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The HCG Diet Results And A Lot Of Other Random Thoughts

by Tarzan · 15 comments

OK.  Looks like some commenters are wondering why we stopped posting about the HCG diet – and wondering what our results were.

Well, for me, I lost a total of 28 pounds on the 40-day diet.  Jane lost a total of 26 pounds.  Why didn’t we keep everyone updated on posts?  For me, it was not worth my time.  It took some strong will and motivation at times to avoid eating in the evening when I was up working late.  The last thing I needed was to spend time reading all of the negative comments left by people.

Jane and I are positive people.  There were quite a few down-right rude and obnoxious comments left by people that never made it to the public because we simply deleted them before the comments went live.  It amazes me how many negative people there are and how much extra time people have on their hands.  Moreover, it amazes me how much effort some people put into trying to bring others down – while they obviously need to be focusing on themselves.

I had thought it would be good and fun to keep everyone posted on our progress.  I thought it would motivate people to begin to live a healthy lifestyle.  Whether they chose to do the HCG diet on their own or they chose another route.  It didn’t matter.  As long as we motivated a few people to start eating healthy and start taking care of themselves, then we succeeded in my book.

As I sit here typing this, I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t worn in a good three years.  They are size 36 button-fly Lucky jeans.  I tried these on before we began the HCG diet and I couldn’t get them on high enough to even button the first button.  They now fit very comfortably.  I’m wearing shirts I haven’t worn in years and I feel a hell of a lot better about myself.

Over the next few weeks we’re on a loose 1500 calorie diet.  Basically just watching what we eat, weighing ourselves daily and making sure we don’t gain more than 2 pounds.  If we do, then you do what is called a “steak day”.  In January, we are going to do another round of the HCG diet.  Once we finish that, I’m sure that Jane and I will be right where we want to be.  Whether we post about it or not is undecided.  More than likely not – at least for me.

I’m the type of person that keeps a good distance between myself and negativity.  Misery loves company.  Like attracts like.  And for whatever reason, the HCG diet really attracted some interesting characters to our blog.

I created this blog shortly after we found out Jane was pregnant to have fun and document the journey.  It was the best present that I could have given Jane.  It made us so much closer as a couple.  We learned so much together.  And it was an activity that we could do together.  It was an absolute blast.  If you go back and read posts I wrote while Jane was pregnant, you’ll see a much different tone.  It was fun.

Then after Monkey was born, that’s when everything changed.  Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that this is a blog and we welcome people’s comments.  But there were times that people really crossed the line with comments that were never published.  I’ve quickly learned that there are 100,000 different parenting styles out there – and many believe that the way they choose is the ONLY way.  And if someone chooses a different path – then they are always wrong in their eyes – and have no problem letting us know.

It’s crazy.  Even laughable.  We’ve always had comments from people wondering if this blog was real, wondering if our Twitter account was real, wondering all sorts of things.  I can’t help but laugh.  We’re what, more than two years into this blog now?  I can’t imagine any couple spending 2 years of their lives making up hundreds of blog posts, running contests, reviewing products, etc.  I can assure you, there is VERY little money keeping a blog like this going – even though we have a few thousand unique visitors visiting our blog daily.

So sorry for going on and on here – just wanted to get a lot off of my chest that has been on it for a long time.  My posting frequency went down, down, down as many of you know shortly after Monkey was born.  I just didn’t want to be around all of the craziness sometimes going on with comments.  Now don’t get me wrong, 95% of you are awesome.  We have many VERY loyal readers and I want to say thank you, we appreciate you, we look forward to your comments, and appreciate you spending some time on our blog.  We really appreciate you.

But it’s that 5% that drives me nuts; drives me away.  They take all of the fun out of it, you know? For example, if I post about what happened the other night while Monkey was sleeping in bed with us, we’d get hit by a lot of negative comments on why Monkey should not be sleeping in bed with us.  Some would make it to the blog, while many others would be deleted due to being too rude, obnoxious, include swear words, etc.  Seriously guys, some commenters are NUTS.  So much so that we’ve had to literally block people’s IP addresses so that they cannot ever view our blog again.

So for all of you wondering where Tarzan went – the above explains everything.  It’s not that I’m gone – I’m on this blog each and every single day and spend a good 30 minutes to an hour a day going through everything and making sure things are running smoothly.

Maybe once Monkey is a little older I’ll be more motivated to post again about our daily happenings.  But for now, I feel that Monkey is at an age where too many people have too many opinions on what is right and what is wrong.  At the end of the day, YOU have to do what YOU feel is best and right.  Parenting is a never-ending learning process.  Sure, you can learn a few things from others, but at the end of the day, parenting is learned by being a parent.

There’s not one book or DVD in the world that can prepare you for what it’s really like to become a parent.  There isn’t one person in the world who can truly describe the feeling you get in your stomach when your son falls on the pavement – and gets his first skinned knee with blood running down his leg.

No one can explain the feeling you get in your heart when your little baby is sick and not feeling well.  I literally want to pull my heart out of my chest and do anything and take my little Monkey’s pain away and make him feel better.

