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11 weeks pregnant: we heard the heartbeat for the first time!

by Tarzan · 3 comments

11-weeks-pregnant-doctor-appointmentJane and I went to her doctor a couple of days ago.  It was the big day – the day that we were going to hear our baby‘s heartbeat for the very first time.  On that day, Jane was actually 11 weeks 5 days pregnant.

So, there we are in the doctor’s office.  The doctor is always at least 30 minutes late.  I told Jane let’s start showing up for our appointments 30 minutes late so we don’t have to sit and wait for so long.

You’d think I’m the only guy that goes into their office.  The only magazines they have are women’s pregnancy magazines.  Between the two screaming kids in the office and the fact that I was bored out of my mind, I was ready for us to finally get called into Jane’s doctors office.

Finally, Jane’s name was called and we walked in and were lead into one of the patient rooms.  Jane sat on the table and I sat in the corner on a small chair built into the wall that was obviously built for the father-to-be’s to sit.

While we waited in the room, I thumbed through literature on pregnancy.  I flipped through a book that showed pregnancy pictures week-by-week.  I then flipped through about 30 women’s magazines.

There wasn’t a single thing for a guy to do in that room.  I started to become very fidgety.  I asked Jane if she wanted to have sex while we waited half kidding, but part serious because I was going stir-crazy and needed something to do.  I pulled out my cell phone to see if I could play some Texas Hold’em, but something is wrong with my phone, so I couldn’t access any game.

I was about to lose it.  I needed to get out – and fast.  I felt like I was locked up in a jail cell.  The excitement of hearing our baby’s heartbeat was quickly replaced by anxiety and the craziness of a locked up madman.

Just when the thought of getting up to play with the ultrasound machine and use it on myself, the doctor finally came in.

Jane laid down on the table and the doctor used some weird long thing that had a speaker on it on Jane’s belly.  All we heard was a sound that sounded like the ocean with waves crashing combined with a hard rain during a thunderstorm.  After a minute I was told to go back into my corner and a curtain was drawn to hide me.

For goodness sakes, Jane is my wife.  I’ve seen her private parts a few times before.  I mean come on – I’m the one who got her pregnant!  Why do I have to sit in a corner behind a curtain while she takes off her pants and panties?  It’s not like I haven’t seen her happiness spot before.

After a minute, the curtain opened and Jane was now laying down on the table with a paper dress on with her feet up on those things – I don’t know what those things are called… but it’s where women put their feet.

I then walked over to Jane and the doctor put a condom looking thing on a long stick.  It’s a pretty big stick.  I became a little jealous because I knew right where that stick was going.

A second later we started to hear a whooshing sound.  Then that thunderstorm and rain sound.  And then suddenly, we heard a “boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom”.  I looked at Jane and then looked at the doctor. “Is that the heartbeat?” I asked.  The doctor said it was and it was a nice and healthy heartbeat.

I didn’t know what to expect, really.  You hear stories of soon to be mom’s and dad’s cry when they first hear the heartbeat.  Jane and I didn’t cry, but we were obviously very, very happy that we could hear the heartbeat.  Before then, we knew Jane was pregnant, but hearing the heartbeat suddenly created a whole new “realness” factor for the both of us.

As the old wives tale goes, according to the number of beats per minute, we’re going to have a girl.  I’m not sure about all of those old wives tales.  We’ll know if our baby is a boy or girl in 6 weeks.  Yes… we do want to know if our baby is a boy or girl.  :)

The doctor left and Jane got dressed.  I asked her if she wanted to have a quickie (1/2 joking, but if she said yes, I would have went for it!) and she laughed.  We walked back down to the car and made our phone calls to friends and family and shared the great news.

Hearing our baby’s heartbeat really did move this whole pregnancy thing another notch forward.  I’m going to be a father.  Jane is going to be a mom.  Slowly but surely the realization of everything is beginning to sink in.  And with Jane being only 11 weeks pregnant, we still have a long ways to go and there will be a lot more “sinking in” that will be going on.

In other news, Jane is more emotional lately.  For weeks she’s cried at some commercials on TV and some TV shows, but I’ve noticed her emotions are really rocking lately.  In fact, she just read me a daily update about the growth of our baby and she started to cry.  That’s the first time that happened – so I think it’s really starting to sink in with her.

There’s a lot going on in my head thinking about all this pregnancy and parenting stuff.  I’m starting to realize a lot of things… things I’ll be sharing here as time goes on and I make sense of all these thoughts.  But one thing is that I’m starting to get a better understanding of this whole parenting thing.  Things are starting to make more sense on why parents do what they do with their children.

All this thinking makes me think back to my own childhood and my parents.  And it makes me feel really shitty for all the hard times I gave them growing up – especially in my teen years as I gain a better understanding on what this whole parenting thing is all about.

I mean you are your baby’s world.  For years you nurture him or her, keep him/her fed, teach him/her new things, and a billion other things.  It really blows my mind.  And all the while you are the baby’s world, the baby quickly becomes your entire world.  Your child is your everything.  That’s hard to wrap your mind around when you don’t have children and especially if you’re an only child like I am.  But I’m slowly but surely starting to get it.

However, I am still completely freaked out about projectile poop, pee shooting into my face while changing our baby, and a million other things.

I also feel I need to wrap everything in our house in bubble wrap so if our baby is crawling or walking around he or she doesn’t get hurt.  But, I don’t think Jane will allow me to wrap everything in our house, our furniture, floor, and our dog in bubble wrap.  Shit, I’m already becoming an over-protective parent.

What’s happening to me?  Are Jane’s pregnancy-induced emotions rubbing off on me?  What the hell?  OK, I need to get a hold of myself here.  I need to go and do something manly.  OK.  I’m going to get up right now, drink a beer, put a football game on, and sit there on my man chair and scratch my manly parts.

Oh – and get ready… I’ll be taking a picture of Jane today!  Today Jane is 12 weeks pregnant!  Whooo Hooo!  Pretty soon her sex drive should be kicking into high gear they say…. hell, I’d be happy with ANY gear right about now.  :)

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1 Courtney

My SO needs to read this! I’m pretty sure what you describe is EXACTLY how he feels. But, I loved this entry, It gave me a good laugh. :)

2 vanita

it was reeely nice to read this whole passage…….
m overwhelmed …having suffered a miscarraige…m luking up to this new begining again in my life..scared a bit restless….and indeed the feeling of getting pregnant has now made me feel tht bond between mother and the child….lets pray together fr the new life……lets pray fr us and fr the coming one…..

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