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I’m all registered at the hospital for the D&C (insert sad face here)

by Jane · 6 comments

Monkey and I spent half of the day at the hospital registering for the D&C procedure.  We waited and waited, met with someone to draw my blood, and then met with a nurse.  Thank God Monkey was there with me because it took my mind off of what I was registering for.  And he was SO good.

I had no idea it would take so long (2.5 hours), so I didn’t bring anything extra for him to play with or eat.  Luckily he was entertained enough with the fish tank and his Mater truck and McQueen car.

This whole thing is just so weird.  I can’t believe it’s actually my reality.  I have three friends who are all pregnant and we were all due within a month of one another.  That sucks. A lot.  I feel like they don’t know what to say to me and it’s just really awkward.  Naturally it’s pretty weird for me because we had that to share and now we don’t.  Blah.

My dad called this morning to see if Monkey could stay with them this weekend, just so I could have some down time.  At first I said okay, but then I changed my mind.  Do I really want just a lot of time to do nothing and have my mind think about what’s actually going on?  I mean, there’s only so much television I can watch, know what I mean?  And my mind is pretty good at thinking about everything that’s going to happen and not going to happen.

I’m scared out of my mind about Monday, but it also can’t get here fast enough so I can start to put all of this behind me.  So yeah, woe is me right now… insert sad face here too.

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1 Lora @ Motherhood Moments

I know what you’re going through with having friends who are pregnant too. I’m miscarrying an ectopic pregnancy right now (I’m about 7 weeks) and my sister-in-law texted me this morning to announce that she’s pregnant. Talk about a punch in the gut! I haven’t even been able to text her back (I’m too afraid I’ll say something nasty), but I’m guessing she’s due right around the time I should have been. I know it’s going to be so rough for you to go through your friends’ pregnancies with them, knowing that you should be right there with them! :(

Good luck with your D&C on Monday. I wish that was an option for me because I totally would have taken it. But since it’s ectopic, a D&C wouldn’t do me a whole lot of good. :(

2 Leslie


I just want to tell you how sorry I am. I’ve never personally experienced a miscarriage but saw the pain my sister went through when she lost two back to back babies at around ten weeks each time. She has since gone on to have a beautiful baby girl (just this past June actually)! I wish I had better words so I will just leave it at “I’m sorry, so very sorry.” I’m thinking about you (and Tarzan!).

3 Tarzan

Hey everyone, it’s Tarzan… Just a little note to say thank you for all of your support for Jane. She mentioned to me tonight that all of the comments and support here has really helped her a lot.

Thank you so much.

4 Angela

Again, it absolutely sucks to have to go through what you are going through. I’ve been in the same spot. And as hard as it is to believe, it will get better, and easier. Monkey is helping with that already :) Hang in there sister. You will get through this.

5 Steph Bucher

I know I can’t say anything to ease the pain, but know that I am thinking about you, and wishing you strength, and healing. It will get easier. It takes awhile, but it does. That I can say with absolute certainty. Its been just shy of a year since I found out I was miscarrying. I still think about it, and wonder why me. But its easier. You’ll never forget, but you’ll move on.

Whatever you do, don’t let someone try and put a limit on your grief. Don’t try to grieve like everybody else. Own it. Do want you need to do to ease your pain. And don’t put a timetable on it. Everybody deals with loss differently. This is no different then a physical loved one dying. You lost somebody. You lost dreams, and hopes and a child. Its a terrible, terrible thing. Many hugs, and good wishes sent your way. Take care of you.

6 Anne

:( Praying for you. How nice of your dad to suggest that – but I see what you’re saying, kids can be a handful but also a wonderful distraction. I know this doesn’t help, but you’re an amazing mama and are dealing with this amazingly. Little monkey’s very very blessed to have you.

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