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D&C Surgery Update From Tarzan

by Tarzan · 10 comments

Hey everyone.  Again, thank you for all of the wonderful comments and support.  You’ve REALLY been a huge help to Jane and I.  Thank you all so very much.

After what felt like forever, Jane’s doctor came in after the surgery and said everything went perfect.  Textbook.  It just took 10 minutes and Jane did great with no issues or complications whatsoever.  I sighed a relief.  About 20-30 minutes later, we were told that I could go see Jane.  (Monkey and Jane’s mom was with me.)

I went in first while the volunteer made sure that Monkey could come in, so they waited in the waiting room.  I walked in and Jane was out like a light.  I quietly said hello to her and she opened her eyes a little and said hi.  After a minute or so, she asked me to post on the blog that she is OK and that everything is OK.  :)

I could only laugh because of everything going on.  Jane was still heavily sedated and one of the first things she said to me was to make sure that I post on the blog. I smiled and told her I would.

Well, we were in the recovery room for quite awhile – a lot longer than expected.  Jane had a lot of nausea and everything was slow going for awhile to get her dressed and ready to go home.  She came home this afternoon and she’s been relaxing in bed.  Nausea has gone down quite a bit since earlier today.  She’s been eating some food, and is a lot more talkative.

I know Jane will update all of you on all the details sometime tomorrow or the next day.  But I just wanted to stop by and let you know that Jane is fine and the D&C surgery went fine.

Thanks again for all of your support.  We appreciate all of you.


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1 Maren

Good to hear from you again tarzan. Hope jane is recovering well. Maren

2 Peta

OMG I have just been catching up on whats been happening.. Iam so sorry for your guys loss I am glad it went well but really wish you guys never had to go through any of this. Sending Hugs to Jane from Australia

3 Jill

I’m so glad you are doing good. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Xo

4 Alicia

I’ve been stalking to check if everything went well. Thank you very much for letting us know Tarzan.

5 Julia

I have never commented of your blog – but have read it for about 2 years. I just want to tell Jane that so many of us understand. I have a precious 13 month old baby, but have two that have followed her recent events exactly. Both times I should have been 9 weeks, went in and found that I measured 6 weeks 1 day. The most recent really knocked me down – even with my little man running around – the …pain of knowing what I am missing out on – that one that should have been born this coming January – still hurts…. daily. Please pass on that her emotions are not to be ignored – that she may still hurt emotionally for days…. weeks… months… and that is ok. Even a baby you never meet takes your heart in ways unexplainable… a mom to a child she never met is still the mom of that child regardless. I am in the camp of people that believe that life begins at conception – so, the loss of a child at 9 weeks hurts…. I will keep you both, and Monkey, in my prayers as you go through the next weeks….


So glad the procedure went well! Here’s to a speedy recovery.

7 Jess L.

Thanks for the update, I’m glad things went as well as possible.

8 Ambria D

I’m glad everything went well. I was hoping there would be an update : ) Hope she starts feeling better soon. Lots of <3 to both of you.

9 Jennifer

I’m so glad that the surgery went ok. I hope that the emotional healing can begin for both of you now.

10 Lenny L

Thank you for the update! I’m glad everything went well. I was sending lots of thoughts and prayers to you all today. :)

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