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Do other moms/dads want to make some extra money during down time?

by Tarzan · 25 comments

writingI know.  It’s a tough choice.  When our little Monkey’s are finally down for a nap or down for the night, it’s so easy to just relax with a good book or catch up on our TV shows.  Or, we can spend a little time during our down times and make some extra money.  Especially during this wild economy we’re in, Jane and I often choose the second option so we can bring in some extra money each month.

When we first started our little “money making method”, some months brought in an extra $300 while some months bring in an extra $2,000 (or more).  As we found more and more places where we could use our method, we’ve been able to increase our income and make this little side income more steady.  Not to mention some of the pay days have been higher than before because we have started to build up a positive reputation on some of the sites we use.

For example, one recent projects paid me $750.00 for something that took me two and a half hours to do.  That’s $300 per hour!  Jane and I would do that ALL DAY LONG if we could.  And actually, the more we keep working on our little side projects and side business here, I don’t see why we couldn’t make that a reality.  I know for an absolute fact that there are many people out there today who reach that level and more.

So how did I get paid $750.00 for 2.5 hours of work and how do we bring in hundreds, even an extra $2,000 some months?  What exactly is this work?  Is this something anyone can do?  Can either a mom or dad do it?  Can both do it, like we do?  The answer is simply writing.  Yes, writing!

As far as the company who paid me $750.00 to complete a writing project they gave me, the company is VERY well known around the world.  They saw my writing on another site and contacted me directly and asked if I’d be interested in their project.  I of course jumped on it.  As far as other projects, we can make anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for doing something we love doing anyway – pecking away on the keyboard.

The fact is, anyone who has the skills to type our sentences, share their thoughts, run a blog, etc. can make some extra money writing for others.  And the more you do it, the more you get out there, and the more valuable you become.  It’s a GREAT side business that can really fill up your PayPal account quickly.

It has taken Jane and I a good year or so to find all of the places that look for writers (that also pay well, pay on time, are reputable, etc.).  We call our list of 45 or sites we go to our “money list” because any time we have some downtime or want to make some money to buy something we want, we sift through our “money list” and look for projects.   This method is so cool, it’s very easy, and I wish we started doing this years ago!  It’s a lot of fun and you can set a lot of fun goals together as a couple.

For example, let’s say you both want the new iphone 4s.  Instead of using money from your job or savings, why not work together on some writing projects to raise the money for your new iphones?  Want to go on a vacation?  Why not save up the money you make on your writing projects to fund your entire vacation?  There are so many opportunities.

Anyway, I wanted to throw this out there to see if other parents would be interested in learning how to do this and the 45 places we go to make some great money on the side every month.  I know for a 100% FACT that if you spend just a couple of hours a day on this that you can make a great part-time (possibly full-time after some time) income working from home.  I love this money making method because it costs a whopping $0.00 to start your business.  If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have everything you need.  It costs us $0.00 to find writing jobs each week on the sites we use.

So here’s what I’m thinking…  I’m thinking about gathering all of my notes and Jane’s notes along with the 45 sites that we use and creating a little course or electronic book that will show you what we do to make some nice extra money, and how you can do it too.   Once I have everything put together, we’d sell out little guide here.  Not for a ton of money of course, but at least something to compensate us for a year or so of putting everything together.  Hey, our time is worth something and this proven method to make money is worth something, right?  :)

Also, with this being October, you would have November and December to do this on the side.  And who knows, you may make enough to cover some or even all of your Christmas shopping this year!  (NEVER make the mistake I made years ago (many times) and put Christmas presents on credit cards!)

If this is something that you’d be interested in, let us know.  If a few people like this idea, then we’ll go ahead and get to work putting this together for you.


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1 Tarzan

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long delay.

We have finally launched our ebook. :) Check it out here:


2 Sharon Mom at Last

Your blog is amazing! Every Mom has a Journey and I see that you went through one heck of a journey.

3 pregnancy

this blog is really interesting!

