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Who crawls out of the bedroom?

by Jane · 4 comments

Monkey and I have a pretty good bedtime routine going.  We both get into bed, he rolls on his side, and grabs my hand to place on his side/belly.  We listen to some classical kind of music that plays and then he drifts off to dreamland.

Sometimes I’m not completely sure if he’s totally asleep and since I don’t just want to lay in bed for a long time, I quietly get out of the bed and crawl on all fours.  Seriously.

I get how ridiculous this sounds, but I don’t dare try to walk out while he’s still awake because he would see me leave and want me back in the bed.  So I crawl really slowly until I get to the door and then I speed up and do this little jump to stand upright so that I can walk into the living room.  It’s probably pretty funny to see.

And as I’m crawling out of the room, my wrists and ankles pop and I realize that I’m getting old.  When in the world did that start happening?!


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1 Erin

This is too funny, because I do the same thing out of my son’s room. I don’t know if I think it makes less noise or I can be sneaky, but it works. I hate standing up sometimes to walk out because he can see me if he sits up in his crib. You are not alone. This behavior is normal when you are a mom and trying to keep your child asleep.

2 Lenny L

Oh, goodness… this sounds like me. I do the same thing with my daughter. My husband and step son like to call it insanity. I call it self preservation. ;) It’s a nice feeling, though, I love watching my daughter sleep, it gives me the warm fuzzies.

3 Jenn

What a beautiful bedtime routine! Nothing like watching your offspring drift peacefully off to sleep.

4 Steph

If it makes you feel any better at all, my knees, wrists, and ankles started doing that when I was ten or eleven.

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