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12 Weeks Pregnant: When Do We Tell Everyone? Boobs?

by Tarzan · 6 comments

12-weeks-pregnant-babySo Jane is 12 weeks pregnant and we’ve of course told our immediate friends and family, but when do we tell all of our other friends that Jane is 12 weeks pregnant?  Or do we wait until 13 weeks?  Or 14 weeks pregnant?

Jane and I have talked about it a little bit and she said we should wait until the second trimester – which I just learned that the second trimester starts when you’re 13 weeks pregnant!  

I finally know.  

If you’ve been reading my previous blog posts, you’ll see that I was confused as to when the first trimester ends and when the second trimester starts.  Whew!  Glad I finally have that one figured out.

So I guess we’ll be officially making Jane’s pregnancy public in about 7 days or so.  I’m not sure how we’re going to do it.  Far too many people to call so maybe Jane will send everyone an email or figure out some other fun and unique way to let everyone know that we’re going to be parents.

By the way, the photo above is the actual size of the baby is Jane’s belly.  Crazy, huh!?

And to be honest with you… that picture freaks me out.  Jane too… Does it freak you out?

In other news…

Today I went with a friend to run an errand and we talked about pregnancy, babies, boobs, and everything that goes along with being pregnant and a father on the two hour drive.

He said, “Get ready to be tired all the time and not get a full night’s sleep for a loooong time.”  Well that was something that I haven’t put a lot of thought into.  I realized that our baby would be sleeping in our room in a crib of some sort, but for some reasons I didn’t put two and two together realizing that Jane and I will be woken up frequently.

Pregnant Jane will be breast feeding our baby, so she’ll of course be getting up a lot at night for feedings.  I guess I’ll be changing diapers or something.  Oh boy.  I better start trying to get more sleep every night to prepare for what’s coming!

We also talked about boobs. He mentioned that he did some research and found that the bras at Target are much better than the bras at Victoria’s Secret.  Too bad Jane just ordered bras from Victoria’s Secret… if they don’t feel comfortable, then I’m sure we’ll be off to Target to pick up more bras for her.

pregnant-boobs-are-bigAnd speaking of boobs when a woman is pregnant, as Jane mentioned in her pregnancy blog post yesterday, she has Porn Star like boobs!  They are getting bigger and bigger.  She’s always had nice-sized boobs, but now they are getting even more plump.  This is all good and wonderful, but the sad part is that there is a strict “look but don’t touch” policy in place.

I’m starting to get concerned…

Make that freaked out… scared even!  Will I ever be able to touch Jane’s boobs again?  Will her boobs be sore the entire time she is pregnant?  And I know they will be off the menu for quite some time after our baby is born because he/she will be drinking from them.

All I want is just one more day with Jane’s boobs.  Just one more day to really live it up.  Just one more day… Oh how I miss them and I realize more and more how much I miss them when I get a glimpse of them when she is changing.

Why do I have to be a boob man?  Why couldn’t I be an ass man like so many other guys?  This is like some mid-evil torture I tell you.  It’s like going into a candy store with all of your favorite candy sitting on the counter just barely out of reach.  It’s like sitting down for your favorite meal but not being able to eat anything because someone put duct-tape over your mouth.

Oh how will I survive?  Jane’s only 12 weeks pregnant!  There are like 30 or 40 or something weeks to go.  I’m too freaked out to do the math or think about how many weeks a normal pregnancy is.  All I know is that it is far too long to go without boobs.  I’m sad.

And since we’re on the subject of boobs, that of course makes me think of sex.  Ohhhhh Booooyyy.  I have really only three words for you fellow fathers-to-be up to this point, when your wife or girlfriend is pregnant:  There Is None. :(

pregnancy-and-sexOK, so there has been a few times here and there, but it’s nothing like the crazy 50 times a day type of thing you hear about when a women is pregnant.  They say that some women hit a new peak sexually around or during the second trimester.  I have no idea where I heard that or even if it is true.  I’m starting to wonder if that is an urban legend to get guys through the first trimester…

And then after the second trimester goes by with little to no sex, a bird flies up and says, “Oh no… it’s the third trimester where a pregnant woman’s sex drive REALLY kicks into gear.  Hold your horses buddy, things are about to get crazy!”

