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HCG Diet Blog Post: Our HCG Diet Plan Success Stories

by Tarzan · 16 comments

I’m a little behind on updating everyone here, so here’s an update on my little HCG diet blog posts I’ve been doing since starting the HCG diet.

Today is officially day 20.  20 days of taking the HCG shots in the stomach.  20 days of eating 500 calories a day.  20 days of me taking essentially pregnancy hormones.  And 20 days into creating and becoming a HCG diet success story.

I know this topic stirs some of our readers up.  Some agree with us, some are indifferent, and some are anxious to see how we do on the HCG diet – both now and how we do once we complete the 40-day cycle.  So let me go ahead and update everyone on my journey…

My weight loss so far on the HCG diet

As you can see by my stats before I began the HCG diet, my starting weight was 242 pounds.  So today I weighed myself and I’m now at 224.0 pounds.  So that’s 18 pounds of fat lost in 20 days.  Not too bad if I do say so myself!

My blood pressure is WAY down as well.  I started this with blood pressure that was way too high, and had been for a good couple of years.  My doctor had told me several times that any more higher and I’d need to be put on blood pressure medicine.  No thank you.  My blood pressure was around 140/95.  Sometimes higher.

My blood pressure is now 124/80 and continues to get closer to the normal/healthy range, which I believe is 120/80.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Confession: Now I can’t continue to beat myself up for it, but Jane and I had a couple of back-to-back cheat days thanks to a halloween party.  We had planned on having a couple of drinks, which is fine if you do it every once in awhile.  But what is not fine is what happens after you have a couple of drinks.  Inhibitions go down, and that leads to munching on food.  Which it did.

I figure during out little weekend ‘oops’ that I could have lost another 4-5 pounds if I didn’t do that.  But, like the Doctor said on Wednesday, we can’t beat ourselves up about it.  Everyone slips once in awhile and it’s totally OK if you don’t make a habit of it of course.  And it’s how we learn and build our will power I guess!

Building Our HCG Success Stories

But 18 pounds of fat lost in 20 days thanks to the HCG diet isn’t something to sneeze at either.  Jane is doing great as well – she’ll be posting her HCG diet blog post soon.

My clothes are fitting looser.  I’ve noticed a night and day difference with my breathing.  It’s not that I had any big problems or anything before – but I’ve noticed a big difference now.  It’s easier to breathe – which I’m sure is from having a lot less weight on me.  I’ve also noticed that I breathe slower and don’t get a tad-bit out of breath running up the stairs like I used to.

And I’m feeling better and better everyday.  I noticed my “morning hangovers” that I had just become used to are gone.  I call them morning hangovers – but they were not from alcohol, they were from food.  I almost always ate at night.  A bowl of cereal, ice cream, a snack, whatever there was.  Late night I got hungry and I ate.

Now that I don’t do that any longer, I notice that getting up in the morning is a heck of a lot easier and I don’t feel like crap anymore in the morning.  It would take me a good hour or more to snap out of my ‘morning hangover’ until I felt better.  Now I could literally get out of bed, put on shoes, and go out for a brisk walk or even a jog.  Crazy how fast these changes are happening!

When I first started the HCG diet, going without breakfast was tough.  Just drinking a cup of coffee without a big bowl of cereal in front of me just didn’t feel right.  I loved breakfast.

Now, I’m totally cool with just drinking coffee.  No hunger pains, and I’m used to it now.  Granted, once we finish our 40-days on the HCG diet, we begin a 1,500 calorie diet for 4 weeks.  We’ll then be eating eggs, fruit, and a veggie for breakfast.  I won’t argue with that!

Jane has become a GREAT healthy cook and found a lot of great HCG diet recipes that she’s been trying out.  Lunches are usually a ton of lettuce, tomato, celery, and grilled chicken.  It’s satisfying and holds us over until dinner.  Because our stomachs are shrinking, dinner is usually quite satisfying – even filling.

I was SHOCKED at how small a “normal” portion of food was.  I thought I’d be starving my ass off all the time, but I’ve become accustomed to it.

One of the biggest things I love about the HCG diet is that you REALLY learn while you’re on it.  You really have to stop and think about everything you’re putting into your body.

During this diet we’re not using anything that is unnatural – from deodorant to soap, we’re only using 100% natural products.  Why?  Because there is animal fat in a lot of those products and it can be absorbed into your skin.  Disgusting.  I know.

I’m really learning a lot and really think totally differently about food.  I can see how EASY it is to become overweight in the USA.  Even if you think you’re eating healthy and good food, like we had thought for years, you’re not.  Becoming educated on natural foods and what is REALLY put into many of the foods you see in your grocery store will change your thinking forever.

It’s also VERY much affected our little Monkey and his future as far as the foods we feed him now and will feed him as he’s growing up.

For the people who give us a hard time about the HCG diet, think about this for a minute…  There are so many hormones in the foods you eat now.  Do you eat chicken?  If you’re not eating organic chicken, you’re taking in some growth hormones.  The same goes for any meat that you eat.  And I’m beginning to wonder if they are doing something weird with fruit and vegetables.  WHY are apples, oranges, peaches, etc. 3 times larger now compared to what they were just a year or two ago?