There is no way of knowing what it’s like being a Father or Mother until you are one.  It’s one hell of an emotional roller coaster – and I can see how it can get the best of people, changing them into Parenting Monsters.  And for all of those out there, that I’ll now label as “Parenting Monsters”, please, for the sake of yourself and everyone around you… LIGHTEN UP.

So that’s the deal everyone.  And to address some random comments recently… Yes, this blog is real.  Always has been.  Yes, Jane and I did very well on the HCG diet.  Both feel great.  Look good.  Wearing clothes we haven’t worn in years.  And we’ll be doing one last round in January to get to our ideal weight.  Eating habits changing.  Exercising more.  I’ll even tell you guys that Jane ran a marathon recently!  (So proud of her!  I would have joined her, but I tore a muscle in my leg)

As far as ads on our blog, it’s how we are able to keep this blog up and running and cover the hosting costs.  If being able to go to Starbucks a couple of times a month from the profits of this blog makes us rich, then sure, this blog made us rich. :)

As far as why we don’t post daily – but try to post at least a couple times a week or more, well, read the above.  I don’t want to speak for Jane, but I’m sure she feels the same way I do on a few things I mention above.

I hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day and I hope everyone is excited as we are about the upcoming Holiday that has something to do with big guy in a red suit.  Our little Monkey LOVES christmas lights and looking around the neighborhood with us.  He is full of “oooooh’s” and “aahhhhh’s” when he sees the lights and yard decorations.

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1 Marcia

This is my first time on your blog, a pregnant friend of mine sent me the link as I’m currently on the HCG diet. (day 36 and 23.2 pounds, feeling blessed and great) So that made me read on and on.. I have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far and since we are into January have you all started your 2nd round? I have only talked to a few folks who have done the diet recently and out of the 4 only 1 didn’t really stick with it but she also only had to loose about 10 lbs. (HA) and I was wondering from someone who’s been through the whole process how maintining has been?
I’m already preparing for the next 3 weeks (have cookbook and menus planned out)and really looking forward to eating breakfast again myself..
As far as the negativity, it will only affect you if you let it.. All you can do is just have pitty on those who have to live such a sucky, lonely, negative life.

2 Em

I am pleased to hear of your weight loss. I think sometimes you do need to do something to get yourself kickstarted. Keep up the great work and your new healthy eating plan.

3 Lenny

Sorry to hear about the negative comments, I agree some people can be very rude. What did Thumper say? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I believe that if you wouldn’t say something to a persons face, don’t write it and don’t say it behind their backs. Some people disagree though. :( I’ve gotten a few rude comments from random people in the store about how to raise my children. I’ve even gotten into the habit of not telling my family or friends exactly how I’m bringing them up because there’s always something someone doesn’t agree with. It’s easier to keep quiet. From what I’ve read, though, you and Jane sound like wonderful parents. Everyone does things differently and that’s what makes us all unique.
Congrats on the diet. My mother in law tried it out (used drops instead of shots though) and lost 17 lbs. As long as you’re eating healthy and have spoken to doctors, I can’t see where the bad is! It’s such a good lesson for Monkey, too, learning to eat healthy at such a young age. You should be very proud. :)

4 Ashleigh Kok

Hi Tarzan. Glad to hear you got excellent results on the HCG diet. Unfortunately, you asked people to follow you along and lose weight with you, but you stopped writing and never gave any reason.
For someone such as myself, a stay at home mother who doesn’t get the chance to go out very often, I really looked forward to your blog, every day I would type in your address and every day I would be disappointed. I was really looking forward to losing weight along with you, but you were my motivation and you disappeared. I’m still going to check back once in a while to see what’s going on in your life, but I refuse to get my hopes up again if you say “I’m back!” Because we’ve all heard that before.

5 Tarzan

Hey everyone,

Wow. Jane and I very much appreciate the support and your comments above. They are very, very motivating for us and gives us a swift kick in the behind to keep pushing forward here because so many of you look forward to our posts. We really appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you! :)

6 Ambria D

I totally understand where you are coming from. That would make it so hard for me to want to blog too. People are ass holes. They don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. And they think that they can make you change your mind about everything. Just forget about them (and that above comment!) You guys rock and are GREAT parents!! Congrats on losing so much weight. That’s so awesome!!

7 blablabirdie

Thanks for this!

As a long time reader – who was pregnant around the same time as you guys – your blog was always a lifeline for me. Until one day it became pretty obvious that neither you or Jane were really all that into being mommy/daddy bloggers (which I totally get – while I love to read some parenting blogs, I chose to leave my child off the web for the moment for a reason).

I know a lot of people in the comments have been giving Jane a hard time in the comments because she doesn’t update very often – but I have really felt the lack of Tarzan in this blog as well. I liked the two parent perspective.

I was excited about the HCG diet not because I think it will lead to a healthy living style (which as a recovering anorexic I don’t think eating 500 cals a day will every lead to a healthy anything) but for the selfish reason that it made both of you interesting and passionate writers again. And that had been lacking here, for awhile. (sorry :( )

I’m sorry to hear that this path your blog has taken is because of us, your readership. Because that is a sad state of things. I do always enjoy reading the comments. They do keep it interesting. But they shouldn’t border on harassment.

