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HCG Diet Supplements: What We’re Taking Daily

by Tarzan · 15 comments

For our HCG diet, we’re taking HCG diet supplements made by a company called, Complementary Prescriptions™.  I do not believe you can purchase these products at any store or online and are only provided by a Doctor.

We sure do pop a lot of pills everyday.  Below are a couple of photos that Jane took on Monday to show you all the pills we take while on the HCG diet:

Jane and I each have our own HCG diet “pill box”.  When I saw Jane pull those out of the bag that the Doctor’s office gave us, I immediately felt like I aged a good 30 years!

And then after Jane put in all our our pills into the morning, noon, and eve bins, I was SHOCKED at how many pills we were taking.  So much for my daily Men’s Health vitamin!  (Which I have officially stopped taking and will no longer take.)

Now one thing to keep in mind, is that when we spoke to others who did the HCG diet drops or the HCG diet shots, not all of them took supplements.  Some took their regular vitamins, some picked up a few supplements at a local drug store.  These supplements are not needed for the HCG diet, but do help with a lot of things, which I’ve detailed below for those of you who have any interest…

List of Our HGC Diet Supplements

1. Extend Core (2 capsules twice daily)

This is a multi-vitamin with numerous vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

2. Fish Oil (EPA/HDA) (1 gelcap daily with food)

This is an essential fatty acid.  (Omega 3)  Helps lower body weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  Can also help with depression and ADD, has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Coenzy me Q10 (1 capsule daily)

This is an essential enzyme required for daily metabolic function, increases energy, and protects the heart muscle.

4. N-Acetyl Cystine (1 capsule twice daily)

This is a powerful antioxidant that increases glutathione and promotes healthy immune and cardiovascular system. Glutathione is the body’s main detoxifier that helps the liver remove chemicals that are foreign to the body.  It’s also a potent antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the body.  As fat is mobilized, so are the toxins stored in the fat cells, and this supplement is important for assisting the liver do its job to detoxify the body.

5. R-Lipoic Acid (1 capsule daily)

ALA is a highly effective and versatile antioxidant and protects the liver from oxidative damage.  It also aids in weight loss.  And like the above, as fat is mobilized, so are the toxins stored in the fat cells, and this supplement is important for assisting the liver do its job to detoxify the body.

6. Fiber Rite (2 to 6 capsules twice daily)

Fiber keeps things flowing, helps keep us full, and helps us rid our bodies of toxins.  As you can imagine, eating the reduced HCG diet calories that are required, you need to take a lot of fiber, as needed, to make sure you’re regular.

7. Vitamin D (2 capsules daily)

Vitamin D is a VERY common deficiency.  It’s important for thyroid function, your immune system, bone health, and has anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

8. L Tyrocine (1-2 capsules daily)

L-Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that the body synthesizes from phenylalanine, which is another amino acid. Tyrosine is important to the structure of almost all proteins in the body and is also the precursor of several neurotransmitters, including L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.  As far as what this does exactly, I cannot remember.  Jane, do you recall?

Side note: Once we are finished with this 40-day round of the HCG diet, out of all of the above, we will continue to take: Extend Core, Fish Oil, and the Vitamin D capsules.  We do not need to continue any of the others once off of the HCG diet shots.  Thank God.

Whew!  So now I’m officially caught up to everything that we have going on with the HCG diet and our HCG diet supplements!

Jane will be posting soon with her journey.

– Tarzan

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1 Lindsay

So I have very low vitamin D and I’m on my 2nd round of HCG. Everything I have read says vitamin d or fishoil will cause you to stall. Has taking them stalled you at all?

2 Sandy

Okay everyone … a month after I finished the Homeopathic HCG and no weight gain. I still feel excellent. It works, and it is not a starvation diet because your body is burning stored fat for energy. Anyway, that is what happen to me.

3 Lena

This is exactly what I ws looking for (a list of supplements) as I prepare for another round of the HCG diet. I’m hoping this will help me feel better as I go at it again. Thanks!

4 Sandy

I did the homeopathic version of the HCG diet, and it was a wonderful experience. It completely changed my metabolism and relationship to food. I am so impressed with how I felt during my first round. Even with eating only 500 calories a day my energy levels were high, my moods were balanced, and I felt fantastic. If I would have done the same eating plan without the drops my body would have interpreted I was on a starvation diet, and I would have had no energy. It was amazing sensing my body use stored body fat as energy while my muscles stayed firm and healthy. I also lost a significant amount of body fat, and 14 inches total during the first round. I would like to learn if I could keep taking the HCG drops, homeopathic version on an ongoing basis because I felt so good. So I appreciate any information you may have on continuing to supplment with the homeopathic version. Thanks! Oh, and one last thing … now that I am off the diet I am noticing that foods I use to eat that would make me gain weight seem to be safe foods for me now. I am maintaining for the first time in a long time. Since I am nearing 60 years of age to feel so vital and healthy makes me really happy because I am no longer feeling like I have an aged metabolism!