And by the time the third trimester is over with very little to no sex, the baby is born and you can’t have sex for like two months or something after a baby is born.

I’m slowly starting to realize that sex will all be a distant memory.  I’ve been tricked by the Pregnancy Fairy to think otherwise, like so many other soon-to-be dad’s.  We fell for it.  Our sex lives are over guys.  We might as well realize that now to make the next few months easier on us.

I need to find a way to channel all of the built up sexual energy.  Hmmm… Maybe I can start quilting?  Or maybe I could start scrap booking?  Maybe I could learn how to grow a garden?  OK… something more manly…. Maybe I could buy a motorcycle and zip around town.  Or maybe… just maybe… I could channel my father-to-be sexual frustrations into something creative.  Maybe I could become a world famous artist!

OK. Enough about boobs and sex.  Baseball… baseball… baseball… retirement homes… a door…. car keys… jacket… plant… picture frame… OK.  Mind is clear now.

So all in all, with Jane being 12 weeks pregnant, things have been running smoothly, minus what I just wrote about above… baseball… baseball… must… clear… my… mind!

Jane did have several, well quite a few actually days of nausea and morning sickness that lasted ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.  I’m glad that she is though that stage.  That was horrible.  I felt so sorry for her.  But it seems we’re finally into this next stage of pregnancy… which I’ll be leaning about as we go because I truly have no idea what will be happening and what to expect!

I’ll of course keep you posted!

Any thoughts?  Comments?  Post them below!

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1 Ginny-Marie

I used Twitter to tell people.

Edit by Tarzan: For some reason having the link all together was making it stick out of the side of the page… strange. Will be contacting designer about this issue. For those who want to see Ginny-Marie’s link, type in into your browser, then paste this after the .com…. ginnycase/status/796249957

2 workout mommy

this post cracked me up! This is point where boobs go from “Fun” to “Functional”!

and as for sleep? Yes. Sleep now while you can. Enjoy laying around doing absolutely nothing because once you are a parent, it will rarely happen again!
(But it’s 100% worth it once you have that adorable little baby)

workout mommy’s last blog post..Vita-Mix winner!

3 Tarzan

@ Chrissy – Thanks so much for your comment! You share a lot of great info and will have Jane read your comment if she hasn’t already. That’s great you’ll be sharing our blog with your hubby. Any guys you ladies can share this blog with will be motivating to post more of the ‘deep dark secrets’ that guys only talk about at bars or during football games. :) But seriously, I really appreciate the advise about telling Jane how sexy she is all along the way – which could bring me some nice surprises!

I’m like most guys here, I’ll admit. I *think* about how sexy Jane is now and I really think I’m going to think she’s even sexier as her pregnancy advances. I just need to remember to say it more. I’m one to hide his feelings a little – I guess most guys are that way, right? I mean I had to get myself drunk to get the courage to tell Jane that I love her for the first time! 20 minutes later I passed out for the night. She was there the next morning when I woke up. Now that’s love. :)

@ Pixie – about your first comment… you’re confusing me even more. Finally I thought I had this whole first trimester second trimester thing all figured out and now you’ve got me all confused again!

Second comment…. WHOA!

You share true golden nuggets of parenting advise – advise that I will no doubt be keeping in mind as I begin fatherhood the day our baby is born. One thing you said, “I had to know he and I where on the same page though, but we really worked it out well and are a very strong team now. he is strong when I can not be, and I am strong when he can not be”…. that is powerful!

I never really thought about everything this way. Working as a team and building confidence in not only each other but also in your own abilities is what will make everything run a lot smoother. Seems funny for me to be talking all serious sounding here (since 90% of my blogs have some comedy thrown in!) but when everything is all said and done, bring a kid into this world is some serious stuff!

Also I greatly appreciate your advise on being our own people and not taking what others say too much to heart. During the drive with my friend today, he said several things that made a little tingle in my stomach appear which told me to toss that tid-bit of advise out the window.

