flooded with memories of labor and delivery this early morning

by Jane · 12 comments

labor and delivery memoriesI told you that I would jinx myself by writing a sleeping through the night post.

Monkey went to bed at 7:30pm last night and woke up hungry at 4am.  I sat him on his newborn lounger and went into the kitchen to make a bottle.

As I made the bottle, my eyes glanced at the clock on the microwave & I was taken back exactly to 12 weeks ago.

Waking up at 4am to find that my panties & shorts were soaked.

Waking up Tarzan to tell him.

T. asking me if I was sure that it was amniotic fluid or urine.

Calling the doctor & getting told to go to the hospital.

Having a freak out moment & thinking I’m not ready for this yet.

Packing up the car.

Thinking I need more time.

Driving to the hospital at 5am behind a slow driver in the HOV lane.

T. freaking out at the slow car & flashing his lights, putting on the hazards, anything to get the car to pull over & let us pass.

Feeling contractions & disliking them very much.

Trying to stop from thinking that I’m not ready… There was no going back.

Checking in at labor and delivery in the hospital smiling.

Not smiling when I met my private nurse, Rose.

Battling over whether or not to get epidural early. I was only at 2cm.

The initial “pain” of the stab of the epidural.

Ahhh, pure loveliness.

Being with my parents, best friend, & Tarzan.

Sudden lightning storm outside when it hadn’t rained in forever.

Thank you baby for not hurting your momma.

Not progressing too much.

Progressing from 6cm to 10cm justlikethat.

It’s time to push.

Oh shit.

What if I poop on the table?

I should have been worried about spraying urine on my husband & Rose instead.

Pushing sucks.

I’m gonna throw up.

I need a wet rag on my forehead.

Everyone sees the head.

I’m over this pushing stuff.

OB arrives & starts knitting.

I tell Rose, the nurse, that she is in fact cheating on her counting.

I keep on pushing.

A mirror is brought in.

Surprisingly I look at the mirror & am quite amazed at what is going on.

Epidurals are lovely.

I’m watching my OB stretch my vag in a big circle, all while not feeling a thing.

70 minutes later I’m holding my son.

He’s looking up at me with big, alert eyes & I melt.

Tarzan keeps saying, “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

I throw up.

I’m crying.  T. is crying.

It’s official:  We are parents.

Wow, am I ready for this?

He is a really cute little guy.

I’m in love.

I breastfeed for the first time.

Then I’m given anti-vomit medicine in my IV & I pass out until the next morning.

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1 Amanda

Great descriptions.
I wish I could have passed out until the day after. The hospital staff kept bugging me every hour for one thing or another. The sleep deprivation made me so sick.

2 Mindykoob

So sweet!~

But i must say i am terribly envious of you gals who had some seriously short labors.
Mine was 28 hours, with 2 hours of pushing, and then ending in an emergency c-section.

I’m still traumatized lol

3 Judy from Toronto, Ontario

Hi Jane,

Congrats on making the 3 month mark! I am at 11 weeks today :) We have somewhat of a routine going as well and things are getting a little easier…That or we are adjusting better to life with baby.

Question for you…I remember you writing about Monkey having baby acne. Has his skin cleared up since? What did you do to make it go away? My Natty has what I think is baby acne (tiny red spots/patches), but now its more dry, flaky skin on her forehead, head, neck and cheeks. I’ve tried lotion and baby oil but they don’t work. Everyone says it will eventually go away, but she’s had it since she was a week old! Any suggestions? Thanks.

4 Sarah @

It’s so wonderful that you remember it so well. My delivery all seems like such a blur, almost like I was watching someone else experience it instead of myself. And now that I’m all healed up and back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes, if I didn’t have a baby to prove it, I’d have a hard time believing it ever happened lol.

5 ashley

This post is so sweet….it’s wonderful how you remember it all. I’m 28 weeks today and it seems like it’s all coming pretty quick. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. :) *Happy 12 weeks to your little man1*

6 cristylo

12 weeks ago exactly for me in about 5 hours! I still remember crying when my water spontaneously broke, and my husband saying “don’t cry…why are you crying? do you want our son to know one day that you cried when your water broke?” lol. I wasn’t ready either. Of course, I was nearly 2 weeks early! Happy 12 weeks! Look how far we’ve come!

7 Kate

What an awesome recap! How lucky you are to have all of this written down somewhere, too. Memories for little T, and for you, for next time!

8 Tonya ;0)

I had mine just one day after you and remember hoping and praying that you would have him before I had to leave for the hospital. I was packing my hospital bag and hitting refresh on the browser every five minutes hoping for an update. Thankfully you made it because I think it would have killed me to not know if you had him before I left. I love reading about you guys…

So much so that I have started my own blog… Thanks for the inspiration Jane!!

9 Beyond Alice

Oh, this makes me want to cry. :) I don’t know if I’m ready for labor and delivery yet…but you make it sound so beautiful. :)

10 "little" one

Congrats on the 12 week marker!!!

11 Gilz

You will remember these moments for the rest of your life….the memory never seems to fade.

12 peta

Wow Jane… i am glad u remember it so clearly there are so many thibgs that happened that i forget and some times at the strangest times i will remember a detail that i had forgotten i wonder what set ur mind off to your labor this morning… i am at the stage where i have forgotten the pain and ready for number 2 hehe

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