5 Jenna

HCG is a scammer’s delight. Eat less, do more exercise, save the money you would have spent on this junk, and go on a nice vacation with your family instead of financing a scammer’s vacation.

6 Tarzan

@Lauren… Well said, thank you. As I mentioned a few days ago on a post, there was going to be a little controversy added to our blog, but we’re no stranger to that! Some of Jane’s breastfeeding posts had tons of comments, fights were started, and it was a good ‘ole time. LOL We respect everyone’s thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. Everyone has the right to have their own opinions based on whatever knowledge they have on a subject. Heck, Jane and I are the same way when it comes to certain subjects. We all are. And of course, we do appreciate people voicing their concerns. Believe me, I’m the one who was 100% against this completely for 1,000 reasons before I spent a lot of time deciding if this was the right thing to do or not.

Now of course Jane and I know there will of course be negative comments made here and there. That’s all part of being so transparent on a public blog. :) And actually, sometimes it does help motivate me because it adds another person to the list who I want to prove wrong and adds belief in myself that I can stick to the HCG diet for 40 days and then make the full lifestyle change.

At the end of the day, people need to do what they believe is best for them, regardless of what others say. :) Thanks again for your comment – much appreciated!

7 Lauren

All — I hesitate to be the person to point this out, but it sounds like Jane and Tarzan have weighed the facts and made their choice (as they have every right to do). I’m sure they expect all sorts of opinions to be sounded here, but if you think your comment – however well meaning or informed – is going to be “the one” to change their minds, you are probably mistaken. Why not let them figure out for themselves what works? Or, if you can’t tolerate the idea of what they are doing, read something else?

8 bella

I did read the previous posts.
And that is my opinion.

9 Tarzan

@Maey… 100% agree with you. Please refer to previous posts I wrote about this. We are making a COMPLETE lifestyle change. After the 40 days on the HCG diet shots and low calorie diet, we go into a maintenance period of about 4 weeks, where we’re eating 1,500+ calories a day. Then meet with a nutritionist. Then go grocery shopping with them so they can help us buy food, pick out meals, etc. We will be shopping at Whole Foods instead of the normal grocery store we go to once this is completed. We will then be exercising regularly and be on a new way of eating for life. So yes, this is a lifestyle change. As far as gaining the weight back, the people we know who have done the HCG diet and made the full lifestyle change have been able to keep the weight off for over a year now and are healthier than they have ever been in their lives. This diet, just like anything else out there ONLY works if you stick to it – and make a mind, heart, and gut commitment to make a full lifestyle change – which Jane and I are committed to do for ourselves and of course our little Monkey.

@bella… Be sure to read up on previous posts and learn about the HCG diet and how it why it works before posting opinions. :)

@Alison… LOL. Nope!

10 Alison

Are we being punked?

11 bella

I agree with Leah. What you are doing is incredibly unhealthy.
500 calories a day is a starvation diet.

12 Maey

I’m sorry, but there is no magic cure for weight loss. I wish you the best with your journey, and I don’t doubt you will lose weight, only eating 500 calories a day. However, I see a lot of this weight being gained back. Losing weight successfully requires a lifestyle change, not a bunch of injections and pills. Maybe you two can be the exception. I wish you the best of luck in this!

13 Tarzan

Hi Leah, oh yes. We are having blood tests tomorrow. And will do so again in a week or two. I 100% completely understand your concern and truly appreciate it. Believe me, when I first learned about this, I passed this off completely – for weeks! But between the research and speaking to our Doctor, I weighed everything and realized that this was safe for us to do. In addition to the tests and weekly appointments we are doing (we have one today) what I’ll do is make an appointment with our regular Doc next week to have additional tests done and report back.

Believe me, I want to make sure that Jane and I are safe about this. I get concerned about the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who who do the HCG diet drops and the full diet without any Doctor supervision or supplements. That’s risky.

This post has some decent info from people who have tried or are on the full HCG diet. Of course, like with our blog, there will be some negatives in there, as with anything, but I found it very helpful:

14 Leah

Wow, I am terrified for your liver. I hope you’re getting its’ functions monitored. I’ve been a nurse practitioner for over thirty years and can confidently tell you that this is incredibly unhealthy. I have a very difficult time believing a doctor would oversee such an extreme diet. HCG is FDA approved for infertility, not for weight loss! There have been no medical studies indicating the health hazards you may be setting yourself up for.
I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I really am just concerned for your health. Eating 500 calories a day for 40 will surely make you lose weight, HCG or not. If its your appetite you wish to suppress, there are medications made for this. HCG in no way “resets your metabolism.” If this were the case, wouldn’t the weight just melt off of a pregnant woman during the first few months after she conceived?
Please seek the advice of a REAL doctor or nurse. Not one that works in a medical weight loss clinic. I assure they’d advise you to stop as well.

15 Jane

L-Tyrosine helps suppress the appetite, as well as help with any mood swings or bad moods in general. :)

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