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Oh.My.Gosh. Toddler behavior can kiss my ass

by Jane · 8 comments

Holy hell, I have a crazy little boy on my hands.  How does a two year old get under my skin that much?  Is this normal?  It’s times like this that I question whether or not I want (and could even handle) another child.

You would think that after preschool I would feel refreshed… After all, I just had a five hour break, right?  It would seem that way, at least that’s how I was hoping when I went to pick up Monkey today.  He was all cute when I got to his classroom and my heart melted.

Then we walked to the car and he started to let go of my hand.  He’s been doing this a lot lately and it’s really frustrating.  If only he could understand why he needs to hold my hand… you know what I mean?  Well anyways, then he slipped his little hand out of mine and took off.  He was running into the woods and wouldn’t stop.

You should have seen me:  I had his backpack, lunch kit, art work, purse, keys, nap mat, and pillow in my hands.  Plus, my feet were really slippery because I used that heeltastic stuff to get rid of the cracked looking heels I had going on.  Bad idea.  I couldn’t run after him.  I calmly walked over to him, I mean, I didn’t want the other parents to think I’m crazy, and he ran even further.  I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and give up.

I’m so over this toddler behavior.

Finally I got him, picked him up because he wouldn’t come calmly, and we set out for the car.  He was freaking out and screaming the whole time –  It was so awful.

Since he didn’t nap at preschool (just my luck), I figured he might be mellow at home.  You know, because he was tired from an exhausting school day.  Nope, not the case at all.

He was BAD.  I’m not even kidding.  For the next 6 hours he was a little hellion.  Hitting the dog, slamming doors (I really hate this), throwing toys, screaming, throwing his food, opening and closing the refrigerator, and the list goes on and on.

I really appreciate the five hour break I get while he’s at preschool, but the aftermath of him not napping is bullshit.  It’s almost not even worth it because he’s a good napper… about 2-3 hours at home.  Ugh.

End vent.

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1 Steph

Thankfully my two year old doesn’t get too irritable when she hasn’t napped, she just gets really tired and whines a little because I think she is just overly tired and can’t fall asleep.

However, she does start throwing tantrums and hitting the dogs and getting into things that she knows she shouldn’t most of the time anyway. We’ve been considering putting her in preschool part time since I have an autoimmune disease and could use the break anyway, but also because I’m going to school again and we want her to be acclimated to other children. We were going to wait until the beginning of the year since I can take all of my classes online this semester, but I’d hate for her first day of preschool to be my first day of the semester and have her flip out and not want me to leave.

2 kira

I hear ya. I’m ready to lose it on *no nap days*. The best thing to do is just get through the day and have a nice fat glass of vino after the little man is in bed. Spend the extra 2 minutes watching him sleep too, it will bring you back into the awe that is your sweet little guy.

3 Siera

Oh there are days when daycare gets the best of my son and I get his worst behaviour. Your not alone. 5 hour pre school? How in the world do you manage that here It’s 2-3 hours! I envy that. I will be taking him out of daycare at the end of the month and he will be going to preschool. I will cherish those 3 hours.

One thing I have had to learn as a parent which took me a long time to learn is how my reaction will either add fuel to his fire or tame his moods. If I am grumpy, anxious, on edge or yell at him instead of talking calmly/firmly he’s tantrums going on longer. I still yell at him and will lose patience and haul him under my arms like a sack of potatoes, but with less frequency. I have had to learn his buttons and signs more so too as my hubby is deployed so it’s just me. But I feel you. I do. Three hasn’t been so bad as two.


My girl has days like that and she’s not even 2, yet. As someone else suggested, could be that monkey is close to getting his last set of molars (unless he already has them?). And it’s so true that tiredness = crazed and not mellow. My daughter naps just fine at daycare (or so they tell me) but not so much on the weekends. And when a nap is missed or shortened she can be a booger! A ride in the car usually helps when she just can’t seem to fall asleep at home.

5 Megan

You think 2 is bad? Wait till he turns 3.

6 milly

Oh man, I feel ya! My only suggestion is doing a full day at daycare, once or twice a week. They get into the routine, and they eat and nap (aka, happy kiddo).

7 Ellen

Hahahahahaha… oh, I am so sorry to laugh, but I know *exactly* what you’re feeling and experiencing.
My daughter is only 19 months old, and she has started her “terrible two’s” early. The scene you described is quite familiar to me! Two weeks ago, my daughter started getting two molars in, refused to eat for like 3 days, wouldn’t sleep, and was also fighting an oncoming flu (we didn’t realize that last part at first). So our trip to our friends houses, grocery store, and the doctor turned into screaming, babbling, kicking messes for like an hour, a few times a day. The doctor we saw (who wasn’t our usual pedi) pretty much said that there was nothing physically wrong with her, that she was nuts, and that she needed a psych evaluation. I knew he was wrong and just blew him off. Pffffft, what a jerk.
Luckily, those molars came in, the flu has passed, and we’re back to a basically normal eating and sleeping schedule, and those tantrums have passed. What a relief!!!
Our poor kids… it’s hard growing up!
But I promise you, he’ll eventually settle back to the normal little boy you know and love. And I know you know that, you just needed to vent! I totally understand! It’s really hard to handle your screaming hellion in public- at home, it’s a controlled, safe environment. But in public, people stop and stare, judge, and scowl. Totally uncalled for, and honestly, it really pisses me off :)
Hang in there! I hear it gets better eventually! lol

8 Jennifer

Welcome to the terrible 2s. They suck. But this too passes. Then it comes back when they hit the teens. Sorry you are having a bad time. Hopefully he adjusts soon and is back to his normal self!

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