I hope you both find a happy medium that keeps you enjoying this blog & us continuing to enjoy reading it.

(oh, and glad to have you back!)

8 Maey

Lord, you sound like a bunch of whiny yuppies. I’m sorry, but when you have a PUBLIC blog, you open yourself up to a variety of comments and opinions. And no, people do not always voice these in the way you would like. It’s inconsiderate as heck to just stop blogging about something in the middle of it with no other mention of it whatsoever. I’m through with this blog. Bloggers who can’t take criticism and opinions different from theirs are the worst kind.

9 beth

I’m glad you got some great results on the hcg diet! And I’m glad you got a chance to address all the negativity that has been going on around here. People are just so weird when it comes to blogs. Not every single thing is their business. Damn.

10 Siera

There are some freaks out there that have nothing better to than to be jerks on blogs. I knew one blogger that had to go private as some people went crazy and trolled her blog and went so far to email her adoption agency lawyer with the link to her blog as for some reason they didn’t want her and her husband adopting.

Two topics as you probably know that draw comments like crazy is the circumcision vs. not and breast feeding vs. bottle feeding. I have my opinions but keep them to myself. Unless a child is being abused or neglected people just need to mind their own business. If I feel strongly on a subject that I don’t agree on I try to keep my opinion constructive and non judgmental. Monkey is at a tough age. The 1-2 in between stage is a rewarding and challenging time all at once. Your child isn’t quite a toddler but not exactly a baby. Good Luck.

Good on you for losing the weight! I wish I had to motivation for going to the gym a few days a week. It’s nice to read. I haven’t found my exercise groove got for a long time.

11 Lisa

Congrats on the weight loss! I considered the HCG diet after reading about you guys and hearing a few others I know on it but I decided it wasn’t for me. Glad it was the jump start you guys needed to alter your habits!

There are so many things I do differently as a parent than I thought I would. Some of them were hard for me, but I had so many people encouraging me. I;m so glad that no one is looking at me with a magnifying glass. I applaud you for sharing as much as you do and look forward to future posts. I figure I’ll start raising my kid by the book….really, ANYBODY’S book….when she starts eating, sleeping, pooping, playing, etc by the book!

Love reading about you guys and Monkey!

12 Shelley

Hi there – I haven’t posted a comment before but have been reading your blog for probably a year now – I loved the photos of Jane’s belly when I was pregnant! I just wanted to say I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of people like me who really enjoy and benefit from your blog but never post comments, so many more than the few negative people. I appreciate how they can make you not want to blog so much but the rest of us love your posts so please keep going! I think it’s great to read about different parenting styles – I have a 3 month old now and get lots of ideas from blogs. They are all different but it helps me to work out what I think, and sometimes gives me a new perspective on things I thought I wouldn’t do. FYI we have our son in bed with us too – and I love the cuddles :) Keep up the good work and enjoy your Starbucks! Shelley (from Australia)

13 Jennifer

GREAT JOB on the weight loss!!! That is excellent!! I hope you continue to have success! And ignore the haters….they are every where!

14 Nicolle B.

Good for you! I agree with you. People that go out of their way to leave negative comments is just disgusting. Yes, there is free speech – but if I disagreed with someone, I would post it on their blog. I would just continue on to read the next blog post and so on & so forth. Since joining the blogging community – I too have learned alot from parenting. Everyone does have their own parenting ways – no one is perfect and no on is right…even the books aren’t right. The fact is we are all created differently – therefore, there is no right or wrong way. It’s what works for each individual. I started following your blog from when Jane was pregnant and followed the twitter birth. I did think a couple of times why we never saw photos of everyone (what can I say, I like pictures better than words). But then I realized that each blog is different & to each his own. I don’t not read or subscribe to your blog anymore. I still embrace it just like all the other blogs I follow.

I hope you feel better in getting that off your chest. You should be able to do that on your blog.

I wish you more good luck in the diet! I wish I took the step to do that too LOL

Happy Holidays!

15 Sarah

I have commented here before a few times and I admire your desire to reach out to others and inspire them in their own journeys of parenting and/or weight loss. I have had my own blog for several years documenting my own struggles and successes as a parent and thankfully have not been subjected to negativity although I suspect my readers are a much smaller circle than yours. What I really want to say is that divorcing yourself from outside voices is crucial in a parenting journey. I have a 7 year old son who needs a lot of my attention and constant discipline followed up by reinforcement. Some weeks I feel like all I am doing is trying to make him understand consequences when I’d rather just give him whatever he wants and that’s difficult enough without having random people judging my every move. Imagine what people would have to say over your chosen method of discipline if how you feed an infant turns out to be a hot topic. I certainly hope that you will continue to share your journey with us. I read a lot of blogs and I am not devoid of opinion but I respect that others have theirs and choose to do things differently. I like hearing about how others deal with life and their individual situations and think we should continue to share. I feel like I have become a better parent since being active in the blogging community but if it made me feel differently I would run in the opposite direction. Nothing is more important than your son.

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