For me, I think I’ll feel better once Jane and I go through some pregnancy classes and I learn how to properly hold a baby. And of course, friends told us that those classes are a waste of time! But for me, I think they’ll be helpful. Besides, it’ll give me more time with Pregnant Jane doing Pregnant things. It’s doing those little things that create lifetime memories, you know? And on top of that… stories to post on this blog. :)

Thanks again – I really appreciate you ladies for taking the time to comment on my post.

4 pixie

Oh and on the other topics and I hate when people say “your life will be over” “get all the sleep you can now” as though you can hold stock on sleep and it will somehow help you later. Your experience will be unique to you and yours, each couple is so different and each women is different in how much she chooses to do herself and have help with.

My husband seemed to enjoy diaper changing, it was something he could help with that he mastered and knew how to handle early on. Breast-feeding involves a little person sucking on your boobs all day long, it would take a very nice and tolerant women to allow any other sort of touching after dealing with that all day. Breast-feeding can be very painful in the beggning, depends on the kid and mom.

I used to have my husband handle a middle of the night feeding and give a small bottle of formula. It didn’t seem to mess up my feeding her, but gave me a bit more sleep as he has and always had gotten more then I do. Now well over a year later I wake up at 7:30 am every morning, I have not slept in past 9am sense before I had the baby. I miss that, but I don’t mind it nearly as much as my husband would so that’s one of the things I do myself and rarely bother him about, he takes monitor duty at night so I can fall asleep without hearing her fuss or move around, keeping me from falling asleep.

You will both find a rhythm and what works for you, my suggestion is to ignore all advice and trust your instincts. Encourage your wife to trust HER instincts as well, and I hope you get to do a bit with the baby, I think it’s important that men give baths, change diapers and feed… so they have confidence in their ability to take care of the child even if it’s not the norm or majority. I can leave my husband with our girl and know she is well taken care of, he might not know all the stuff I do (simply because of the amount of time I spend with her), but he is confident and can take care of things. I know some moms who don’t feel comfortable leaving the house for 2 hours and leaving their husband along with a 6 month old, and that always makes me sad.

Also I am a total wimp and can’t have her cry to fall asleep, and we discussed in length how long is okay for her to cry (we use the Ferber method once she turned 6 months old, and we don’t CIO (Cry it out)). So I know if I go into the other room and put my head phones on and watch a movie, he will get her to sleep, and in fact does it better then I do. If I go into her room she knows she can play me and I’ll wind up letting her stay up or sleeping with her on the floor in her room, so my husband and I balance each other out well, but I did have to allow him to do that and I had to let go which I think is hard for women sometimes! I had to know he and I where on the same page though, but we really worked it out well and are a very strong team now. he is strong when I can not be, and I am strong when he can not be.

5 pixie

Actually says the 2nd tri starts the first day of the 14th week, which is when I like to wait to tell people!

6 Chrissy

You’ve cracked me up. You asked sooo many questions, nobody can possibly answer them in one comment box! You 2 are going to be fine. Why wait? I always figure it is best that those that love me most know when I’m expecting right off the bat – they are the ones to offer me support if anything should go wrong afterall. I never wanted it to be like a dirty secret in fear of anything. Jane will be more tired, but chances are with your level of excitement currently you’ll be up and staring and watching her nurse in amazement. lol. It isn’t that bad. The fatigue and frequent waking is passing if you are lucky enough to get one of those babies – we had 3 – so it definitely depends on the baby. Don’t let the horror stories scare you, just as the delivery stories will scare Jane. Not all are bad! Not every woman turns into a nympho when she becomes pregnant either – some just don’t feel sexy. Make her feel sexy and you might be surprised! lol. I’ll be sharing your posts with my hubbie – he’ll get a kick out of them. He isn’t a computer guy though so I don’t know how much encouragement he’d offer – THAT and he likes to be a funny man and joke about stuff. Congratulations!

Chrissy’s last blog post..Organized Cleaning Schedule

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