So odds are that you and just about everyone else out there are injecting all sorts of man-made growth hormones with the foods we eat.  No wonder why America is fat.  Hormones to slow down metabolisms in animals, hormones to to grow bigger faster, hormones to who knows what.  They are all in the food you eat – if you’re not careful.

So I figure while we’re on the HCG diet, we’re injecting a heck of a lot less hormones than what we were eating before, when we thought we were eating fairly healthy.

So that’s the deal.  I feel great.  We go for our 30-minute walk or bike rides everyday.  And those times where I do get hungry, I just eat an apple and I’m good to go.  (Where as before, if I was hungry, I’d eat whatever ever-lasting food in our pantry we had).

In the next 20 days, I should shed at least another 15 pounds of fat.  That’ll put me at 209 pounds.  I know that many people continue to lose weight during the 4-week 1,500 calorie diet because you can exercise more than just 30-minutes a day.  So maybe by the end of this year or around the beginning of next year, I’ll be at my goal weight, 190 pounds.

The next step will be to get a personal trainer and start lifting weights.  Maybe by the middle of next year I’ll finally look like the Tarzan we all know and love. :)

- Tarzan

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1 HCG Diet

Just make sure you’re getting it from an FDA aprroved pharmacy!

2 Cal - the hCG Diet Guru Guy

GREAT progress! 18lbs is a lot to lose. Just pick up a sack of 10lb sugar if you ever need to remind yourself just how much weight that is!

I’ve done 3 rounds so far, lost 72lbs – I’m halfway through the third round. Love it. This diet is amazing. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

3 hcg diets reviews

I have been doing hcg diet. I am Excited to see the best result!!! It was not difficult at all and I was able to see results very quickly. I am on my 6 week break right now,
but will be going for one more round in April.

4 HCG Diet For Weight Loss

Thanks for sharing your success story, it really inspire me to start the diet program.

5 Maey

I don’t care what they blog about, if they would actually blog on a regular basis! I’m sorry, but this once every 1-2 week thing is just not cutting it.

6 Natalie

oopa. Please excuse the typos… Was typing that ut on my phone :o /

7 Natalie

I really miss the parenting aspect of the posts. Wile I’m glad you’re taking steps to get where you want, there just doesn’t seem to be enough blogging about money, and parenting… I have to admitt, its disappointing to not hear about your adventures with a toddler. The blog seemed to mainly be about the pregnancy and the baby… Seems that the hcg thing should be more of a side note, or posts btwn posts about monkey. I thought you guys were trying to concieve again? Is that on hold? Would this diet effect that? Maybe I missed something somewhere… But that would atleast tie everything together. What about the healthy recipes? Does monjey eat the same food? Maybe you could share those, and that would make the posts feel like they are about how this affects you guys, and monkey. Because honestly? It’s like this is a whole new blog… Not the one I originally followed.

8 Tarzan

@HDL … Ah, I should have mentioned about that some of the things I was saying were not entirely directed to the comments you see. It’s the comments that you don’t see that are quite ‘out there’ and downright rude. We get several comments a week that are very rude to us, or another commenter, or are filled with profanity that we just don’t publish. These HCG posts have stirred up some folks out there – to say the least. There will of course be posts about Monkey, Parenthood, etc. Always. But from time to time we do veer off onto other subjects that aren’t necessarily related to Monkey directly, but definitely directly. Since Monkey, our lives and bodies have changed drastically. And since this blog is our journey after that plus sign, we decided to include a lot of other things that are somewhat related. :)


Only one comment on this post mentions re-gaining weight and none are telling you stop what you’re doing. They do make valid points about about making sure your information is correct. Since you’re putting your life out on the internet for all to read and comment on, you have to expect people to comment and give advice even if it’s not what you want to hear. I personally don’t care what diet regimens you adhere to or what businesses you start or what religion you follow, etc, although I’m happy to discuss these things in an open and nonjudgemental forum. But as a scientist I have an aversion to the proliferation of misinformation. I’ve enjoyed this blog since I was just a few weeks pregnant (last spring!) because I love reading about your experiences in pregnancy and parenthood. I really miss reading the updates on how Monkey is growing and how the two of you feel as parents.

10 Tarzan

Ahhhh… Gotta love it. :) We’re more than 1/2 way through this, so in the following weeks and months to come, if I gain back all of the weight I lost and more, then all of you can go ahead and post a big, “I TOLD YOU SO”.

Remember, this isn’t a ‘fad diet’ we’re doing where it’s a one-time shot and we go back to how we were and hope the magic diet fairy’s pixy dust will keep any excess weight off. This is the beginning of a complete lifestyle change which includes eating and exercise habits.

A lifestyle change that includes really keeping tabs on your weight everyday. (Really easy to do with a new scale I found that you step on, it takes all of your stats, then automatically uploads the info into your ipod or iphone app) Keeping a log on the food and calories you eat (again, very easy with iphone apps), and keeping a log of exercise done and calories burned daily (again, very easy with apps).

I don’t know about anyone else and I cannot speak for anyone else, but I do know that different things work for different people. We’ve tried many things over the years and based on all of our research – which we continue to learn more and more daily – this was a great fit for us.

