Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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A Child Playing Makes Your Heart Smile

by Tarzan · 5 comments

My heart smiled tonight.  The kind of smile that warms your whole body and washes away all stress, all worry.  I was upstairs in my office and I heard some commotion, Monkey jabbering away, and things banging around.

I walked downstairs and saw Jane sitting on the couch.  She looked up at me and I asked where Monkey was.  Then I heard him talking his Monkey talk, yelling, and having a good-ole-time throwing balls and trucks around in his room.

Monkey was in his room playing by himself and REALLY enjoying himself.  I peeked in and watched him play – and my heart smiled.  I looked over at Jane and said, “I really love hearing him play”.

It’s such a simple little thing, but for some reason it just hit me tonight.  Our little Monkey just rocks and he is what brings Jane and I so much joy at times where there are only a few glimmers or sparkles of hope.

Today Monkey and I played ball in the backyard for a good 30 minutes.  We played a few games that Monkey likes to call:

Watch Daddy Kick The Ball And I’ll Go Get It

I’ll Run With The Ball While Daddy Chases Me

I’ll Try To Kick The Ball, But Get Tripped Up And Fall Over

Daddy Chases Me, He Put The Wrong Shoes On Me, One Keeps Falling Off, I Keep Tripping, Daddy Puts Shoe Back On Me

Hear Daddy Say No 30 Times When I Tried To Pick A Mushroom Growing On The Side Of The Fence

Watch Daddy Kick The Ball Over The Fence By Mistake.  The Was The End Of The Ball Games

Pick Up What I Thought Was A Rock. Daddy Ran Over And Said Eeeew.  He Carried Me In, Washed My Hands, And Said Something About Not Touching Doggie Doo – Whatever That Is

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1 Tarzan

@ Jess … Jane is out and about with Monkey – Between Monkey and her Mommy friends, she’s a busy girl. So I’m holding down the fort for a little while here. :)

2 Jess L.

Where is Jane I miss her!!!


Awwww! So glad to hear you’re enjoying happy moments with your little Monkey :-)

4 Lanea E.

So cute :-)

5 Ambria D

I couldn’t agree more! I love watching my son crawl into his bedroom and play all by himself <3

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