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Giveaway #2: Mother’s Bracelet from Belly Charms

by Jane · 103 comments

Mothers BraceletI love the chance to get a product for free to review for my blog readers, so it was no different when I was contacted by Belly Charms.  I was asked if I would pick a Mother’s Bracelet from her site and then do a review.

Can I just say that I love my blog?!

As soon as I clicked on the link, I couldn’t wait to get my own personalized bracelet.  No joke.  The bracelets are beautiful & the fact that Monkey’s name is on the bracelet is just perfect!

Since I seriously lack the creative gene, I opted for the “Swarovski Pearl and Antique Silver Mother’s Bracelet” because, let’s face it, it’s a really pretty bracelet!  My bracelet arrived very quickly & it was even more beautiful than in the picture.  I was in love!

Since I have this extra baby weight on, I ordered a medium bracelet & it fits just the way that I like my bracelets to fit.  Every time I leave the house I wear my bracelet.  I just love it.  Honestly.  It’s something that is hidden by long sleeves, but when I get a glimpse of Monkey’s name, I can’t help but smile.

Who knew you could get so much happiness from wearing a bracelet?!  Oh, but you can.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, or just an “I think you deserve a special bracelet”, this Mother’s Bracelet is for you.  Belly Charms has a special talent in making these bracelets & I could not be happier with mine.

Luckily for you readers, we are giving a single strand Mother’s Bracelet away for free ($39.99 value).  You can design this bracelet any way that you wish with your child’s name.  It’s truly a great present to someone or simply keep for yourself.

There are two entries allowed for this giveaway:

1.  Become a fan of the Belly Charms Facebook page, then post which bracelet you would like in the comment section of this post. (Mandatory)

2.  Post on Twitter: “I just entered the @HisBoysCanSwim giveaway: ”, then post your twitter name in the comment section of this post. (Optional)

The winner will be picked using on Tuesday, December 8th at 9pm CST.  You are only allowed to enter this contest twice.  If you enter more than twice, your comment will be deleted.

Good luck!

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Facebook comments:

{ 103 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Sarah
2 Sarah

I am a fan on facebook. I like the jasper and sterling silver mothers bracelet.

3 Kym

I am a fan on facebook and I love the Swarovski Pearl Double Strand Mother’s Bracelet

4 Stacy

My Favorite is Swarovski Crystal Mother’s / Grandmother’s Bracelet

5 Stacy

I am @WasUva

6 Rachel

I fanned up! I love Swarovski Pearl and Antique Silver Mother’s Bracelet!

7 Alissa

I tweeted about this :) @AlissaHartzler

8 Alison

I love the double-strand pearl bracelet!

9 Alissa

I am a fan on facebook…and I liked the Personalized Mothers Bracelet – Swarovski Pearl. Very pretty!

10 Blair

oh, you know me ;) heirtoblair on Twitter

11 Simone
12 Simone

I am fan on Facebook and because I have twins I love the Swarovski Pearl Double Strand Mother’s Bracelet. WOuld love one to feature their names!

13 Michelle

I also love the swarovski pearl and antique silver!

14 kiinu

poster on twitter @Kiinunobaka

15 kiinu

I became a fan on facebook!! the personalized swarovski’s pearl and antique silver bracelet.. It’s beautiful.

16 megan

I’m @itsm3g4n

17 Tanya


I think we’re all in agreement about the Swarovski Pearl and Antique Silver braclet absolulte gorgeous!

18 cortlynn949

I’m a fan on FB & the pearl & antique silver is my fav!

19 Sam

I added on facebook and your right the Swarovski Pearl and Antique Silver Mother’s Bracelet is beautiful.

20 SaraC

I’m @saratoashes. :)

21 SaraC

Just became a “fan”, and I love the “Swarovski Pearl Mother’s Bracelet – White “!!
*crosses fingers*

22 Tonya ;0)

I am a fan! I love the Personalized Mothers Bracelet – Swarovski Pearl… So beautiful!

23 Julian's Mommy

Swarovski Pearl and Antique Silver Mother’s Bracelet (fan on FB)

24 Haley

I’m @haleykrouse!!

25 Haley

I just fanned, and I love the swarovski crystal and sterling silver one…plus it EVEN HAS MY DAUGHTER’S NAME ON IT! (I’m pretty sure that’s a sign, keeping my fingers crossed!)

26 Emily @ Baby Dickey

tweeted @babydickey

27 Emily @ Baby Dickey

I’m simple, I like the Swarovski Pearl Mother’s Bracelet – White! (and I’m their fan on FB)

28 sunniegrrl

Swarovski Pearl and Sterling Silver Mother’s Bracelet – Bronze and Creamrose is my favourite!!

29 sunniegrrl

I’m @sunniegrrl

30 Kristy

I’m @mommyinpink

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