In fact, I let another one of my friends in on what we are doing and he told me about several people he knows that lost well over 100 lbs. a few years back on HCG. They look like totally different people. Weight is still off. And they all live active lifestyles now.

I’m sure there are people out there who have gained all the weight back and more. In fact, I learned about a woman who that happened to. Another one of my friends’ wife was on HCG a few years ago. Did a couple of rounds, lost 50 lbs. and was healthy. She had some unrelated health issues, stress, etc. come up and gained a lot of weight back. She’s back on it now – just started a week ago.

At the end of the day – you have to do what is right for you and not let comments from others steer you off of your path.

I find this HCG diet right in line with many parenting topics. Some folks have VERY strong opinions on why to do or not to do something when it comes to how to bring up a child. What it all comes down to is that we have to do what is right for us, what we feel is right for us, and stick with it all through the nay-sayers, negative nelly’s etc.

This also relates to the business world. I’ve been working on a new business I’m starting for MONTHS. A LOT of people are saying that this is the worst time to start a business. It’s almost impossible for a start-up to get funding now-a-days without giving up all your equity. Everyday I have to fight battles on the business front – with a lot of people telling me why I shouldn’t do this, why I shouldn’t do that, etc.

In every area of life…


There are people who will do all they can to tell you that you are wrong – that you are making a mistake, that something won’t work, that you’re not doing it right, that you’re making a mistake, etc. in every spoke in this wheel we call life.

Those who stand up for who they are and what they believe in not only pave a new path for themselves, but also clear a new path for others who may also be on the same journey and don’t have the strength or experience yet to become a path-maker.

I’m a path-maker. Always have been. I do the research, talk to a bunch of people, then dive into something with all that I’ve got. Have I failed with this often risky method to approaching all sorts of things life throws at you? Heck yes. Many, many, many times. In the past 12 months alone, I have at least 15 failed businesses under my belt. Most would stop at one failed business. Some would stop at a few. But 15? Some may call me crazy to keep trying – especially with a family. In fact, I hear it all the time.

But at the end of the day – I know where I’m going, and I know I’m going to get there, it’s just a matter of putting the right things together and paving my own path. And that relates to my life, businesses, and of course, my weight loss.


11 Maey

I think it’s kind of ironic that Tarzan is ranting about hormones in food when he is injecting himself with a hormone that is not meant to be in his body every day. LOL, do you not see the hypocrisy in this?

12 Leah

Actually the use of growth hormones is illegal on all farms, especially for poultry. I’m not sure where you get your information.

Eating foster farms won’t make you any fatter than eating organic chicken. Furthermore, are you having your fat levels checked? It’s very possible you’re mostly losing water weight and muscle weight, not fat weight. Muscle mass can diminish very fast with decreased calorie intake. Your base metabolic rate (BMR) gives you information on how much you should eat to maintain your weight for normal body functions. Cutting down your calorie intake by at least 25 percent (500 calories a day) will allow you to lose muscle mass because you are consuming less than your body needs. Depending on your body structure, you can lose one to three pounds of muscle mass a week if your food intake is lower than what it used to be when you were gaining the muscle mass.

13 MJ

I am happy you are feeling better, but just b/c you lost weight does not mean it was “fat”. In fact, as a doctor, I can confirm that it is impossible to lose that much fat in such a short time as your body just can’t absorb that much in that short of time, so you are losing mostly water weight which would come back as soon as you start eating more “normal”.

14 HDL

I’m glad you’re finding success with your diet, but I must question your description of “natural products.” How is animal fat not natural? Lard, a common ingredient in soap, is 100% pig fat. It’s not necessarily good for you, but it is natural, especially if it’s from an “organically grown” pig. On the other hand, the sodium lauryl sulfate found in most body washes, shampoos, and other cleansing products is not at all natural but does a great job of getting things clean witout any proven adverse effects (unless you have a serious skin condition, which could be irritated). As for the question about bigger fruits and vegetables, they’ve been bred to be bigger and tastier. Much like chickens and cows, etc. are bred to be bigger and meatier. Some of these livestock animals are treated with growth hormones to make them even more meaty. However, animal growth hormones do not cross react with human growth hormone receptors. Even if they did and even if there were a significant amount of the hormone left in the meat you have for dinner, growth hormone promotes breakdown of fat and building of muscle in adults, which is the opposite effect from making you fatter. That’s why athletes have abused human growth hormone to increase their performance although the jury is out as to whether it actually works. Okay, I’m getting off of my physiologist’s stump, now. You can check out the well-sourced Wikipedia pages for more info on growth hormone, lard, etc. Again, I wish you all the best with your diet and I hope that you and Jane and your readership will continue to make informed decisions about their health.

15 Anonymous

I am totally happy for you. I hope you can continue this, because it is very hard to surround yourself with people who eat “like americans” and watch tv where there are commercials advertising hot cheetos or whatever. I’ve never been able to do it, so if you do, then you truly are a success story!

16 Siera

I haven’t been following this HCG diet but good on you or doing something proactive. Can’t wait to see the end results.

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