4 Colette

definitely interested! If it’s an arm and leg not so much but would definitely be willing to send a paypal ‘gift’. :)

5 Megan W

VERY interested! I am a SAHM w/ six children and nother due in March and NEED the extra income. Thank you!

6 rebecca

oops, I should read more carefully! I’m out.

7 rebecca

I’m interested!

8 ap

Like baby making mama, I too write for a living. I always find it funny when people say, “As long as you can put words together to make a sentence, people will pay you!” While this is true to some extent, I think it takes some skill as well. I can balance my checkbook, but I’m not gonna start telling people I’m an accountant. I think blogging and/or writing for money is a great idea, but if you’re not willing to put the time in yourself to research who pays well, your probably not going to put the time into writing an article that’s halfway decent. Good luck to those who venture down this road. It much more difficult than just putting words together….

9 lindsey g

i am interested, depending on the cost. it would be nice to do a trial run perhaps, and get the feedback on what a certain amount of us think, and if it is at all helpful. that way we dont pay for something we all would love to do, and in return get information that all spam sites tell us. but, outside of my skeptical side, yes, i am interested.

10 Alicia

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was interested until you wanted money. These days, we spend no money that it isn’t necessary to spend. I would rather hear more about it and see your “money list” even if it’s only 10 of those sites.

11 Baby Making Mama

Long time no talk! Good to see yall are doing well.

I’m a writer for a living, so I’m not sure I’d pay for an advice book but I would be curious to see your list of “45 sites” and see if it fits in the relm of things I like to write about.

I freelance write articles all the time but it’s relevant to my “beat” per say… parenting, lifestyle, etc. Are you just writing random things?

Like I said, I’m be interested in seeing the sites, but probably wouldn’t pay for a book. I bet a healful post about it would bring more hits to your site too though ;) no need to take a year to make something fancy.

12 Ambria

Ummm YES please!!! Me and husband are getting a divorce and I am having to work full time and raise my kid as well. Extra money would be wonderful right now! I need to move out of my parents house ASAP!!

13 Alison

Don’t take this the wrong way, but less than a year ago you were writing about how your business had all but gone away and your house had been foreclosed on. If I’m going to pay someone for financial or career advice, it better be someone who is a lot more successful than me. I know you guys have had a tough year and I feel really bad. But maybe an advice book on how to be successful this isn’t the right thing to be focusing your time on right now.

14 Siera

Interested? Yes. Hesitant? Yes. I may pay a small fee if I can get some use out of it. But wouldn’t want to pay for something if I don’t know what I am getting or with a money back gaurantee.

15 Dana

I don’t want to be rude at all, but weren’t you guys in some big financial trouble recently? I’m skeptical about this, because where was this “money list” then?! Just curious! I miss how your blog used to be; such amazing experiences to read back when I was pregnant, so thank you for that! :)

16 Emily


17 Tarzan

@ Allison – Since you are able to write the below comment, you have all you need. You just need to be able to type and put words together into readable sentences to start off. Over time, as you gain experience, and clients (if you choose to go that route), you can become specialized in some areas which allows you to earn more.

18 Tarzan

Hello everyone!

OK. You got it. :) I’ll be spending some time over the next week or so gathering all the information together for everyone. Maybe we’ll run a contest to give away a couple copies as well!

Stay tuned… we have a lot of work to do. Jane or I will let you know when it’s ready.


19 Jess


20 Ellen

I am, as always skeptical! But being a SAHM, money is tight (I’m sure you all know the feeling :) I am pretty darn curious, though!

21 Katie

I am definitely interested! I love to write and have always had a natural talent for it.

22 Steph Bucher

I’m definitely insterested! With a baby on the way, my husband and I could use some extra income!

23 Beth

I’m interested too!!

24 Allison

I would totally be interested! How much “experience” does someone need? I follow a site that does something similar to this and the jobs posted usually require some experience or pay like $7 per post/article – in which case I’d make more selling stuff we don’t use on craigslist, you know? Anyway, I would be very interested in the ebook to find out what sources y’all use and a bit of a how-to!

25 Lisa H

I’m interested, depending on the cost!

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